The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 35

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 05


I wasn’t stupid. I knew my parents hadn’t come to town out of a desire to reconnect.

After Aaron died, they made it clear what their priorities were. Sure, I was just as guilty as they were for not keeping in touch, but I was eighteen when they started their globetrotting.

I had lost my brother and needed them more than ever. Instead of making sure I was okay, they handed me the Pack and, in the same breath. bid me adieu.

I may have been the alpha, but it didn’t mean I had all the answers,

It was a relief when I woke up and saw that their car was gone.


After Sienna went to bed last night, I was expecting some sort of substantive conversation, hell, maybe even an apology. Instead, we just talked about their travels, and I listened to their critiques and praise of people I had never met before.

Why was I even getting worked up over this? It’s not like they were going to stay forever. I gave them a week at most before they were compelled to fly off once again.

10:29 AM 2.5KB/S

Maybe I’d see them again in another ten years. Until then. I was more than content to receive the random postcard or two they would send.

I could deal with all this later tonight, though. Now I was finally alone and could get started on the mountain of paperwork sitting on my desk.

As I opened the first folder in the stack, I heard a gentle rapping at my chamber door.

Yes? Come in,” I said.

“I hope we’re not interrupting anything,” started my mother, waltzing in with my father like they owned the place. “When did you do away with secretaries? I feel so rude dropping in without someone to announce me.

“I like what you’ve done with the office, son,” said my father, surveying the room. “Did you hire someone or do the work yourself?

“I did it myself. Something about wallpaper and tapestries wasn’t quite for me.”

“You didn’t throw the tapestries out, did you, Addy? Those were priceless pieces of pack heritage.

Of course that was the first thing that came to her mind. She was the one who made sure I grew up

knowing every bit of pack tradition and history

When I’d been a little boy, she would make me recite the names of the last twenty alphas and what each of them had done to contribute to our pack before I could eat dinner.

“Where’s that hothead wife of yours?” asked Daniel.

“I don’t know,” I replied.


“I would keep a tighter leash on her if I were you.” he replied, “She’s a loose cannon, and there’s no guessing what other statements she might have to make.”

“I’m not her keeper. Dad. She’s a grown woman.”

“Well, according to the news, you seem to be alone in that opinion,” interjected my mother.

That stunt she pulled at the festival was unconscionable. We were halfway around the world and we heard about it for goodness sake.”

“She and I are working through it. Mom. I don’t need you here interfering.”

“On the contrary, I think that’s exactly what you need us to do. It’s clear she has no concept of duty or tradition. Daniel, can you help explain to our son the importance of what’s going on.”


“Aiden, you have to realize that Sienna didn’t grow up like you. We know you can’t choose who you mate with, so we’re not saying any of this is your fault, but she’s very young, son.

“She simply doesn’t understand what it means to be at the head of the pack. When we left you in charge, we knew everything was in good hands. You were groomed for this. She wasn’t.”

“So, what? Are you saying it’s not in good hands?” I asked, perplexed.

“No, frankly, it’s not. Addy. This family has been head of the Pack for five generations, and this nobody of a girl could tarnish our entire legacy.”

I’d had enough of their insults. They were my parents, but there was a line I wouldn’t let them cross.

“That’s my mate you’re talking about, Mother.”

“Yes, I’m quite aware. Her humble origins are

common knowledge, dear. There’s no need to get testy.”

“We’re here to help you clean up this little hiccup, Aiden. If you, your mother, and I sit down with Sienna, I know we can make her understand that the cohesion of the pack is more important than her fanciful protests.”

Dad, I told you, we’re working through it together.”

“And how is that working out for you?” my mom replied, “You’re twenty-nine, Addy. What do you think happens when a pack’s alpha reaches thirty and he still has no pups? People start to get worried. Other alphas start eyeing your territory.”

“You need to get her under control and start trying for a family, Aiden. It’s your responsibility as the alpha.”


Before I could say another word, Josh walked through the door, unaware of the spat I was having with my parents. He saw them then looked at me.

“I can come back,” he said, starting to retreat.

“No, they were just leaving,” I replied, happy to put an end to the conversation.

“Josh, is that you?” asked my mother, beaming. “Oh, what a handsome man you’ve grown into. I also heard you’ve been mated.”

“Hello, Mrs. Norwood, Mr. Norwood. Yes, it’s been a while. That’s actually why I’m here. Aiden, our lovely wives have given Sienna’s security detail the slip again. My guys are kind of losing patience.”

10:30 AM 1.8KB/

Great, this was just what I needed right now.

