The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 53

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 23


With the Yule Ball just a couple days away. I was stuck working late in the office again

My only consolation was that we didnt have any surprise guests this year. The Alpha of the Millennium would be staying on the West Coast for this years festivities

Sienna had texted me that she was going to a therapy session and then heading to the gallery, which at least made me feel less guilty, but I didnt want this to be our livesboth working late on opposite sides of the city

What Josh had said to me earlier was still weighing on me too. It was jarring to see my normally carefree friend so burdened, and though I didnt want to admit it, a lot of what hed said made sense

There was a bad energy in the air. It had been there the past few weeks

It wasnt something I could scent or see, but I could feel it in my bones

And it was affecting everyone I cared about

Maybe the Yule Ball would be just the thing to snap everyone out of their stupor. Or maybe it 

would be an even bigger disaster than last year

One thing was sure at least: Sienna was going to look beautiful

I pulled out a dress box from under my desk. Selene had designed this exclusively for Siennas Yule Ball debut as my mate

I didnt know a damned thing about dresses, but Selene had assured me she‘d love it

As I clicked the lights off in my office, I remembered that Sienna had run out of here in a rush earlier. Id better check to see if she left anything behind

I need more time.” 

As I approached Siennas office, I noticed the door was ajar despite the lights being turned off

There was someone inside, having a conversation, but I could only hear one voice, and it wasnt Siennas

I drew my claws and crept silently to the edge of the door to listen 

That wasn‘t part of the deal... Do your own dirty work... Please, there must be another way... I understand.” 

This was gibberish. It was time to end this

I burst through the door and found Nina standing in the middle of the room, alone

She turned to look at me, startled

What the hell are you doing in my mate‘s office. omega wolf?I growled

II mustve been sleepwalking,she sputtered

Who were you talking to? Who else is here?I sniffed the air, but the only scent in the room was Ninas

I swear, I dont know how I got here,she said, starting to shake

Bullshit.” I spat, circling her. Youre a thief. So what did you come here to steal?” 

I made mistakes in my life, but thats not who I am,she said, crying 

I dont believe those crocodile tears for a fucking second

What pack were you exiled from?I probed

The Colombia Pack,she divulged. You dont dont know what it was like there. I only stole to keep myself alive.” 

I doubted that it was a coincidence that shed picked one of the farthest, most remote packs possible. It wouldve taken a week to verify her 


Go back to your quarters,” I growled. But dont get comfortable. You wont be here much longer.” 

As she hobbled out of Siennas office, she turned to me. Im sorry to be an inconvenience, my alpha.” 

Im not your alpha,I spat. You might have Jocelyn fooled, but I can see right through you.” 


Once again, I found myself sitting across from Konstantin as he stared right through me, even though I‘d vowed never to come back here

He knew my deepest fears

My deepest regrets

My deepest desires

It was an uneven playing field, and Id never felt more vulnerable than when I was in his sessions, but if what hed told me was true, I would finally find out who my parents were

Are you ready to enter your memories?he asked

No, but lets do this before I change my mind,I said, sighing. If I give you access to my memories, this will be the last time.” 

Yes, I can promise you that. I know how taxing this must be for you.” 

Konstantin leaned in and took my hands. All right, lets discover the truth...” 

I started to drift out of consciousness


An Italian opera house this timea Colosseumsized theater

I was in a box seat overlooking the spectacle onstage. A hunter, in a wintery landscape, was standing over his prize, bellowing out a flurry of 

melodic words that I didnt understand 


The symbolism, however, was painfully clearthat hunter s prize

A dead wolf, bleeding from its side

My brain wasni subtle

I felt my inner wolf burning inside me. I had saved me last time I got lost in my own head; maybe itd protect me this time too

I used my minibinoculars to scan the crowd, looking for Aiden. I spotted him toward the front row. He was heading backstage

I lifted my magnificent ball gown and raced down the stairs as it trailed behind me

The closer I got to the stage, the more I started to feel the haze

Power through it, Sienna. Remember, this isnt real

As I tried to convince myself that this was just my imagination, the overwhelming pleasure swelling in my sex told me otherwise

I needed to be touched now

Behind the stage, I ran past rows of intricate costumes and props, searching for Aiden. He appeared from behind a curtain, wearing a gold halfmask

Your mind always brings you to me. Time and time again,he said smoothly: You know what it is that you want, what has to be done.” 

