The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 4

The Millennium Wolves Series Book one Chapter: 04


Parties. God, did I hate parties. Dont get me wrong. I knew how important they were. Giving the Pack a chance to meet their leader? To know and respect and fear their Alpha


It was essential

But, normally, we had to worry about only two events per year. The Yule Ball and the Summer Solstice. This dinner was my beta Joshs idea

And, while I loved the blond spiky-haired bastard, the last thing I was in the mood for was extra party planning


So do we want the raised platform or not?Josh asked, pacing, looking over his clipboard. On one hand, giving you a seat above the commoners will further cement your superiority. On the other, being level with them, will make your more relata” 

Josh, please,” I growled, shaking my head. Can we talk about anything other than seating arrangements?” 

Josh stopped, put down the clipboard, and looked me squarely in the eye


He was probably the only werewolf in the whole pack who had balls enough to make direct eye contact with his Alpha

But that was because, when Josh gave me a look, it wasnt as a challenger

It was as my best friend. I knew the difference

Normally, you want to go over every single detail.” 

It was true. I sweat the details. I wasnt a micromanager, but if youre the Alpha

you have to be decisive at all times. About everything 

But right now


Im just not feeling it, Josh,I said. That all right?” 

Of course. Its just... I think tonight will be good for you. For the morale of the pack. And, who knows, maybe for some lucky ladyHe grinned mischievously

Youre playing matchmaker on me, really? Or was that Jocelyns idea?” 

I noticed Joshs body stiffen at the mention of his current partner. Shed been mine the 

previous Season, but there were no hard feelings. We were both adults

And Eskimo brothers, I supposed

Josh sat down across from me, and I knew from the crossed arms, I was in for one of his trademark pep talks.Great


Look, Aiden,he said, waving his arms animatedly. I know youve been through a lot lately, man. The East Coast Pack has faced a lot of challenges the past few months. Now youre in another Season with no mate. Hell, you havent even picked a partner to shack up with.” 

I felt my lip curl. Josh must have noticed because he looked down and quickly changed the subject

The point is,Josh continued, “you havent been yourself lately. Im saying this not just as your beta but as your friend, man. Im worried about you. If you dont find a mate soonif your love lifes offbalance, then” 

I looked aside. Josh was right to be worried

When alphas didnt have a partner during the Hazeeven just a reliable fuckbuddy their leadership suffered

But eventually, all alphas had to find their 

mate or else their powers would slowly weaken and theyd be replaced by a stronger alpha

But Josh didnt know everything

I had a secret worth keeping this Season. A reason to wait


Your concern is noted, Josh,I said, turning back to him. But dont butt your nose into my private life, understand? Im speaking now as your Alpha.” 

Now, I stared Josh down. There was palpable tension between us. For a second, his gaze lingered. And not just as my friend

Did he dare challenge my dominance

But, finally, Josh looked down and nodded

Of course, my Alpha,he said quietly

Good,I said, already feeling better

I stood up and stepped around the table to consider Joshs clipboard, taking a look at the seating arrangements, an idea beginning to take form

If were talking details, there is one small adjustment Id like to make.” 

Sienna Okay guys

Sienna Confession time 


Michelle u got invited to the pack house, everybody knows 

Sienna What??? How??



Yasss bitch 

Michelle sorry, babe. u know i cant keep a secret 

Sienna You are the worst, Michelle


Mia So, since were dropping Os 


Harry and


We may have just...mated 




congrats girl! (totes saw it coming

Sienna So happy for you, Mia!!


yay mia

Erica why am i the only one ever with no news 

Mia thx guys

Mia but. si. u better send us updates tonite

Michelle especially if its about our sexy alpha... 


No promises 


I know I should have probably been distracted with the event at the pack house tonight, but all I could think about was Mia and Harry. I couldnt believe it

Mia mated with HarryfuckingMilton

For years, the two had been best friends. One hundred percent platonic

The fact that now, all of a sudden, the two were not only hooking up...but actually mated

It was almost unheard of

) Usually mates knew the first time they 

looked into each others eyes. They recognized the connection on some deeper, animal level

This was true of my parents, of Jeremy and Selene, of almost everyone I knew

Even people who turned out to be mates after years of being lovers were more common than what had happened to Mia and Harry 

Lucky bitch, I thought

I admit I was a little jealous. It was a dream, finding a mate who already knew everything about you, who you trusted. It sounded so beautifully simple

Unlike my nosex, nomate, allhaze situation

I opened my closet and searched for something to wear to the dinner. I didnt have anything nearly elegant enough

A knock at my bedroom door grabbed my attention 

I knew you were hopeless, Sis,Selene 

said, stepping inside. Which is why I came prepared...” 

