The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 25

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 11


Sienna, can you grab the champagne?

I looked across the dining room at Aiden, who was bringing a platter of cheese and crackers to the table. I almost pinched myself. It felt surreal. We were throwing a dinner party, our first dinner party, as a couple. Not a mated couple, of course, but a couple for the season

The whole mated thing... that would take a little more time to figure out

I still hadnt had the ahha moment I was looking for, the one Id always assumed would come when I saw my mate. Selene had said that sometimes it takes longer to realize

Like with Mia and Harry. They were best friends for years before they mated. But I needed to be sure that Aiden either was my mate or wasnt before I decided anything drastic. I was waiting for a sign


“Sure,I called back to him, walking into the kitchen and pulling a bottle of champagne from the fridge. As I walked it back into the dining room, the doorbell rang

Here we go,he called out. And then he opened the door

There were hugs and kisses, exclamations and laughter, and by the time the door shut again, there were four more familiar faces in the room

Sienna, honey,Jocelyn greeted me. You look beautiful.” 

I hugged Josh hello and then kissed Mia and Harry on their cheeks. Guys, thank you for coming!I exclaimed to the newly mated pair

We wouldnt miss it,” Harry said, and I couldnt help but feel overjoyed for my friend. Harry was such a good guy, and I knew they were really meant to be. Just then Erica grabbed my arm, forcing me to swivel, and I saw she had located the champagne bottle

In one swift motion shed popped it, hande us each a champagne flute, and poured a healthy dose of bubbly into the glasses

Cheers!she said, and we brought our flutes together. I eyed Mia, and we shared a look. Ever since Erica had been the only one of us to go without a real catch for the season, shed been drinking a lot more I didnt think it was cause for concern, but I was still hoping shed find someone. I looked over Harrys shoulder and found Aiden talking to Rhys, one of his oldest friends

Hey, Aiden, we have champagne over here!I called out and watched as their little group came to merge with ours. Introductions were made, as per my plan. Aiden had mentioned Rhys was single for the Season, so I wanted him and Erica to chat

Erica, I think Rhys wants a drink.” 

Do you?she asked him. He smiled at her, grabbing a flute off the table and then holding it out for her to pour. Good

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Mia. Wheres Michelle?she asked

I dont know. I thought she was coming with you guys.” 

Mia shook her head. She was supposed to come with Ross. I tried to call her before we left, but she didnt answer.” 

Weird. Theyll probably be fashionably late. You know how they are when theyre together.” 



Cant go five seconds without...We looked at each other and erupted into giggles. Something about the champagne and having all my friends together, with Aiden, it kind of made me giddy

Michelle im outside 



Sienna Come in silly 


can u come out 



Sienna What is goin on 



please sienna 


i need u to come 

I snuck out of the dining room as everyone was taking their seats at the table, closing the front door gently behind me. Michelle?I called out softly, not wanting anyone inside to get worried

I didnt see or hear anything at first. But then, a few seconds later, I saw some movement by the edge of the lawn. Michelle stepped out from the shadow of a tree

Im here,she said, and I could tell shed been crying. Immediately my mind went to the worstto what had happened to Emily and how I had been too late for that, too

I ran over to her. Are you okay? What happened?I asked so quickly the words were incoherent

He... he...” 

Shhh, come here. Take a deep breath,I said, guiding her to the big rock beside the driveway. We both leaned on it as I rubbed 


driveway. We both leaned on it as I rubbed her back. I watched as Michelle, usually my hyperconfident, badass, outspoken friend, brought a trembling hand up to wipe the tears from her cheek. Did he hurt you?” 

She looked at me, her eyes filled with pain, but a different type of pain than Emilys had been on that day

He dumped me.” 


For another girl. He said shes... shes hotter. And better in... in bed.I could barely understand her through the sniffles, but I knew that was the worst possible thing Michelle could hear. She was used to getting her way, especially with boys, and Ross had been a guy she trusted

“Im sorry. Im so sorry, Mich,I said, hugging her. She hugged me back. Then she pulled away 

I dont think I can come inside” 


Stop that. Of course youre coming in.” 


Im a mess.” 

If you go home, he wins. You need to have a fun night. You deserve that.” 

She smiled at me. Ive missed you, Si,she said. Im sorry weve been...‘ 


Yeah. Me too,I said, grabbing her hand. Can we not fight again? Like, ever?

Promise,” she said, and we both laughed. Then she stood, rolled her shoulders back, and took her hair out of her ponytail

How do I look?” 

