The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 23

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 09



Part of me couldn’t believe what was about to happen. What I was about to do. This was the first time I’d been so close to touching a man, and I felt ready.

It felt right 

“I want to do this. For you,” I said, and his gaze bore into me. Right into me. My Haze was hungry, and if I couldn’t fulfill it all, this would do just fine. So I lowered my lips to his hips and continued leaving soft kisses along the border of his sweatpants. And then my fingers slowly pulled the waistband down until I could see all of him.

And when I could, my breath hitched in my throat. He was big and thick, exactly what you’d expect an Alpha to look like. I had watched porn before, sure, so I knew what was normal for pornstars to have. But seeing it up close, with a man who I knew—a man who I likedit was different. So different.

I ran my fingers along him first, watching him get harder and harder.

“Shit, Sienna,” Aiden muttered. “Have you ever...??

“No,” I said softly, breathing warm air onto him. And then I stuck my tongue out, tasting him. I heard Aiden let out a gasp and took that as motivation to take the top of him into my mouth. I sucked gently for a few moments, and then I took more of him. As much as I could.


I was moving up and down to a rhythm. I hadn’t done this before, per se, but I was a nineteen-year-old girl. I wasn’t deaf to hearing blowjob tales from my friends, and of those, there were many. So I was fairly certain I knew exactly what to do, and by the way he was responding, I wasn’t half bad.

He was getting louder. I liked being responsible for that. It felt good to drive him crazy.

After a few more minutes of that, I felt his hands reach down to the back of my neck. He was trying to lift me off him. I knew why.

He didn’t want me to swallow what would come next. But I wanted to. No, I needed to. I wanted to taste all of him, to get to know every morsel of what he was.

So I slapped his hands away and moved my


So I slapped his hands away and moved my head up and down even faster, using my tongue to swirl around him. It took only a few seconds, but then he was coming, and a thick and salty substance, not bad-tasting, filled my mouth.

I swallowed it and looked up at him, at the man who’d been the first to enter my mout like that


He was catching his breath, but his eyes were dancing. He pulled me up to him and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear.

“You’re spectacular,” he said, the word somehow containing more flattery than every compliment I’d ever gotten combined.


Josh alpha hurry up


were all here already

Aiden I’m coming


Josh alphas dont get to be fashionably late

Josh lol


Sienna had just blown my mind. There was no other way to phrase it. Sure, I’d known the girl was hot as hell. That was never the question.

But knowing how inexperienced she was, how innocent she appeared to be, I wasn’t expecting that. Not even the girls who’d been around the block a thousand times had given me something like that.

She was in the guest room getting ready now. I could hear her moving around in there, and my imagination was thinking about her getting dressed. The way her body looked completely uncovered, the way she looked as she was pulling a pair of panties up…

Stop, I ordered myself. It was like I couldn’t control myself at all when we were in the same house. Must be the Haze

I pulled a sweater on and then headed into the hallway, knocking once on the door Sienna was behind. “Sienna? Ready?”’

Not even a second later the door was opening, and there she was. In a sleek black blouse and jeans, her red hair tumbling down over her shoulders. Her curves… the way the fabric clung to her in all the right ways… it was too much. I growled, pulling her to me.

“Let’s not go. Let’s stay here and…”I trailed off, my suggestion lingering between our heavy breathing

“Okay, Mr. Alpha.” She rolled her eyes. “Like you could miss the fair.”

She was right. I couldn’t.

“If it were up to me, we’d stay here all day. Fuck the photo op.” I said, kissing her.

“Fuck the photo op,” she said back, looking me in the eyes. But we couldn’t. Because I was Alpha and the fair was the pre-Yule Ball event that got the whole community together. And what was a community without its leader



The second we neared the fair, I felt my nerves dancing through my bloodstream. I had never been this nervous a person, never in my entire freaking life. But I was holding the

Alpha’s hand, living in his house. So I wasn’t just a regular teenage girl anymore.

I was the girl next to Aiden Norwood. The girl who’d be scrutinized and fussed with, who’d be the subject of gossip, until everyone stopped caring

And I’d bet it would take awhile for everyone to stop caring

We’d just reached the gardens outside the fair, and I was taken aback by how polished they looked. Someone had laced lights through the trees, giving the dusk sky a beautiful glow.


Even from here I could see how packed it was. While the Yule Ball was the main event of the holiday season every year, the fair was the family-friendly version that brought everyone in town out to drink hot cocoa and play carnival games. Something about being here made me feel like a kid every time.


