The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 30

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 16


Aiden carried me bridalstyle in his arms as he walked down the cobblestone path leading to our house. My heart hadnt stopped racing since wed left the reception, and I didnt know if it ever would

My insecurities were like swelling waves, lapping against the edges of my mind

What if I‘m not good in bed

What if I dont live up to his fantasies

What if I can’t satisfy an alpha

Aiden stopped at the front door, as if he sensed my fears. And maybe he did. Mates were connected in a way that was so intense it was almost indescribable

Whats wrong?he asked in a gentle tone that was unusual for him

I... I just dont want to let you down.I murmured. In that moment, Id never felt like less of a dominant in my life

To my surprise, Aiden laughed. Oh, have no idea....” 

No idea about what?I asked, a bit annoyed by his laughter

**No idea how much power you have over me.” 

My face burned hot and a gasp escaped my lips

He continued, holding my gaze. Yes, I marked you. And yes, I made you mine, but....” 

Aiden took a deep breath as he pressed his forehead to mine

You made me yours too. Make no mistake Im not just your alpha, Im your mate. And theres nothing that will ever change that. Your love has made me stronger than any alpha blood ever could.” 

The heat in my cheeks spread through the rest of my body like a wildfire, and just like that, my dominance returned

I loved Aiden more than words could express. So I wouldnt use my words

I grabbed the hair at the back of his head and feverishly pressed my lips to his

I wanted my fire to spread. I wanted it to consume everything until the whole world turned to ash and 

we were the only ones left standing 

Aidens tuxedo jacket was bursting at the seams as his muscles swelled underneath. He was practically shifting when he took a step toward the door and lifted his leg


Aiden kicked the door clean off its hinges, sending wood splintering across the marble floor

He stepped over the debris, bringing me inside

Well, thats certainly one way to carry your mate over the threshold..

When he entered our bedroom, Aiden set me down, then pushed my back up against the wall. Our feverish kissing resumed as I started ripping off his tux, piece by piece

Once his torso was bare. I ran my fingers down the deep ridges of his abs, to his belt buckle

Aidens own fingers were busy racing to unlace my corset. He was getting frustrated, and I couldnt help but enjoy it

Finally, it was unlaced, and my gown fell to the ground. I whipped his belt out through the loops in one swift motion, and seconds later his pants Tall.11 and nr Aidan tera than a nod throat tham


followed as Aiden tore them off and threw then across the room


We spent a moment taking each other in, officially mates. But a moment was all we were willing to 

spare. Wed both waited long enough

Aiden picked me up like I was lighter than a feather, and I wrapped my legs around his waist

We crashed onto the bed in a freeforall. There were hands and mouths everywhere, both of us 

trying to grab and bite whatever we could 

Aidens claws were lightly digging into my bare flesh, and I wanted them to dig even deeper. I held his neck tightly, kissing it, before my kisses moved to his chest 

I let my teeth scrape down his stomach, and when I got to his rigid cock, I took it right into my mouth without hesitation

I started moving slow, driving him crazy, and then upped my rhythm until he was crying out. It was so big that I could barely contain it, but I forced it deeper into my throat

When I came up for air, my saliva hung from his thick appendage like a silvery, translucent spider web. Aiden wiped my mouth off with his thumb, then gripped my neck, pushing me back down

Trould tell from his catisfied arunte that he wa


I could tell from his satisfied grunts that he was feeling pure bliss. But that wasnt enough. I wanted to take him to fucking Nirvana


I savored his salty and sweet taste as my tongue worked the tip. Then I took the whole thing in my mouth again until I reached the base

My lips tightened around his cock as I slid them slowly up his length

But when I came up for air the second time, Aiden flipped me over so that I was on my back. He pried my legs apart so fast that it caused me to inhale sharply

Aiden used his fingers to spread open my sex, then he inserted his tongue, skillfully flicking it around and licking my most sensitive areas

I moaned as my body convulsed with rhapsody. It was like he was using his tongue to compose a symphony in my pussy. And my involuntary cries of pleasure were the chorus

His tongue continued to work as his fingers slid inside of me, testing my flexibility, preparing me for his massive manhood

As his fingers explored me, I felt a twinge of pain mix with the pleasure. I could only imagine what was in store for me in just a moment


