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The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 24

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 10


We were nearing the Ferris wheel, and I was trying to shake the image of the purpleeyed woman from my head. Aiden clearly hadnt seen her, and if I brought her up again, I was sure he would sign me into a psych ward or something 


Come on,” I said, pulling Aiden up to the teenager manning the Ferris wheel ticketing booth

I dipped my hand into my purse to buy us both a ride, but the teenager just held his hand up

Alpha, man, youre good,he said to Aiden

Then he nodded to me. Her too.” 

Huh. It seemed traveling with the Alpha had some perks

The teenager escorted us past the lineI turned back to gauge Aidens reaction and he just shruggedand then we were stepping into our own private car. I slid across the bench, and Aiden came to sit right beside me. The teenager helped us bring the bar down, making sure we were secure

Enjoy the Love Wheel,he said with a wink, and then he disappeared back into the crowd

It wasnt called the Love Wheel last year,” I said to Aiden, feeling a blush spread over my cheeks before I could stop it

Maybe somethings different this year,” he said, and his hand laced through mine. Before I could read too much into that, we started moving. Our car rose quickly until we were right at the top of the wheel, looking down at the town beneath us

Its beautiful.” 


It is.I looked at him as he said that and had an overwhelming feeling that he wasnt talking about the view. I looked down into my lap. I still wasnt comfortable with all the attention

Whos Emily?At the sound of her name, my head whipped up. I heard you say her name when you were sleeping. You kept repeating it.” 

His eyes searched my face for answers, but I wasnt ready to talk about it. I hadnt talked about it with anyone before


I cant... I said, not wanting to lie to him

He sighed and looked out at the view, and I thought Id lost him. But then he started 



Id heard Sienna whimpering in her sleep last night when I was holding her in my arms. I could feel her body trembling, and I couldn‘t see tears in the darkness, but I wouldnt have been surprised if thered been some on her 



Shed called for an Emily, over and over again, loud enough that Id been woken up. I didnt mind, of course. Maybe it was the Alpha in me, but I liked being needed

I hugged her to me tighter and smoothed her hair until she stopped whimpering, and then I fell back asleep

I was fairly certain that shed been deep in slumber through the whole thing, but I knew that that kind of unconscious emotion didnt just come from some arbitrary character in your imagination. There was more to what she was whimpering about than I knew, and my 

curiosity got the best of me

So when we were locked into our Ferris wheel car, looking down at the fair, all the way down, I brought it up. Something immediately shifted in her. She inched a little away from me, but I don‘t think she did it on purpose. I think her instinct, when someone asks her something personal and important, is to create space


Being Alpha, Id learned a long time ago how to put those around me at ease. Something my dad taught me when I was young was to never expect anything for free. Give something to get something,hed say, and that notion had stuck with me

So in the Ferris wheel, I prepared myself to give something 

I had a brother,I began, looking out into the distance. I could feel her gaze fall on me almost immediately. His name was Aaron.” 

Was?she choked out. I looked at her now, nodding 

He was older than me. By a few years. Hed always known Id surpass him as an Alpha, said he could sense it the whole time we were kids But he didnt care Hed tackle 


were kids. But he didnt care. Hed tackle me and throw me around anyway.I smiled, remembering the times wed had together growing up. It had just been the two of us and our parents, so wed always been close

“What happened?Sienna whispered

He met his mate,I said. “Her name was Jen. She was a human. A scientist. Beautiful and smart, she was his perfect match. Id never seen him as happy as when he was with her.” 

It was true. Seeing them together, that was what gave me the inspiration to keep my hope intactthe hope that, one day, Id meet my mate too


Then one day, in the lab she was working in, there was an explosion. It was at the station over from hers, a mix of chemicals that shouldnt have been together. An accident. Human error, they said. But it was too late. She was gone.” 

