The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 2

The Millennium Wolves Series Book one Chapter: 02

Mom Dear Sienna. Where are you

Sienna Mom, how many times do I have 

to tell you 

Sienna You dont need to start msgs with dear 


But its more special that way! Like a letter just for you




Mom Hurry home


Your sister is here


She brought Jeremy


You know what that means... 




Sienna Ill be back soon 

Mom Great. Love, Mom


You dont get to decide when and where the Haze hits you

Driving? Better pull over fast or youll cause a fiftycar pileup 

At work? Punch the clock and run for the hills or you and your boss may become a lot more than colleagues

As I sat down to dinner, I prayed it wouldnt hit me while I was with my familythe worst possible place, in my mind

As I helped set the table and served a plate 


of homemade lasagna to Selene, I eyed the back door, in case I had to make an impromptu escape

I sat down to eat with the whole family, who were already in the middle of a lively conversation

What is it, Jeremy?my mom said, nodding to my sisters mate. Youve barely said a word since you walked in. Hows work?” 

You don‘t have to answer that, counselor,Selene said, shooting Mom an amused glare

WellJeremy laughedif youre asking for gossip about our leadership, Melissa, you know I cant divulge that kind of information.‘ 

Not even a nod to confirm or deny?” 

Mom,Selene said. Hes the Packs head lawyer. His job is to keep their secrets.” 

ButMom sighed. I dont need to know anything of consequence. Just a little chatter. Like... is it true that our Alpha and Jocelyn are no longer an item and now shes dating his beta, Josh?” 

Mom,Selene and I said in unison


Jeremy grinned. I plead the fifth.” 

Oh, youre no fun, any of you.” 

The woman acted more like a teenager than both of her daughters combined. But we loved her more for it. Most of the time

You could ask me about my work, you know,Selene said

I did, didnt I?she asked through a mouthful of lasagna. Im sure I did.” 

Selene rolled her eyes. Mom had always wanted Selene to pursue a more stable career. Fashion, my mother thought, wasnt an occupation. It was a hobby


One day, somethings in, the next somethings out,she would say. Thats true with clothes and the whole industry, Selene! Think longterm.” 

Well, now Selene had succeeded, proving years of mothers advice wrong, and was actively working at one of the top fashion design firms in the city

But Selene always let Moms insults roll right off her shoulders. On every level, she was the prettier, smarter, more successful 

version of me

Whenever I said this out loud, which I did 

oftenSelene would shove me gently and just say, Youre still young, Si. Give it time.” 

But when it came to my dreams, to my future career as the worlds greatest artist, Id never been patient. One day I was going to open my own gallery 

One day soon, I promised myself. I didnt care what Mom said. Selene had proven that she wasnt right about everything

Thats all right, Mom,” Selene said, changing the subject. Gossips more interesting anyway. Speaking of which....” 

Selenes eyes flicked to me. I gave her a silent head shake. Dont


Any idea who might be your partner for the season, Si?” 

Ooooh, yes,Mom said, turning to me. What, or should I say, who is on the menu this year?” 

A shewolf never reveals her secrets,” I said, playing coy


For a second, my family actually seemed like they would move on

I had a way of doing thatsteering conversations, taking control, keeping the attention on anyone but me. Although I was the youngest, I had always had that authoritative ability

But my mother caught herself

There she goes again,Mom said, shaking her head. Our little dominant always making us submit to her whims. Cmon, Si

Tell us. Is there a boy?” 

Some of us like to keep our private lives private, Mom,” I said

Mom shrugged. Theres nothing to hide. G I know your father is certainly looking forward to this years Haze, arent you, darling?” 


Im counting the seconds,Dad said, holding up his glass of wine, smiling mischievously 

Guys. PLEASE. So gross.” 

It was gross, sure. But that wasnt the reason it bothered me so much. My mom had 

always been a sexually liberated creature. No, what I didnt like was the lying

When I said my virginity was my secret, I meant it. Not even my mom knew

Which was weird because we had always been so open with each other about everything. Shed never kept the truth from me

Not about how she met Dad, who was a human. Not about how the two of them had their one and only daughter, Selene. And certainly not about how they found me

Theyre not actually my biological parents

I was discovered in an abandoned carriage outside the hospital where my mom worked. Not that it mattered, Mom had always said

I was about to change the subject to anything, anything other than the Haze when it happened. 

