The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 31

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Three Chapter: 01


The water beat against our naked bodies as we stood facing each other in the warm summer rain

Our glistening figures were bathed in an amber light that turned the whole meadow bronze

His eyes wandered over my curves in shameles


I blushed, not used to the attention

The run had lasted hours and brought us to the top of a hill overlooking the entire island. Far in the distance, the glowing towers of the resort barely registered on the horizon

We stopped only when we knew we were completely alone

Come here,he beckoned, holding out his hand

My heart raced as I stepped toward him, steam rising from his bulging shoulders

I felt his rough hand against my cheek as he pulled me in for a kiss


Soon he was on top of me, our bodies sliding against each other on the soft grass like we were trying to start a fire

His tip brushed against the outside of my sex in a tantalizing rhythm, spreading my lips but refusing to enter 

It was a torture that I couldnt take

I pulled him into me, gasping in pleasure and a little bit of pain. He was deeper than I had ever felt before

I moaned in delight, calling his name, begging him not to stop as the rain showered down on us

I turned the handle to off, letting the last trails of water escape down my chest

It was winter now, and our honeymoon had long been over, but hot showers still reminded me of that day on the island with Aiden

The steam hugged my skin like a warm blanket as I stepped out of the shower

It was funny to think that, one year ago. I had stood in the same bathroom, furious that I had been tricked into staying with Aiden, but now here I was mated to the alnha of the East Coast Parl 


I was, mated to the alpha of the East Coast Pack and wanting to be nowhere else but here in this house with the man I loved

Do you need help in there?he asked through the door in his growly baritone voice

No. Im perfectly capable of drying off on my own, thank you very much.I replied, smiling myself

Over the past twelve months, he had become more playful, letting down his guard and showing me a side that was different from the dominant alpha he had to display to the rest of the pack

Im happy to help,he continued, with a charming persistence that made me giggle. Its truly no problem at all.” 

Down, boy.I said, wrapping myself in a towel and laughing

But Ive been so good,he protested

Good things come to those who wait.I answered, wiping the steam off the mirror and tousling my damp locks

I opened the door and took a step forward. pressing my wet body against his broad chest, wrapping my arms around him, and gripping his muscular back 


He tilted his head as if to kiss me, and I pulled away. I said good things come to those who wait...and you didn‘t wait.” 

I pushed him away and sauntered into my closet, making sure he had a good view of my ass. Once around the corner I tossed out my towel so he knew I was naked and pulled the sliding door closed

I had barely put on my underwear when the door flew open and I found myself wrapped up in Aidens arms, his lips on mine in heated passion

I felt myself dip back, and we crashed into the pillowy mattress. Aidens weight pressed against me with powerful longing. I could feel how hard he was, and I felt myself getting wet in anticipation 

He tore off his shirt, revealing his chiseled torso and bulging arms. His chest heaved with desire, and his goldengreen eyes flickered with lust

I leaned down and kissed my alpha. His lips were soft and warm, and every time we touched it felt like I was melting into them

I want to start a family with you, Sienna,he said suddenly 

I know,” I replied. We will.” 


I mean right now. I want to start trying.” 

Aidens words caught me off guard. I knew we would have to talk about it eventually, but I had put it out of mind over the past six months

There was so much to get used to being mated to the alpha of the second most powerful pack in the United States. I could no longer dress the way I used to. I couldnt go out in public with bodyguards, and I was constantly under the microscope

No more spontaneous meetups with the girls at Winstons

No more peaceful afternoons in the park, where I could be alone with my sketchbook and my thoughts

I had duties now, like the one I had to perform this afternoon. It was the first day of the Fertility Festival, and pack tradition required me to shift with Aiden in front of the entire pack and let him mount me

I thought Aiden had been joking when he first told me about it, but I guess when youre brought up as an alpha, you dont question the status quo and outdated ceremonies

But I didnt come from pack royalty. Before I was his mate. I was an adopted nineteenyearold with one human parent and a severe aversion to the 



The idea of being so vulnerable in such a public setting was absurd, not to mention humiliating

I had tried confronting Aiden about it, but every time I brought it up, he would go off on some tangent about how it wasnt a big deal and how important it was for the pack


We werent actually having sex or anything, but I still considered him getting on top of me as a fairly intimate, and private, affair

Sienna?Aiden asked, grabbing my thigh

Yes, sorry. I was someplace else.” 

Do you want to keep going?” 

Aiden, I dont know if Im ready yet.” 

What do you mean? Its been a year. Alphas and their mates are supposed to start trying for pups at the beginning of the first Haze after theyve been mated. Its tradition.” 

