This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 110

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 110

“Aren’t you going in?” By now, Toby was also aware that Sonia was here for the meeting, even though he had no idea how she managed to secure a place in the meeting.

She bit her lower lip in hesitation and answered, “Why don’t you head in first? I don’t want to enter at the same time as you.”

At that moment, she could tell that the room was bustling with activity from the muffled sounds.

If she entered the room with him, the attendees might gossip about them due to the awkward nature of their relationship.

Toby sensed her concern and lowered his gaze. “There are three minutes left. If you’re late, you will lose the right to join.”

After that, he pushed the door open and entered the room, leaving her standing alone and gawking at him.

Was that a kind reminder?

Sonia regardlessly took his words in all seriousness and turned to her wristwatch. A minute later, she took a deep breath and stepped into the room.

Her appearance had caused widespread shock and exclamation.

“Isn’t this President Fuller’s ex-wife?”

“She is also the vice president of Paradigm Co.”

“Paradigm Co.? How were they invited to this meeting if they’re on the brink of bankruptcy?”

Everyone started whispering and murmuring except for Toby and Titus.

Toby slightly hung his head as though he was sorting the materials in his hands, but he was secretly stealing side glances at Sonia.

She was not nervous at all in the face of such animosity and that observation made him smile. A fleeting look of admiration flashed across his eyes.

On the other hand, Titus scrunched his eyes and stared maliciously at her, as if he wanted to tear her apart in the next second.

Upon sensing the hostility, Sonia did not back down. Instead, she smiled at him gracefully. “President Gray! It’s been a while.”

Titus was suddenly caught by surprise, for he saw his mother in Sonia’s demeanor, especially the provocative smile on Sonia’s face that resembled his mother when his mother was younger.

Sonia evidently had no idea why he was staring at her intently. As she had no interest to guess, she looked away and directed her attention to Toby.

Since he was sitting at the head of the table, she assumed that he could have been the one to organize the meeting.

Upon realizing that, her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

To start with, she was already losing confidence in her ability to clinch the partnership because Paradigm Co.’s competitive advantage was lackluster. Still, she harbored a sliver of hope.

However, now that she had learned that the initiator of the partnership was her ex-husband who had no feelings—but probably some hatred—for her, the situation had changed. He would definitely not choose to partner with her, which meant that she was at a loss.

Sonia hung her head low and she appeared downcast due to the thoughts in her head.

Upon seeing that, Toby frowned slightly and wondered, What’s the matter?

“President Fuller, it’s time.” At the same time, Tom reminded his boss to start the meeting.

Toby instantly shifted his gaze from Sonia and placed the materials for the meeting on the table. Next, he scanned the faces in the room and asked, “Has everyone here read the proposal?”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded.

Toby opened his mouth again. “The alternative energy technology mentioned is the latest research of our research department. It can be utilized across many industries to greatly increase productivity. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly.”

After shifting in his seat, he added, “The government has been notified of the success of this new technology. Due to the concerns about monopoly, Fuller Group was prohibited from launching it, which is why I have gathered everyone here to select five suitable partners who would implement this technology alongside Fuller Group.”

Upon hearing his explanation, Sonia mumbled, “Oh, that is the reason.”

When she first received the proposal from Asher, she was puzzled by the concept; if the organizer had such cutting edge technology, why didn’t they keep it to themselves? It’s all about issues of trust.

Indeed, if Fuller Group had monopolized industries with their advanced technology, that could upset the balance of the domestic economy, which warranted the government’s interference.

“President Fuller, we totally understand what you mean. However, I have a question.” Titus abruptly raised a hand.

Toby looked at him. “What is it?”

Titus’s eyes landed on Sonia and she immediately understood that he was about to attack her again.

As expected, he pointed at her. “When you first invited us to the meeting, you clearly said that you were going to invite the top twenty companies in Seafield, from which you will select five partners for this project. This begs the question: Why is a representative of Paradigm Co. present today?”

The rest of the attendees were now looking at her with amused and pensive looks.

Now that Sonia was placed on the spot, she tightened her fists as her expression fell.

It was that moment she realized that Toby had only invited the top twenty companies in the city to the meeting. How did Asher manage to secure a seat for us in this meeting?

Sonia was trembling in anger from being kept in the dark.

Upon seeing that, Toby felt a little sorry for her even though it was not obvious in his emotions. “It’s because of the additional seats. I had Tom help me to set it up. Some of the small and medium enterprises could land a seat through a lucky draw. I see this as giving them a chance.”

“Why haven’t I heard about the allocation of the additional seats? And what a coincidence! That seat was taken by Paradigm Co.! Toby, did you purposely give it to her?” Titus observed Toby’s face in doubt and suspicion.

Toby’s face soured after being accused. “President Gray, if you don’t believe me, you can look into the matter on your own. Alright, let’s continue with the meeting.”

Titus could tell that Toby was unhappy, so he snorted and let the matter rest.

Although he was Toby’s future father-in-law, he understood that Toby and Tina were not married yet. It would be wise not to offend Toby for the time being.

“President Gray, I have given you a clear explanation earlier,” Toby added. “I will only pick the most suitable companies to work with. As for the metrics, I prefer to judge your capabilities according to the partnership plan that you draft.”

His gaze swept across the attendees and lingered a little longer on Sonia’s face. “Each one of you will come up with a partnership plan, which includes the utilization, value and SWOT analysis of the alternative energy technology. Send it to Fuller Group by next Monday, and I will make the final decision based on the soundness of your plans.”

Everyone nodded and concurred, “That’s a good idea.”

At this moment, Titus decided to cause trouble again. “President Fuller, you won’t favor Vice President Reed just because she’s your ex-wife. Am I right?”

Toby’s expression froze and he wanted to speak up, but Sonia beat him to it. With a smile, she purred, “President Gray, I have no relation whatsoever to President Fuller. How would he unfairly favor me? Even if we had something in the past, he won’t do me a favor now. By the way, you are his future father-in-law, which makes you the most suspicious and plausible candidate for favoritism. So…”

She directed her attention to the man at the head of the table with a faint smile. “You are the future father-in-law of President Fuller. As long as you ask for it, he will definitely keep a seat on the partnership for you, even if your plan is terrible. After all, he still has to get your daughter’s hand in marriage. Isn’t that so?”

Everyone’s expression changed after hearing what she insinuated and they shot doubtful looks at Toby and Titus, with obvious hostility toward the latter. Ah, yes, Titus Gray is Toby Fuller’s future father-in-law. Of course President Fuller would keep a seat open for him.

Technically speaking, the selection was completely up to Toby’s preference, yet everyone could not help but feel aggrieved. They were all present to join a healthy competition and there was no good reason for Titus Gray to bag a seat through his connections.

Titus sensed the anger rising in the room and he was incensed to the point where his wrinkled face was contorted. That goddamned young lady did that on purpose. She intentionally manipulated the perception of others about me in order to block my escape route.

Indeed, Titus had planned to ask Toby for a place in the partnership. The other competitors were effectively antagonized due to Sonia’s words. If he still went ahead and asked Toby for a favor, it would mean facing the wrath of the ten odd companies.

At the thought of it, Titus suppressed the rage in him and forced a smile to mollify the crowd. “Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen. I would never do that.”

“Even if you won’t, that does not mean Miss Gray won’t do the same.” Sonia had no intention to spare him. As she rested her cheeks on her palm, she smiled. “If Miss Gray brings up the idea to President Fuller, he will definitely agree to grant you the partnership.”

Toby clutched his fists and addressed her coldly, “Am I such a weak and unprincipled man in your eyes?”

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