The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 57

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 27


Is that all you got, pretty boy? Afraid if you hit me harder, youll break a claw?” 



Okay, that one actually hurt

Didnt think the beta had it in him

Blood trailed down my chin as I glared up at Josh. Aiden stood behind him, leaning against the wall, letting his bitch do the dirty work

When are you gonna jump in the ring, Alpha? Dont wanna get your hands dirty?I spat

Why dont you untie me, and well go toetotoe. A real fightnot this basement bondage bullshit. Alpha versus omega.” 

I knew I shouldn‘t taunt himI was technically the enemy, after allbut I couldnt help it. Running my mouth was just part of my nature

Aiden smirked like a cocky asshole


He started circling me with his hands behind his back, perfectly composed. He was in control, and he knew it

You dont want to let this get to the point where I get in the ring,Aiden challenged That would be a deathmatch.” 

I wondered if this alpha had ever killed someone who crossed him before. Truthfully, I didnt want to find out

What was your goal here?Josh jumped in. Why were you manipulating Jocelyn?” 

I wasnt” 

Fuck, dongive them any information


Jocelyn had nothing to do with this, all right? She was just a good fuck along the way.‘ 

You filthy liar. You re the lowest of the low, Nina

You fucking bitch,Josh shouted, echoing my own thoughts

He swung his fist at me again, but this time, Aiden blocked him before he could connect

What the hell?Josh yelled

What the hell is righi. This time, it was my thoughts echoing Joshs

Why had Aiden just stopped that punch

Could he have sensed that I was lying about my true feelings for Jocelyn

Why are you here?Aiden asked, his face hovering just inches from mine

Well, I certainly didnt come for the accommodations,” I said sarcastically, looking around at the damp jail cell I was shackled in. Im giving you a shit review on Howl.” 

Youre a rogue, which means no one is coming for you. No one cares if you live or die,Aiden growled. So youd better start talking, or youll spend the rest of your lonely, miserable life in this prison.” 

Does it at least have a continental breakfast?” 

Aiden came close to hitting me but instead let out a monstrous roar and punched the brick wall instead, leaving a fistshaped hole

All right, I mightve spoken too soon about getting in the ring. Were probably different weight classes


Lets see if you feel like talking after I leave you down here for two days in your own filth, like the stinking rat that you are,he snarled

Sounds like a party,” I called after him as he stormed out of the cell

Before Josh locked the door, he leaned back in and glowered at me. What you did to Jocelyn... youre truly despicable. I hope you rot in here.” 

The door slammed shut, leaving me in isolation

Tough crowd. But he wasnt wrong about Jocelyn

It was eating me up inside that Id hurt her and there was nothing I could do to fix it

I commend you on your resilience, Nina. Youre not one to crack under pressure.” 

A tall hooded figure emerged from the shadows 

Oh great, its you,I groaned. If these are the kinds of conjugal visits Ill be receiving, Id like to revoke my visitation privileges.‘ 

Your job is not complete yet. You must not 


fail to maintain our deal. If you upset the balance, your shackles here will be no match for the chains that will bind your soul in the afterlife,she replied stoically

I nodded, clenching my teeth. She wasnt giving me a choice. We were bound together until my task was complete

You have the necessary tools to complete your mission, so heed my warningdont fail again,she said, vanishing into the air

I felt something materialize in my pocket

The key to my shackles



I felt Ninas pain. Even though we werent mated, I felt it flowing through my veins. We had some sort of connection, a link that

shared with no one else

I felt her strength too. She was a survivor to her very core. Whatever Aiden and Josh were doing to her downstairs, shed put up a fight 

And just what exactly are those two bullheaded idiots doing down there

Id never forgive my exboyfriends if they 

harmed my girlfriend 

Is that what she is

God, this was complicated, and it made my head hurt

I just knew that Nina was someone I was going to fight for

Aiden came marching down the hall, and I stepped out and blocked his path

Aiden, what the hell did you do?” 

Not now, Jocelyn,he growled


Yes now,” I growled back. I deserve an explanation.” 

Okay, you want me to explain it to you?Aiden said, furious

Ill fucking clue you in, Jocelyn. You were used. For what, I don‘t fucking know because she refuses to talk. But she doesnt give a shit about you. You were just an easy target for her.” 