I looked over at my mother, who was on the verge of uttering some smug I-told-you-so quip. We locked eyes, and I immediately knew she wasn’t going to stay silent. The moment was too good for her not to

“Yes, it seems like you have a firm grip on tha mate of yours,” she said, biting the end of her sunglasses. “Well, since everything is under control here. I think we should go find somewhere to lunch, Daniel. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, let’s get out of Aiden’s hair. We’ll see you and Sienna tonight, son. Manhattans at eight. No excuses.

I made sure to walk them to the door and closed it promptly upon their exit.

My life was going from bad to complete shit, but the first order of business was making sure Sienna was safe.

This was the fourth time she and Michelle had eluded her bodyguards. I insisted on them ever since that strange woman. Eve, showed up at the

Yule Ball last year and told Sienna she was in danger.

“I didn’t know your parents were in town,” said Josh.


“I didn’t either until last night. I already can’t wait for them to leave.”

“Do you, uh… want to talk about it?” said Josh, clearly feeling a little awkward but also obligated to ask. Interpersonal communication had never been his strong suit.

“It’s okay,” I replied, much to Josh’s relief. “Right now we need to figure out where our wives are.

“Since it’s prime brunch time on a Thursday, I have a pretty good idea of where Michelle took Sienna.”

“Great, can you go pick them up? I need to sort through some things here.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll have them back here


“Send Sienna straight to my office. I’m going to have a long talk with her.”


The bubbly sweetness of the mimosa was exactly what I needed. One more reason I was happy to not be pregnant

“So, what’s she like?” asked Michelle.


“Oh, Charlotte is a real dream.” I replied. She basically told me straight to my face that she thinks I’m too young to be with her son and that I was being immature by not going along with the ritual. Who the hell is she to put me on trial when she’s the one who basically abandoned her son for ten years.

“And you said they’re staying with you?”

“Yes, in the guest house, although I doubt they’re going to keep to themselves.”

“What about Aiden’s dad?”

“He’s not as slimy as his mom, but he’s just as narrow-minded. She is literally the worst.”

“Jeez, remind me to give Josh’s mom a big hug when I see her. The worst thing Nancy has ever done was tell me she thought my potatoes could use more salt.”

“I don’t even want to go home. It’s that bad, Michelle. There is no reaching this woman. She’s stuck in a time machine. It’s like she’s been so brainwashed by tradition she has no idea how crazy she sounds.”

“Why don’t we get the gals together and go on a trip this weekend? That would keep you out of the house.”


“No, then she’ll think I’m running away. I can’t give her that ammunition.”

“And Aiden? What does he think?”


“To be honest, we haven’t really had a moment alone since they got here.”

“Sienna, babe, you need to talk to him,” replied Michelle, downing another glass. “You haven’t even sorted out the whole kids situation. The longer you wait, the bigger this is all going to be when it blows up.”

“I know, I know,” I replied, pouring myself another mimosa. “I just need the Haze to hold off for a few more days.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Michelle as she buttered a scone. “I can’t wait for my first season with Josh. I have all sorts of sexy surprises planned out for him. Poor boy is barely going to have time to sleep.

“Oh my God, Michelle, stop,” I said, giggling. “I don’t want that in my head.”

–Who knows, you might learn a thing or two.” replied Michelle, taking a seductive bite out of her scone.

I was having fun with Michelle, but at the same


time, I couldn’t help but feel like I was spending the whole morning proving Charlotte right.

A strong woman wouldn’t have dodged her security to go get brunch and dishes. A strong woman would face her head-on, and that was precisely what I intended to do.


I flagged down the server to order another pitcher.

I loved Sienna, I really did, but sometimes she made her life more complicated than it needed to be.

At the end of the day, she was still mated to the Pack’s alpha. Like, hello, how bad can things really be?

Of course, I couldn’t tell her that.

Right now, cheering her up was priority number one.

Which was why I made sure to get away from everything Pack-related this morning. Also, orange juice and champagne heals all wounds.

“What are you doing?” I asked, catching Sienna looking over her shoulder.


Of course, I couldn’t tell her that.

Right now, cheering her up was priority number one.


Which was why I made sure to get away from everything Pack-related this morning. Also, orange juice and champagne heals all wounds

“What are you doing?” I asked, catching Sienna looking over her shoulder.

“Nothing, it’s just…”

“What? Spit it out, girl.”

Sienna leaned in across the table like she was about to tell me a Pack secret. The gossip inside me began twiddling her fingers in anticipation.

“Ever since we left the shop. I’ve had this weird feeling…like we’re being watched.”


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