The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 3

The Millennium Wolves Series Book one Chapter: 03


Never in my life had I wanted to fuck so badly

I didnt just scent the five wolves surrounding me now. I could see them

A large blond wolf, a strange sight if you didnt know he was a blond in human form, rounded a tree, slowly stalking toward me. He was big, but that didnt make him a dominant

His eyes, like most wolves, were a bright gold. I was an exception; my eyes were as icy blue in wolf as in human form

From the appreciative look the blond wolf gave me, he recognized their uniqueness as well

I saw the four others circle around me, making me feel claustrophobic. One came so close I could feel his nose on my butt, sniffing my stimulation

The two to my right were snarling with unhidden lust, the one to my left licking his lips, and the big blond in front of me crouched down in anticipation, ready to pounce


Most werewolves prefer having sex in human form, but these five were Hazed and wanted it now

I was about to close my eyes and give into this violent, animalistic orgy

My body moaned as the wolf behind me licked my hind leg. I wanted these males to taste me, to fuck me into oblivion...until I remembered her face

Emilys face

Only a flash and it was enough. Like a bucket of freezing water spilled all over my body, I snapped out of my Haze. It was only a dull heat deep in my core now

I had control

I growled as loud as I could, making sure these wolves knew I wasnt interested. But 

typical malesthey didnt like following orders. They kept on licking and moving closer

Tired of this shit, I growled again. The ki UNLIMITED of growl that said, Lay a paw on me, and Ill make sure you lose it.” 

The blond wolf before me could see from my expression. I wasnt fucking around. He 

  1. nr. The thronunlarnn tomonidan 


turned away. The three wolves to my sides realized it a second later and backed off

The only one who seemed to have a problem reading or rather scentingsignals was the one behind me. The one whod gotten a good whiff. He leaned forward again

Thats it, I thought 

I turned around lightning fast and sank my sharp teeth into his neck. I clamped down hard, making him bleed

He yelped in pain, struggling to back away, but I didnt let go. This wolf would learn his lesson today

Only when I felt I was about to tear his jugular did I release him. The wolf didnt stop to stare

He knew who was in charge now, turning and hightailing it out of there. When I looked back, the other four were gone

Satisfied, I ran farther into the woods. I could scent the sex in the air

My Haze began to creep back up, and I kept running, trying to repress it. I couldnt let it out. Not again

When I returned to the spot where Id ditched my clothes, I shifted

This time, I felt every excruciating detail, the bones thinning, the neck turning slender, the hind legs stretching, the arms folding and unfolding 


Then it was over and I was human again, UN 

I took a breath, catching my bearings, standing there, naked as the day I was made. Thanking Emily for coming to my painful as that memory was

I wasnt about to go there. Not now. No, what mattered was Id resisted

My virginity was intact. Saved for the were who I would call my mate. Even if the Haze was just beginning.. 

God,I heaved out and quickly put on my clothes

Selene Coast is clear, sis

Selene Kind of surprised how short it was tbh, from what I could hear


Sienna E



Selene Youre such a square. Im glad mom and dad still..

Sienna STOP. PLZ


Sienna Thx for that 

Sienna You didnt go home

Selene Leaving now

Selene You find your partner tonite

Sienna None of your business 

Selene I have a feeling youre gonna meet your mate this season 


Selene call it a shewolfs instinct 

Sienna Doubt it 

Selene always had a way of seeing the future. Some sort of animal sixth sense thing. But I didnt see how this future could be possible

Me finding my mate? Id been out all night and hadnt found a single wolf who fit the description. There was still time, of course. A whole season

When I arrived home my parents had already 

scratched their itch for the night

My father was sitting in the living room, watching the local news, while Mom was folding laundry 


You barely got to eat, huh?Dad asked

1 “Im fine,I said, heading for the stairs

She got her fill, I bet,Mom smirked

Disgusting, Mom.” 


Again, I felt a twinge of guilt for not telling my mother the truth. About my virginity

About everything. But I shook it off

Why did Selene and Jeremy rush off? They just got here.” 