A thrill ran up my spine at the thought of Aiden finally penetrating me. I was scared and excited at the same time

As Aidens cock rubbed the outside of my sex forcefully, his soft kisses a stunning cotrast to the roughness

Are you... ready?* Aiden asked, brushing my hair out of my eyes and staring into them deeply

It was the same question that hed asked me before. But this time, I knew my answer without a shadow of a doubt

Yes,I whispered as my arms cradled his neck

My breath hitched as Aiden finally slid inside me

At first, the tension was almost too much to bear. like I was being pulled apart, but slowly, that pain turned into pleasure. The more I relaxed, the more we became a perfect fit for one another

Is it okay?Aiden asked, not moving a muscle

I nodded, smiling at how sensitive he was to my needs

But the longer he stayed inside me, the more I was sure..


My pussy wasnt made of porcelain

You said you were going to make me how to the heavens,I growled sensually. So, come on, Alpha. Show me what youre made of.” 

Aidens lips curled into a wicked grin that almost made me regret my words


He pulled out, then thrust back in. Hard


I yelped as I felt him even deeper inside me. My increasingly wet sex accepted him with fervor as he started moving faster and faster

But it still wasnt enough. So I grabbed him by the shoulders and seamlessly rolled on top of him

Now I was riding him, controlling the pace. I lifted my hair off the back of my neck and gyrated as fast as I could, making sure he could hear how much I was enjoying myself

It felt like the friction between us was enough to set us ablaze

Then it wasnt just a buildingthat fire inside it was coming. Like a raging inferno

Fuck, Sienna,Aiden moaned, and I was right there with him 

Oh my... GOD!I screamed, a sensation enveloping my entire body like an explosion 

The lights before my eyes were flashing like fireworks, and I felt as though I might black out

Aiden grabbed my hips and pulled out, his seed shooting into the air like a geyser


I collapsed next to him, panting and trying to process the euphoria that Id just experienced

He grabbed my hand in his and brought it to his mouth, kissing it tenderly. Youre unbelievable,he said

We turned on our sides and stared into each others eyes. Everything felt exactly right

I love you.I said breathlessly 

I love you more than anything,he replied, equally out of breath. I didn‘t even have to take you to heaven... You are heaven.” 

As his goldengreen eyes flickered in the dim lamplight, full of adoration, I wondered at how Id gotten there. Mated to the alpha

11:12 AM 0.1 KB/

I just saw myself as a regular girl, but Aiden..

He saw me as a goddess

And I couldnt wait to start the rest of my life with him

When I awoke the next morning. I was still feel  the high of the previous night with Aiden

My body ached, but in a good way. Will I ever be able to walk right again

I turned over to see how Aiden was faring, and was surprised by the empty indentation next to me

Where could he have gone

My phone started buzzing on the nightstand and I reached over to grab it. My heart leapt into my throat when I saw a message from Aiden

Aiden I have a surprise for you

Aiden Meet me at 121 Furtaugh Ave

Sienna A surprise?

Aiden How fast can you get here





I stood outside, anxiously awaiting Sienna. I couldnt wait to see the look on her face when she saw the surprise. Her car pulled up in front, and I walked around to open the door for her

Hi,she said, her eyes bright as she jumped up to kiss me

Hi, my love,I said, grabbing her hand and guiding her to the storefront. It was an empty venue. The record shop that used to inhabit it had just closed

A friend of mine in real estate had told me about it. He knew Id been looking for a space

I pulled the door open for her and watched as her eyes went wide, looking at the wood floors and the blank walls. What is it?‘ 


It used to be a record store.” I said, The owner retired and put the space up for sale.” 

So, what? Were gonna have a picnic here?” 

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me, bending over to kiss her cheek. We can have a picnic here if you want.” 

She turned around so we were face to face

Aiden Norwood, what are we doing here?” 


I looked deep into her eyes, trying to hide the smile tugging at my lips. Sienna MercerNorwood, I thought youd wanna see your new gallery

Her mouth formed an o,but no words came out. Then her head snapped around, taking in the space like she was seeing it for the first time. She turned back to me, her eyes still wide

Happy one week anniversary. Sienna.” 

