The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 37

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 07


So, this is what it meant to love someone..

If anyone else had created as many headaches as Sienna had this past week, I would have kicked them out of the pack, but no matter what she seemed to do, this small ember of devotion still glowed deep within me

I looked across the table at my cabinet. Josh, Jocelyn, Rhys, Nelson, and, of course, Sienna. God, she was looking especially delicious, and I knew it was on purpose

Everyone else looked uneasy and avoided making eye contact with me. They could sense the rage simmering beneath the surface

I had called this emergency session after the afternoon news came out. I knew they had all read the story by now, but I made sure to have a physical copy, which was now rolled up in my clenched fist

I slammed it down against the table and slid it across the polished oak surface so everyone could read the headline printed in bold letters across the front page




Youre the gift that just keeps on giving!I roared, staring straight at Sienna. Now we have to deal with fallout from the festival and this fiasco.” 


Its not that bad, Aiden,said Rhys hesitantly. The headline is sensational, but if you read the articles 

How many people do you think actually read the article?I shouted. And it is that bad, Rhys. Let me read you a few lines.” 

I walked around the table and picked up the paper. nearly tearing it in two when I snapped it open

And I quote: Such blatant disregard for Pack protocol would lead any rational wolf to believe that Sienna Norwood has no interest in attending to her responsibilities as our alphas mate and instead prefers to spend her time indulging in the perks of her position.End quote

*This entire article makes Sienna sound like a vapid shewolf obsessed with partying and spending Pack money. These accusations dont only make Sienna look bad, they reflect poorly on this whole council. Every one of you should be as furious about this as I am

We work our tails off for this Pack, and Im not going to let some hack journalist smear our reputation. Nevermind that Sienna is my mate. This is about how this group is perceived by the public.” 


What do you think we should do?asked Josh

I dont know. Thats why I called this meeting,I answered, crossing my arms. I hated how angry this article was making me, but it was the final nudge to push me over the edge

Between my parents, Siennas obstinance, and the blowback from the festival, I was ready to put my fist through a wall

The Pack needs to know you stand by your mate. You should make a statement defending Sienna‘s actions,replied Jocelyn. If you attack the paper, you only give the story more credibility.” 

Of course that was what Jocelyn would want. It would be good for Sienna and me, but it would make matters with the press worse

I had purposely avoided making any statements that would give them a clue how I felt about Siennas actions at the festival

This would make it crystal clear

If he does that, Aiden will look like a pushover.countered Nelson

He was a lanky, pale werewolf who, despite his mild stature, always advocated for whatever option projected the most strength. I say you 


denounce the accusations and simultaneously announce some highprofile project that Sienna will take charge of.” 

Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.” added Josh. Spin it so that, like, Sienna was meeting with Michelle to secretly announce that the two of you are going to start trying for a pup or something, you know

Everyone will forget about the story as soon as they hear youre trying for a family. The people are crazy for babies, so just give them what they want.” 

Josh had a point. At least that would get all the public pressure to go away. Or maybe it would only shift it. I could see news vans outside our house, waiting to catch any sign that we were fucking. Yeah, no way 

So, you want Aiden to lie?replied Jocelyn

I said start trying.Not that Sienna is pregnant.answered Josh, annoyed. Besides, these tabloids started it. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine?” 

Are you trying though?asked Rhys. That would make this whole issue go away in an instant.” 

Sienna cleared her throat angrily. I guess whatever I have to say doesnt matter?” 

Here we go. I didnt want to fight right now

I dont need you or anyone else to speak for me.she continued. Alphas mate or not, they have no right to intrude on our life.” 

It doesnt work like that,” I replied, gritting my teeth

Siennas blue eyes ignited as she fixed me in her gaze. I could tell she was about to go off by the way she wetted her lips. Like a sprinter stretching before a race, she was lubricating before she unloaded a torrent of abuse in my direction

The others could sense what was coming and immediately shut up, shifting their eyes between the two of us, unsure if they should leave or stay

Jocelyn, who usually mediated any disagreements between council members, sat silent like the rest. This was a showdown between mates, and only Sienna and I could settle it

The hinges of the council door creaked behind me

“Come back later. Were in session!I barked

**Is that what you call decorum?sang my mothers voice 

Great. She is the last fucking person I need in the 


Great. She is the last fucking person I need in me room right now

Mother, can you wait for me in my office. We have some business to finish up.” 

