The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 29

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 15


The answer to Aidens question was on the tip of my tongue 

My head was swimming with lust, desire, passion It was an intoxicating combination, and I was caught in the maelstrom

I knew in my heart what I wanted, or rather needed

But no words were coming out of my mouth

So instead I grabbed Aidens silky black hair and pulled it hard as I brought his head down to mine

I kissed him, not just with passion, but with an insatiable desire

I wanted us to join together as oneto give every part of ourselves to each other

Aiden lifted my legs, and I felt his cock rub up against my sex. The way it teased me was almost unbearable

As my sex began to part, I moaned in ecstasy 

Aiden, wait...,I murmured, digging my claws into his back

Do you want me to stop?he asked, stroking my hair and giving me an affectionate look


I... Yes... I mean, I dont know.” I stammered, feeling conflicted

Of course I didnt want him to stop, but at the same time..

Here, now... It just doesnt feel...” 

As I searched for the right words, Aiden found them for me

Perfect,” he said quietly. Youre right. Its your first time. I want it to be just as special as you 


Aidens body pulled away, and it made my heart ache even though I knew it was for the best

“Do you hate me for wanting to wait?I asked

Of course not,he replied, Youve already made me wait this long. What kind of alpha would I be if I couldnt wait just a bit longer. Besides, youre worth the wait.” 

I kissed his lips tenderly, tasting his sweet saliva as our tongues rolled into one

I pulled away and smiled. After our mating ceremony. I promise... Im all yours.” 

And I can promise you it will be a night youll remember forever,he said in a soft growl

Aiden held me in his arms as we lay on the mossy floor of the forest. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of his steady breathing

I thought of what the future held for Aiden and me, and for once I wasnt scared

In fact, Id never felt more safe and secure in my entire life

With that comforting thought. I drifted off to 



Holy shit,Aiden said, his sparkling eyes looking right into mine. He was across the room and literally just stopped in his tracks

**Holy shit.I repeated. He was looking sharper than a goddamn steak knife. Wearing a navy blue tuxedo and freshly shaven for the first time Id ever seen. His cheekbones were as strong as his jaw, and both were mine. All mine, for eternity


It was the day of our mating ceremony. Unlike humans, we weres didnt have the same rituals typical in weddings. There was no rule against mates seeing each other before walking down the 

aisle, which was why Aiden was in my dressing room

It was why he was coming toward me at this very moment, a hunger deep in his eyes. I met him halfway in the middle of the room, and we embraced with such intensity I thought he was going to bite my lips off

Not if I bite his off first, I thought

You look spectacular,he breathed into my ear. I believed him, too. I was wearing another Selene original, a specially designed mating ceremony gown shed worked overtime on to have ready for my special day

It had a strapless corset bodice and a flowing gown that moved whenever I did. The long train in the back made me feel like a goddess

It was even better than the dress Id worn to the Yule Ball, and Id thought beating that one would be impossible

Youre not too shabby yourself,I said, pulling away. But you gotta go now! Its almost time to walk.” 

Yes maamhe said and headed for the door 


Yes, maam,he said and headed for the door. But not before taking one last look at me and letting out a soft whistle. I couldnt help but smile, even if my eyes rolled a little, too

He left, and I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what I was about to see. A ballroom full of our friends and family and the lucky pack members who had gotten invited to the alphas mating ceremony 

It would be a lot of eyes, all on us

I took another breath and then watched as my feet, wearing eggshellcolored stilettos, took one careful step at a time outside the dressing room

Wow.I heard from in front of me. I looked up and saw my dad, holding his hand over his mouth. You look beautiful, honey,he said

Seeing my dad get so emotional was making me emotional too

Even though he wasnt my birth father, or even a werewolf, he was the most important man in my life, alongside Aiden

I still hadnt told my parents what the lady with the purple eyes had said. I wasnt sure how theyd take it, or if they already knew

But then again, I knew how theyd found me. Abandoned, in an alley. How could they possibly know Id come from alphas

Regardless, my mating ceremony was definitely not the right time to bring it up. Or even to think about it. So I ran over to my dad and hugged him as hard as I could 

I was feeling the emotions starting to take over, but I willed my eyes to hold the tears in. If I ruined the makeup Michelle had spent an hour doing, shed kill me

My dad grabbed my hand and looked into my 

eyes. Are you ready?” 