In her hands was a beautiful evening dress, made of light green silk, so long it seemed to never end. I only needed a glance to know it was perfect 

How did youI stated


I bought it for a ball two years ago, but with my complexion? It just didnt work. I never even wore it. So I saved it for a rainy day.” 

I could see why it wouldnt have worked. Selene was a platinum blonde. Green called for red hair. Like mine



Well,Selene pushed, are you going to stare all day or try it on?” 

I didnt hesitate. Never shy about being naked around my sister, I stripped my clothes off and slipped into the dress. It felt like it had been made for me

Even though Selene and I were different sizes. She was tall and waifish, whereas I was more curvaceous

So how was it that this dress made me look as if my body was poured into it

I tailored it, just for you,Selene said, winking, as if reading my mind

I took a look in the mirror and couldnt believe the reflection that stared back at me

The dress ended gracefully at my ankles, with the generously open back tapering just above my butt and the front accentuating my cleavage 

I was right about the color. My red hair and bright blue eyes made the green positively pop

Dads going to have a heart attack.Selene laughed. You look amazing. But...” 

Yeah. I could see what Selene was saying. The dress was undeniably sexy. But right now, I didnt care. Nothing had ever felt more right in the world

Its perfect,I said

Selene beamed and gave me a hug


Cmon, lets show Mom.” 

It didnt take long for both Mom and Dad to have their predictable reactions

You. Look. DELECTABLE!Mom said

I grimaced. That word choice could not be worse

Uh, yes,Dad said, looking anywhere but at me directly. Very...beautiful. I just” 

Thats all right, Dad.I laughed

You know,Mom said, stepping toward me, looking at you in this, I can almost forget for a second that youre only nineteen. It makes me wonder...if a certain Alpha would 

feel the same.” 

Mom,” I said, rolling my eyes. This is just a chance for locals to meet their leadership. Can we move on?” 

Again, my conversational sway over the family seemed to be working

They were already asking Selene what she would be wearing. But then my mother G shook it off, remembering her favorite ton gossip


Sienna,she said, your meddling mother did hear a little rumor, though. That the reason our beloved Alpha is inviting all these strangers into his Pack House? Its to find himself a lover for the season.” 

And just like that my happy bubble burst

The last thing in the world I needed was Aiden Norwood looking for a lover tonight and settling on me. Especially after our chance meeting by the riverbank

I wasnt going to be any wolfs side piece, alpha or not. I wanted a lifetime mate

I scowled at my mother. Really, Mom? Just for once, could you not

Im just saying!she said, hands up, defensive. He doesn‘t have a partner for this Season. Is it so wrong to fantasize a little, Sienna?” 

Yes, Mom. It was wrong. And it wasnt a fantasy. The idea of me and the Alpha was ridiculous. Wed already made eye contact, and nothing had happened. So there was no way he was my mate. If anything, he just wanted to 

FUCK. Now, I was thinking about us fucking 


Just the idea alone was enough to spark my haze again. It had been dormant until now, exactly as Id hoped to keep it for the whole evening

I couldnt show up to a Pack House full of 

Scanned with CamScanner 

hungry wolves like... like this

I need to go change,I stammered, turning and running out of the room

Wait, Sienna,my mom called after me. I was just teasing!” 

I ran into my room and slammed the door, trying to take off the dress. But it was so tight. And I needed to be unzipped




Sienna.I heard Selenes voice on the other side of the door. Dont let Mom get into your head. Just be yourself. Its going to be great. Like you said, its perfect. Right?” 

...right.I said, calming my breathing. Thanks, Selene.” 

I grabbed a shawl, to cover my shoulders at the very least and minimize the dresss sexiness

I only hoped that by the time we arrived at the Pack House the Haze would be subsiding..

As we drove up to the enormous mansion

far from the activity of our town, the sole source of illumination in the quiet countryside, and my family chatted busily, buzzing with excitement, it happened again

The Haze pulsed and prodded and penetrated every corner of my being. As if it knew, just from the seeing the Pack House, that what awaited within...was worth waking up for

Please dont do this, I begged my body Please not here. Not now

But as I was about to discover, my body had other plans..


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