The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 44

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 14

Sienna Good morning, Konstantin, this is Sienna

Sienna The artist from the park

Konstantin Of course! How are you?



I’m well, thanks


Still interested in stopping by the gallery?

Konstantin I certainly am. What time is best?

Sienna Today at 4?


1071 5th Ave

Konstantin Perfect See you then, Sienna


I was excited to meet with a new customer, especially one with taste. It was a good distraction

especially one with taste. It was a good distraction from all my thoughts surrounding my birth parents.

That said, I still had to catch up on all the administrative tasks I had fallen behind on, like the charity list that Josh kept hounding me abo He was a really nice guy outside of work, but when it came to pack business, I think he took his job a little too seriously.

I had just finished reviewing the impact proposals and was about to start on my list when I felt a strange tingle in my thigh.

It felt like a muscle spasm, but I hadn’t remembered bumping into anything earlier in the day, and I hadn’t worked out in over a week.

I reached my hand down and started to massage the spot.

Oh shit, thats what it is

The touch of my hand against my thigh set off an explosion of pleasure that pooled inside my sex and shot up through my core and into my breasts. hardening my nipples and shortening my breath.

Fuck, where is Aiden? Never mind, I dont have time

I flew out of my office and headed for the stairs, steadying myself against the railing as I made my way to the basement bathrooms. There were

10:49 AM 0.9KB/S no offices on that floor, and at this time of day, everyone was out to lunch.

I needed privacy in a hurry, and that was my best bet.

I’d thought about taking care of it in my office, but I was scenting like crazy, and it would have taken the whole pack house two seconds to kno what was going on behind my door.

The weight of each step grew heavier and heavier until I was sure I was going to collapse on the ground.

Christ, did this staircase get longer

I stumbled into the hallway and looked both ways down the silent marble corridor. The coast was


By now my skin was on fire, and all my sensitive parts were pulsating with sensual energy

I found the nearest bathroom and burst through the door.


Perfect, nobody was in here, and from the look and smell of things the whole place had been cleaned less than an hour ago.

I labored into the closest stall and latched it shut, then scrambled to pull up my dress and push my panties out of the way.

Fuck, fuck, fuck


Spreading my legs, I plunged my fingers deep into my wet lips and moaned at the instantaneous release.

I began working my fingers back and forth, stroking my clit. I steadied myself on the bowl, massaging my breasts and picturing Aiden on top of me, thrusting inside, his lips dancing across my neck

Closing my eyes, I could swear I started to smem him, his musk wafting into my nose, exciting me even more. I sped up my hand, rubbing myself wanto

Yes! Fuck, yes

“I can scent you, woman.”

My hand stopped. I held my breath. Was this really happening?

I heard his heavy footsteps approach the door.

“Are you going to let me in?”

“You’re going to have to huff and puff if you want that door open.”

“Very well.”

In an instant, the door was ripped off its hinges and before me stood Aiden, hulking, veins bulging from his arms.

“You’re late.” I said in a sexy tone. “I hope you don’t mind that I started without you.”


A sly grin spread across Aiden’s face. “I’m sure I can find something to satisfy me.”

He lunged forward, but I was quicker and threw him against the wall of the stall.

I wanted it rough

I reached down and grabbed his bulge. “I see you came ready to play.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not at all.” I pulled his hair and pressed my lips against his, catching his bottom lip between my teeth and biting down.

I felt his grip on me tighten as he registered the pain. He responded in kind by biting into my neck. I let out a moan and yanked his head back.

Now he was the one who threw me up against the wall. The whole structure shuddered with the impact of my body, but I didn’t mind.

Pleasure and pain were all the same to me.

“Lose the shirt.” I ordered, and as Aiden pulled it over his head, I dropped down to my knees and unbuckled his belt.

I could already see his erection straining against his pants, waiting for me to set it free.

He pulled my head back by my hair, as I took off his slacks and briefs. I gripped him by the base and put his tip against my lips. Aiden’s breath Muivered and I felt him stiffen even more in my

10:50 AM |1.0KB/S quivered, and I felt him stiffen even more in my hand.

I teased him with my tongue, running it along his shaft, taking delight in how his face strained under the torture.

Then I took all of him into my mouth, sliding my lips back and forth while stroking with my hand.

“Oh, fuck, Sienna. Just like that.”

I always liked when he gave me positive feedback, but I wasn’t going to let him finish. I still needed him for other activities.

I rose to my feet and licked his face. He growled and pushed me back into the stall.

He lifted me up onto the handrail and slid his hand between my legs. I propped one foot against the toilet as he buried his fingers deep inside me. I let out a gasp as he started to rock them in and out.

“Harder,” I whispered into his ear.

I was getting so wet I could barely feel his fingers sliding inside me.

Aiden picked up the tempo, pressing his fingers firmly against the walls of my sex as his whole arm rocked back and forth.