You mean how youre going to respond to that terrible article? Your father and I already took care of it.” 

What do you mean?

We still have connections at the paper, so we rang them up and took the liberty of releasing a statement on your and Siennas behalf,she replied, twirling her sunglasses contently

What did you say?I asked, a pit starting to form in my stomach. I looked at Sienna. She was seething. This was not going to end well

We told them that Sienna would issue a public apology for her recent behavior and that she agreed to redo the fertility festival ritual during the next full moon.” 

The pit in my stomach eroded into a gaping canyon as the words left her lips

I knew she and my father had an agenda, but I never thought they would go over my head like this. They might be my parents, but I was still the alohn dammit .

You should have talked to me first,I replied, eager to cut off Sienna who was about to go off

We know how important it is to act quickly in these situations, darling.” 

You didnt think to call, may be send a text?“” 

Oh, Addy, you know I can never understand how to use those smartphones. Why do you look so upset? Do you object to something we said?” 

She put a confused, innocent look on her face, but she knew exactly what she was doing. She was forcing me to pick sides in front of my council, in front of Sienna

Over the last ten years, I had grown indifferent toward my mother, but I never thought I would resent her like I did now

Even if we both wanted the same things, her methods for obtaining them were low and deceitful

Arent you going to offer me a seat?she asked

I could feel Siennas eyes on me, like daggers hovering around my head. I didnt dare look at 



Of course,I replied. You can sit wherever you please

Sienna shot up, her chair practically flying back against the wall

I will not sit at the same table as that woman. If you let her sit down, youre validating everything shes done to undermine your position in this Pack 

Sienna,I shot back, we havent had the chance to discuss” 

It doesnt sound like anything she said is up for debate, Aiden. Im not going to issue any apology. and I certainly have no intention of going through with the fertility ritual at the next full moon.” 

Sienna turned her attention to my mother, who calmly locked eyes with her. Who do you think you are?” 

Someone who is looking out for the wellbeing of this pack, my dear.” 

**If thats what you truly cared about, you wouldnt be trying to sabotage my relationship with your son,replied Sienna coldly. In case you forgot, I will always be mated to Aiden, so you can either accept that or get the hell out of this pack House and get the hell out of our lives.” 

Im only here because of the poor choices you continue to make, darling. Perhaps Im not the one who has trouble accepting the facts. Without this Pack, you are nothing

The eyes of each council member flicked to me. imploring me to intervene before these two went for each others throats

Mother, why dont you head back to the house. We can talk this over tonight as a family.” 

The paper is expecting Sienna to make a statement this afternoon, Addy.” 

Sienna and I will take care of it.” 

No need, dear, I already have something drafted. All she has to do is read it,replied Charlotte, pulling a crisply folded piece of paper from the pocket of her short coat

Thank you, youve done enough for one day, Mother. The council has other business we need to discuss

Oh, I see,she replied, visibly displeased. Well, Ill just leave this here for you to look over. I think youll find it doesnt require any alterations.” 

She placed the paper on the table and turned to leave. Just a few more steps and then she would be out of my hair for a few hours while I did damage control with Sienna

*On second thought,she said, pausing at the door, you may need to make some adjustments to account for her rustic way of speaking. Ciao, darling 

The door closed with a graceful click of the latch, but the venom of her words clung to every surface in the chamber 

One look at Sienna and I could tell things were going to get ugly

I need a moment alone with Sienna.” 


Of course,replied Josh, anxious for any excuse to leave

Yes, well be in our offices,added Rhys. Cmon, Nelson.” 

Are you sure you dont want me to stay?asked Jocelyn. Her healer instincts knew how much discord my mother had sown, but this wasnt the time to bring a third party into our conflict

Yes, Im sure. Well reconvene after lunch.” 

Everyone filed out of the room in quick order except for Sienna, who remained standing in front of her chair 

Cmon, Nelson.” 

Are you sure you don‘t want me to stay?asked Jocelyn. Her healer instincts knew how much discord my mother had sown, but this wasnt the time to bring a third party into our conflict

Yes, Im sure. Well reconvene after lunch.” 

Everyone filed out of the room in quick order except for Sienna, who remained standing in front of her chair

The flame in her eyes had abated, but the rest ofher body was tense with agitation


Well?she asked, glancing down at the paper then back to me. She was waiting to see if I would pick it up, waiting to see whose side I would take

Both had ramifications. Both had sacrifices

I weighed up my options, let out a long breath. and made my move


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