The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 46

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 16


I was sitting on the floor of the elevator, my legs splayed out, blouse unbuttoned, sweat dripping down my chest and into my cleavage

And standing over me was my new therapist, looking confused as hell

If this isnt a cry for help, then I dont know what 

Sienna... are you, uh, all right?he asked

I got to my feet, attempting to ignore the waves of unrelenting pleasure that were still rocking me

Im fine,I said quickly. May I use your restroom?” 

Keep it together

Yeah, its just down the main hall and to the left.” he replied, still looking concerned

I bolted past him immediately, but each step was hazed torture

Focus on something else

The penthouse‘s entry way was adorned with marble Grecian statues, which looked like they might actually have been imported from the Parthenon 

In fact, his whole apartment was filled with rare art from different eras throughout time

How had he managed to get his hands on all this

I guess being a vampyre has its perks

I turned left at the end of the hall and saw the bathroom in front of me. When I got inside I closed the door and locked it

The haze had spread to every inch of my body, pushing me to give in

I needed Aiden beside me. I needed Aiden inside 

  1. me

It was all just too much to handle

I slid down to the floor and took deep breaths

All I wanted to do was plunge my fingers into my sex and make this go away, but I resisted

1, 2, 3... and breathe

  1. 1. 2. 3... and 

The haze finally started to subside, and with it, my anxiety

My body felt like it had just returned from wara war it had nearly lost

Thats the LAST time that Ill put off sex during the 


Id come here to get therapy, not create more reasons for needing it

Konstantin must think Im insane

I stood up and straightened my clothes as I walked to the mirror. I was a complete mess

I quickly buttoned up my shirt and tied my hair back in a ponytail

It will have to do

I unlocked the door and went back into the hall. I saw Konstantin sitting in what looked like a study. It was just as impressive as his entry way


Art and artifacts adorned the walls. The furniture looked like it couldve come from Buckingham Palace. The shelves were lined with hundreds of thick books

Have you actually read all of these?I asked, entering the study and running my finger across the book spines

Im older than I look,he said with a laugh. Ive had plenty of time.” 

Konstantin motioned to a chair across from him and I sat down

Are you...doing better?he asked hesitantly

Yeah, I just really had to pee,I responded, trying to play it off

Konstantin smiled at me and steepled his fingers. Sorry for the inconvenience. I havent had a chance to set up my office yet, so Im conducting my sessions from home for now.” 

No need to apologize. This place is stunning, I said

There was a moment of silence as Konstantin studied me. It was like he was trying to read me. as if I were one of his books

What brings you here, Sienna?” 

Oh, I guess we‘re getting straight down to business

I felt a bit awkward, uncertain of how therapy sessions were supposed to go

Im... Im not exactly sure,I said

Konstantin nodded. Thats okay. There are no right or wrong answers. In fact, you dont have to have answers at all. Thats why youre here.” 

That made me feel a bit better, more at ease

I guess I... I just feel lost,I said

How so?” 

Well, you kind of hit the nail on the head when you were in my gallery the other day.” 

Konstantin didnt speak, just listened, so I continued

*Becoming luna, being thrust into the spotlight, not knowing who my biological parents are 

Your parents,Konstantin said, stopping me

Thats the thing. I cant. I know nothing about where I come from

You have no memories of them at all?” 

None,I replied, Ive tried to dig as deep as I can to find even a shred of memory, but I always come up empty 

That must be frustrating,” Konstantin said, his tone sympathetic

My birth parents have always been in the back of my mind, and I know Ive kept them there for a reason,I said. But when I became luna, my desire to know who they were only intensified.” 

Do you think that desire surfaced as a result of your treatment by the media?Konstantin asked

I nodded. When they started asking questions... it brought up all the questions that I was too afraid to ask myself.” 

Konstantin was already starting to get to the root of my issues

Id let this weigh on me for far too long, and even just talking about it was making me feel lighter

I leaned forward and looked Konstantin directly in the eyes. You said before that you use your powers to help unlock peoples minds. To find things that they didnt even know were there.” 


**I do,he said. But its not as easy as that

The process can be a bit... intense. Its not for everyone. You must be absolutely sure that you can handle it.” 

I didnt want this to hold me back any longer

I needed the truth

But was I really ready for it


My paws slapped across the muddy ground as I weaved in and out of the dense forest

I loved the feeling of the wind blowing through my fur

The feeling of my senses at their most heightened

The thrill of the hunt

I always got a rush from going on patrol with my beta, but even more so when it involved a chase and tonight, we had no fucking idea what we were chasing 

Josh, are you seeing any tracks?I asked, communicating through our mindlink

None,he replied, shooting out of a nearby bush and joining me in pursuit. I donthink this thing is on footif it even has feet.” 

Im scenting someone directly ahead. Theres more than one scenr,I said, sniffing the air. One is definitely a werewolf. But the other...” 

In the past year Id become aware of the existence of other creatures, something previously only known to Millennium Wolves, and with what Raphael had told me about how dangerous vampyres could be..

I was ready for anything

We plowed ahead toward a clearing. Were almost the 

Without warning, a flash of light burst throughout the entire forest, completely blinding us. It was as though the sun had dropped right on top of us

I lost my footing and smacked into a tree, rollin

I lost my footing and smacked into a tree, rolling through the dirt. I heard Josh howling, he mustve done the same 

What the fuck was that? Josh, keep howling so I can find you!” 

The flash was gone in an instant, but my vision was still adjusting 

As my eyes finally corrected, I saw Josh had already shifted, his naked body lying in the dirt. I shifted into human form and helped him to his feet

You okay, bud?” 

Just a few scrapes.Josh grinned. Guess we need to inform someone that this is a noflashphotography zone

Keep your senses alert. We could be under attack,I growled as I started to shift again

Aiden, wait!Josh stopped me. Behind you.” 

I turned around to see what Josh was looking at

A woman, lying in the clearing alone, badly wounded and barely clinging to life


For the most part Id gotten past any discomfort of seeing my two exboy friends together

But when they burst through the door of my packhouse office completely naked, carrying an equally naked woman, that was a new level of uncomfortable for me

Jocelyn, we need your help,Aiden yelled, placing the bruised and bloody woman on my desk. She‘s not moving

What the hell is going on?I blurted out

No time to explain,Josh responded, Shes badly injured. She wont make it if you dont do something right now.” 

He was right. This was no time for explanations. I jumped into action and placed my hands above her heart, transferring some of my energy to her

Okay, at least there‘s a heartbeat

Whoever had attacked her like this mustve been a true monster

something right now.” 

He was right. This was no time for explanations. I jumped into action and placed my hands above her heart, transferring some of my energy to her

Okay, at least theres a heartbeat 

Whoever had attacked her like this mustve been a true monster 

As I looked her over for more injuries, I noticed that despite her wild appearance, this woman was strikingly beautiful

When I pulled open her eyelids to check her pupils, I gasped in surprise. Oh, shes ” 

What is it?Aiden questioned

Shes an omega wolf.” 

A rogue. A wolf without a pack


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