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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 11

Sonia only sat in Toby’s car—they didn’t speak at all along the way. Soon, they arrived at the Fullers’ old mansion.

Rose Fuller lived in the suburbs. She loved the quietness; she was often meditating and praying, and only a few women waited on her side. From afar, Sonia could hear the old lady’s coughs. Rose’s face was pale, and she didn’t seem to be in good health. At first, she said coldly to Toby, “Go and stand by the door.” Then, she took Sonia into the house.

“Who would have thought that not long after I went away, such a big thing would happen. Sonia, you are too impulsive this time round.”

Sonia knew that the old lady was talking about her divorce from Toby. Slowly stepping forward, she held the old lady’s usually cold hand and smiled slightly. “Old Mrs. Fuller, you should be happy for me. I can finally be myself, right?”

The old lady glanced at Toby, who was outside, with a slight complaint in her eyes, and turned around while looking a little sad. “Toby, that foolish child. How could he let such a good wife like you go? And now, you even addressed me as ‘Old Mrs. Fuller’!”

Sonia was startled, and she could feel tears filling up her eyes. “Grandma.”

Rose patted the back of Sonia’s hand. “Sonia, I can bear witness to your feelings for Toby these years. Can you really let go?”

“I have no choice but to let go, Grandma.” Sonia felt bitterness in her heart. So what if I couldn’t let go? Enough is enough.

The old lady hugged her and gently patted her back to comfort her. “I won’t blame you for divorcing Toby. I knew this day would come sooner or later. It’s Toby who does not have the luck to be with you.”

Sonia leaned quietly in Rose’s arms. In the past few years in the Fuller family, Rose was the only one who ever showed kindness to her. Jean and Tyler both didn’t dare to mess around with her when Rose was around, and they always had to be cautious around her, so Sonia had long regarded Rose as her family. Sonia didn’t regret the divorce, but it was a pity that she couldn’t do her filial duty by her side.“Sonia, I watched Toby grow up, and I understand his personality. If one day, he wants you back, will you come back to him?” The old lady was reluctant to let such a good granddaughter-in-law go, and she naturally hoped that the two would be together in the future.

However, Sonia was not a fool—she knew that only Tina could soften Toby up, not her.

Sonia’s lips twitched. “But, Grandma, he doesn’t love me—I should have realized it six years ago.”

Rose also seemed to have realized something as her expression turned sad and dull.

“Grandma, no matter if I am still your granddaughter-in-law or not, I am still the old Sonia, who will respect you forever.” She stretched out her hand and stroked Rose’s hair with a smile. “Please always be happy and well, okay? Don’t worry about anything else.”

Toby only stood quietly outside. He knew the kind of relationship Sonia and Rose had. Although he had never loved Sonia all these years, he couldn’t deny the fact that Sonia treated the old lady very well—no worse than her own children, should they have any. Even if Jean and Tyler were not good to her, she had been caring for them as well.

After learning that Tina’s car accident was caused by Sonia, Toby was disgusted by her in his heart, but he chose to let her go because she really did treat Rose sincerely. It could be considered his last act of kindness to her.

After a long time, the two came out from the house.

“Sonia, feel free to come see me in the future whenever you feel like it. I’m afraid I only have a few more years to live.”

“Don’t say that! You are someone who could live up to a hundred years old, and I promise I will come to see you often.”

At this time, Toby stepped forward and offered, “Let me drive you.”

Sonia refused directly. “No need for that. Someone will pick me up.” Turning around, she walked toward the black Maybach that had already arrived.

Seeing that it was Charles and Carl, Toby’s eyes turned dull. The warm scene of the three talking and laughing was inexplicably hard to watch.

Rose coughed a few times and was already panting a little. “I’m old now, and I can’t meddle in your affairs anymore, but Toby… I hope you don’t regret it one day.”

Rose, who had always doted on him, was already extremely disappointed in him and didn’t want to look at him any more. With that, she went back into the house with the help of the servant.

Toby stood alone at the door while his expression turned cold again.

Regret? Never.

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