Aiden snapped his fingers, and the giant velvet curtain dropped, leaving us exposed onstage in front of thousands of people

The actors were gone, it was just us

My inner wolf tried to howl, as if to warn me of something, but the orchestra started playing, and my wolf was drowned out 

Aiden extended his hand, and the two of us began dancing as snow fell from the ceiling and covered the stage

I was in a trance, not in control of my own body, but it felt like a lovely lullaby. I didnt want it to end

Before I knew what was happening..

We kissed

Under the lights 

Under the lights

In the snow

With thousands of eyes on us

It was magical 

You re truly beautiful, Sienna. Now, let me into that beautiful mind.” 

Aiden laid me gently on some dark furs in the middle of the stage. I ran my fingers through their 

softness as he stood over me

Is this real?I asked, drifting deeper into my subconscious. It feels like a dream.” 

Yes, my dear, its just a dream, Aiden coaxed, unbuftoning his pants and crawling on top of me

He started kissing my neck, but this was wrong

Let me in.” 

I didnwant this

He didnfeel like Aiden. His touch was foreign


These couldn t possibly be my desires_hazed or otherwise

I turned my head away to avoid his kisses and... 

Oh my God

I screamed at the top of my lungs

I was lying on a wolf pelt

Aiden s wolf

His tongue was hanging grotesquely out of his mouth, and his dead eyes stared at me with emptiness

When I turned back to Aiden, my blood ran cold

My heart sank deep into the endless black hole thai my stomach had become 

Because it was no longer Aiden lying on top of 


It was Konstantin

His fangs were extended and he was moving toward my neck 


Give me what I want,he said, his tone angry and unsettling 

I struggled underneath him, but he pinned me down

Stop it!I screamed. Why are you doing this?” 

Just let me in!he shouted. And this will all be 


Get the hell away from me,I bellowed

I shifted and pounced on Konstantin, sinking my teeth into his shoulder 

As he screamed, we weren/ just ripped off our feet. We were thrown into what felt like a hurricane

Id severed our link

As soon as I came to, I drew my claws and swiped them across Konstantins skin

You bitch, thats my face!he shrieked

I shouldve aimed lowerbetween his legs

This whole time it was you,I said, my voice shaking. My mind never created Aiden as my guide. It was always you

Id never felt such a deep and damning betrayal

My head was spinning. I wanted to vomit

You were just using me.I said

Konstantin took a step toward me, and I immediately stepped back

Why?I asked, tears misting my eyes

Because you have something I want,” he replied. Deep within your mind.” 

His voice and demeanor had completely changed, and I knew I wasnt safe here

I ran for the elevator as he tried to follow

You dont know what youre doing.” 

Thats because youve been messing around in my head, manipulating me,I yelled, partially 


The seams of my dress began to split

As Konstantin strode toward me, I let out a roar so powerful that it knocked him offbalance

How the hell did I do that? Id never seen even Aiden knock someone off their feet before

Dont ever come near me again,I said, tears rolling down my cheeks

Right as the elevator door was about to close, I saw Konstantins normally handsome face contort into an ugly scowl, filled with hatred


Finally, there she is

I was about to fall asleep waiting to ambush Sienna at the hotel, but I jumped up when I saw her running out of the elevator

Wait, why is she running

Andis she crying

She ran right past, without even noticing me

A handsome and distinguishedlooking man ran out of an elevator immediately after, wiping blood from his mouth and looking around the lobby, a wild rage in his eyes


What the fuck

It wasnt difficult to put two and two together

I didnt care what problems I was having with Sienna. This man had done something to my best friendand he was going to regret it

I marched over to the man, claws drawn, ready for a fight

He looked me up and down with a seductive smirk. Who might you be?” 

What the hell did you do to Sienna?I growled

Why do you care?he asked, amused

Thats my best friend, dickwad. Now tell me why you made her cry, or youll be the one crying.” 

He smiled calmly and dug his fingernails into my shoulder, giving me a hypnotizing gaze

Why dont I show you instead?

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