The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 56

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 26


Safely locked away in my gallery. I retreated to my personal studio in the back to work on a new piece. Painting was always the best way to clear my head

I placed an apron over my dress to avoid getting any paint splatter on it. Selene would kill me if she knew I was even within fifty feet of my studio wearing one of her originals

With my phone shut off and no windows around me, I felt truly isolated from the rest of the world

and that was exactly what I needed right now

All of my paintings represented happy memories. not the fuckedup shit that had been running through my head lately

It was nice to have a reminder that things would get better eventually

Things will only get worse

No,I said, shaking my head. Thats not true.” 

Okay, I just needed to focus, stay out of my own head

Suddenly, being in an isolated box with only my thoughts to keep me company seemed like the worst idea I couldve had

My phone started buzzing, but that was impossible. Id turned it off

I cautiously reached for it and opened the messages

Konstantin I’m in your head, Sienna

Konstantin I quite like it in here

Konstantin I think Ill stay awhile..

I threw my phone across the room and spun around, but I was still alone

Get out of my head,I screamed. I didnt give you permission.” 

Oh, but you did. Many times. And you still havent given me what I need.” 

So now Im just going to take it.” 

I stumbled backward, tripping over some canvases and falling into a bucket of paint


My beautiful dress was ruinedstained a dark shade of red

No, wait, this wasnt paint..

Its blood

I screamed as I tried to wipe it away, but moments later, there was nothing on me at all

You dont even know what‘s real anymore.” 

Konstantins laugh echoed in my head

This will all be over if you just let me have control. Ill unlock parts of you that you never even knew existed

Never,I shouted. This is My mind, and I will NOT give you access to it.‘ 

Ive tried to play nice, Sienna, but thats over now. Im not giving you a choice.” 

My legs went wobbly as the room began spinning 

No, Im not letting him in again

Think, Sienna.. how can you block him

Theyre your memories

Theyre YOUR memories

The paintings. Maybe if I focused on the memories from my paintings it would force him into my good memoriesand keep me in control

I started running around the studio, rounding up paintings that represented the best times in my life and setting them side by side against the wall

You re weak, and you re alone. Whatever foolish plan this is, it won‘t work. Youll only fail again.” 

Given the way Konstantin started hissing, I could tell he was getting nervous

I grabbed the first painting, my childhood home, and closed my eyes

God, I hope this works

You want in?I yelled. Then come the fuck in.” 

I was standing in my old bedroom at Mom and Dads house. I watched myself sitting on the bed crying as my dad comforted me

When was this memory? Was it last year


Its okay.Dad said, rubbing my back. Its perfectly fine to feel the way you do.” 

No, its not,I heard myself say creakily. Im a dominant. Dominants dont let stupid things like this get to them.” 

Now I remembered the night Aiden had left me alone in the woods

I don‘t think what youre feeling is stupid, Sienna, Dad said. And dominant or not, everyone has a heart

You know, when we first brought you home. I could tell right away that you were special. You had this confidence about everything you did, even as a baby 

Watching you grow up, Ive seen that confidence manifest in everything from how you carry yourself to your ari. Having a cry doesnt take that away from you, Sienna. You‘re still the strongest werewolf I know.” 

A warm feeling began to radiate throughout my body. Ii fell goodno, not just good, powerful. Id never felt this power before

The room faded into watercolors, and as it washed away, I found myself drifting someplace else


Aiden‘s house. The room I was staying in before We were mared

There‘s something between us. Neither of us can deny it. I felt it when I marked you, but I even felt it the first time I saw you, back on the riverbank.Aiden said, pulling me onto his lap

I felt jealous of her, getting to feel his warm embrace, but even just watching this memory play out made me feel more powerful

You remember that?memory me asked, a little incredulous

Of course I do,Aiden said quietly. I felt your power even then. Your scent radiated a strength and sensuality that I couldn t resist.” 

I didnt radiate any strength tonight. I was weak..” 

Stop. What I said a minute ago... I was wrong. Let me tell you something. Your scent hit me the moment I walked into that dinner party. Its not something that happens in human form, so you threw me offbalance

The haze hit me, and I had to follow you to find out more about you, to just be in your presence

Ive never been so overcome by anything more 

powerful in my life. Thats your strength, the kind of power you have over me. Thats why I marked 


Aiden s words hit me like a lightning bolt, and I was catapulted through dripping paint that began forming a new landscape

I was in a moonlit clearing in the woods. A quier stream ran through it as two wolves wrestled with each other playfully

Oh my God, this was..

