The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 38

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 08


I watched in muted rage as Aidens hand reached for the paper that Charlotte had left on the table. The idea that he was even curious to read it made my blood boil

Was he really choosing his mother over me? He did realize that we were mated for life, right

With any luck, Charlotte had only a few more years before she kicked the bucket

I took a step toward him and parted my lips, but before a single word could escape, he held up

finger and walked over to the wastebasket. letting the folded sheet drop into it

This doesnt mean that Ive taken your side,” he said coolly

I was stunned but mostly relieved. Maybe he wasnt as brainwashed as I thought. Still, the fact that I had doubts about which one of us he would side with made me furious. I needed to know where he really stood

What does it mean?I asked

Sienna, I understand where youre coming from, but that article didnt do you any favors.” 


And neither did your parents,I shot back

You let me handle them,he said, coming into my space

Yeah, okay, Aiden. Its not like theyve been walking all over you


It was so typical of him to think he could intimidate me this way. It was how he handled anyone else who questioned him, but it didnt work on me. I knew him for who he really was

I had seen his compassion, his sweetness, which was why all this drama between us was killing me

Maybe if I got him to see what I saw, hed understand why I had been so hostile toward his mother 

Aiden, youre under their thumb. Take a step back and look at all the things theyre pushing you 

to do.” 

Did I not just throw away my mothers statement?he protested. You think I liked it when my mother accused me of being incompetent in front of my entire council?” 

Seriously? I couldnt believe after that whole interaction he was hung up about how he looked in front of his friends


Maybe I was wrong about there being hope he could see things through my perspective

So, thats what you think was out of line? Not the whole promising-1-would-submit-to-you-at-the-next-full-moon thing?” 

Im still waiting for you to propose a solution to that problem,he replied. Agreeing to reschedule it would save me a lot of headache.” 

Getting your parents out of our hair would save us both a lot of headache.I said dryly. I dont understand why you let them get away with all this.” 

At the end of the day, theyre still my parents, Sienna. I thought you of all people would understand that.” 

Was he really calling me out for being a hypocrite

It would be one thing if his parents were lovely people and I was being some crazyjealous mate, but his relationship with Charlotte and Daniel was toxic. I was genuinely baffled that he couldnt see that

Aiden was sorely mistaken if he thought his mother deserved a pass simply because she was family

Excuse me, I understand what it means to have a healthy relationship with your parents. One based on respect and empathy, not legacies and politics. This isnt how healthy families treat each other


I could tell I was making him uncomfortable. Maybe I had pushed him too far

He hadnt grown up in the loving home like I had, and despite the fact that I didnt share a drop of blood with the rest of my family, I knew that they loved me in a way Aiden couldnt fathom

When we first mated, our relationship was overwhelmed with lust and passion, but as the weeks turned into months, I discovered the 

emotional void that existed in Aidens heart

I had done my best to fill it, showing him what it meant to have someone love him unconditionally, that he was valued and wanted for something other than being the alpha

Maybe I hadnt done a good enough job patching him up. Or maybe I had to face the fact that I could never replace the love that he sought from his parents

After my last comments, Aiden had folded his arms and was staring pensively at his shoes

The silence was starting to make me 


Sienna, ever since I started hanging around your parents and your sister, Ive seen how a family is supposed to function. In a way, it feels like your parents adopted me too

They remind me of the family I used to have. one before Aaron died. And now that my parents are here again, I want to make it work so badly. I want to have them back in my life.” 

I could see the pain in his eyes as he struggled to open up. I knew this wasnt easy for him

Talking about breakups and crushes with the girls was one thing, but this was serious emotional trauma. I felt completely out of my depth

Aiden, they abandoned you.I replied, deciding to be straightforward. What makes you think you can get them to change now?” 

That first night, when you went to bed early, they told me they wanted to be here for our children. So, I thought if I told them we were trying...” 

Wait, you told them we were trying to conceive to gain their affection? Aiden, why didn‘t you tell me that?” 

What do you mean?he replied bitterly. If Id told you, you would have burned the house down 


I thought I could buy enough time to get you to change your mind, but then this article came out and its all a big fucking mess.” 