Every time his palm slammed against my clit I let out a shriek of delight.

I grabbed his throat.

He didn’t flinch

I squeezed harder.

“Is that all you’ve got?” he ground out.

Incensed by Aiden’s challenge, I pushed his fingers out of me and threw him down onto the toilet lid

I tossed my leg over his lap so I was straddling him and grabbed on to the handrails that lined the stall. I started to rock my hips, grinding my wet sex against his shaft.

The whole stall started to shake, and I was certain the toilet would rip off the wall.

He felt amazing inside me, like he’d never been this deep before. My muscles tightened as I felt myself getting closer to cumming

Aiden’s fingers dug into my sides, and I knew he wasn’t far off either.

The pressure continued to build inside me, boiling up through my body.

My heart raced, and I felt my skin start to tingle.

I rode him even harder, throwing all my weight against him in a mindless fury.

“Aiden, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

The orgasm tore through me like a lightning bolt.

“Aiden, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

The orgasm tore through me like a lightning bolt.

My arms turned to jelly, and I collapsed onto my mate

Aiden pulled out with a grunt and shot his warm seed across my thigh.

He pressed his soft lips against mine, and I held his kiss, not wanting it to end.

We both sat there, panting, sweat dripping off our

exhausted bodies.

Aiden tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and smiled. “We should get back to work.”

“Of course.” I replied, sliding off him. “I wouldn’t want to deprive the pack of their alpha. I’ll see you later this evening

I planted one last kiss on his cheek and pulled down my dress, then I glanced in the mirror and laughed.

I’d definitely need to go home and clean up be I met Konstantin at the gallery.

I was still arranging paintings on the wall when he strode in wearing a sharp navy overcoat and charcoal fedora.

Every time I’d seen him he’d looked like he just

1:04 PM|1.3KB/s 1:

Every time I’d seen him he’d looked like he just stepped out of an expensive menswear catalog

“I’m not early, am I?”*

“No, not at all. I’m running late. Please come in.”

His cologne smelled like roses and spice and had an almost intoxicating quality to it.

I didn’t know what it was about this man, but he wasn’t like most werewolves that I knew. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if he was a werewolf.

“This is a lovely little space you have here.”

“Thank you, it was a gift from my mate.”

“Yes, I’ve heard about him. The esteemed alpha.”

Well, he certainly knows about werewolf current events..

“How did you…”

“You’ve been all over the news. Unless that’s your twin sister I’ve been reading about.

Of course, what was I thinking? I had tuned out so much of that noise, I’d forgotten the papers and blogs were still reeling from Aiden’s press conference.

Being instantly recognized was something I still had to get used to.

“It must be hard,” he said, giving me a sympathetic look. “Having your family background scrutinized, being called a stray, leading a pack when you’re so young; it’s a lot to handle for one person.”

I suddenly remembered that Konstantin’s card said he was a psychologist, and I was beginning to feel a bit... psychoanalyzed

I wanted to change the subject.

Even though his analysis was spot on.

“I try to ignore the tabloids,” I said, avoiding e contact

He must’ve picked up on my discomfort with the subject because he didn’t press it any further,

“Do you manage this place on your own?” he asked.

“For now.” I answered. “Maybe if I start putting more time into it, I’ll hire help. Right now it’s kind of my personal sanctuary.

“Lovely,” he replied, starting to stroll along the wall.

“So, what type of pieces are you looking for?”

“Like I mentioned in the park, I have a penthouse that I need to decorate, and I’m looking for some statement pieces,” he replied, removing his coat and hat to reveal a fitted black suit.

He approached me and started to inspect the canvases I had just hung on the wall.

**Are you looking for a still life or a landscape?’ I asked.

“I’m hoping for something more abstract. Provocative. Like this,” he said, motioning to a painting in the back corner of the gallery

I was surprised by his choice.

The painting was one I had done quite some time ago: a gorgeous ethereal woman with jet-black hair and haunting purple eyes.


I hadn’t seen her since that night, over a year ago. when she’d stopped by my gallery. I couldn’t even remember what we’d spoken about.

“Why this one?” I asked.

He stroked his chin as he approached the painting and stood in front of it.

“She speaks to me,” he responded cryptically. “I suppose I can see a bit of myself in her.”

Eve was about the most mysterious person I’d ever met, so that made me even more curious.

“How so?”

Konstantin turned to me and grinned. When I saw his teeth I gasped.


He stroked his chin as he approached the painting and stood in front of it.

“She speaks to me,” he responded cryptically. “I suppose I can see a bit of myself in her.”

Eve was about the most mysterious person I’d ever met, so that made me even more curious.

**How so?**

Konstantin turned to me and grinned. When I saw his teeth I gasped.


“You could say there’s a sort of blood relation between us.”

“You…you’re… a….” I stammered.

Konstantin’s gray eyes flashed with amusement.

“I’m a vampyre.”


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