The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 58

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 28


The packhouse dungeon was a holdover from another era

While previous alphas had used it with abandon anytime someone looked at them the wrong way, Id never seen it used during my tenure with the East Coast Pack

I wandered down the poorly lit corridors, letting our connection guide the way through the winding tunnels that lay beneath the pack house 

The feelings I had for Nina in my heart were still strong, even though my head was telling me that everything I knew about her was based on a lie

As I turned a corner, I found Nina shackled to the wall of a cell, covered in dirt and dried blood

I put my fingers through the bars as my eyes began to water. I hated seeing her in this 


I didnt care what ulterior motives she had; no one deserved to be treated like this

She lifted her head and smiled weakly at the sight of me


Jocelyn? I thought I felt you down here, but I didnt believe it. I didnt think youd ever want to see me again.” 

I wanted to give you a chance to tell me how you really feel. Nina, be honest with me 

is what Aiden said true?” 

Did he say that Im a lowlife, scumoftheearth lost cause? Because if so, then yeah, its true.” 

Normally Nina wouldve said something like that as a joke, but there was no hint of humor in her voice. Only pain

I‘m coming in,I said, unlatching the door

I knelt down in front of Nina and pulled out a rag and some antiseptic from my medical supply bag 

Let me treat this cut on your face,” I said, dabbing her chin as she winced Who did this to you

Jocelyn, you know I aint no snitch,” Nina joked 

Nothing about this situation was humorous, but it was honestly better if I didnt know, I was supposed to get people out of the hospital, not put them in it 

I imagined that my first time in restraints with you would go down in a much sexier way than this,Nina said, forcing a smile

So, Id get to be the dominant one? Im intrigued.I placed my hands above Ninas heart. Can I?” 

She nodded yes

I closed my eyes and focused my energy. I started absorbing Nina‘s pain into my body, and this time it actually worked

My veins turned black, and my body began to ache as if it had just been tumbling down a cliff 

Stop, thats enough,Nina yelled

I fell back, drained, but Nina seemed to be in better condition already. Color was returning to her rosy cheeks, and she looked as wild and beautiful as ever

Why the hell did you do that?” 

Because you‘ll need your strength... Im setting you free.” 

Jocelyn, no. Youll be imprisoned yourself for this,she protested 

I placed my hand on Ninas face. Havent you figured out yet that Id do anything for you?I kissed her softly, and she kissed me bac


I just need to find something to break these chains,I said, searching the cell

ActuallyNina pulled a key out of her pocket 

Wait. how? Why are you still here?I gasped

Isnt it obvious?she asked. I wasnt gonna leave without giving you an explanation.” 

Nina, I dont need it,I said, unlocking her shackles

Please, Jocelyn, I have to tell you.” 

I folded my arms and looked away. Okay, go ahead.” 

First, you have to know that my feelings for you were always real. I never lied about that, not for a second. But I am a spy. I was sent here. by someone very powerful,” she said in a serious tone

Who? Another pack?” 

No, it isnt a pack, but I cant give you a name. Its for your own safety. But Jocelynyour friend, Sienna.. shes attracted the interest of someone whos no to be trifled with.” 


Wait. Sienna? You were sent here to spy on Sienna?I asked, shocked

Yes, I was to watch her, and if certain events played out, I was to eliminate her. Those were my orders.” 

Who the hell would want to hurt Sienna? What threat could she possibly pose?‘ 

Jocelyn, promise me youll stay away from this. I couldnt bear to see you get hurt. Ive already hurt you enough.” 

Nina pulled me into her arms and placed her forehead against mine

I have to go, Jocelyn. I could never do whats been asked of me, especially not to someone close to you. But when I break my bond with my benefactor, Ill have to face the consequences.” 

Then Ill face them with you. Well go together,I said, tearing up

I have to face this alone. But, Jocelyn, know this,Nina lifted up my chin and 

pressed her lips against mine with all her passion. You deserve the world and I just wish I could give it to you.” 