I saw Siennas eyes fill with tears. She was waiting for me to finish, silent

You know what happens when we lose our mate. Aarons heart couldnt take it. It broke into pieces, disintegrating day after day, until there was nothing left And then he was one 


there was nothing left. And then he was gone


Sienna wrapped her hand around mine, pulling it into her lap. Then she looked at me, her eyes somehow providing me some kind of relief. Like she was soothing my soul without saying a word

Im sorry,she said after a moment. And then she took a deep breath, like she was getting ready to stick her head into a new world. One she hadnt been to before



I took a deep breath, and her face filled my head. Something about the way Aiden had been so open with me, so raw, had let all of my memories free. Like hed somehow been able to tell them that it was okaywe didnt have to be afraid, not anymore

The last time Id seen Emily, it was the day after. I hadnt known why shed been so cold that morning, why she was hesitant about me coming over

Shed had a big date the night before, with the guy shed been into for awhile

She was nervous, sure, but we were fifteen. What girl wasnt nervous to go on a date? Id helped her get ready, made sure her outfit was sexy enough to catch his attention

I had even brought over Selenes glitter lotion, the kind that, when rubbed in, left a trail of sparkles behind. I helped Emily rub it onto her neck and chest and then gave her an approving smile


You look good enough to eat,” Id said, laughing. And then I sent her off

She had texted me a few times when I was at dinner with my family, saying he was being too touchy, too aggressive, but I didnt think anything of it. I was a dominant, so Id always thought everyone else around me should be, too

I mean I couldnt imagine a submissive mate. In my mind, that was the worst possible option

I fell asleep early, and when I woke up the next morning, my phone showed I had four missed calls from her. Again, I didnt think 

anything of it. I thought my friend had wanted to gush about how shed had her first kiss or how sexy he was. And I hadnt had so much 


as a crush on anyone yet, so I wasnt that upset to have missed the calls

But then I showed up to her house, like I did every Saturday. And her mom greeted me at the door, saying Emily wasnt feeling so well. But I went into her bedroom anyways, saw her tucked under the covers, last nights makeup all over her face

Whats wrong? I asked, running over to her

Nothing.” Her voice was clipped, and her eyes looked vacant. But then they flicked over to me, and she pushed the blankets off her. My eyes moved over the glitter across her chest, but I also saw the claw marks, the trail of dried blood

Emily!I cried, grabbing her hands. Are you okay? What happened?” 

He thought...she started, and her eyes welled with tears. He thought I looked good enough to eat.” 

I had let my best friend go out with a guy who wanted one thing. And when she didnt want to give it to him, he took it anyways

She was raped.I got out, finally looking at 

Aiden. Id described the details of my memory aloud, for the first time. I encouraged her to go out with the guy who raped her. And I wasnt there when she called for help.” 

He reached out to wipe a tear that had fallen away. Its not your fault,he said. That pieceofshit werewolf is the one who should be crying.” 

She killed herself. Two days later.” I looked right at Aiden, wanting to see how he reacted. It was something Id kept inside for so long, and I didnt know how sharing it would make me feel 

He inhaled sharply, his eyes closing. When they opened again, they were red. Like he was experiencing the pain right along with me

I get it,he said, and he brought my hand to his lips. He kissed it gently, so gently that I wondered if, had my eyes been closed, I wouldve felt it


Why youre keeping your virginity. Its sacred, and it should be respected. Ill respect it, Sienna. Ill respect you.” 


it, Sienna. Ill respect you.” 

They dont write textbooks for these kinds of conversations, but if they did, that would be the answer that every kid should memorize

I felt ease surge through me, like all the stress Id been nervous about feeling the first time I had the Emily conversation had vanished. And it was because of the man sitting beside me, clutching my hand

The Alpha 

The Alpha made my heart beat slow, made me feel at home in a car a hundred feet off the ground. And as the wheel started to turn, as we were lowered back down to where we belonged, I couldnt help but think that Aiden..

Aiden might just be my mate

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