The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 54

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 24


“Sienna, over here!”

“No, over here, Mrs. Norwood!”

“That dress is gorgeous. Who are you wearing?”

“Give us a smile!”

A smile


The red carpet stretched out in front of me. looking like it went on for a million miles.

Blinding flashes, invasive questions, ogling onlookers.

All of that I could handle.

It was smiling that felt impossible right now.

What had happened with Konstantin was eating me up inside, his presence still lingering in my mind.

He had been using me.

For what, I wasn’t sure, but he was powerful, and he had exerted some level of control over me that I hadn’t even recognized.

I needed to tell Aiden what had happened, but the Yule Ball wasn’t the place. Or maybe it was and I was just too scared to relive it…

Aiden squeezed my hand. “Sienna, are you okay? I know this is a bit much, but we’ll be inside before you know it.”

“No, it’s fine you’re right,” I said, forcing a smile. “Let’s go

I practically pulled Aiden down the red carpet, stopping as few times as possible. Maybe if we just got inside, everything would be…

Ten times worse

As we entered the pack house at the top of the staircase, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at us.


I saw my mom, tugging on my dad’s sleeve and pointing at me and Aiden, looking like she was about to have a stroke from the excitement of seeing her daughter make her grand Yule Ball entrance.

Selene beamed at me. I hoped I was doing her dress justice. It was honestly the most elegant piece of clothing I’d ever laid eyes on:

A low-cut, floor-length, gold-sequined gown that must’ve taken weeks to make. She’d even made Aiden a matching gold tie.

You really shouldve spent more time on the red carpet. Why are you so selfish, Sienna? Only thinking of yourself. 

My gaze started darting back and forth between Mia. Erica. Josh, and Michelle. I felt like they

could all read my mind, like they knew my secrets.


The way Konstantin did.

Hold it together, Sienna 

I threw my head up high and waved to the crowd. clutching Aiden’s hand tightly with my other hand as we descended the staircase.

I knew I could get through this with him at my side.

He s only at your side because he doesnknow the truth 

What were these horrible thoughts that kept

creeping into my head? My anxiety was shooting through the roof.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, the crowd returned to their chatter. I had to tell Aiden about Konstantin before I imploded.

“Aiden. I have something to tell—”

“Sienna, I have to greet all the dignitaries and get some business out of the way before the feast. Will you be all right on your own for a bit?”

“Of course,” I said, trying to smile. “I’ll just fin! my family.”

As he walked away, the voice returned:

See, he can‘t even stand being near you. He hates the way you suck all the fun and festivity out of the room with your despair

“Stop… stop tormenting me,” I murmured, holding my hands to my head.

As I turned around, Michelle was standing just inches away from me, and I almost screamed.

“Oh my God, Michelle, you scared me. But I’m actually glad to see you,” I said, relieved. “I’m going a little crazy right now.”

“Sienna, you’re such a stunner.” Michelle said, stroking my hair. “And that dress-pure gold.”

Selene designed it. She’d probably make something for you if,”

“Does your sister know you’re a slut?” Michelle asked bluntly, her smile now seeming unnatural.

“Excuse me?” I said, shrinking back.

“What about Aiden? Does he know where you’ve been spending your nights?”


“Michelle, I don’t know what you saw, but I can explain. In fact, I need to tell someone”

“Save your breath, Sienna. I know who you really are. Your secrets won’t stay that way for long. Soon, everyone will know your true nature,” she said.

Narrowing her eyes, she gestured to the crowded party full of my family and friends.

Why was she being so cruel? That didn’t sound like my best friend at all.

The room started to feel like it was closing in on me.

Everyone became a teary blur.

I couldn’t be here. I couldn’t take this.

So I ran.

Its what you do best


I tried to contain my laughter as Nina shoved me into the library, our champagne sloshing all over the floor.


“Nina, be careful. This is a Persian carpet. Do you know how expensive those are?” I said, laughing as I tried to dab it dry with my dress.

“I didn’t. Thanks for the tip.” Nina grinned. But how will I ever fit it into my purse on the way


“Stop, your thieving days are over,” I said, pulling her down on the carpet next to me. “You’re on the straight and narrow now.”

“Hmm, definitely not straight,” she said, pulling me in for a kiss.

Every time her lips touched mine it felt like magic. I wished I could bottle that feeling up and use it as a remedy because it seemed to make everything better—at least for that moment.

“I have an idea,” I announced, tipsy. “Here, help me with this.”

