The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 55

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 25


The freezing winter air stung my bare skin as I sprinted down the street in my dress and heels. My inhalations were sharp and labored, but even that was better than the Yule Ball

There. I couldnt breathe at all

My mind was choking me, and I needed to get

clear head

Those voices... the horrible things they said to me. Were they right? Was I the cause of everyones misery

What Michelle had said haunted me the most and the way shed said it, with that smile plastered across her face 

She wasnt herself. She couldnt have been..

Or maybe you just dont want to admit that she was right. You are a slut

STOP,I screamed. Get the hell out of my head.” 

The streetlights flickered around me eerily as I stopped and held my head

Did I just make that happen

I didnt know what was real and what was fantasy any more

I was losing my grip on reality

Snow began falling as I pushed on down the unsettlingly quiet street. Was this real, or was this another trick my mind was playing on me

I flashed back to that horrible nightmare in my head

Dancing with Konstantin

Underneath the lights

Lying on the firsAiden s wolf

I felt dizzy. I looked up, and all the streetlights seemed to be spotlighting me. I was back on the stage

No,I said, shaking my head. That wasnt real.” 

But it had felt real

I needed to be somewhere safe. Somewhere I could hide away. My gallery

Move, Sienna

My heels started stamping through the freshly fallen snow 

Just keep running





Don‘t stop. Dont look back

My feet were getting tired. I couldve run way faster if Id shifted, but I couldnt have exactly shifted while carrying a priceless artifact

Shit, the corridor ahead of me was beginning to close. Just my luck 

I was extremely stupid for thinking that stealing from a deity would be an easy job

Fuck it. I didnt have a choice

I shifted into my wolf, ripping out of my clothes

I grabbed my backpack in my jaws and made a mad dash for the light at the end of the tunnel

This was gonna be fucking close

I pressed my hind feet into the ground and bounded out of the opening, just as the walls closed behind me

I rolled through the dirt and landed in a heap at the edge of a fores

I shified into a human and stood up, looking back at the temple that had nearly claimed my life

Grinning, I lified my middle finger to the sky and stuck out my tongue

Suck it, gods. I live to steal another day..” 

The humid air felt sticky against my naked body as I glanced around, searching for my discarded backpack. I found it lodged in a nearby bush, the artifact inside catching the reflection of the sunlight

There you are,I said, pulling out my prize

The Scales of Llinos. They didn ? look like much, other than being made of solid gold. Just your standard measuring scales

But theyd fetch a huge price at the Den, South America s biggest black market for werewolves

This was a sacred object, supposedly holding kind of divine power, but I didnt believe in that bullshit

I believed in what I could see. What I could spend

The power of the almighty dollar was what kept me alive, not prayers to the deities

I set the scales on a rock and started tipping them back and forth 

Are you going to determine my fate?I asked mockingly 

No, child, but I will,rumbled a deep but feminine voice behind me

A tall, slender, cloaked figure loomed over me. Though her face was obscured, her body and features were androgynous

Who who the hell are you?I asked, clutching the scales to my bare chest


Im the one who keeps this world balanced, and youve upset that balance,she explained

The scales shot out of my arms and into the woman & hand, and I was paralyzed. No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt move

Could she be an actual – 

She placed a pebble on each side of the scale. **The scales will determine whether you live or 

die ” 

I watched in horror as they tipped back and forth, until finally the right side dropped

My body unfroze, and I fell to the ground. What what does that mean?” 

It means I will grant you a favor. You live for now. But to restore balance, you remain indebted to me until you complete a favor in return,she responded

And what kind of favor are you suggesting?| asked, trembling 

Whatever indulgence suits my needs. Ill visit you again when the time comes,she said as she disappeared into the thick air, leaving me alone

What are you thinking about?Jocelyn asked, stroking my face as we lay by the roaring fire. You seem like youre someplace far away.” 

I was for a minute, but Im back,I said, cuddling up next to her. Theres no place Id rather be than right here, next to you.” 

*Nina, that sex was...” 

Amazing? Mindblowing? The best youve ever had?I said, finishing her sentence

So damn cocky,Jocelyn laughed. I was going to say... it was perfect.” 

I thought so too.I blushed. I never blushed

You know the best part about being a woman?Jocelyn asked coyly 

Maybe, but tell me anyway.” 

Multiple orgasms,she replied. And you know what else? My haze is still burning.” 

What are you suggesting, Doctor?” 

Jocelyn climbed on top of me and gave me a long. deep kiss the kind where it felt like your soul was leaving your body for a higher plane

Damn that girl could kiss

**Are you ready for round two?she asked, gazing into my eyes 

Hell yes I am

I picked Jocelyn up as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. We fell backward into a bookshelf, knocking dozens of historic books to the floor

I started fingering her sex, making her even wetter as I continued ramming her against the shelf. Jocelyn clawed at my back and gasped in delight

Oh my God. Oh my God. This is the bestthe best feeling ever,” she screamed

That‘s something they can add to the East Coast Packs history books

Jocelyn eased off of my fingers and got on her knees

It‘s your turn,she said, kissing my belly button

She put her tongue in my sex and began moving it around like she was speaking a mile a minute

Is she reciting the damn healer Hippocratic oath down there

Whatever she was doing it felt incredible

Dont stopkeep going.I said, grabbing her 


Jocelyn started playing with her sex while she stimulated me, and we both cried out in pleasure as we had simultaneous orgasms

We collapsed back onto the floor laughing and breathing heavily at the same time

Im going to give myself a heart attack,Jocelyn panted as she pulled her underwear back on

The way she watched me with desire as I clasped my bra back into place... Id never had someone look at me that way before, like I was truly wanted

She was so goddamned beautiful, and I didnt deserve her. I wondered what she would say if she knew why I was really here

Maybe it would be better if I just completed my task tonight and disappeared like the coward I am..

No matter what I did. I was going to hurt her

Nina, come sit by me.Jocelyn coaxed with the cutest smile

I sat down across from her, and she grabbed my hands, blushing a fierce shade of red

I... I want to fuck... I dont know how to say this,she said, tripping over her words

Wait a second, is she about to say.


Oh my God, I sounded like an idiot. Why was I so damned ineloquent around her

Its just...Id never said those words to anyone before

What if she didnt say them back

The truth was I didnt even know if Nina was my mate. We hadnt had that moment of realization yetthat moment of certainty

But despite that, there was one thing that had become increasingly clear to me

Jocelyn...,she began

Nina, I think Im falling in love with you,I blurted out 

She was stunned, completely silent and motionless

Oh God, say something anything. This is excruciating 

L... I uh...She brought her gaze to mine

The last thing I wanted to do was scare her away, but our connection was so strong I knew that she felt it too 

When I was with Nina, it was like I was truly alive. She lit a fire in my heart, and it was burning brighter every day

She placed her hand over mine and squeezed it. Jocelyn, I

The library door burst open, and Aiden stormed in with Josh and a swarm of soldiers

Jocelyn, get the hell away from her,Aiden snarled. Shes not who she says she is.” 

Aiden, what the fuck are you talking about?I demanded, You cant just barge in here and*


Aiden, what the fuck are you talking about?I demanded. You cant just barge in here and” 

Listen to him, Jocelyn.Josh warned. Shes been lying to us this whole time.” 

Two soldiers grabbed Nina and bound her hands behind her back as I stared on in horror, unable to stop this madness

Nina, whats happening?I said, choking up

Im sorry, Jocelyn. Im so sorry.she said, tears streaming down her face

They dragged her out of the room as I sat in our den of pillows, sobbing

Aiden glared at me as he closed the door, leaving me alone

I always end up alone. 


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