The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 5

The Millennium Wolves Series Book one Chapter: 05

Sienna I don‘t think I can do this 

Sienna I cant go inside 

Sienna Im losing it, Michelle 




Michelle u serious bitch

Michelle everyone and their mother would KILL to get inside the pack house 

Michelle whats wrong

Sienna This dress is overkill 


Sienna And with the Haze... 

Michelle gurl stop. youre so fcking hot. go in there and have fun 

Michelle u may even find a partner for the season


Michelle whats the worst that can happen


The worst that could happen? Oh, Michelle. You have no idea, I thought

We had just parked and were making our way toward the towering front doors of the Pack House

Everyone was dressed to the nines. With every step, I could feel my doom approaching 

I wanted to turn around and sprint home

Yes, even in heels. I was that desperate

Oh, this will be so good for our standing in the Pack,Mom said, oblivious. I cant wait to meet the Alpha. I swear if I were a few years younger...” 

Mom, please.I begged. Stop.” 

Luckily, my mom quickly became distracted again and I didnt have to explain why I needed her to shut up so badly

The Haze was doing a number on me right now. All day, Id tried to repress it, but now...Now the Haze decided it was a good time to try and take ahold of my body

Just as we were attending the dinner party. Please, I once again begged my heating body. I dont have time for this

Fuck you, my body snapped back. Ugh, I was having conversations with my body now. It was just wrong. Damn Haze

A human receptionist greeted us and led us into the dining hall

Chandeliers, old portraits of former Alphas, and a dozen tables, set with silver cutlery fit for royalty. Not a bunch of commoners like 

  1. us

When we sat down, I noticed our table was closest to the Alphas table

Coincidence? I remembered Jeremys strange lingering look when hed brought the invitation to our home

But I disregarded it. Yes. It was a coincidence. It had to be


From my seat, I finally had a good vantage point to judge the other ladies in attendance

I was definitely not the bestlooking, that much was for sure. There were other young women, about the Alphas age, in their late twenties, who were simply exquisite

With their long, slender legs, their full, pouting lips, and sparkling golden eyes, I knew there was no way I could compare

I was curvy, my firered hair fell wildly across my back, and my icy blue eyes were less...traditional I guess. But what I lacked in sophistication, I know I made up for in raw intensity

Nobody in that room burned brighter. For better or worse

...what is a girl like that even doing here?I heard one of the women whisper to her friends. They snickered

Catty bitches

It wasn‘t like they were royalty either. They just clearly thought of themselves that way

I knew exactly what I was, and it wasnt some shewolf on her hands and knees, begging to be ridden by an important Pack House wolf

I actually stood for something


Somewhere out there was a mate worth waiting for. Someone who would look into my eyes and really see me. Someone who, upon first sight, would love me. And I, him

Here in the Pack House? There was nothing to see

Id almost considered leaving right then and there when I noticed one of the boys at another table eying my cleavage. I couldnt explain why, but I was flattered

Just then, a woman strutted through the door, and the boys eyes flicked to her immediately 

Everyone, even the women, stared at her. Tan, tall, with a swanlike neck, she wore her red gown with the grace of a queen, not a werewolf

Thats her!Selene whispered. Thats Jocelyn, Aiden Norwoods ex. And theres her new man

Beside Jocelyn was a blond spikyhaired hunk everyone knew. He was the Alphas Beta, his number two. Josh Daniels. He kissed her on the cheek and took his seat next to the Alpha

I wondered if he and Aiden could still be friends since Josh was dating Jocelyn now


The thought didnt linger long because, the next thing I knew, Selene and Jeremy were taking me by the hand and leading me over



I hadnt asked to be introduced to anyone

Jocelyn, youre looking radiant as always,Selene cooed

Oh. Selene, vou flatter me. You look 

absolutely stunning in that dress,replied Jocelyn. And whos this gorgeous girl? Your sister?” 

Jocelyn grabbed my hand, and I suddenly felt full of the warmest, most healing energy imaginable. So much so that even my Haze was tempered 

Its good to meet you.She smiled. Im Jocelyn.” 

