The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 49

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 19



Girls, ur in for a treat


And second

Mia Ya’ll are crazy if u think we’re getting into Chateau on a Friday


Yeah, aren’t they booked, like months in advance?


Michelle u guys chill

Michelle I have connections

Mia Where’s Sienna? You alive, girl?

Sienna Oh, sorry guys


Just saw this


Thanks, you too, Michelle! I love the earrings.” she responded. “Shall we go in? I’m starving.”

“Well, about that….” Erica started.

Sienna strolled past us and approached the host. -Reservation for four, Sienna Mercer-Norwood.”

“Ah yes, Mrs. Mercer-Norwood, I have you right here. Follow me,” he said, shooting a sideways glance at me.

“You had a reservation?” I asked, astounded.

“I called on my way over here and they said they’d seat us at a balcony table. So lucky, right?” she said with complete sincerity.

“Oh my God, SO lucky,” I said.


Mrs. MercerNorwood

It’s hard to enjoy five-star food when your stomach’s in knots.

Listening to how Mia and Erica fawned over every word that came out of Sienna’s mouth just made me even more nauseated.

“This year’s Yule Ball will be your first as Aiden’s mate. You’ll enter down the grand staircase together!” Erica sighed.

“Your life is so damn romantic, Sienna. I can’t handle it.” Mia gushed.

Yes, I’ll be there, but I might be a bit late

Michelle okay bitch u better not flake again!

Sienna I won’t I promise!

Michelle chateauuuuu!!!


“What do you mean, no?” I said, exasperated.

“Like I said, we don’t have any available seating tonight, the host said, smiling through gritted teeth. “Reservations only.” 

“Told ya,” Mia sighed, reapplying her lipstick for the fourth time.

“I just saw you let in a couple without a reservation,” I shouted.

“Oh, why didn’t you tell me you were the prime minister of France? Right this way, miss,” he said mockingly.

“I’ll have you know that I’m mated to the beta.” I smirked. This always worked.

The host put his hand above his eyes and squinted past me. “Oh yeah, where is he? Because all I see

are three drunk she-wolves.”

“We’re not drunk.” Erica replied in indignation

“Speak for yourself,” Mia slurred.

“If my mate, Josh, hears about this, he’ll..he’ll have you fired.”

“Well then you beta go get him.”

I wanted to claw the sass right off his face, but then we’d sure as hell never get in.

Don / scream

Dont make a scene


Deep breaths

I turned to the girls, deflated. “What do we do now? I really thought we’d get in.”

“Sorry I’m late, guys!”

Sienna, jumping out of a chauffeured car, ran over to us looking like a breathless beauty.

Her dress was covered in exquisite rhinestones, and the necklace that sat on her collarbone made the statement, Hey, everyone, Im rich as fuck now.

Is she wearing a Wolfric original? That bitch

“Sienna, girl, you look gorge!” I yelled, probably a little too loudly.


van Mishallal Ilava tha arrinar

Neither can I

It’s not that I wasn’t happy for Sienna. She was my best friend. Of course I was.

But being completely overshadowed by my best friend while she was oblivious to her special treatment was frustrating as hell.

I had accomplished a lot in the past year too, but my accomplishments were always going to be second place or runner-up to Sienna’s—even my husband, the beta.

Sienna didn’t even appreciate the attention. She had her eyes glued to her phone all night, texting someone, probably Aiden. Couldn’t even have one night away from him.

Sienna stood up abruptly, startling me. For a moment, I thought may be she could read my mind, and I turned red.

“I’m so sorry to cut out early, girls, but I have a meeting with a client,” Sienna apologized.

“You take meetings at this hour?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Go, be brilliant, do your thing,” Erica said, blowing kisses. **Proud of you, girl.”

I might actually vomit

Slightly tipsy, I threw my purse on the floor as I stumbled into the house. Josh was watching Pack 

News and didn’t even look up as I came in.


I bet when Sienna arrived home. Aiden littered the driveway with roses and scooped her into his arms at the entryway, kissing her, like in a fucking fairytale.

It was completely irrational for me to be mad at Josh, but right now, I wasn’t thinking rationally.

“Josh, are you just gonna leave me standing here? Pick me up. dammit!”

