The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 34

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 04


As I prepared the coffee, I strained to hear any tidbits they might let slip while I was out of the room. The fallout from Selenes shower wasnt nearly as bad as Id thought it would be

After the initial shock, everyone exchanged pleasantries; they were my parentsinlaw after all

Aiden, however, was quick to whisk them away

He wanted me to stay at the shower, but I wanted to come along. They clearly had a reason for showing up when they did, and I didnt want to be left out of the loop

I finished putting the tray together and brought it into the living room, where everyone sat. I smiled at Aidens mother, and she returned my gesture with a polite smirk. I knew she was judging me

Charlotte, if you dont mind me asking, how did you and Daniel know about my sisters shower?” 

Oh, darling, what a trifle of a question.she replied with a selfindulgent chuckle. She tapped her designer sunglasses against her lips as she laughed, like she thought it made her look pensive

We always know where Aiden is.she went on

picking up the mug of coffee like she had never seen one before. Aiden, is all your china in the wash

I wanted to like this woman, I really did, but if this was how she acted, Im not sure how much more I could take 

Where are you staying?asked Aiden, trying to change the subject 

What do you mean?replied Daniel. You still have the guest house, dont you?” 

Nope, over my dead body. I subtly moved my foot over Aidens and pressed down on his toes

Im not sure its up to Moms standards,he countered 

Good boy 

*Ha, we can make do,answered Daniel, sipping his coffee. Besides, staying somewhere else would defeat the purpose of our visit

And what is that purpose?I asked as innocently as possible

Well, to meet you, dear,replied Charlotte. I wanted to see what kind of woman was mated to my son.” 


If you were that interested, you could have come to our mating ceremony.said Aiden sternly

Dont get sour, Addy. Mating ceremonies are a bunch of pomp and rigmarole. Its not like you have to shift or anything.” 

Charlotte let the last words roll off her tongue like acid

What a royal bitch

So this was all about the fertility festival. I had caused a scandal, and now she wanted to see who had messed up her sons perfect alpha world

Did you decorate this place yourself, or did you hire someone?Charlotte asked as she surveyed the room

I did it myself.I said

I thought so,she replied, bringing her mug to her lips. Hm,she said, smelling it

Is something wrong? I can bring you something else to drink,I offered

No, this is wonderful,she replied, setting down her mug. I just dont think Im in the mood for anymore. Addy, what possessed you to buy that painting? Its a bit amateurish, or was that the intent


Sienna painted that, actually,replied Aiden

She has her own gallery.” 

So, thats what you do when youre not making headlines,remarked Charlotte, still chewing on her stupid sunglasses

**Aiden, how about you put those muscles to use and help me bring in our bags,said Daniel, getting to his feet

Aiden shot me a look as if to say there was nothing he could do, and I replied with a forced smile

I watched him and his father leave the room, and it felt like I was being marooned on an island with a hungry lioness

You have no idea how lucky you are,said Charlotte, leaning back in her chair. I was twentyfour when I mated with Daniel. How old are you again?” 


So you were only nineteen? Oh, thats rich,she said, amused. Its all making so much sense. Nineteen, oh dear


Excuse me?” 

I was trying to figure out why you felt it was important to make a fool of my son and our entire pack. But now its clear that you didnt know any better. Dont worry, we‘ll clear everything up in no time.” 

Actually, I knew exactly what I was doing.I snapped back 

And what did you think that was, honey?” 

Protesting an archaic ritual that made me feel extremely uncomfortable.” 

Did you ever question why, in the thousands of years the Pack has existed, you were the first to refuse to shift

Times change.” 

Yes, my dear, they do, but people dont.” 

Clearly.I muttered under my breath. Maybe I should go see if Aiden and Daniel need help.” 

*No need.called Aiden, hauling an obnoxiously large leather suitcase in each hand

Are you sure? I can go put linens on the bed.” 


No. I can do that when I drop off these bags.said Aiden

Well, in that case, if Im no longer needed, I think Ill go to bed for the night

Its only nine thirty.protested Daniel. I was about to make us all Manhattans.” 

May I take a rain check for tomorrow?” 


Of course. Ill see you in the morning, my dear,he replied

How long are you and Mom staying?asked Aiden

“Have you tired of us already?said Charlotte, toying with her sunglasses again

I swear I wanted to grab those dumb things out of her hand and snap them in half. The nerve this woman had, coming into our house and telling me my protest was childish

I didnt care if she was my motherinlaw, this woman was going to find out what kind of a grownass woman I was

Sienna and I actually have a lot going on,said Aiden. You know what its like running a pack.

Aiden. You know what its like running a pack. I just want to make sure you understand that were not going to be around all the time.” 