I froze. A slow, pulsing molten heat ignited within my core, making my body feel as if it were on fire

Breathing became impossible, sweat covered every inch of my skin, and before I could  


resist, the seam of my jeans pressed tight into my groin

I quivered with sudden, unbearable longing


A harsh gasp left my mouth before I could stop it, and when I opened my eyes, which I couldnt remember closing, I saw that everyone else in the dining room had the same reaction as me

No, no, no 


Not here

Not around famil

The way my sister stared at Jeremy. The way my mom rose out of her seat, leaning towards my dad

I couldnt bear it. I ran from the room as fast as my feet could take me

The kitchen

The hallway


The front door

) And out into the cool night where

collapsed upon my knees

The Haze crawled through my body like a venomous snake. My nipples hardened and my stomach shuddered, tightening with sexual need 

My throat was clogged and I fought to breathe. Even in the windy night, my clothes stuck to my skin. I wanted them off

I wanted someones hands on my breasts, my belly, on my sex... 

Oh, God. The Haze had never been this strong 

It was probably an accumulation of every sexual need and frustration Id repressed throughout the past three Seasons

I shouldve expected that. Of course, this was going to happen. What had I been thinking? I wasnt. And now I was paying the price

I looked behind me at my home, a place where Id normally find safety and comfort. But not right now. No way. My parents were 


probably already making the most of the Haze

The idea of Selene and Jeremy wasnt much better. But they acted more like people, less like wolves respecting boundaries, privacy, societal norms

Theyd probably make it back to their apartment downtown before they finally acted upon the urge

I put them all out of my mind and ran for the trail toward the woods


I passed humans, totally oblivious, minding their own business, and some wolves who were, like me, in the first stage of the Haze and trying to catch their bearings

Easier for them. They werent virgins. Theyd had lots of sex during past seasons. Not me. I was hazed out of my goddamned mind

At the entrance of the woods, I stripped. I didn’t care if someone saw me. I needed to shift

Right here

Right now

Normally, I was in complete control when I shifted, but not when the Haze was taking over. No. I couldnt stay in this human form any longer 

I closed my eyes and felt the bliss of shifting

Usually, I would feel every bit of the change: the limbs stretching, the muscles tensing, the body growing tall, the red fur, matching my human hair, that sprouted from my skin. Covering me whole

But not now. Now, I felt nothing but the 


I breathed and my voice was a growl. My fingers, now charcoalblack claws. Through the eyes of a wolf, everything was more aggressive, more violent

Especially now. When the Haze was just beginnin

Now in my full wolf shape, I raced deep into the woods

The cold wind blew over my fur, the hard ground was moist under my paws, and the scents of the woods filled my nose

Howls resounded in the woods. The unmated kind. The kind who were looking for a partner

I cursed inwardly. In my Haze, Id forgotten to think of the implications

Going into the woods at the beginning of the season was like begging to be fucked. These woods were like a college bar. All thirst and stupid impulses

Any second now, a wolf was going to get a sniff of my scent and recognize I had no attachment. They would stalk me until I i yielded. More than one, I was sure of it. 

A game, a challenge, for who could win the unpartnered shewolf first

Even if my body begged to differ, I wouldnt give in so easily. These wolves could have as much sex as they wanted. I wasnt judging

But I was waiting 

Waiting for that moment, that instant, that sudden indescribable look of recognition when two weres make eye contact and know that theyre mates for life

I couldnt wait for that to happen to me

But out here in the woods at the start of the Haze? It was unlikely, to say the least

I became hyperaware of the male wolves, their every movement, their scent

I ran brazenly, releasing pheromones into the air, luring them closer. And soon I knew they would have me cornered

Five of them. All hungry male wolves


My body liked it. Oh, did it ever

For a second, I wondered if this would be the year

Would I finally cave? Would I give into these five males, taking them all at once? Would I finally lose my virginity, right here, right now in the middle of the forest

As the Haze took over and all my desires to wait for my mate began to melt away, I asked myself, what was stopping me? Honestly? I wanted it

Or did I


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