Tears began to spill out of my eyes. Thats... thats not fucking true, Aiden. You don‘t know her.” 

No, Jocelyn, you dont know heronly the lies that she told you. Maybe if you hadnt been so fucking hazed for her pussy, we wouldnt have a goddamn spy in our midst during the most important event of the year.‘ 

I couldn‘t stop it. I began fullon sobbing. Aiden was being cruel, and he knew it. I’d always hated this side of him

He stopped laying into me and looked genuinely sorry when he saw how affected I was

Jocelyn, Im... I didnt mean to be that harsh. Its not your fault.” 

Just go, Aiden. I want to be alone,I said sharply

As he walked down the hall, he stopped and turned back for a moment

The omega wolf, she told us a lot of lies, but I think one of them was when she said she didnt care about you. I could sense it. That wasnt true.” 

I didn‘t know what to believe. These feelings were still new, but I needed to see Nina again and hear those words for myself


Id known this Yule Ball would be a disaster, They always were

Id have to go back in and pretend like everything was finethat I hadnt just discovered a spy at a party full of the most important alphas in the world

If anyone found out, it would be another PR nightmare for the East Coast Pack. Not to mention the damage it would do to foreign partnerships

That omega wolf couldve been here to assassinate any one of them

I felt horrible for laying into Jocelyn like that. My nerves had gotten the better of me. I just wished shed been more careful

Still, no matter how much that bitch rogue enraged me, I really did sense that she cared for Jocelyn. Maybe there was more to her than I knew, but for now, I was glad that she was locked up in a cell

As I walked back into the ball I scanned the room for Sienna. More than anything else, I needed to make sure she was safe

Id already neglected her for too long, and she was a part of the council now too. She needed to know what was going on

I spotted Selene over by the bar, taking care of her tipsy mother

Have you girls seen Sienna?I asked, making sure to hide any concern in my 


Come to think of it, no,Melissa replied. Shes missing motherdaughter drinking time.” 

Selene? Any ideas?” 

Last I saw her, she was talking to Michelle,” Selene responded, taking her mothers drink away


Before I even started my search for Michelle, she found me

Aiden, the alpha of the evening, just the man I need,she said, sauntering over

swinging her hips

Something was off about Michelle tonight, and by the way Josh was looking at her, hed noticed it to

Wheres Sienna? Have you seen her?” 

Oh, Ive seen her all right. I saw your whore mate coming out of another mans penthouse last night,Michelle said, batting 

her lashes 

Michelle, what the fuck did you say?Selene asked angrily. Melissa looked white as a ghost 

You mean none of you know that Sienna has been getting some on the side with her therapist?Michelle was relishing every word

This wasnt the Michelle I knew

Babe, are you drunk? What the hell are you saying?Josh asked, dumbstruck

You should be careful about what you say next, Michelle,I warned

Come on, Aiden, youre not an idiot. Youve noticed the emotional distance. The late nights at the gallery. The disinterest in sex with you anyway.” 

Youre a fucking liar,I growled. Werewolves can‘t break the mating bond.” 

Why is she trying to provoke me

Michelle smiled in a way that made my hair 

stand on end

Are you sure?she asked in a deep voice 

Are you sure?she asked in a deep voice that wasnt her own

What the fuck..

Melissa dropped her champagne flute and screamed as Selene covered her mouth in horror

I grabbed Michelle, or whoever the hell that was, and began shaking her

Where is Sienna? Tell me, dammit!” 


Josh tried to pull me off, but I pushed him away

Shes all alone,taunted the voice, speaking through Michelle. “But not for long.” 

Michelle, whats happening to you? Whats on your neck?Josh asked, grabbing her

There were two small dotslike snakebites 

on the side of Michelles neck

Something had marked her, and it wasnt a werewolf

Do you like it?Michelles mouth started to foam. Maybe Sienna will copy me and get one too.” 


My heart started beating out of my chest

Michelle, where the fuck is Sienna?I screamed

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she began convulsing in Joshs arms

MICHELLE!” Josh screamed

Whoever had done this to Michelle was headed for Sienna next

So, Ive got to get to her first

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