She squealedI didn‘t even know her voice could reach that octaveand then she ran around the entire circumference of the shop, looking at each wall for a moment before moving to the next

Something inside me welled up, something made of joy and love, of passion and of familiarity, like first time

Then she came back to me. I cant believe you did this... for me,” she said

Id do anything for you.” 

She looked at the ground then back at me Theres something I want to tell you. I found out something. About my... my birth parents.” 


Id known Sienna had been adopted by her parents, but wed never talked much about it before. I could see how important this was to her, how much it made her whole body tense up, like she was trying to keep the information inside

They were alphas.” 

My mind went blank. I blinked. Where? Where? When?” 

Theyre gone now but... in the Texas Pack. They were alphas, Aiden.” 

They were alphas,I whispered back, and everything started to make sense. Her power, the way we could communicate, the way she felt like the most perfect fit. I grabbed her and kissed her because this day... it couldnt get any better


Id gotten so excited by the new gallery, Aiden had insisted on giving me some time to get acquainted with it by myself

He probably just wants to get away from all my squealing

Id already made a stop at my parents place to pick up some of my sketchbooks and paintings from the garage. It had served as my makeshif studio for a while, but now.

I have my own fucking gallery.I said aloud to no one. I still couldnt believe it was real

I picked up one of my old sketchbooks and started flipping through the pages to see if there was anything that had potential

I smiled when I saw an unfinished sketch of a handsome and muscular man, looking like he had the weight of the world on his broad shoulders

It was from the first time Id met Aiden

I thought back to that day at the river. The day that had changed everything. Now everything was so different, but it all felt like it had happened the way it was supposed to

As I flipped to the next page, my heart stopped

It was the other sketch that Id drawn that day. The haunting, sexual vision that had hung over me like a dark cloud

But when I looked at it now, it didn‘t fill me with dread. Instead, I felt a sense of peace

I thought of Emily and felt tears brimming in my eyes. I had finally found a way to move on froi U the past. I knew Emily wouldve been proud me

I hoped that, just maybe, she was up there watching over me. Maybe my peace could be hers as well

I wiped away the tears and picked up a pencil, then flipped to a blank page

A new beginning 

As I sat in my gallery, watching my pencil scribble over the page in abstract movements, I had a different kind of determination. One that wasnt fueled by any traumatic past memories or regrets or anyone else‘s judgments. 

No, now my determination was for my future

I had a gallery to fill my own gallery, with walls so blank they screamed possibility. So Id promised myself that Id be here drawing every morning until there was no space left in the gallery 

for new work

I suddenly felt a gust of wind hit me, but the chill that came with it lingered long after it had gone. Did I leave the door open? That‘s when I turned to my left. And saw her

The purpleeyed lady


She was back

Hello, Sienna.She walked toward me, every one of her movements more graceful than the last

You never told me your name,I responded, keeping my guard up. Something about being mated to an alpha was making me more confident in myself

It is Eve,she said, her purple eyes glowing at me. You looked beautiful at your mating ceremony.” 

You were there?” 

She just smiled. Of course she was there. She was everywhere. But Id asked the wrong question..

Why are you here?” 

Im on my way out of town. But I wanted to warn you of the dangerous path ahead, seeing as how Im the one who set you on it,she responded cryptically

Warn me? What path?” 

The path to finding the truth about your birth 



I was stunned into silence, but Eve continued speaking. Just be careful of who you trust. There are those who dont have your best interests at heart.” 

Like who?I asked, but Eve was already gliding back toward the door. How do I find the truth?” 

Only you can answer that, Sienna. You may even find that the answer is already within you.” 

With those final words, Eve disappeared, leaving me more confused than ever

When my eyes returned to my sketchbook, that confusion turned into a feeling of foreboding. The abstract sketch Id been working on when Eve walked in suddenly held a very clear form

A shadowy figure with elongated fangs. parents.” 

I was stunned into silence, but Eve continued speaking. Just be careful of who you trust. There are those who dont have your best interests at heart.” 

Like who?I asked, but Eve was already gliding back toward the door. How do I find the truth?” 

Only you can answer that, Sienna. You may ev find that the answer is already within you.” 


With those final words, Eve disappeared, leaving me more confused than ever

When my eyes returned to my sketchbook, that confusion turned into a feeling of foreboding. The abstract sketch Id been working on when Eve walked in suddenly held a very clear form

A shadowy figure with elongated fangs

A vampyre

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