The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 50

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 20


I jolted awake, sweating and breathing heavily. Konstantin was still holding on to my hands, and I quickly pulled them away and put them under my arms for warmth 

I was wet all right, but not from an orgasm. Outside my mind, I was clammy and drenched in a cold sweat

Konstantin rushed to my side, throwing a blanket around my shoulders

II was hazed,I said, teeth chattering, I dont understand what happened.” 

Fascinating,Konstantin said, studying me. So, thats how it manifests in your mind

What do you mean?” 

**That wasnt the haze, not the real one anyway. Your mind is going to try and fight you off. Its only natural. Your brain has a kind of defense mechanismlike white blood cellsto keep you from entering too far.” 

I cant control it,I coughed

I know. Thats why we‘ll work on it together, Konstantin said calmingly. This defense mechanism manifests itself differently for 

every individual, and in your case, it must be manifesting as the haze.” 

Of course it was. So that meant that every time I tried to access my memories, Id feel a superintense version of the haze

Fucking perfect 

The last thing I wanted was to get hot and bothered during therapy

Its important to remember that even though it feels very real, nothing that‘s happening in your mind is actually physically happening in the real world. Its all in your imagination.” 

I cant do any more tonight. Its all too much right now.” 

I understand; well pick this up tomorrow. I dont want to push you if youre not ready,he said, grabbing my jacket and guiding me to the elevator

Thanks for understanding.I smiled weakly. 1 feel embarrassed.” 

Nonsense. Go home and get some rest. Well try again tomorrow.” 

The hot water rolled down my back as I stood in the shower, trying to make sense of what was happening to me

Why had my mind placed me in such a precarious position

What was I hiding from myself

Whatever it was, it was buried deep

As I splashed my face with water, I heard the shower door slide open behind me

Want some company?” 

I whipped around to find Aiden, naked and fully erect, grinning at me with anticipation

He was hazed 

The real kind of hazed

Before I could say anything, he had me pinned against the wall and we were kissing 

He bit my lips, and his tongue began moving down my neck, then my torso, until he was on his knees and his head was at my sex

I quivered with pleasure as his tongue flicked 


inside me. I closed my eyes and gave in to my desire as my haze kicked in

Aiden could trigger it just by looking at me the right way, but his touch was even better

You love it when Im inside you, dont you, Sienna?Aiden said, looking up at me

God, yes.I moaned

Aiden stood up, and the tip of his cock brushed against my sex 

We havent been hazed in a minute,Aiden whispered in my ear

Only if you doncount the Haze in my head

Sorry Ive been working so much.Aiden said, his cock beginning to breach my sex. Let me make it up to you

I moaned in approval as his tip slipped in 

Aiden pulled back out, then grabbed me by my shoulders and flipped me around, pressing me up against the wall

He suddenly entered me from behind, and I gasped as I felt his manhood filling me up



I put my hands on the wall to brace myself as Aiden began to thrust into me with his alpha strength

Yeves, fuck yeyes!I stammered as each thrust hit me in exactly the right spot

My whole body was quivering with desire, begging for more

I felt like I was about to pass out from the pleasure

It was just what I needed to clear my mind having my brains fucked out by my mate

Aiden You havent checked in with the status update today 

Aiden Is she healthy enough to leave yet


I want a date and time 

Jocelyn Aiden, I’m working with her, but she’s not 

Aiden, Im working with her, but shes no just going to heal overnight

Jocelyn You need to let me do my job 

Aiden And you need to let me do mine 

Aiden We cant trust her 


Exasperated, I placed my phone facedown on my desk. Nina shot me an inquisitive look

Boyfriend troubles?she asked teasingly

Exboyfriend, actually.” 

Is this the beta flavor or the alpha flavor thats making you look like you just tasted something bitter?” 

Alpha,” I laughed. Wait, how did you know about

You dont think Ive noticed all the tension in the air when the three of you are in a room together? Its so thick I can barely breathe,Nina said, haldina har naaland ratandina tookal

3:34 PM|1.4KB/

holding her neck and pretending to choke

Thats very much in the past. It didnt work out with either of them.” 

Alpha, beta... maybe you just need to try omega.Nina smirked

I found myself blushing again. Why did this always happen to me when I was around her

I helped Nina stand up and limp over to the parallel bars so we could work on her physiotherapy. My blushing only increased as she clutched my arm tightly

The alpha doesnt like that Im here, does he? He wants me gone.” 