Our first run

I watched as Aiden let out a visceral howl and sank his teeth into my wolfs shoulder, right where my mark wouldve been in human form the final act of a run between potential mates

I remembered that night like it was yesterday. Every single detail

It was the most intimate and intense night of my entire life

I watched as Aiden and I shified and waded into the water to wash each other. That moment was perfect

The same feeling I had in my heart then I felt it 10

The moment I first fell in love with Aiden


I was suddenly back in the gallery

Was it over

Where was Konstantin

The walls they were all empty. The art was gone

No, this mustve been another memory

A bell jingled as the gallery door flew open, and I observed myself walking into the empty space with Aiden

Aiden Norwood, what are we doing here?” 

Sienna MercerNorwood, I thought youd wanna see your new gallery.” 

Memory Sienna squealed in delight and started running around the gallery, passing right through me in the process


Happy oneweek anniversary, Sienna.Aiden smiled

I can i believe you did this.. for me,I said

Id do anything for you.” 

I mouthed the words along with him, and my heart swelled with power 

It was as if I had unlocked something from deep within myself

I was suddenly in another space, some kind of laboratory, and so was Konstantin, bur he was dressed differently and acting as if I wasnt there

Was this another memory? Something about this felt different from the other ones

A door opened, and a woman entered the room, greeting Konstantin 

Weve almost deciphered the runes. Then well understand. Well know how to harness the power” 

That‘s reason to celebrate, Vanessa.Konstantin s mouth curled into a smile


I let out a velp as I turned to look at the woman, but no one would have heard it anyway

For a moment, I thought I was staring at myself. This woman had fieryred hair, just like mine, and the same intense eyes. With the way she moved across the room, I was sure she was a dominant like me too

I suppose it is,she responded in a distant tone. Her expression dropped as she turned away

Her eyes were no longer fierce. They were filled with sadness

It suddenly dawned on me this woman... was she my..

Mom?I called out into the empty air

What were doing...its blasphemy. The deities will smite us all if we doni abandon this madness,she said

My mother walked straight toward me, and

flinched as she passed through me as if I were a ghost

When I turned around, she was rocking something in front of her. As I moved to get a closer look, I gasped


It was a baby, in a crib

It was me

This WAS my memory

Vanessa, the deities can I touch us if we succeed,Konstantin rebutted, slinking around her like a snake. Well have just as much power as them

I wont risk the life of my child,she asserted. No amount of power is worth her life.” 

I walked over to my mother, the mirror image of myself, and tried to hold her hand, to comfort her, but I just phased right through her again

Doesn‘t your mateher fatherhave a say in 


Konstantin... hes not the father,she said, stifling her tears

Then ... who? Who is it?he asked, aghast

Her father is Rowan,” 

Konstantins reaction was extreme. He knocked a shelf of glass vials to the floor as he nearly fell over

As my mother broke down further, a smile spread across Konstantins face

Vanessa, dont you see, this is perfect. Your daughter holds the key to everything weve been working toward.” 

No, Ill never let her be involved in this.She glared. Never.” 

As I reached out to her again, I was sucked out of the room and into the darkness


I was back in my studiofor real this time. All the paintings I had gathered were still sitting against the wall 

What the fuck just happened

Had I finally been able to tap into the memories Id been suppressing

One thing was certainKonstantin knew my mother. Hed been lying to me since hed met me

Theyd been working together on something, but shed wanted out

wanted to protect me

But from who

My father

Who was Rowan

I walked over to a painting lying on the ground and propped it up on an easel

When did I paint this? When I was in my memories

It was a portrait of a beautiful woman with fieryred hair, flowing over her shouldersmy birth mother 

I closed my eyes one more time, and I heard her voice

I wont risk the life of my child. No amount of power is worth her life

I opened my eyes, and I felt like they were glowing. I was radiating a level of power that Id never felt before 

I didnt know what this was, but it wasnt standardissue werewolf. I was sure of that

As I returned my gaze to my mothers portrait, her face started to melt away. The oil paints Id used were dripping onto the floor in a puddle, and as her flesh melted, her visage was replaced by a rotting skeleton

Konstantins laugh began echoing in my head again

Was that trip down memory lane supposed to weaken me somehow? Or did you just want to show me the pathetic hallmarks of your short life

Honestly, Konstantin... that wasnt for you.” 

I summoned forth all of the power I could muster 

all the strength Id gotten from the people who believed in me, protected me, loved me and I unleashed it like a cyclone

My paintings flew all around the room as I felt Konstantins presence finally leave my body

I vomited him up onto a canvas in a pile of black sludge

You think youve won? Ill just come back and make things even more difficult. And not just for you for your friends and family too. Ill make them suffer.” 

Konstantins presence finally leave my body

I vomited him up onto a canvas in a pile of black sludge

You think youve won? Ill just come back and make things even more difficult. And not just for you for your friends and family too. Ill make them suffer” 


A wind blew through my devastated gallery, and after a moment. I felt only stillness

My mind felt like it had been purged of a poison

I collapsed to the floor. significantly lighter, but still burdened by a dark shadow

Konstantin was finally gone..

But for how long


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