The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 45

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 15


I stood in my gallery, mouth agape, as Konstantin suppressed a chuckle.

Suddenly all the mysterious puzzle pieces clicked into place

His timeless demeanor…

His sense of style…

His nearly psychic level of intuition..

Konstantin was a VAMPYRE

“I see that I’ve rendered you speechless,” he said, unable to hold back his laughter any longer.

I blushed, feeling foolish.

“Sorry, I’ve just… never met anyone like you before,” I replied.

Konstantin looked back at the painting of Eve. “Are you sure about that?”

“Wait, you mean… she was a vampyre too?”

That would certainly explain a lot..

Konstantin nodded. “Yes, but she’s a vampire with an i, not a y like me.”

“What’s the difference?” I asked, realizing I knew next to nothing about the world outside of my Werewolf bubble.

-Vampires are born with the gene, while vampyres are turned by vampires,” he explained.

“So someone turned you,” I said, thinking about long fangs sinking into my neck.

I imagined it was a very different experience to being marked by your mate.

Konstantin smiled wistfully. “A long time ago.”

I was dying to know how old he was, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask. I didn’t know vampyre etiquette, and it might’ve been a rude question.

Still, I had so many other questions to ask.

“What brought you here?”

Konstantin’s gray eyes almost looked silver for a


Konstantin’s gray eyes almost looked silver for a moment as they flashed with intensity. He looked like he was considering the answer to my question, but then he finally spoke.

“I’m opening my practice here,” he said. “I’ve traveled all over the world, seeking knowledge, and now I just want to help others find what they seek.”

Oh, right... I keep forgetting hes a doctor

“I use my powers for good.” Konstantin said. “I can unlock things in people’s minds that they didn’t even know were there. I can schedule you in for a session if you’d like.”

My heart started beating faster.

There was so much about my own past that I still didn’t know

So many questions swimming around my head. About where and who I came from.

Could Konstantin help me unlock the answers?


I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with Konstantin yesterday.


He’d offered to help me work through my issues as my therapist, but I wasn’t so sure.

Therapy was never something I’d given much thought to.

But Konstantin was no ordinary therapist…

Maybe he actually could help me find the answers

I was searching for?

I sighed, throwing off the covers and getting out of bed. I needed to get ready for a pack meeting.

I stepped into my dress from the previous night, still lying on the floor, and pulled it up over my body. Aiden walked in just as I was zipping it up,

He approached me from behind and pulled the zipper right back down.

“Aiden.” I said reproachfully. “It’s a miracle that I ever manage to get ready with you as my mate

He pulled the top of my dress down, and I let my arms fall through the sleeves.

“Aren’t we going to be late to the meeting?”

“They can wait,” he said, cupping his hands over my exposed breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and the feeling of his warm hands against my body ignited my haze

His fingers played with my nipples, circling them, rubbing them

I felt my skin tighten, and the all-encompassing heat of the haze began to grip me.

Aiden locked his mouth to mine and let our tongues dance with each other. He started walking me toward our bed.

We didn’t have time for this, but my body didn’t give a shit what my mind wanted.

“We’re going to be late.” I said again.


“I’ll be quick,” he replied, giving my ass a squeeze.

My dress fell to the floor in a pile again, and I was right back to where I started.

In one swift motion he pushed me onto the bed and pinned me beneath his bulk. I felt the weight of his hips press against my sex

He placed his mouth on my breasts, sucking softly

on my nipples. I moaned out in ecstasy.

Oh God, why does the haze always make me lose my damn mind

I wrapped my legs around Aiden as he trailed kisses down my abdomen until he reached my sex.

His tongue lapped me up and I felt myself getting wetter by the second.

Then his fingers began to play with my clit and my body felt like it was soaring through the



“Aiden… we… have… to…go.” I could barely speak between my uncontrollable moans of pleasure.


He finally pulled his face away from my sex and looked at me

“Babe, when the haze comes knocking, you don’t ignore it.”

“Well, the haze is going to have to wait this time because I really want to take my luna duties seriously.” I said. “The pack is finally starting to trust me, and I don’t want to lose that.”

Aiden sighed, sitting up and squeezing my thigh tenderly. “Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

1:07 PM 0.8KB/S


I didn’t like these pointless meetings. I’d much rather be pleasing my mate.

Josh, however, had insisted on these weekly recaps, where everyone in the council updated each other on what they’d accomplished during the week and brought up any items they’d like to discuss with the group.

They were typically uneventful and not of much value to me, which was why I was fine if Sienna and I were a few minutes late.

I tolerated them because I could sense that Josh was trying to prove himself.


These meetings gave him a bit of control – something he could own.

