The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 39

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 09


Ever since that car ride with Sienna, my head was a tangled web of thoughts and emotions. I tried to meditate, but I couldnt clear my consciousness. Whenever I got like this, I had to go old school

I needed a drink

Housmans was my goto place when I needed to get away. It was an old bar tucked away down a side alley. It didnt have any of the glitz and glam the popular bars and clubs, but that was what I loved about it 

I never had to worry about a Pack House wolf walking through the door or anyone else who might recognize me

The woman behind the bar was a sweet old soul named Clementine. She treated me like a daughter, always making sure to grab me by the hands and ask me how I was doin

She knew I only visited when I had to work something out, and man, did I have stuff to work out

Sienna was like a younger sister to me. I saw so much of myself in her, and when she mated with Aiden, my healer senses told me she needed someone to help her navigate pack life. 

I grew up in that world and could aid her in ways that her mother and sister couldnt

Of course the irony wasnt lost on me. I was twentyfive and unmated, practically a spinster in werewolf years, advising a twentyyearold girl on how to plan a family and handle her mate

After my failed flings with Aiden and Josh, I was impatient to find my mate. Healing was lonely work. I was the one everyone came to, but where is the Healer supposed to go when she has issues

That was what I was at Housmans trying to figure out

I took a sip of my drink

It trickled down my throat and spread its fire through my chest. But instead of stopping there, its heat continued down my body, settling between my legs in an unexpected inferno

Fuck, Im about to Haze

As the explosions rippled out from my crotch, I scanned the bar 

None of the men were doing it for me

The Haze may make shewolves horny, but there 

I swiveled around and surveyed the booths. Butterflies started dancing in my stomach. This couldnt be right 

I was staring at a man and his female lover getting handsy. They werent mates, I knew that much. but why was my Haze pulling me toward them

They must have scented how aroused I was getting because the woman stopped kissing her partners neck and glanced in my direction

We locked eyes, and then she whispered into her man’s ear. He gave me a onceover and smiled before offering his response

The woman got up and walked toward me. She had frizzy gingerbread hair and gorgeous mocha skin. Her hips swayed from side to side in a  hypnotizing rhythm


Maybe shes just ordering a drink from the bar Look at your drink. Dont make eye contact

My partner and I couldnt help noticing you.” 


My face flushed as I turned to face her. Im sorry. I didnt mean to stare.” 

Did you like what you saw?she asked with a playful smile

Wait, what does she mean

Before I could work out a response, my Haze flared up 

I grabbed the bar to keep myself upright. Something about this woman and her man made my body melt. I looked at her partner, a muscular, tall dominant with flowing brown hair and rugged beard

They were both so gorgeous and sexy. I had never done anything like this before, but nothing about it felt wrong at all 

I liked it a lot.I replied, touching the womans hand 


The three of us crashed onto the bed, tearing off each others clothes in a heated frenzy. I grabbed the man and started kissing him, but the warm press of the womans lips on my breasts made me gasp

Before I knew it, I had given over my body to their hands and lips. I twisted and flexed under the intense pleasure that gripped every muscle and nerve endin

They took turns entering me. Him with his penis and her with her fingers and tongue

I felt everything tighten and a pressure start to build inside me

I was so hot, bordering on delirious. My skin was covered in sweat, and I could barely catch my breath 

Im going to cum!I cried out

I grabbed the woman and pulled her face into mine. We locked lips, our tongues touched blissfully, sensually 

In that instant, everything was released in a viol eruption, and waves of hot contractions shook 1 body. All the air rushed out of my lungs, and my mouth opened, but I was unable to scream

I clung to her, and she held me, staring at me with her dark, reassuring eyes

The orgasm left me completely limp. I felt like I had just run a marathon and the only parts of me still working were my heart and lungs

Did you have a good time?she asked

Youre joking, right?I said, still catching my breath. Yes. I had a very good time.” 