Josh turned around, looking confused. “Wait… what?”


“Why don’t you do something. Fucking do something. You’re always just letting yourself get sidelined.” I shouted.

“Oh, you’re just drunk,” he said, turning back around and ignoring me.

I marched in front of the TV and got in Josh’s face. “Are you really content with always being second best? Letting yourself get walked all over while someone else replaces you?

“Oh, I get it now. This isn’t even about me. This is about you and Sienna, Josh replied smugly.

“No it’s not,” I balked. “It’s about you being a fucking man and telling Aiden that you don’t want Sienna taking all your responsibilities, now that she’s on the council.”


Josh shot out of his seat, infuriated. You know what, Michelle? You’re a fucking hypocrite.

You’re barking at me about confronting Aiden when you won’t even talk to Sienna about how you feel outshined.”

He was right. We were both feeling eclipsed, and neither of us was doing anything about it.

Suddenly, the fire and the rage that I was feeling toward Josh started moving down my body. I grabbed my sex as I felt a burning desire for my mate.

He felt it too-I could already see that he was getting aroused through his pants.

The haze was calling us, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I wanted Josh to pick me up? Well he fucking picked me up, sweeping me off my feet and shoving me up against the wall.

He lifted my skirt over my hips and pressed his massive dick between my legs.

“No underwear tonight?” Josh grinned.

“Shut up and put it inside me.” I growled, digging my fingernails into his back.

As he slid inside me, I screamed in ecstasy. God. it felt so good. I couldn’t even remember why we were fighting

With every thrust, the haze became more intense

and my moans became louder. Josh’s bulky arms had me pinned, and all I wanted was for him to push


“No problem, babe,” Josh said as he started fucking harder and faster.


Hell yes.

Josh might’ve been a beta, but he fucked like an alpha.


“Are you ready?”

Konstantin’s piercing eyes stared through me as I sat across from him in the penthouse. It felt as though he could see me in some other way that no one else could

Was I ready?

Part of me felt like this was wrong-letting someone into my mind, my innermost private thoughts that not even Aiden knew.

But Konstantin was my therapist, and I needed to accept that there were some things that I couldn’t do on my own

Nothing was clear, but if I was going to find my parents. I had to trust him.

“I’m ready.” I said, “Tell me what to do.”

Close your eyes. ”

He was speaking to me telepathically again. I followed his instructions.

Now, take my hands.” 

I gently grabbed his hands.

Remember... follow your heart.” 

Without so much as a ripple, my surroundings changed entirely. I was in what appeared to be a castle, wearing a gauzy robe with nothing underneath

I shivered, my nipples hardening through the robe. This was definitely my mind

In Konstantins mind, I couldn t feel a thing, but in my own, everything felt realhyperreal, even

I began walking down a candlelit staircase, but found my way blocked by a locked door. As my hand slid into the robe s pocket, I found a key.

I guess this is my mind. Why wouldn t I have the key?

I unlocked the door and pushed through it. stumbling straight into a pair of muscular arms

looked up and gasped


Ah, there you are.He smiled. I was wondering when youd come get me.” 

Except it wasn‘t the real Aiden this was the guide thai my mind had created, the person who I trusted the most

I took in my surroundings..


Strange, this room looked like a dungeon; the unlocked door was the only way out

Where do we go?I asked

Aiden nodded silently toward the stairs

As we walked up the spiraling staircase, I became very aware of how seethrough my robe was.

I cursed my mind for designing this outfit. Why the hell did I choose this? I was practically naked

Aiden didnt seem to mind, judging from the way I felt his eyes following my ass.

The staircase seemed neverending, and I suddenly realized that it hadn t taken nearly this long to descend it. 

Sienna, I think youre holding back. Well just keep going in a loop if you arenopen.” 

Im sorry, my mind is a mess. I don I know how to 

that spread across every inch of my skin

Oh no.

Not here 

How is this happening here


The haze hit me like a freight train. Or some version of it in my head

How could I be so uncomfortable and so turned on ar the same time

My robe began to loosen, and my chest started heaving. My sex ached for someone to be inside it

Aiden looked surprised. Sienna, whats happening? What are you feeling? Tell me.” 

I was feeling 


And it felt damned good


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