The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 28

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 14


I took off toward the main doors, running as fast as my high heels could coordinate. I sprinted through the doors, out into the lawn, past the pack house parking lot, and made it out onto the road.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been a prop this whole time. There I was, trying to warn him about some imminent danger, and he’d been using me like a goddamn rag doll.

That was why he had me move in with him, why he’d told me to go to the fair. It was all one giant photo op.

And I was the dumb teenage girl who’d fallen for

The fresh air was hitting my face, but it wasn’t helping all that much. My hurt-my anger—was still blossoming

I looked around, seeing the edge of the forest a few yards to my right. I ran toward it, and then I paused to carefully unzip Selene’s dress. If anything happened to it, I wouldn’t forgive myself.

But I needed to be free of fabric, free of anything remotely human.


My emotions wouldn’t be stufled down, not anymore. I needed to let them out.

I slipped the gown off and hung it on the first clean branch I could find at eye level so its train wasn’t hitting the muddy floor,

Then I kicked the shoes off and let the rage consume me.

I felt my body shift as I ran. I whirred by trees and logs, leaves and mud, my limbs stretching and my muscles tensing until I was no longer sprinting on two feet but on all four.

I felt my tail waving behind me and noticed the wind smacking through the thick red hair that now covered every inch of me.

Gone was the damsel in the ballgown. No, I was nobody’s fucking damsel in distress.

I was a wolf.

A dominant one.

And the forest was about to see just how goddamn mad I was.



I was still at the bar. With the Alpha of the Millennium. I’d watched Sienna leave seven minutes ago and knew something was wrong. But he kept talking, kept ordering us another round of


I couldn’t leave him. I knew that much… but I had to.

“Would you excuse me for a couple minutes? My Beta… just down there, let me introduce you two. He makes a great drinking partner,” I said, motioning to the wall where Josh was mingling

“No need,” the Alpha of the Millennium said, stopping me from taking any more steps to Josh. “I’ll come with you.”

“I was going to head outside, get some fresh air.”

“I could use some too.Huh. He was not budging from my side.

“Great,” I said and then led him through the ballroom and out the doors. I looked around when we got outside but didn’t see a soul. I tried to close my eyes, to sense her- but I couldn’t.


She’d looked upset. She wouldn’t have left the ball, not if there wasn’t a real reason. If she were really upset. mad, she’d shift. In the forest.


“Who sent you?”

“No one sent me. But I’d been hearing things. About the possibility of your power dwindling.” I let out a growl before I could stop myself,

Someone in my pack was going behind my back, questioning my strength, to the goddamn Alpha of the Millennium?

“From whom?” I seethed.

“That’s not important. What’s important is I’m here. To sense you, to see if the potential problem is actually a potential problem.” He paused. looking out into the trees before turning back to me. “Are you looking?”


“For your mate.”

So that was what this was about. My strength dwindling, the rumors that I wasn’t as dominant as I used to be because I hadn’t found someone.

But I had 

“No need. I’ve already found her,”

“You have?” the Alpha of the Millennium askeum. skeptically. “I don’t feel that from you.”

Now I looked at the ground. “She doesn’t know it yet. We are a pair, for the Season. But I’m taking it slow. For her sake.”

I could’ve sworn his expression softened, just for a second. “That’s why you haven’t consummated. I can sense it. Your frustration, your hostility. That’s what’s interfering with your dominance.”

*Tonight was gonna be the night.” I said without thinking. “But she… she ran from the Ball. Something must have happened…” And just then, in that moment, I scented her. As clear as crystal, I was certain the aroma was hers. And she was near

She’s here. She took off for the forest. I just… I have to find her. I have to tell her.”

He gave me a nod, nothing more, nothing less,

“Thank you. Alpha of the Millennium.”

“Aiden. It’s Raphael. I’ll see you inside.” And then he turned and started walking back the way we had come. Without wasting another second, I removed every article of my tux and shifted, taking a deeper whiff.

I let out a howl, letting her know I was near. But she didn’t resnond So I started to run


After a few yards I started to see the red of her fur in front of me. She was about half a mile ahead, so I upped my pace. I howled again to let her know I was there, but it only seemed to make her run faster.

Within seconds I was on her tail, but still she wasn’t stopping. No matter how much I howled, she didn’t slow down or stop. I had no other choice, so I lunged forward and tackled her.

We tumbled for a while, her limbs trying to fight me off, but when we came to a stop. I had her pinned beneath me.

I growled. Shifi. She shook her head. No

I growled louder. SHIFT! But she just shook her head harder.

I tightened my grasp on her hands and snarled directly into her face. Her big blue eyes rolled in a complete circle

And then she started to shift. I watched as the fur disappeared, her limbs condensed, and her muscles spasmed their way into human form.

She was under me, naked, her back on the muddy floor of the forest.I shifted too, holding her as a human.

That was when I saw the tears.

“You lied to me. You were using me to… to convince the Alpha of the Millennium you’re strong

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Josh told me… he said you knew you weren’t my mate.”

**Josh said what?” 

“He said you’re not my mate. That you’re just pretending.” I grabbed her face in my hands, forcing her to look directly at me.

“I lied to you. I admit it. I did. This whole time.” More tears pooled in her eyes, and her face got all red.

I continued, my voice cracking a bit. “Because I knew you were my mate the second I laid eyes on you, Sienna Mercer. I knew it when you were drawing by the river. And I’ve known it every second we’ve been together since.”

The red in her cheeks slowly faded to pink, and I could see the realization pass through her eyes. “If you’re lying to me, Aiden, I swear to God, I will kill you.”


I laughed. I couldn’t help it. “I know. And that’s why I love you.”


“I love you too.” I responded, and it felt right. Like it was a familiar notion, something that felt at home on my tongue.

And in that moment, I knew this man wasn’t just my partner for the season or a sexually frustrated alpha

No, Aiden Norwood was my mate.

I could feel the truth of those words with all my heart. It made me positively burst with joy and…need for him.

He leaned down to kiss me, and I could taste the saltiness of my old tears on him. But then something changed. We weren’t kissing in a happy, sweet way. We were kissing in an I need you now way. It was urgent and dangerous and… hor

Although a canopy of leaves covered us, I felt a surge of excitement from how completely exposed we were.

I pushed any reservations deep into the recesses of

I pushed any reservations deep into the recesse. my mind.

Normally, I’d have felt unsure about making such a rash decision. I would’ve wanted everything to be perfect for my first time.

But right then, all I could think about was how I wanted Aiden to absolutely ravage my body.

He wanted me. And I wanted him. Every damned inch of my skin shivered at his touch.

I could feel him getting harder and harder as I writhed on top of him, our naked bodies moving right on top of the dirt and roots of the forest floor.

It was so natural, so raw. Especially now that I knew we were mates. My body, my mind, my heart, every part of me hungered for him.

His hands started moving all over me, rubbing me, squeezing me, and then I felt them on my butt, controlling the rhythm of how I moved on him. The other times we’d gone further than just dry humping, it had been slower, more intentional,

But now I needed a release. I didn’t have time to wait.

Oh my God 

Am I really about to do this


It was so natural, so raw. Especially now that I knew we were mates. My body, my mind, my heart, every part of me hungered for him.

His hands started moving all over me, rubbing me, squeezing me, and then I felt them on my butt, controlling the rhythm of how I moved on him. The other times we’d gone further than just dry humping, it had been slower, more intentional.

But now I needed a release. I didn’t have time to wait.

Oh my God... 

Am I really about to do this

As Aiden’s golden-green eyes burrowed into my very soul, he asked me the same question I was asking myself.

Sienna… Are you ready?”


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