Dont go, Nina,I said, my voice cracking 

She backed out of the cell with tears streaming down her face. This isnt goodbye. Well see each other again.” 

Nina was a good liar. But she couldnt lie to me

She was gone


As I returned to the Yule Ball, wiping my tears away, I heard shuffling and screaming coming from the ballroom, punctuated by Josh shouting at the top of his lungs


What the hell was happening in there

I pulled myself together and ran into the ballroom to find mass chaos. All the guests were scattering as Michelle 

Oh my God

She was suspended in midair, half shifted, with tables, chairs, and cutlery floating in a vortex around her

Id read of rare stories like this in restricted healer journals, but I had never thought Id see it in my lifetime


I rushed over to Josh, who was trying to get through to her

Michelle, listen to my voice. You can fight this. I know youre in there,” he said, tears rolling down his face

Josh, look out,I yelled, tackling him just as a flying table smashed into where hed been standing 

Jocelyn, I dont know what to do,he said, hopeless

I might have an ideabut youll have to get me close.” 


I couldnt stay here. I wasnt safe

Konstantin knew my location, and just 


because Id banished him from my head didn‘t mean he wouldn‘t come looking for me again

I needed to get to Aiden at the pack house. He didn‘t even have a clue that a vampyre was in our midst

A vampyre that Id invited in


Konstantin was a threat to the pack, and hed been right in front of me the whole time

As I ran through my gallery, the lights began flickering 

I was already too late

Konstantin appeared in a cloud of black smoke, blocking my exit

Sienna, my dear, were you leaving? I only just got here.” 

Youre sick, I shouldve never trusted you!I spat

How else were you going to find your parents?he sneered

Ill find them on my own. I don‘t need you or your powers.” 

Konstantin let out an evil laugh and materialized right in front of me

I have one more gift for you, Sienna,he said, touching my forehead before I could stop him


I was in the woods at night, but they werenany woods I recognized

This wasnmy memory; it was Konstantins

I heard twigs snapping in the distance, and I braced myself

I was sure Konstantin couldnt physically hurt me when we were mentally linked otherwise he wouldve done so already. But whatever he wanted to show me would be designed to hurt me psychologically

Footsteps. They were getting closer

My mother burst into the clearing, panting and out of breath. She was running from something 

A familiar cloud of black smoke descended on the clearing, making it impossible to see anything, until it materialized into Konstantin


He advanced toward my mother with menacing intent

Where is she? Where is the child, Vanessa?” 

Youll never find her, Konstantin. Ive made sure of that.” 

Foolish woman. Youve let your love for a child override your good judgment. We could have untold power.” 

No, Konstantin. Youve let your lust for power destroy anything that was good in you 

if there ever was anything to begin with.” 

Vanessa, theres no need for you to meet the same fate as your mate. He didnt want to cooperate either and you saw the consequences of that.” 

I deserve whatever fate the deities deem fit for me after what we did. I accept my penance, but my daughter will not be a pawn for you or them. She deserves a normal life.” 

What the hell was she talking about? I was shaking 

There was nothing I could do but watch; I was his captive audience

You disappoint me, Vanessa. You re alpha stock. Power runs through your blood. But if vou refuse to recognize that ..

Konstantin disappeared then reappeared behind my mother with a blade at her throat

No, you bastard!I screamed

She closed her eyes, a peaceful look on her face

All I could see was red


Our link severed, and I fell to the ground

Everything you told me was a lie,I said, gasping for air

It felt like my own throat had just been cut

You misjudge my intentions. Im the only one trying to lead you to the truth.” 

Konstantin knelt down and lifted my chin so I was forced to meet his gaze. I was too stunned to fight back

You have no idea who you really are, the 

power that you hold. There are those far more dangerous than me who would seek to destroy you before you unlock that power. I simply want to help you.” 

Black smoke billowed out of Konstantins cloak and engulfed me

Let me relieve you of your burden.” 


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