Perfect,I said. And then we headed back inside



It didnt feel like Id known Sienna for only a few weeks. Looking around the dining room, seeing all our friends mingling with each other, it felt... normal. And nice

Hey, man, this gouda is gouda,Josh


said, slapping my shoulder as he chewed a mouthful of cheese. I couldnt help but laugh. Some things changed, but others... they never would 

You want another drink?I asked Josh

Beer,he responded, so I got up to grab us some beers from the fridge. Josh was my oldest friend, my best friend, and, now that wed made a few things clear this past week, a Beta I could trust

I mean hed always been a guy I could trust. He knew everything that had gone down with Aaron, how messed up it made me for a while

But now, with all the weirdness happening around the Packwhat with the incident with the unknown threat and now the Alpha of the Millenniums appearanceI finally felt like Id be able to lean on him in a transparent way for workrelated issues, too

He was smarter than his fratwolf demeanor let on, after all

I pulled a couple beers out and brought them back to the table. We brought the bottles to our mouthspart of being a werewolf meant 

you never needed a bottle opener, and fastened our teeth around the cap

Josh had his open in less than a second, but for some reason, mine wasnt budging

Come on, bro, whats happening?” 


I waved him off, trying to wiggle the cap, but still nothing. People were starting to notice

Hes gone weak!Josh bellowed from the seat next to me, and now everyone at the table was watching me squirm against the cap

Come on, Alpha!Rhys hollered from the other end

Alpha versus cap! Alpha versus cap!Josh chanted, pounding his hands against the table

Now I was pissed. I grabbed the cap between my back molars and ripped it off, spitting it out across the table. Josh clapped me on the 


There ya go, buddy. Thought you were really losing your power for a second.” 


I shot him a look before he went any further. Sure, we werent on the job or at the Pack House, but I was still his goddamn Alpha. He retreated back into his seat

It was a busted bottle,I muttered


Yeah, or maybe shes not your mate.” 

Before he could go further, I was at his throat. Whatd you say to me?” 

He eyed me, kind of nervous, and then his gaze shot around the table. Rhys had noticed, but everyone else was still deep in conversation. I backed up, not wanting to cause a scene

Josh leaned in. Im just saying, if she was your mate, youd have all the strength youd ever had. You would know.” 

Before I could answer, Sienna was walking into the room, her friend in tow. And I realized I hadnt seen her in awhile, that shed been out of the room

Where had she gone? Why hadnt I noticed

And just like that, Josh had gotten into my head. Making me question myself in ways I never had before



I led Michelle into the dining room, watching as she changed back into the girl I knew. The one who held her head high in every situation, who refused to take any shit from anyone

I locked eyes with Aiden. I knew I shouldve been used to his looks by now, the way his scruff illuminated his striking jawline and how his mouth curled into the little smile that sent my butterflies dancing

But I wasnt. He still gave me goosebumps

Michelles here,I said to everyone at the table, and all turned to see. And then something I couldnt quite explain happened

It was like a wave of electricity shot through the room, but it hit only two people

The air became thinner, all noise went mute, and Michelle and Josh were connected by some otherworldly current. Their eyes were locked on each other with such


distinct intensity that everyone in the room immediately knew what had happened

Michelle and Josh, the first time theyd seen each other, had mated


I couldnt help but be happysomewhat selfishly, as I was the one whod convinced Michelle to come inside, and now Id be a part of their mating story forever. I looked around the room, wanting to share my elation, but then my eyes landed on Jocelyn

Shoot. Jocelyn

Slowly but surely, everyone aside from Michelle and Joshwhose eyes were still lockedshifted their attention to her. She knew what was happening. She wasnt in the dark. Not at all. But instead of the reaction we were expecting, one with tears or screams or dramatics, Jocelyn just stood up

She took her champagne flute in one hand and lifted it into the air. A toast. To the two new mates,she said, her voice as elegant as a dove. Michelle and Josh had snapped out of it, and Josh ran around the table to bring Michelle a glass of champagne

To Michelle and Josh,Aiden said, and everyone lifted their places eroino him 


a dove. Michelle and Josh had snapped out of it, and Josh ran around the table to bring Michelle a glass of champagne

To Michelle and Josh,Aiden said, and everyone lifted their glasses, echoing him

I shot another glance at Jocelyn after wed all sat back down, and I couldnt help but wonder if there was something less elegant beneath the surface. She was smiling and saying the right things, sure, but the man shed been with for the season had just fallen in love with another woman, a woman he didnt even know ten minutes ago, right in front of her

Jocelyn might be a healer, but one thing my mom always told me was that you cant fil

someone elses glass if yours is empty. And if Jocelyns glass was empty, I was wondering when she might notice

I was hoping itd be before it cracked

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