There was that word again. Tradition. God, how I was starting to hate the sound of it. And the Haze, that lustful craze that possessed every werewolf during the Mating Season, was about to make matters ten times worse


Can we talk about this later?I asked, trying to salvage the romantic moment, which was quickly slipping away

Of course, we can talk after the ceremony.Aiden replied, gazing at me with his soft. unsuspecting eyes. The longer I looked into them, however, the more confident I became that I couldnt go through with the ritual this afternoon

It killed me to do this to him, and I knew it was my fault for letting it go this long, but something deep inside me didnt feel right

Thats something else I wanted to talk to you about,I said, breaking his gaze

What do you mean? Are you nervous?he asked. rubbing my arm

Damn it, why does he have to be so sweet right now

But I couldnt back out again. There wasnt any more time to put it off. I had to tell him how I felt

Aiden. I dont want to do it.” 

A confused look came over his face, and I hoped we could sort through this without it blowing up into a fight 


Why? Its only a short display for the pack so they can give us their blessings as we try to conceive.” 

If its just for the packs blessing, then why do we need to shift and do all the other stuff?” 

Its symbolic.” 

I was hoping Aiden would take a moment to listen to himself and realize how weak an argument he was making, but his genuine expression meant I would have to spell out my objection

May be for you, but I think its degrading.” 

My mother did it, and so did my fathers mother. You’re my mate, Sienna. No one will think less of you” 

Its not what about other people think, Aiden. Its what Im comfortable with.” 

Listen,he said, getting out from under me and sitting up on the bed. This only happens once or twice in a lifetime. Well be shifted for less than a minute. Tradition is what keeps a pack together. Without it, we lose our identity.” 

There was that stupid word again. I feel like Im losing my identity having to follow all these stupid rules, I shot back 


I put a stern look on my face, letting him know he wasnt going to sway me

Look, Sienna, forget the pack. Can you do this for me? And I swear that Ill never ask you to do something like this again.” 


Aiden was my world, and I would do anything to make him happy, but right now I hated that he wasnt listening to me. As an alpha, he wasnt used to compromise, but if our relationship was going to continue growing, hed need to figure out how

Do you seriously not understand where Im coming from?” 

Its just this once, Sienna,he replied, After this, you get to call the shots, my love.” 

I could tell he wasnt going to budge

I need to finish getting ready.I said, hopping off the bed and heading back to the closet

Do you need any help?he called out with a playful tone

No, I can manage on my own,I answered unenthusiastically

Dont take too long now.said Aiden picking up 

Dont take too long now,said Aiden, picking up his shirt and blowing me a kiss before sauntering out of the bedroom

I put on the festival dress and looked at myself in the mirror, thinking about all the alpha mates whod endured this before me and wondering whether or not they felt as disgusted as I did

Its less than a minute, Sienna. It‘s less than

The stage was built in a clearing in the forest. Giant trees had been hewn and their bodies bound together to create the gigantic platform that Aiden and I now stood on. Behind us was the rest of the council and a surprise VIP. Raphael Fernández, the Alpha of the Millennium

No wonder Aiden didnwant to call off the festival 

All around on the ground, looking up at us with excitement, was what seemed like the entire East Coast Pack 

For a moment I thought I saw a pair of purple eyes, but it mustve just been my imagination

I hadnt seen Eve since shed stopped by my gallery over six months ago. Nor had I gotten 


any clarity on that vague warning about my birth parents that shed left me with 

If my parents really had been alphas. I wondered if theyd had to participate in this horrid ritual too

As the opening declarations were made, my heart started pounding. I couldnt believe I was going to do this. Id run through it dozens of times in my head as we drove to the festival

I felt Aidens hand grab mine and squeeze it in reassurance. He then shed his robe, revealing his dark, statuesque figure, and began to shift

This is it. There is no turning back


I stood in place, not moving. A gasp rippled through the crowd like a tidal wave

Aidens massive wolf now stood beside me. gazing expectantly at my human form

I walked up to the microphone and scanned the dumbfounded faces in the crowd. My hand shook as I pulled down the microphone so it was pointed at my lips

Its not too late. You can still shift

No, youre doing this, Sienna


I tried to force the words out, but they refused to budge. My adrenaline was spiking, constricting my throat and every muscle in my body


You re an alpha too, Sienna. Start acting like it. 

I closed my eyes, blocking out the sea of people and marshalling my nerves. My throat relaxed, and the words came pouring out before I had a chance to think 

I will stand with my mate but only as his equal, not as his prize. I still ask for your blessing. but I will not shift.” 

There was a moment of silence as my words sank in, but angry howls soon pierced the growing tumult. I stepped back from the podium, unsure of what to do now that I had made my protest

The shouting intensified, and the spectatorsfaces teemed with malice. I started to feel frightened, threatened 

Had I just made a huge mistake


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