Good. So did we,she replied, smiling. She and her partner lay down on either side of me and stroked my body gently with their fingertips

I lay there for a halfhour and watched them make love while I gained my strength back. For some reason, I felt at ease with them in a way I had never experienced with any of my previous lovers

As I left, they both offered a parting kiss

Maybe well see you again,said the woman, pulling me into her embrace

I smelled her one last time

I didnt want to let go

Yes, Id like that,I replied, holding her tight


I didnt mind having Sienna on the council. As the Alphas mate, she had every right to be involved in the governance of the Pack. What I did mind, however, was all the drama it was stirring up

I liked to think I was a pretty chill Beta, but I still 

needed to run the Pack as smoothly and efficiently as possible

Not only because it was my job but also because Aiden was my best friend, and if I performed well, that made his life a little bit easier. That was what best buds did for each other

All this overlap between his home life and Pack life, though, was causing some major problems

That was not to say I thought Aiden and Sienna should sweep their differences under the rug, but given the current arrangement, when they fought. the Pack suffered 

Aiden, do you have a minute?I asked, catching up to him in the hall

Sure. Josh. Whats on your mind?” 

I was looking for the list of charities were donating to this holiday season, and I cant find it.” 

Sienna is taking care of that.” 

This was going to be harder than I thought. How was I supposed to tell him that his mate was dropping the ball without pissing him off

Great, but I kinda need the list by Wednesday. Othervise the funds wont net delivered in time 

11:36 AM 1.2KB/

Otherwise, the funds wont get delivered in time. Im more than happy to do it if shes busy.” 

No, Ill remind her this afternoon.” 

He still wasnt getting it. If this was how dense he was with Sienna. I could understand why she was pissed at him. I guess I needed to be more direct

You know I feel like you might have burdened her with too much, Aiden, Especially when its clear the Pack isnt necessarily her number one priority. If she wants to scale back her involvement, I can take on the work. I was doing it all before anyway.” 

I held my breath, waiting to see which version of Aiden I was about to get

Josh, she needs to learn that Pack business is just as important as anything else she does. Shes mr mate, and its part of her responsibilities.” 

Right, but given everything thats been going on between you two” 

I said Ill talk to her about it this afternoon. Youll get your list.” 

I knew not to push him when he got like this. I said my piece and cleared out before he blew up


Winstons had always been the place where my friends and I hung out before Michelle and I were mated

It was an average diner with nothing redeeming about it other than the fact that it was consistently average

At the moment, Michelle and I were splitting a basket of fries while we each sucked down a milkshake. After painting in the park, I decided that I needed Michelle to inject some levity into my day

Having these stooges around certainly changes the mood,commented Michelle as she shook a fry at our security detail. Do you guys want some?she asked, offering the greasy basket of deepfried potatoes. If youre going to stand there, you might as well join the conversation

“Im fine, maam, thank you.replied one of the bodyguards in an emotionless drone

Suit yourself,” said Michelle, rolling her eyes

So. Si. have you and Aiden Hazed yet? Josh and I Hazed while he was driving, so we had to pull over and do it right there on the side of the road. I dont know if it was the confined space, the fact that people could see us, or just the fact that I was riding my mate, but it was the best sex Ive ever 


What? When did you become such a prude,she said, smiling 

The bell that hung above the door rang. and I looked up to see a dapper man looking around inquisitively. Upon seeing Michelle and me, he immediately perked up and headed toward our table

For once I was thankful to have security. The man barely got within ten feet before a large hand shot out and grabbed him

Whoa, Im just a courier. I have a letter to deliver to Sienna Norwood from her motherinlaw,” he said, holding up the envelope

Great, what did Charlotte want with me now? The security guard took the letter and handed it to me. I tore open the top and almost threw up at an ostentatious invitation


Whats the old bag want?inquired Michelle. slurping the last bit of milkshake from her glass

It‘s an invitation to a luncheon tomorrow afternoon,” I said warily. She wants me to be the guest of honor.” 


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