The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 36

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 06


Wait, hold the phone, you mean someone is spying on us?I asked. Like this second?” 

I dont know for sure, but I cant shake this ominous feeling that started as soon as we got in the cab.” 

I scanned the area behind Sienna and couldn‘t see anything unusual other than a woman wearing pastels out of season

Si, I think youre being paranoid. Besides, its impossible to recognize you in that ensemble.” 

Before Sienna could reply, my phone blew up with notifications

Fuck, its Josh

He wasnt always the sharpest, but he did have an uncanny ability to know when I was up to no 


“Give me a sec. I think weve been made.” 

Our luck had to run out sometime,replied Sienna, swirling her champagne flute


I fished out the strawberry from the bottom of my glass and popped it into my mouth, rolling it around on my tongue and letting the last drops of orange juice and alcohol seep out before squashing it between my teeth

The sweet pulp tasted good

At least in the midst of all this drama, I was still remembering to get my vitamin C

A light breeze ruffled the napkins on the table and kissed my exposed nose. I enjoyed the crisp winter air that enveloped the city this time of year. It always felt healthier to me for some reason

I watched the people pass by from behind my tinted lenses. I wondered if any of them had an inkling of who I was. The whole concept of being a public figure still baffled me

Why did I have to change who I was to conform to this archetype of what it meant to be an alphas mate? I didnt care if everyone loved me. I don

love everyone, and I dont think its natural to

If people minded their own business and spent as much time focusing on their own lives as they did mine, the territory would be filled with a lot of happier wolves and humans


From the corner of my eye. I noticed a figure moving faster than the rest of the people on the street. He was wearing a trenchcoat and concealing something in its folds

My heart started to race, and adrenaline shot into every corner of my body 


I felt like such an idiot for letting Michelle convince me to abandon my bodyguard, but I didnt have time to linger on it

**Michelle, get up.” 

Yeah, one second.” 

No, get up right now!I shouted

Everyone outside turned to look at us, but I didnt have time to care. There was a small fence separating the table from the street, so I couldnt confront him. He was staring right at me now, his face contorted into a devilish grin

Everything went into slow motion as he pulled back his coat and I wrapped myself around Michelle 

Click! Click

Click! Click! Click

Smile, Sienna!called the man from behind his camera, furiously snapping photos

It took me a second to realize what was happening, and before I knew it, everyone at the restaurant had their phone out and was taking photos of Michelle and me

I heard the loud roar of a motor as a Pack car pulled up and Josh jumped out with two men, They pushed back the crowd and threw their hands up over the paparazzos lens

Get in. Now!ordered Josh

Dont yell at us like were children,shot back Michelle 

Wheres Aiden?I asked

He said hed talk with you when we get to the Pack House. I hope you both realize how much trouble youve stirred up.” 

I could tell Josh didnt want to appear unprofessional with the other two men in the car, so he didnt say much on our ride back. But from the looks he and Michelle were exchanging, it was obvious that a silent argument was raging inside the car

When we pulled up to the Pack House, I hopped out and marched straight to Aidens office. It felt like I was reporting to the principals office for skipping class, but in this case, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind

Have a minute for your mate?I said, barging in

I think I can spare two or three, actually,he replied, setting aside some financials

Enough of the banter, Aiden. Why didnt you come with Josh this afternoon?” 

I didnt see the need.” 

Im your mate. I don‘t need someone else scolding me for screwing up.” 

So you admit that leaving your security behind was a screwup?” 

Damn it. I didnt mean to walk into that. It was what I got for letting my temper take over the conversation 

Look, I dont think you understand everything Ive given up to be with you, Aiden. When we were mated, your life didnt change. You kept on being the alpha. Mine was turned upside down. Suddenly, everyone cared about what I wore, how I spoke. I had bodyguards following me around whenever I left the house

Ive had to give up being a normal person. And in case you hadnt noticed. Im not someone who likes the spotlight. This...this new life is really hard for me. And when you pressured me with the festival and all the family stuff. it was too much to take on. I need time to adjust.” 

Youve had a year, Sienna,Aiden shot back. How much longer do you need? The whole pack is up in arms about what happened at the festival, and now my parents are here breathing down my neck. While you were off having a pity party with Michelle, do you know what I was here dealing with

My parents decided to stop by for a little inquisition and informed me that it is my duty to get you in line before you destroy the East Coast Pack and tarnish the Norwood name,he growled. And to think I stuck up for you. I told them you were a grown woman and didnt need to be babied, but it sounds to me like I was wrong.” 

Pity party? He had to be joking. If his plan was to get me even more pissed off at him it was working 

Do you really think that?I asked, on the verge of blowing my top

I think that if you truly cared about me you would know that my life is the Pack, so when you disrespect it and the traditions its built upon, vou 

I couldnt believe he was flipping this around to make himself look like the victim. This had to be the result of whatever conversation he had with his parents that morning

Sienna, are you even listening to me?” 

Yes, I heard every word, Aiden.” 

This isnt a game, Sienna. The Pack needs to know it has an heir.” 

Is that you talking or your mother?” 

Hey, I dont like the way shes treated you either, but she has a point. They may be tactless in how they make it, but its coming from a place of sincerity. They only want whats best.” 

For us or for the Pack?

Thats what you dont understand, Sienna. Theyre the same thing.” 

I was over this conversation. It was clear he wasnt going to budge, especially after being radicalized by his parents

I turned and started to walk out the door

Where are you going

Im going back to our home. I promised your father Id try his Manhattans

I think you should cool off before you go over there.” 

Im not going to pick a fight with your mother, if thats what youre getting at,I said, annoyed

Really? Because you just blew up at me pretty easily, and all I did was try to reason with you.” 

I can I believe him right now

You call that reason? If it werent for these arbitrary rules, would you even want children? When was the last time you actually did something because you wanted to do it and not because it was dictated to you by some dusty book?” 

Aiden scowled at me, and I could hear his heated breath escaping through his flared nostrils

He got up close. I had to tilt my head back so I could keep his gaze. We stared at each other for a full minute, both waiting for the other to speak, until finally Aiden broke the silence

Grow up. Sienna.” 

Out of all the things Aiden could have said, that had to have been the one that hurt the most

I could handle his parents and the media thinking I was some selfrighteous child, but hearing it from my mate, the one person I thought would always love and respect me, hurt beyond measure

It was clear to me now that I would never get through to him with words alone. I needed to do something that would grab his attention. I had to hit him where I knew it would hurt

As I caught his gaze wandering down my neckline, I knew I had my answer

Now you listen to me. I refuse to put up with your parentsdisrespect for another evening, Either you tell them to shape up or I want them out of our house. And if you think Im joking, you better believe this... ** 

I hope you re ready, big boy

Until you and I come to an agreement about starting a family, and your parents decide to either get with the times or remain in the past and send us the occasional postcard, were not having sex.” 

Aiden tried to maintain his composure as he stared at me, assessing whether or not I was serious. us the occasional postcard, were not having sex.” 

Aiden tried to maintain his composure as he stared at me, assessing whether or not I was serious 

Im calling your bluff. The Haze is going to hit any day now

I made due for two seasons before I met you, Aiden. Im pretty sure I can take care of myself for a third

That was before you were mated. The Haze lets me do things to you that you couldnt imagine

You dont intimidate me. Weve been making love for a whole year. Even if you have a few new tricks, they wont be enough to charm me.” 

Aiden leaned in so that his lips were inches from my ear. Well see about that,he whispered

Bring it on,I replied, chomping my teeth


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