I didn’t harbor any ill will. His motivations made


For much of our lives, he’d been the one I turned to when I needed a second opinion or someone to vent to. But that changed last year when he betrayed me.

Now I had Sienna to fill that role, and I could tell he felt cast aside at times.

“Sienna, did you finish the charity list?” questioned Josh, looking up from his spreadsheet.

For all our sakes, Sienna. Please say yes.

“I was about to send it to you before this, but I got distracted. It’s basically done, though. You’ll have it first thing tomorrow.”

“What distracted you?” asked Josh.

Sienna blushed and shot me a coy glance. “I can’t remember exactly.”

“All right, well, could you send it today before you leave?”

“Of course.”

“If you need help catching up on anything you know you can holler and I’ll take care of it.”

“Absolutely, Josh. Thanks.”

I had to hand it to her. Sienna had picked up the passive-aggressive doublespeak of pack-house politics faster than expected. It was oddly attractive, actually.

“Is that everything, Josh?” I asked, trying to speed

“Is that everything, Josh?” I asked, trying to speed things along so I could get Sienna home and continue where we’d left off.

“Yes, I don’t have anything else on my list, unless someone has any other items,” he replied, looking around. “Great, in that case, meeting adjourned.”


I thought I was being pretty reasonable, but Sienna had me steamed. I didn’t know how to be any nicer

I’d given her an easy out. Why wouldn’t she take


It was like she didn’t take her position seriously at all.

A position that used to be filled by me.

I needed Michelle. She always knew how to calm me down when I got like this.

Josh She still didn’t have the list A

Michelle boo, relax lol Senes


Sry, I needed to vent

Josh It’s like Aiden doesn’t even care

Josh I’m busting my ass and she can’t put a list together

Michelle she’s had alot going on the past few months

Josh I know but she’s the LUNA

Josh Apparently Aiden wants her to be his new beta too…


I wish he’d just say it

Michelle ur not the only one whos had to adjust


Michelle Si was always the quiet one, but now shes ms, spotlight

Michelle I basically live in her shadow

Josh That’s not true

Josh You’ll always be my sunshine

Michelle get outta here with that

Josh You love it

Michelle Hurry home. I have a surprise for uy



I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Josh wouldn’t even look at it until the morning.

Actually, from the way he’d been badgering me about it, I wasn’t so sure. He either really cared about giving to charity, or he was trying to call me

out in front of everyone.

All because he’d screwed up and was trying to make amends.

Before Aiden and I had mated. Josh and I were already on shaky terms. I’d thought he was a dick, and he’d thought I was an airhead.

But once we’d spent more time together, we’d learned to tolerate each other. I mean, we had to.

Not only was Josh Aiden’s best friend, but he was also mated to my best friend, Michelle. In other words, our personal relationships depended on the two of us getting along,

And Josh didn’t understand that I was dealing with a lot of doubts and insecurities,

No one understood, really-myself included.

I was trying my best to be a good luna, but I needed to start accepting help.

Which is why I decided that I needed to finally confront my issues instead of sweeping them under the rug

Sienna Hey Konstantin

Sienna Does your offer to schedule me for an appointment still stand?

Konstantin Of course!

Konstantin When were you thinking?

Sienna Does now work for you?

I pressed the P in the elevator, for penthouse

If the hotel was any indication. Konstantin’s apartment would be more lavish than I could’ve ever imagined

As the elevator began to rise, I started feeling a tingling sensation in my thighs.

Was I just nervous about my first therapy session?

Youve got this, Sienna. There‘s nothing to worry about 

Except the slow, molten heat that started crawling

through my body wasn’t nothing. My stomach quivered, and I fought to breathe.

Aiden’s face flashed before me, and I felt him. I felt his hands caressing my neck, my breasts, my stomach… my sex.

What the fuck is going on

The elevator kept rising, getting closer and closer to Konstantin’s apartment.

To my horror, my body embraced Aiden’s phantom touch


I started to perspire and felt myself open up to his caress. His scent filled my nose, and his face filled my imagination. I couldn’t escape it. I didn’t want

to escape it.

I was burning up in my clothes. I needed to get them off before I suffocated.

I unbuttoned my blouse as I collapsed on the floor, gasping for air.

Aiden’s fingertips danced along my inner thigh and traced the outside of my lips.

I was going crazy with desire, and I couldn’t stop what was happening

Aiden had been right earlier…

When the haze came knocking, you didn’t ignore

And now my haze was even stronger than before.

I tried to squeeze my legs together as tight as I could, fighting the feeling of Aiden’s touch, but my panties were getting wet.

The fire was threatening to consume me, and I needed a release before I burned up.

Not here! Not now, dammit


Oh my God..

The elevator arrived at the top floor and the doors opened.

And standing over me was Konstantin


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