An urgent meeting at the Pack House,Mom said. Makes you curious, doesnt it?” 

I thought again of the Alpha, who Id met by the riverbank. How dark and glowering his eyes had been. What was going on that they needed to involve Jeremy, the packs lawyer

I wonder, I wonder,my mom said, eyes twinkling. Do you think the stories are true? About the Alphas love life? That would explain why hes been so remote.” 

Mom. Stop meddling in other peoples lives.” 


Oh, but it‘s so fun. You should try it sometime.” 

With Aiden Norwood, I had to admit the urge to gossip, to meddle, to know everything there was to know made my imagination run wild. The very thought of him made the Haze rise up again. Blushing, I headed up the stairs


Im going to bed.” 

Sweet dreams, my dear,Mom called out. Hope theyre extra sweet...if you catch my 


I rolled my eyes and couldnt help but laugh. But when I locked the door, turned off the lights, and collapsed onto my bed, all I could imagine was Aiden Norwood

This was torture. Falling asleep, I prayed I would never have to see the Alpha again


Michelle OMG. did you hear..

Sienna Hear what


Sienna ????

Sienna You cant send a text like that and not follow up 


Sienna HELLO??

Michelle alphas inviting ppl to the pack house 


Sienna No way 

Sienna But theres no ball or anything 


its a lottery!!

Michelle invitations are already out 

Sienna Oh, so like 5 fams get to go that

Michelle u never know..


I rolled over in my sheets, clicking off my phone. Michelle was absolutely obsessed with being in on the scoop. That said, her brand of news was more tabloid than anything 

This? This was one of those articles you didnt even read, just scanned over as you continued to sip your coffee and put off going to work or school

Who cared that the Alpha was having some random families invited to the Pack House

Sure, it was out of the ordinary, but it was just a way for the leadership to show they cared about everyone in the pack

It was politics, I figured. That was it

Nothing worthy of a 7 AM text

Awesome, I thought. Now I couldnt get back to sleep even if I tried. Michelle just had to bring up the Alpha

Aiden and the Hazenot a good combo

I got up and made my way downstairs, surprised to see Selene, Jeremy, Mom, and Dad gathered around the kitchen table, all looking at something


Whats going on?I asked, rubbing my UN eyes, still groggy

Oh, nothing,Selene said. Just standing here with our jaws on the floor for the fun of 


What are you talking about?” 

Come look, dummy!” 

I walked over, looked at the center of the table, and stopped in my tracks

No way

It couldnt be

This must be a prank

It was an invitation to the Pack House


Why...why us?was all I could manage

You know how it works,Selene said. Its a lottery. That or...Jeremy rigged it.” 

I would never,Jeremy said with a laugh

An irrational idea occurred to me then. A silly suspicion that couldnt possibly be true. But that, for just an instant, felt so real it had to be

What if, I wondered...What if Aiden Norwood rigged the lottery just to see me again

Come on. Who was I kidding? There was no way the Alpha even remembered me, let alone went to these lengths

I was just some girl hed caught drawing him...right


But when I looked at Jeremy, there was something I couldnt read in his expression. Something suspicious. Like this was related to me somehow

But how

I didnt have time to overanalyze Jeremys look because my mom grabbed me and Selene by the shoulders, bursting with excitement 


“Can you believe it? A private audience with the Alpha!” 

Not quite private,Jeremy reminded. There are a few other families coming.” 

Oh, whats the difference! This is going to be so much fun. Who knows how hot things might get,she declared fanning herself with 

the invitation 

Fun? Was my entire family nuts? No, it wasnt going to be fun

We had just begun the Haze, and while my parents and sister had a partner to, ahem, youknowwhat with, I didn‘t

A fact that would be obvious to every unmated male werewolf within my scents radar

I wasnt antisex. I was all about it if I could find my mate. But to think I would find him at the Pack House of all places? Please. A hazed virgin shewolf can only take so much

I didnt know about the other families who were attending the dinner party, but I did know about one person in attendance who was unmated and very much on the prowl

I gulped. This was going to be a disaster

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