Then I felt my hand being squeezed, and my mind turned back to the man beside me. The man who sent chills down my spine over and over again. And I suddenly didn’t feel like a kid at all.

“You ready?” he asked, peering down at me.

I gave him a nod. I was ready—Sienna Mercer, reporting for ceremonial role duty. And then he was whisking me through the gardens, through the people of all ages laughing and milling about, and leading me straight for the table under the canopy tent.

The table that housed all the Pack elite, including Josh and Jocelyn.

I spotted them sharing a chair—well, Jocelyn treating Josh’s lap as a chair, more specifically

—and they waved us over.

“Finally. I wonder what took ’em so long.” Josh winked to Jocelyn, and I felt my cheeks burn.

“Watch yourself,” Aiden ordered him, putting a protective arm around my shoulders. I inched closer to him, liking the warmth.


“Monica from the Pack News was looking for you. She wants a quote,” Josh said to Aiden, and Aiden just nodded. He grabbed a couple cups of hot cocoa from the bar behind the table and handed me one before guiding me back to the center of the fair.

“Hope you don’t mind I’m yanking you with me to do business,” he growled into my ear.

Something about the way he said it made it feel sexy, even though it was a pretty mundane topic. I looked at him, at the way his hair fell just so, at the scruff on his cheeks.

There was something so effortlessly sexy about him all the time. And then he kissed me, in the middle of the fair, surrounded by families. And all I could think was, let them see

A camera flash pulled me out of the kiss. “Hey, Alpha, over here!”

I turned to find the source of the flash-shout combo and saw a short woman, her curly dark hair looking like a volcano erupting in all directions from her scalp. Even though she was standing still, I could’ve sworn she was moving at a mile a minute.


“Monica,” Aiden greeted her, extending his hand for a shake. She shook it with gusto, and I thought I saw a blush creep up her cheeks.

“Tell me, tell me,” she said, looking between him and me. “Is this serious?” 

“I thought you wanted a quote about the fair?”

She waved that sentiment away. “Fairs sell cocoa. Sex sells papers.” She let out a wink and a cackle at her own joke, and Aiden raised his eyebrow at me before turning back to her. He shrugged his jacket off and, pulling the collar of his sweater away from his neck, exposed the mark that I’d given him the previous night

Monica gasped, and I just barely stopped myself from doing the same. And then the heat rose to my cheeks, filling me with a distinct kind of pride, one that made it clear I was wanted. By the Alpha.

“So it’s a done deal?” Monica pressed. I straightened my shoulders. I wasn’t giving anything away. This was his world, his platform. He could say what he wanted.

“Nothing’s ever done in this world,” Aiden said.

“So there may be room for another lady?”

At that question, Aiden pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around my chest from behind. “Right now, this is all the lady I need.”

Monica snarled—yes, snarledand before she could get another question out, Aiden took my hand and guided me away.

“I’ll find you later for that quote!” he called over his shoulder to her.

And then we were by the edge of the fair, close to the trees.


“Sorry about that,” he said, his eyes searching mine. “You did great.”

“I did? I didn’t say a word.”

“Exactly. Handled yourself like a pro. How about I make it up to you?”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”


He scanned the fair for an answer, and then he turned me around so I was looking at the same thing he was. The Ferris wheel.

“The Ferris wheel is actually my favorite,” I said. It was true. Every year it was what I looked forward to most. Something about being above the world, high enough to feel like you were above every danger, every threat, was invigorating. “You can make fun of me for that if you want.”

“Make fun of you for loving the Ferris wheel?”


“I didn’t say I loved it. I just like it the best.” He shook his head and smiled at me, like he couldn’t believe I was a fully functional human.

“Let’s go,” he said, pulling me toward it.


Before I could say anything, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Back in the trees.

A face. The same face I’d seen before in the forest.

The woman with the mysterious purple eyes, the other-worldly beauty. The kind of face you couldn’t just forget. But then, she was gone.

“Did you see that?” I asked, suddenly out of breath.

Aiden just looked around quizzically. “See


“The lady!”

“What lady?”

“She was right there!”


“Sienna, are you all right?”

I looked back at the trees, where the purple-eyed lady had been moments before and wondered what it meant—her always appearing to me, just out of reach. It wasn’t my mind playing tricks on me. Of that much I was sure.

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