Okay. I had to admit I probably would have burned the house down, but he shouldnt have been making promises for the both of us

We were supposed to be partners, and right now, I felt less like his equal and more like an annoyance. Some cute young girl he kept around to pump out babies and look nice at special events

Love isnt conditional, Aiden. You shouldnt need to promise your parents grandkids to earn their affection.” 

Why cant youAiden stopped short, gripping his chest. His breathing became heavy, and he wrenched his head to the side. Damnit, its happening.” 

My face went pale as terror overtook me

What did he mean

Was he having a heart attack

Aiden, whats happening? Tell me!I pleaded, but before he could reply, I had my answer

The pulsing, molten heat of the Haze ignited 


within my core and spread throughout my body like a wildfire. My legs tingled, and my breasts swelled. When Aidens scent hit my nose, it was like pouring gasoline on the flames 

I looked at him with crazed desire

I had to have him

I longed for him to be inside of me

The way he looked at me, those goldengreen eyes ablaze with lust, let me know he was wrestling with the same primal urges

His muscles flexed and strained as he tried to fight it, but with each breath, he took in more and more of my pheromones, becoming drunk with a violent, Hazeinduced hunger

Still want to try one of those magic tricks?I asked, trying to steady my breathing

From the looks of it, I dont need to,” he said with a wry smile

*Speak for yourself,I shot back, wrestling with my body’s urge to throw myself against his bulging muscles and start tearing off his clothes

He closed the distance between us, so I could feel his breath against my face

I ran my fingers through his messy raven locks before wrenching his head to the side. He clenched his teeth in ecstacy

Im sorry, did that hurt?I asked, mockingly

It was just a tickle” 


What about this?I said, sliding my hand down to his crotch. He bit his tongue and slammed his fist against the wall

Is that all youve got?he ground out

I knew I had to be careful with how far I took this. The feeling of his rigid member in my hand was almost setting me off as well. It throbbed at my touch, and I imagined it sliding inside me, stretching me

Are you really not going to do anything?I asked, tightening my grip

Youre not the...only stubborn one... in this relation... relationship,he managed to eke out between breaths

The longer I looked at him, the more dangerous my game became. I felt myself getting wet, and the air in my lungs heated up. I could barely breathe as my clothes tightened against my body

But I couldnt harl down now If this wacanina ta 

But I couldnt back down now. If this was going to work, he had to be the one who waved the white 


You okay?asked Aiden, blowing against my neck. Youre looking kinda hot.” 


Im perfectly fine.I replied, my voice quivering 

Are you sure you dont need a hand?he asked, guiding his own down between my legs, cupping my sex, Because you feel kinda hot.” 

His touch sent tremors through my body, and my thighs clenched around his hand. I was practically panting as the Haze ravaged me. 

Dont flatter yourself, babe. This is normal for the first hit of the Season.” 

I needed to turn this back on him before I lost all control. I started rubbing him through his pants

His grip on my crotch loosened as he buckled under the stimulation

Thats just my hand. Can you imagine how good my mouth would feel.I said, licking behind his ear. I felt his hand start to slide back to my sex, but I wasnt going to let him fight back. I had him on the ropes; it was time for the knockout

In one. quick movement. I lifted his shirt and plunged my hand into his pants. There was no barrier now 

My fingers wrapped against his smooth shaft

gently sliding up and down its length

The touch of my skin against his sent us both into a frenzy. Aiden grabbed my arm, pushing me up against the wall. He brought his lips in for a kiss, but I pulled away 

He tried to put his hands on my breasts, my ass. anywhere he might gain the upper hand, but I just stroked faster and faster until I could feel he was on the edge of climaxing

Just a few more strokes

Aiden was breathing hard. lost in the pleasure of my handiwork. Any fight left in him had gone

and he had given over completely to his Haze. He was exactly where I wanted him

Thats close enough,” I said, pulling my hand out of his pants

Was that the best you have?asked Aiden, sweat rolling down his face

Not even close, babe.I replied. Im just warming up.” 

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