Aiden is just very protective of his pack, as a good leader should be,I responded. Hes not always the most open person, but he usually warms up with time.” 

Is that what happened with his mate? What was her name? I heard they had quite the fairytale 


Siennaand where did you hear that? The tabloids?I asked cagily

Ive been known to read a trashy magazine or two Nina admitted So whats Siennas deal

Usually, but she hasnt come in for the past few days. Why are you asking all these questions about Aiden and Sienna?I asked

Nina suddenly lost her balance and fell to the floor with a thud, screaming out in pain

Nina!I dropped to the floor and helped her up, inspecting her ankle: it was bright purple

I think I rolled it.She winced

We tried too much too soon. I shouldnt have pushed you so fast.I apologized

Nina placed her hand on mine and looked at me with her bewitching eyes

My heart started beating out of my chest, but I didnt move my hand

Why the hell aren? I moving my hand

I finally managed to pull away and regain my composure. I think we should pick this up tomorrow,I said, clearing my throat

Okay,she said, disappointed. But, Jocelyn, sometimes its good to push. Sometimes you have to try something to find out if youre ready.” 



Once Aiden had helped clear my mind and taken care of my haze, I felt much more confident about attempting another session with Konstantin

Are you ready to try again?he asked, sitting across from me in his study

Yes, I think so.” 

I took a deep breath 

I know so.” 

Whatever happens, dont fight it. Do you understand? You have to give in,Konstantin said. Its the only way to find what your mind has hidden away.” 

Ill do my best.” 

Give me your hands.” 

A lush garden filled with flowery arches and gushing fountains led the way to a gorgeous brick manor. I lified my dress as I walked toward it

trying not to get it dirty

Wait, what was I doing? This wasnt real

As I picked up my pace, my breasts practically spilled out of the right bodice that was boosting them up

Again, this was my own minds doing. Everything in my head was designed by me. Last time it was a creepy castle, this time, a charming countryside estate in the Victorian period

I had to say, I preferred this one

When I reached the manor, I found Aiden inside, dressed in a dashing suit and tie

Leave it to my mind to somehow make him even more handsome 

Where to?I asked, surveying the massive mansion

This is your brain,he replied. Follow your instincts. Where is it telling you to go?” 

Without thinking, I started walking up the grand staircase, with Aiden following behind. I moved past dozens of doors, but I knew that none of them was the one that I was looking for

Twisting hallways


Twisting hallways

More narrow staircases

Wallpaper that was constantly changing 

This place was more maze than mansion. I was starting to feel as though I was missing something until I found myself abruptly stopping in the middle of a hallway

I think its here, but I dont know why.I said, confused. There arent even any doors in this corridor 

I instinctively looked up at the ceiling to see an attic door, hanging slightly ajar

Its too high to reach. Give me a boost.” 

I really hoped that my mind had been courteous enough to give me underwear this time

As Aiden lified me, I started feeling a tingling throughout my body

The goddamn haze again, my bodys defense mechanism. That meant we must be close

Its happening again.I whimpered

Aidens face was dangerously close to my ass

Don‘t fight it. Give in to whatever your mind tells you to do when we enter that room

I managed to pull the ladder down and ascend it, trying not to think about how extremely hazed I was feeling 

When I saw what was inside the attic, my jaw dropped open

What the fuck?” 

Oldschool wooden BDSM contraptions littered the room, along with plenty of whips and chains

I had just brought us to a damned sex dungeon except it was in the attic

The haze spread through my body like wildfire. I wanted to rip my clothes off, and when I looked at Aiden, it seemed the same thought may have been going through his head too

I approached one of the wooden contraptions, not in control of my own body, like I was sleepwalking 

My mind fastened the straps around my wrists

What are you doing?Aiden asked with a smirk

The haze spread through my body like wildfire. I wanted to rip my clothes off, and when I looked at Aiden, it seemed the same thought may have been going through his head too

I approached one of the wooden contraptions, not in control of my own body, like I was sleepwalking 

My mind fastened the straps around my wrists 

What are you doing?Aiden asked with a smirk

I honestly don‘t know,I said, trying not to 


Another wave of the haze hit me, and all I wanted was to feel something 

To feel anything 

“Grab a whip, I commanded


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