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The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 21

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 07


Three days had passed since the run, and the period afterwards was like coming down from a high, which meant my emotions were all over the place

At times Id experience a flash of euphoria, remembering the thrill of the chase, while other times Id hit an emotional low, thinking Id never feel that way again

Aiden felt it too. Hed grown more distant over the past few days, burying himself in work. Selene conveniently left out that the best experience of my life would be followed by a crippling sense of unease

I needed to do something to pull us both out of the funk, so I decided to bake Aiden his favorite dessert, apple pie

Jocelyn told me the Alpha had a massive sweet tooth, and Id yet to use that weapon in my arsenal against him. This time, though, Id use food for good

I found myself humming and moving my hips as I sauntered around the kitchen, spilling flour everywhere. I wasnt expecting a chorus 


flour everywhere. I wasnt expecting a chorus of woodland creatures to pop through the window and start wrapping me in silk or anything, but this feeling? It felt fucking great

The oven timer dinged, signaling the apple pie was ready. It smelled like heaven. If I couldve chosen a permanent scent for myself, itd be this one. I excitedly texted Aiden to see when hed be home. I didnt know how long I could wait to see the look on his face


Hey, are you on your way home

Sienna I have a surprise 


Aiden Still stuck at work 


Aiden We got our own surprise today 

Aiden A last minute VIP guest for the Yule Ball 

Aiden Gonna be working late 

Sienna Again

Sienna Thats the third time this week 

Aiden I know 

Aiden Its not ideal 

Aiden Thats just the way it is right now 

Aiden The Yule Ball is in two weeks 



Aiden It‘s mayhem here 

Sienna Will you at least be back before Im asleep

Aiden Dont know 

Aiden I wouldnt wait up 

Sienna Oh okay 

Sienna Talk to you later, I guess 

All the enthusiasm I had worked up instar drained from my body. I was suddenly mad. Mad at myself, for putting so much effort into baking, like some submissive housewife. Did 

I have nothing better to do than bake for a man? To wait for his validation

But I was just as mad at how upset his texts made me. That his absence was affecting me so much

I used to pray for this kind of distance between us. Hell, at times Id wished we were on opposite sides of the Earth. But now I couldnt handle him being gone for a day

And I didnt like it

As the heat from the apple pie faded, so did its scent. Aidens unmistakable odora mix of woodsy and manlyfilled the room again. It was apparently strong enough to do that, even when he wasnt home

The scent of him alone was enough to send a visceral pang of missing him through me. Ever since the run, when wed gotten close as wolves, my inner wolf had this constant urge to be near his. It was like he radiated something that connected us, and I wanted to be tethered to that connection at all times

Tears flooded my eyes. I placed my hand my mark as my body shook

I knew I was being dramatic. I felt like a foolish teenage girl. But I didnt care. I just wanted him here with me, holding me, kissing me, telling me everything would work out between us


But instead I was here alone


I dropped my phone back onto the table. Dammit,I muttered under my breath

I hated doing this to Sienna. Id barely even seen her in the past three days because it felt like I was living at the Pack House. Everything was in full disarray since the surprise announcement that the Alpha of the Millennium would be attending our Yule Ball

And when everything was in disarray, yours truly was working overtime

On the one hand it was an honor to have a guest of that caliber attend our humble celebration. The Alpha of the Millennium was the emperor of, well, fucking everything. He was the beacon of power that everyone revered, and gracing us with his presence was an honor we might not get again

But on the other hand, it was suspicious. Why would the Alpha of the Millennium decide to come to our Yule Ball, and on such short notice no less? Was he just interested in the annual celebration, in visiting our Pack, or was there something more to his motive

I couldnt tell. But I was planning to keep my senses heightened until the Ball ended to make sure I was prepared for anything

I had already ordered security to be increased tenfold, both at the Ball and the days leading up to it. Being the most powerful man in the worldand that was what the Alpha of the Millennium wasmeant you built up an impressive roster of enemies. And with the recent perimeter breach, it was clear that there were flaws in our system

I was certainly not going to be taking any chances

When I ordered the increased security, some Pack members looked at me like I was paranoid. But I was willing to fight for the U defensive team I knew we needed. Even if everything went according to plan, Id rather be safe than sorry

I had full confidence in my Pack, in their ability to follow orders and achieve results, but lately Id been wondering if they had the same confidence in me

I saw the way their eyes connected with each other when I gave orders, and I heard the whispers that would float around me on occasion



Not as strong 


It wasnt that they were disobeying me or disrespecting me. That wouldve been unacceptable. They wouldve been punished and replaced immediately. I was Alpha, and I was in charge

It was more like... they were worried about me. They wanted the best for their Alpha, and they didnt know how to help me get it


It always came back to finding a mate. Tha u much was clear. The looks, the whispers, none of it would happen if Id get mated already 

But then again, maybe they were right to worry about me. I couldnt let my mind drift from Sienna for a goddamn minute. I should be focused on the Pack, on the Yule Ball and 

the Alpha of the Millenniums appearance, but instead I was worried about a few texts

My inner wolf growled. Enough. I was Alpha

The Alpha did not secondguess himself

I turned to look across the boardroom table, where Josh was reading through some documents. We had agreed to go through legal and get the signatures done, but Jeremy was running late

Josh, forget the paperwork. Call a Pack meeting. We have some things to discuss.Josh looked at me then nodded

He walked to the rooms phone and pressed a button then barked into it: Council to the boardroom. Council to the boardroom. Alphas orders.” 