I couldnt help but let a massive smile stretch across my face as I nodded. **Are you

Of course, honey.And then he opened the doors to the ballroom, the same doors Id sprinted out of just three weeks ago

My breath hitched. The ballroom was done up perfectly. There was a long white carpet, which Id be walking down, and a raised platform where the head table usually was

The trees that lined the room were covered in white lights and white ribbons, and every table had a small floral centerpiece

Wed wanted to bring the forest inside, to make this our own woodsy wonderland

Dad looped his elbow through mine, and, as the music started, we began to walk. I smiled at all the familiar faces in the pews that had been arranged 

I passed by Mia and Harry, who had just had their mating ceremony last week, and Erica and Rhys. sitting right next to them

As we neared the front, I saw Mom and Selene and Jeremy, and next to them were Michelle and Josh

The remaining pews up front were filled by other elite pack members, and the rest of the pews spanning the entire room were filled by what looked like half the city. Apparently the alphas wedding was a hot ticket

I reached the platform, and Dad kissed my cheek and shook Aidens hand. And then Aiden helped me up onto the platform

I want to devour you,he said into my ear so only I could hear. A blush immediately crept up my cheeks

We are gathered here today to celebrate the mating of the East Coast Pack alpha, Aiden Norwood, and Sienna Mercer,the Alpha of the Millennium began


Oh yeah, did I mention the Alpha of the Millennium was officiating our mating ceremony

I was attacked with roses, yes, roses. Flying through the air, hitting me and Aiden right in the face. This was typical for mating ceremonies. especially ones that had so many attendants: the ritual of pelting roses at the couple before their first kiss as mates

Okay, okay,the Alpha of the Millennium bellowed, laughing and holding his hands up. Its time.The room fell silent, and the roses stopped soaring through the air. Mate Aiden Norwood, Alpha, you may kiss your Sienna.” 

And then his big hands came around my neck and his chin tilted down. His soft lips were on mine in an instant, and I thought the butterflies inside me were going to explode

Everyone in the pews, everyone who I loved, who I cared about, they all fell away into the background. They didnt matter. Not right now

When we stopped kissing. Aiden grabbed my hand and pulled me back down the white carpet. We heard what felt like an endless stream of applause and cheers from either side, and it didnt subside until we were at the dance floor

The DJ switched from the instrumentals he wa playing to the song Aiden and I had chosen for our first dance. It started, and Aiden twirled me around. He might be good at a lot of things, but dancing was not one of them

I was laughing so hard I thought I was about to pass out. And then the song ended, and I saw Michelle and Josh appear from behind Aiden

Hey!I exclaimed. Aiden let me go, and Michelle kissed both of my cheeks

I cannot, Si. That was a fairytale. Congratulations!she squealed

Thank you!I squealed back. I didnt care that we sounded obnoxious. It was my mating ceremony day, and I could squeal if I wanted to

I was about to ask Aiden and Josh if they minded if Michelle and I danced to the new song, just us girls, but I saw theyd already taken off to the bar. Classic 


Josh asked if I wanted to get a drink, and I wasn‘t going to turn down a whisky toast on my mating ceremony day. Even if it was with my supposed Beta, who had gone behind my back at every turn

I hadnt confronted him. Still. Even after 


what Sienna had told me in the forest and the sense I had that he was the one whod brought my dwindling strengthto the Alpha of the Millenniums attention

I was certain it was him. I didnt know what he was after. Was it that he wanted to be alpha? Would jealousy lead him so far astray that he was betraying his own

To you and Sienna,he said, his shot in the air

Thanks, Josh.” I said, forcing a smile and raising my shot too

Come on, cheer up! Youre mated!he exclaimed 

Im cheery as can be.I swallowed the shot, feeling it burn. It was weird being around him like this, knowing what I knew. I shouldve dealt with it earlier. I knew I should have. But I just... couldn

I had been on cloud nine with Sienna ever since the Yule Ball. And I didnt want anything to distract from that, not work life, not personal life. I just wanted to ride the wave of happiness that we were on 

Come on, another!Josh yelled at me. unnecessarily boisterous. He held two more whisky shots and jutted one out in my direction


Do you really need another?I asked, looking pointedly at the flask in his waistband. His eyes narrowed

Whats that supposed to mean?” 