Sienna,I managed


I knew, from that touch, that Jocelyn must be a Healer. Despite her beauty, she was twice as nice as most of the girls in here

But before we could continue speaking, we were interrupted by gasps all around

I turned to see the life of the party, Mr. Aiden Norwood, Alpha of the East Coast Pack, enter the dining hall

He wore an expensive tux with a dark green tie, which made the green in his golden eyes all the more evident

His raven hair was tousled, like hed just gotten out of bed. His jaw was clenched in an aggressive grin

I had to admit... the sight of him alone was enough to make a girl wet

Welcome, my pack members,he said, unable to conceal a bit of the snarl in his throat. Dinner will begin shortly, so please take a seat.” 

Although his statement was simple, gentlemanlike even, I felt a threatening undercurrent laced within every word. It made me tense. It made me hunger

It made the Haze rise within from its temporary slumber

With a lopsided grin, the Alpha turned toward his seat. I couldn‘t take it

Flares trailed down my body, colliding between my thighs. My throat dried, my cheeks flushed with renewed heat, and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from gasping

Get a grip! I screamed inside my head. Youre not going to lose it in front of everyone, understood

Aiden sat down beside Josh and Jocelyn and, to my surprise, chatted warmly with both of them

So the rumors werent true. That was not what tortured him. Then what?

I knew a thing or two about torture right now. The Haze was quietly tearing me apart

During the Season, it was common knowledge that an unmated werewolf could scent out if someone nearby was Hazing

If I wasnt careful, if I let my Haze take over, those unmated men would start to scent me

Anything but that, I mentally begged. I cant bear the humiliation

Being Hazed in public was like giving the world an invitation to screw your brains out

As the first course was served, the unmated werewolf who served our table took a sniff of me, and his eyes lit up, which meant Id started giving off the Haze scent


Face aflame, I narrowed my eyes in warning and held his gaze, showing him I wasnt interested 

He was cute, dont get me wrong, but I wasnt saving myself for some waiter at a dinner party

He backed off at oncesmart guydistancing himself from me

I was about to let out a sigh of relief when I felt someones eyes on me

I didnt dare look up

That gaze, wherever it was coming from, had a powerful pull

It seemed to be intensifying the Haze, magnifying it. Making me burn even hotter, if that was possible

I squeaked, unable to bear it. My panties were suddenly damp, and my stomach clenched, making every other muscle in my body tense as well

Aren‘t you going to eat?” 

I almost jumped when Mom spoke. I turned to give her a strained smile and nodded, gritting my teeth

In a minute.” 

Mom, oblivious to my pain, shrugged and took a bite of her salmon. It looked delicious, but my hunger was fixated on 

something other than food

The eyes were still on me. I could feel it. And, worse, now I could feel others eyeing me as well

My scent was wafting all over the hall, drawing every unmated wolfs attention, demanding to be eased

I had no choice

I had to get out


I stood up and murmured a strained excuse me,leaving my shawl on the table, and walked as fast as I could out of that damn dining room

I knew it went against the rules to excuse oneself in the middle of the meal, especially in the presence of the Alpha. It was akin to an insult to His Royal Highness

I didnt give a shit

I practically sprinted to the restroom. Thankfully, it was empty. I locked the stall door and leaned on its wall, breathing 


The slim layer of silk that covered me was too much. My panties were too much. Everything was too much

Before I could stop myself, I pulled the hem of the dress up to my waist. I slid my hand under my panties, and at the touch of my finger on my clit, I almost exploded

I started massaging, and I couldnt stop. The heat was everywhere. Inside and out, consuming me

Id masturbated many times before this. It was the only way to get through every Haze without losing my mind. But Id always done it in the privacy of my bedroom

Never around so many hungry wolves

Never in the bathroom of the goddamn Pack House

I couldnt hold in the moan that escaped my mouth at the touch of my wet lips

The tension, the need, the fire, it was agonizing. I was going to explodefor real this time

But then I heard it. The door to the restroom opened, and footsteps echoed off the tiled floor. Not the sharp click of womens heels. The flat, low thud of...mens dress shoes

I froze, and my heart slammed in my chest

Just when I was about to yell at whoever had decided to enter the restroom and tell them to leave me the fuck alone, a deep, gravelly voice beat me to the punch

I can scent your arousal, woman.” 

My breathing stopped. Oh. Fuck. The Alpha was standing right outside my stall

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