Alphas orders. That was goddamn right



Id thrown myself under the bed covers several times already, but that activity did little to comfort me. It made me feel only more isolated 

I needed someone to talk to. Someone who would understand this separation anxiety. Normally, that someone would be Michelle, but we hadnt talked since shopping for Mias mating ceremony dress

I fiddled with my phone for several minutes, trying to work up the courage to text Michelle. My inner wolf was doing somersaults in my head

Just do it, you bitch



Sienna How are you

I paused. Staring at the screen. A minute passed, then two. I knew I couldnt pretend like nothing had happened, like we hadnt had our biggest fight. I was certain that if I didnt apologize now, she wouldnt respo1 

And then how would I get my friend back

Sienna Mich I know we aren‘t on the best terms right now 

Sienna But I miss you 


Sienna I shouldve been there for you 

Sienna Im sorry 

Sienna Really really sorry 

I took a deep breath. Waiting. Still nothing. So I plowed ahead, deciding to just leave everything out there. I had nothing left to lose

Sienna I know I have no right to ask this you 

Sienna But theres so much going on between me and Aiden 

Sienna And I just...I really need a friend right now 

I dropped my phone on the bed, pulling the blanket over my eyes. Id laid out everything in the open, but part of me thought she wasnt going to respond, anyway. I hadn‘t been there for her when she really, truly needed me

Id been too selfabsorbed to even realize she had

So I wasnt allowed to feel surprised, or sorry for myself, when she wasnt there for me either. Just as I was repeating that over to myself, I felt my phone vibrate. My heart leapt out of my chest. I grabbed the phone and turned it over, seeing the litup screen

Michelle im sorry sienna 

Michelle i just need some space rn 

My stomach dropped like I was on a rollercoaster. All the hope that had welled up inside me just... popped. Like a balloon

I knew I couldnt blame her. I wouldnt let myself do that. But still, realizing that Id been 

the one who pushed her away... it made me feel even more isolated

It was like everyone around me needed space

Away from me

I glanced in the corner where all my unused art supplies and halffinished paintings were collecting dust. At least my art supplies were there for me. I got out of bed, stretched a new canvas, and placed it on an easel

If all these emotions were going to be swirling around inside me, I might as well put them to good use. It had been awhile since I’d started a new piece

I had no idea what would come about, but at least painting would provide a temporary distraction from how shitty I was feeling

I started with black, which was fitting for how I was feeling. Long, wavy brush strokes

Next, a creamy white. Soft and delicate

Purple, I needed purple. Two circles. Piercing pupils

Lastly, a thin, willowy frame washed out by the moonlight 

I took a step back. Id painted a woman. A beautiful, but sad woman. She looked 

strangely familiar. Why was she so haunting? I gasped as I made the connection

It was the mysterious woman from the woods

Id nearly forgotten about her, so why was she staring back at me from my canvas now? Part of me wondered if she was even real. Maybe my mind was so desperate for interconnection 

that it was fabricating hallucinations that looked real enough for the rest of me to buy it

But I knew better than that. She was real

I could feel her, not physically but her energy. There was something unique about her. Something Id never sensed before



I jumped up on the boardroom table that currently seated my Pack members. I paced back and forth looking each and every one of them in the eye, asserting my dominance

Everyone, listen up,I commanded. Things are going to change around here, starting now. The One True Alpha is coming, and I need this Pack to be a united front. So strong that no threat can break through. Understand?” 


I looked around, seeing the solemn faces nodding back at me. This Pack will always have my full attention, never doubt that. But if you dont trust my decisions, then were all in trouble. If any of you dont feel my leadership is worthy of your obedience,” I said, pointing to the door, theres your exit.” 

I took a breath as I looked from face to face. Nobody moved a muscle. So I continued. If were divided, were weak. And if were weak, then something like the perimeter breach will happen again. Thats not a possibility. Do you understand? This is the fucking Alpha of the Millennium. If we cant protect him, then were no damn Pack at all,? I barked


I stepped over to Joshs seat and lowered myself down, so I was crouching. Looked him right in the eye. Josh, my Beta. I need to know that you are fully committed to your Alpha. That you will follow my orders, no questions asked.” 

He looked around the room, trying to keep his expression neutral

What are you looking at them for? Im right here,I said, snarling

Yes, my Alpha,he said, eyes finally locking 

on mine. I have full confidence in you as Pack leader. I will follow you.” 

Without question.” 

Without question,he echoed

And the rest of you?I asked, standing back up and looking around the table

Yes, my Alpha!they shouted

Which Pack is the strongest from coast to coast?I yelled, stomping on the table

East Coast Pack,they echoed, stomping back


Fucking louder!” 


The Pack howled like the warriors they were, and I felt a surge of pride that I hadnt felt in months. This was our house, and wed protect 

it with our lives

My phone began buzzing, and I whipped 

it out, adrenaline still pumping through my 

Sienna A real Alpha wouldnt leave his woman alone 

Goddamnit. I was all riled up, surrounded by pure wolffueled energy, ready to go into battle. And here she was, questioning my Alphaness. Questioning my masculinity

I wouldnt have it

Josh, as Beta, youll run point on security for the Yule Ball. Are you up to it?” 

Absolutely. Absolutely, Alpha,he stuttered Clearly he wasnt expecting a promotion a the questioning Id just pushed him throu


You took initiative during the breach, and the lockdown was your idea. You deserve it,I said with a nod. Had to keep the soldiers proud, I figured

I won‘t let you down,he replied

You wont,I said back. And with a final nod to the rest of the Pack, I walked out of the boardroom with my head held high. About to enter a whole other type of battle.

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