The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 7

The Millennium Wolves Series Book one Chapter: 07



When somebody smiles in public, all by themselves, for no apparent reason, without a care in the world, that can mean only one thing: theyre in love

That was what I saw when I looked at Emily, my best friend, sitting by the bus stop, waiting for me, kicking her shoes absentmindedly. A big goofy grin on her face

Em!I yelled out, waving

She turned, shaken from her daydream, and got to her feet. She smiled at me, but it was a different smile. A more subdued, familiar smile

Not even close to the radiance of the she kept to herself

Hey, Si,she said, giving me a quick hug. So whats on the agenda for today?” 

A new gallery Ive been dying to check out. Cmon!‘ 

I figured Id interrogate her on the way. Give her a second to catch her bearings first. After all, love was not much of a priority in my life these days

I was only fifteen years old. The Haze wouldnstart for another year. Nothing in the world could worry me now

But that didnmean I wasnt curious. As we made our way through a scenic shortcut in the middle of the town, I found I couldnt contain myself any longer

So,I said, looking at Emily, you have something to share, Em?” 

What?Emily said too quickly. I...dont know what youre talking about.” 

Hardly convincing. Her red cheeks and darting eyes betrayed whatever secret she was hiding 

Cmon, Em,I said, nudging her. Its just me. You know you can tell me anything

Emily sighed, eyes to the ground, kicking a pine cone. But I could tell she was going to cave. We were best friends. We never kept secrets. Why would Emily start now

You swear not to tell anyone?” 

On my life.” 

) And I meant il. Emilys eyes finally met mine

and I saw a hint of that radiant smile sneak up in the corners of her mouth. She could hardly contain herself

Remember how I told you I wanted to sleep with someone before we start Hazing?” 

Yeah,I said. So its less of a shock


Right. Well... I think I might have... met someone.” 

I stopped, jaw dropping, grabbing Emily


Are you serious?!I exclaimed. WHAT? When? How? Who? I want details.” 

Ill tell you everything, Si.Emily laughed. One thing at a time.‘ 

Id known, from that look on Emilys face earlier, that there was someone. But I never would have expected it to be...that kind of someone. The kind you lose your virginity to

Just tell me one thing,I said, growing serious. Are you sure hes the right one?” 

No,Emily admitted. But hes older. More experienced, which I like. Because that means at least one of us will know what were doing 

We giggled for a second and kept walking. But I had so many questions

Wait. How much older, Em?” 

Ten years?” 

Woah. You werent kidding.” 

But it doesnt matter. Hes tall and handsome and so confident, my God. When I talk, its like he really listens. With such... intensity

And I could see from the look in Emilys eyes, from the smile on her face, that she was right. His age didnt matter one bit

My friend was falling in love

And I was gonna be there for her

I grabbed her hand. “Im so happy for you, Em.” 

I mean, well see,she said. Who knows if heeven wants the same.” 

Look at you, Em,I said, shoving her arm playfully. How can he resist?” 

You dominants,she said, rolling her eyes

And now we were both laughing, hand in hand, on our way to wherever the afternoon would take us, our plans to see the gallery long forgotten

The two of us were unstoppable. Together, wed make our mark on the world


I woke up with a start, head still cloudy with memories. My hand immediately shot to my neck, swollen and bruised

Shit. Emily may have been a dream, but this mark wasnt. This was a fucking nightmare

A torrent of texts lit up my phone as it started vibrating like crazy



Michelle answer your damn phone already

Scanned with CamScanner 

Sienna Ughh Michelle, its so early 

Sienna What is it

Michelle u have some explaining to do 



Michelle get ur ass to winston


Michelle well all be there 


I rolled over in bed, groaning. The last thing I wanted to do was face an interrogation from my friends. After last night, after being marked by the Alpha… 

Oh God. How was I going to cover it?

When I took a look in the mirror, the sight alone was enough to make me gasp

The bite was a massive, bruised blue spot across my neck, bigger than any bite Id ever seen before 

It didnt hurt. In fact, it almost tingled with a carnal sensation. Every time I touched it, I could feel Aiden Norwoods teeth again

I shook off the feeling and started getting dressed. I grabbed the largest scarf I could find and wrapped it around my neck

At the very least, seeing Michelle and the girls would get the Alpha off my mind


A distraction was exactly what I needed right now


When I arrived at Winstons, our groups goto brunch place, I saw that the entire crew was already assembled

Michelle, who had a new partner every 

Haze, was chatting to the girls about her latest conquest. Right now, I think the lucky guy was..



No, Ross. That was it. Hard to keep them all straight when it came to Michelle

Dont get me wrong. It wasnt like Michelle was a floozy 

She just was incredibly comfortable with her sexuality and didnt let anyone tell her what she could or couldnt do

It was Michelle who had tried to set me up with three of her friends and Michelle who kept the grapevine flowing with gossip

There she is!Michelle exclaimed when I walked in

Hey, guys,I said, sitting down, selfconsciously adjusting my scarf

I had managed to sneak out of the Pack House without anyone noticing last night and intended to keep the Alphas mark a secret as long as I could

Before they could start grilling me about the event, I noticed Mia. She was positively glowing. I grabbed her hands

Mia, I am so so SO happy for you and Harry.” 