Dont worry about us, Addy. Your father and I dont need babysitting. We know you do enough of that already,she said, flashing her eyes at me

This bitch is asking for it

Goodnight, everyone. Charlotte and Daniel, I‘ll see you in the morning.” 

Ill be up in a little,said Aiden. I’ll try not to wake you.” 

Oh, dont worry about me, babe,I replied, grabbing him by the face and locking my lips to his. I made sure my tongue explored his entire mouth before letting him go. Dont take too 


I shot a smug look at Charlotte, who was silently steaming 

When I closed the door to the bedroom I knew there was no way in hell I was staying around the house tomorrow

I needed to find an excuse to get out


Michelle not much 

Michelle why

Sienna Aldens parents showed up at the shower last night 

Michelle WHAT????


OMG do u need me now

Michelle wut they like


Sienna No, tomorrow is fine 

Sienna Ill pick you up at

Sienna Dad seems nice 


and his mom


Sienna Ill tell you tomorrow 



can’t wait 

Whenever Michelle and I needed to have real girl time, we had to shed the body guards who accompanied me when I went outside my home or the Pack House

I thought having security was silly, considering I was a dominant shewolf who could handle herself, but now that there were literally mobs outside the Pack House calling for me to be 

tamed,I didnt mind having them around

Since Michelle had mated with Aidens Beta, Josh, we both had to deal with adapting to our new lives. Her transition was much easier than mine, though. Michelle loved all the fancy clothes and rules of etiquette

Unlike me, she had always loved being the center of attention

The next morning, as I slipped on my shoes, I prepared some excuse for why I couldnt stay for breakfast, but when I came downstairs, Aiden informed me that his parents had already gone out 


for the day, which was fine with me

His mom could never come back as far as I was concerned

When I arrived at Michelles, she was already waiting outside. Gossip was her life force, and she knew she was about to get enough to keep her full for a month 

She piled into the back seat and immediately threw her arms around me

Si! I literally could not sleep last night after your 


Its not that exciting,” 

Are you kidding? This is better than when Mia found out she was pregnant with twins!” 

Does everything have to be about kids?” 

Sorry, sorry! I forgot.” 

Where to, ladies?asked my bodyguard. I really wish they didnt rotate around so often so I could remember their names

“Uptown, please, were going to try on some dresses,” Michelle replied


Dress shopping? You couldn‘t get more creative.” 

You didnt give me much notice. Si. I can only do so much 

**I suppose it will have to do,I said, sarcastically

The dress shop Michelle picked out couldnt have been more feminine. My bodyguard was clearly uncomfortable standing amongst the flowery displays and brightly dressed mannequins

Were going to try these on,said Michelle, grabbing some random sundresses off the rack

After we were out of sight, one of the girls who worked there came over and Michelle handed her the dresses and a fiftydollar bill

Jas, pretend youre pulling dresses for us, and after ten minutes, you can tell them we disappeared so you wont get in trouble.” 

Not a problem,replied the spunky teenager

I normally got a rush whenever we were about to make our escape, but this time I had a bad feeling 

Michelle, maybe we should stick with my bodyguard this time. I pissed off a lot of people at the festival. I dont care if he hears us talk


Si, please,replied Michelle, pulling a beanie. scarf, and large pair of sunglasses from her bag

Did you not think I would take your safety into consideration? Well only be on the lam for an hour to two. Dont be such a scaredy cat. Madame Alpha.” 

A voice inside of my head was telling me not to go, but maybe I was being too cautious

Youre right, let‘s go,I said, putting on the disguise

Jas lead us down the hall and unlocked the emergency exit 

Okay, Im impressed.” I said as we ran out the door and into the back of an idling cab

See. I got you, girl.” 


I cant wait for all this to blow over.” 

That makes two of us. Josh has been super pissy about it, but I set him straight.” 

You didnt have to do that, Michelle.” 

Are you kidding? I mean, if I were in your shoes. I would have let Josh mount the shit out of me. The mara nannlo the hotter laat off an that lind 


You didnt have to do that, Michelle.” 

Are you kidding? I mean, if I were in your shoes, I would have let Josh mount the shit out of me. The more people, the better. I get off on that kind of stuff. But to each wolf her own. Thats the point, right

One of them, yes,I replied, laughing. How do I look?” 

Like hot garbage,said Michelle with a grin

As we pulled out of the mall, I couldnt shake the feeling that we were being followed

I glanced out the back window, but I didnt see anything out of the ordinary

You re being paranoid. Relax

So, Michelle, where are we going?” 

Where do you think were going before eleven on a weekday? Fucking mimosaaaaas

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