Act your age, Josh. I said, turning to head back to Sienna. But he put the shots down and grabbed my arm, pulling me back

This cause youve had your ceremony and I haven’t? Im just as much a grownup as you.” 

Youre drunk, and the party just started.” 

Im celebrating.” 

Celebrating what? Going behind your alphas back? Betraying your friend?I couldnt help it. The words just slipped out

His face paled immediately. What... what are you talking about?” 

I know what you told Sienna. That I was just using her.” 

I really didn‘t say any of that... shit... to hurt you. I know it was shady. I can see how inappropriate it was. Youre my goddamn alpha.he said, and I could see his eyes tinting red

Then why d you do it. Josh?” 

He was looking at his shoes. After a moment. his eyes lifted up to mine. I dont know. I want you to succeed. I want the pack to succeed. But something inside me... it just... it wanted to take the glory of having something you didnt have. For the first time in my life, the first time since Ive known you. Aiden. I had something you 


A mate.I said, suddenly understanding. Josh had always felt like he was in my shadow, and maybe Id been a little too comfortable keeping him there, even if I was his alpha

I just wanted to know what itd feel like. To be the respected one, the one everyone turns to for answers,he said

I exhaled. There it was my Betas admission of guilt

But then he continued. Understand that, even when I was meddling, I knew it was wrong. I didn‘t feel good. It didnt make me feel better, not at all. And I understand this isn‘t the place to talk business, that youre gonna have to decide what to do with me based on whats best for the pack. Im just truly sorry. I owed you more than that. You deserve better.” 

After a moment, he nodded and then swiveled and walked back down the hall

I let him walk for a few steps before I called to him: Josh.” 

He turned back and walked the steps toward me. You know you fucked up.I said, a low growl escaping my lips

Yes, Alpha.” 

You swear on your life, on the packs life, youll never betray me or the pack again

Yes, Alpha,he said, and I could see the earnestness in his eyes

I extended my hand, and he took it, but I pulled him in for a hug instead. It took a real alpha to show forgiveness

I couldnt stay mad at Joshhed been like a brother to me since Aaron died

Love you, man. Even though youre a pain in my ass sometimes,I said

Love you too, bro. And thats not just the whiskey talking,he replied

As we pulled apart, Josh punched me in the shoulder, trying to lighten the mood. Hey, save 

shoulder, trying to lighten the mood. Hey, say some of that sentiment for Sienna. Its your damn mating ceremony night.” 

I watched as Sienna danced with Michelle, smiling and twirling, happier than Id ever seen her

She was fucking radiant. The most gorgeous creature Id ever laid eyes on

And she was finally mine


I couldnt stop laughing as Michelle dipped me low on the dance floor, then spun me around and pulled me in so that we were chest to chest

Why am I the one whos leading?she asked, arching her eyebrow. Arent you supposed to be a dominant?” 

Sometimes its nice to let someone else take control,” I responded

As Michelle released me. I stumbled backward, feeling dizzy, but I was immediately stabilized by a pair of powerful arms

Aidens scent of woodsy musk and citrus wafted into my nose as he pressed into me from behind


Ill catch up with you later.Michelle said, giving me a wink. I should make sure Josh isnt getting too drunk.” 

Now that he had me all to himself. Aiden 

tightened his grip, and I could feel his bulge throbbing through his pants

Lets get out of here,he said in a low growl

What did you have in mind?I asked breathlessly as I felt my sex tingling

His scent was becoming so intoxicating that I felt lightheaded

Aidens rough hands dug into my hips. He leaned in close, so that his lips were hovering just next to my ear

Do you remember the promise you made about our mating ceremony night?He whispered, but didnt lose his domineering tone

Yes,I replied, swallowing hard

My heart was beating out of my chest, and a sensation stronger than the Haze was overtaking my body. My sex was wet with anticipation 

Good,he growled, almost hungrily. Because 


What did you have in mind?I asked breathlessly as I felt my sex tingling

His scent was becoming so intoxicating that I felt lightheaded

Aidens rough hands dug into my hips. He leaned in close, so that his lips were hovering just next to my ear

Do you remember the promise you made about our mating ceremony night?He whispered, but didnt lose his domineering tone

Yes,I replied, swallowing hard

My heart was beating out of my chest, and a sensation stronger than the Haze was overtaking my body. My sex was wet with anticipation

Good,he growled, almost hungrily. Because youll be howling to the heavens for mercy by the time Im done with you.

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