Thanks, Si.She grinned. I can hardly believe its real. One second youre best friends, the next...‘ 

Youre jumping each others bones,Michelle teased, jabbing Mias ribs

Mia started thrusting her hips, miming sex in the middle of the diner. Damn straight!” 

So whens the mating ceremony? Do you have a location picked out?I asked

A few months. Im not really worried about it. Harrys family has an assload of properties. The perks of mating with a real estate moguls son,she smirked

Must be nice,I said, laughing

Yeah, must be nice,Erica said, not laughing at all

Erica was never good at hiding her bitterness. Another season with no partner seemed to be making her more sexually frustrated than usual

We all tried to ignore it, knowing this was just the effect of the Haze. Usually, Erica was the sweetest girl in the world

It wasnt easy being alone during the Haze

I could attest. But now I had even bigger problems. And it seemed Michelle was about to suss them out

All right,Michelle said, taking over the conversation. Weve avoided the subject long enough. Cmon, Sienna. Talk to us.” 

It was..I started, trying to figure out my best deflection strategy. Fine. Not all that different from the Yule Ball or Summer Solstice. Just less people. A bit more intimate.” 

Intimate, huh?Michelle asked, grinning

I didnt like the knowing look in her eyes. But it wasnt like she could know. Nobody did. Nobody had seen the Alpha mark me. I was sure of it

Yeah. My family got some facetime with the Pack House leadership. It was good for our standing. Thats all.” 

Thats not what Michelle saidErica snipped 

What?I turned to Michelle

Damn it, Erica,Michelle scoffed. Couldnt you just keep your mouth shut and let Sienna tell us for herself?” 

Tell you WHAT?!” 

I didnt realize that I was yelling until the whole diner went quiet and turned to look at us. I wasnt mad. I was enraged. How could this happen? How could anyone know

Sienna,Michelle said softly. Its not a big deal. We heard that you and the Alpha might have had a little moment, thats all. Some people saw you two leaving the dining hall around the same time and...

I was so hot with rage that I had to loosen my scarf, and as I did, I saw Michelles eyes 

go wide

Wait,she said. “Whats that?” 

Shit! How could I have been so stupid

I should have never left my room for the remainder of the Haze. Going out in public with this massive, ugly mark on my neck

I might as well have worn a sign that said, Im screwed, thanks for asking.” 

The worst part was, while I was marked like this, most male wolves would avoid me. That meant another season without finding my real mate

Another Haze with no one to call my own. With one bite, Aiden had taken that all away 

from me 

Realizing I couldn‘t keep the jig up for long, I sighed and slowly unwrapped my scarf. When the girls saw it, they all gasped and put their hands to their mouths

Thats not...Michelle started, disbelieving 

Yup,I said. The Alpha marked me last night. Im his for the Season. Lucky me, right?” 

This last part I said dripping with sarcasm. But I could tell from the expression on Ericas face that it was not appreciated. She scowled

You could be more thankful,Erica said. Getting marked by the Alpha of all people

Thats a big deal, Si.” 

I know, I just,” 

Are you kidding, this is AMAZING!Michelle exclaimed

Dammit, Sienna, always trying to oneup me!Mia teased

I sighed, unsure how to explain this

The problem was none of the girls knew my secret. Nobody knew I was still a virgin, So how could I frame this in a way theyd understand


He didnt ask,I said. He just...bit me. Like I was his property, and that was that.” 

Si,Michelle said, shaking her head. I know you like to make your own rules. But, man, I would kill for a chance to fuck the Alpha. You kidding? Id do whatever he wanted. Besides, now that hes marked you, its not like you have a choice, right? Theres no one either of you can sleep with for the rest of the season.” 

And now I could see that, despite Michelle being paired with Ross for the Haze, there was some jealousy in her eyes. Mostly for the status, I figured

Nobody, not Michelle, not Mia, not Erica, would understand

I was about to try to find a way to change the subject when I received a text that made everything even worse

If that was possible

Selene Guess what just arrived in the mail, sis

Selene An invitation from the Alpha addressed to YOU

Selene I told mom to leave it, but you know shes so nosy 

Sienna What is it

Sienna What does he want

Selene Si… 

Selene He wants you to move in with 


I couldnt take it

Before I knew what was happening, I jumped to my feet and ran from the diner 

without saying goodbye to my friends.

Even the cool air outside couldn’t temper the rage building up inside me.

First, he’d marked me without my permission. He took away any hope I had to find my one true mate.

Then, he summoned me like I was his pet. The world was turning upside down, and only I seemed to be able to see straight

For a second, I thought I might shift right then and there. Split my clothes open in the middle of a busy intersection. Becoming my most animal, violent self

That was how badly I wanted to hurt him

I could picture my fangs tearing his throat out

But just as I began to shift, as I saw the hairs beginning to sprout on my hands, my nails elongating, my spine bending, I stopped myself


I was going to confront Aiden Norwood face to face in his Pack House and put a stop to this once and for all. He was the Alpha, yes

Scanned with CamScanner 

this once and for all. He was the Alpha, yes, but that was no excuse.

The Alpha was about to find out exactly who he was messing with.

Scanned with CamScanner 

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