I dragged the Persian rug over near the crackling fireplace and grabbed as many cushions and throw pillows as I could find, creating a soft den for us to collapse into

We grasped hands and fell backward, landing in the pillow pile in a fit of giggles.

Thanks for ditching the party with me.” I smiled. “I’m a bit burnt out on Yule Balls.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m not exactly a

girl who loves crowds-you know, being a rogue and all.”

We turned and gazed at each other. Nina’s omega eyes were shimmering from the dancing flames. and they made my heart flutter.

“My parents were both rogues,” I said suddenly “I’ve never told anyone that before.

“Wait, really?” Nina asked, surprised. “Why were they exiled?”

*They were soldiers in their pack’s militia. They disagreed with their alpha-innocent people were being hurt, and they couldn’t be complicit any longer.

“So they chose to be omega wolves instead.

They’ve spent their whole lives trying to make up for their past mistakes.”

“They sound like good people, not like me,” Nina said, turning away.

“We all make mistakes, but they don’t define us.

The East Coast Pack recognized that and took them in. They can do the same for you.”

I pressed my body against Nina’s and kissed her again. You don’t have to be alone anymore.”

“Neither do you,” she said, passionately kissing me back

My haze ignited with desire, and I started biting at her lips as her hands fondled my breasts.

I straddled her and pulled my dress over my head while she slipped out of her own.

The heat of the fire on Nina’s naked body warmed her skin, and as my own naked flesh touched hers, I wished we would meld together into one being.

I pinched and sucked her nipples, eliciting a soft


I was on top, but not for long. Nina was a dominant…


She took control, flipping me over, laying me on my back and pushing my knees apart.

She kissed my stomach all the way down to my sex and began flicking her tongue around inside me with such skill that it instantly made me wet.

I started moaning loudly, unable to control myself. Hopefully no one was passing by outside, or they might hear

Nina plunged her fingers inside me and began massaging parts of my sex that most men didn’t even know existed.

As she moved her fingers around rhythmically, my haze exploded and I started orgasming.

“Fuck!” I screamed in ecstasy.

At this point, the whole damned party could probably hear me

And I didnt care one bit


Although Raphael had skipped this year’s event, plenty of other notable alphas were in attendance.

We’d normally get drunk on the finest bottles of whiskey and swap hunting stories all night, but this year was different.

I was mated, and it was Sienna, not these dignitaries, that I wanted to spend my night with.

“Aiden, you old dog, finally settled down, eh?” George, the alpha of the Canadian Pack, slapped me on the back. “It was looking pretty grim there

for a second, being unmated pushing thirty.”

I was in no mood for this asshole.

I noticed Josh socializing with the other betas, and an idea struck me.

“Would you excuse me for a moment?” I said, ditching George and jogging over to Josh,

“Josh, we need to talk about the things you said in my office the other day.”

“Oh, Aiden, listen… I was out of line when I said you’d made Sienna your new beta.” Josh apologized.

“No, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said, and you’re right. I’ve been taking away your responsibilities in order to make Sienna more involved.”

Josh looked stunned.

“Now that I’m mated. I can’t travel as much as I used to. I want you to be my new ambassador -my dignitary, who I can send abroad in my place when the opportunity arises. How does that sound?”

“Aiden—I don’t know what to say it would be an honor,” Josh replied, slack-mouthed.

Great,” I said, squeezing his shoulder. Because I need you to start right now. Go get drunk with all those foreign dignitaries in my place and keep them distracted.”

“If that’s my duty, then I guess I have no choice.” Josh laughed.

As I surveyed the alphas, one of them in particular caught my eye-an older man with brown skin and a yellow ceremonial robe. There was something familiar about him, but I couldn’t place him.

**Josh, who is that alpha in the yellow robe?”

“That’s Mateo, leader of the Colombian Pack.”

The Colombian Pack

“Josh, come with me,” I said, instantly marching over to Mateo.

“Mateo, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you at a Yule Ball,” I greeted him, hoping it wasn’t obvious that I’d forgotten who he was.

“Aiden, yes, so good to see you. It’s quite the journey for me with our packs being so far apart,” Mateo said, shaking my hand.

“I coincidentally had a run-in recently with a member of your pack-well, an ex-member actually. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me.”

Mateo raised his eyebrows, “An ex-member? An omega wolf then. What is their name?

“Her name is Nina—a she-wolf. You exiled her for thievery.”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Aiden… No one by that name, or for that crime, has ever been exiled from the Colombian Pack.”


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