The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 19

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 05


Im in deep. Theres no turning back now, not that there ever was for me

Sienna had me on a leash. Like a domesticated dog. But did she hate me or have feelings for me

I could never tell with her. If she ultimately chose to reject me..


I swiped my claws across my desk, knocking everything from stacks of signed documents to old sports trophies to the floor in a clatter

Josh cringed especially hard as I scattered hundreds of Yule Ball invitations around the room, some of them hitting the ceiling fan and getting ripped to oblivion

That girl,” I snarled. I cant get her out of my fucking head. Shes completely taken over my every thought, and its driving me insane.” 

Im sure its just the Haze,said Josh warily, as he tried to recover what was left of the invitations


The damn Haze. It felt neverending. I teased Sienna relentlessly about her control, but the truth was I was barely holding it together. When I was in her presence, everything else felt blurred I couldnt focus

But for me to be feeling this way when she wasnt even around? It made me want to claw my eyes out

“How the hell are you dealing with this?I asked, pacing in circles. Doesnt Jocelyn distract you from your most important tasks, burrow into your brain like a parasite, and make you want to rip something in fucking half

UhhhJosh quickly pulled a vintage mural of my family tree out of my reach

He paused for a moment to think about my question. Actually, not really,he said, looking a bit confused. I mean Jocelyn is great and all, but I cant say Ive felt anything like what youre describing.” 

Well, youre lucky then,I growled. Because this is torture.” 


My phone started buzzing in my pocket, and I pulled it out cautiously, knowing exactly who it would be

Sienna Hey Aiden 

Sienna Got your note 

Sienna Hope you have a good day at work 

Sienna Sounds busy 

Sienna Maybe I can find a way to make your day less stressful 


I threw my phone across the room as my Haze started to ignite again, watching it shatter against the wall

Josh, I no longer have access to my planner,I said without a shred of irony. What‘s on my schedule for the rest of the day??

Just the Pack lunch,replied Josh. Do you want me to cancel it?” 


Hell no, thats exactly what I need. A testosteronefilled room. No women and especially no Sienna.” 


I woke up to an empty house, but Aidens scent still lingered in the air. He left a note, held by a magnet on the fridge. It said hed gone out for some alpha business and he would be in the Pack House all day and might not make it home for dinner

For some reason a dumb grin spread across my face as I got dressed. When I looked in the mirror and pulled my red hair back into a ponytail, I saw my mark in a different light

For the first time, it didnt annoy me or enrage me. I was actually kind of proud of it


I decided to text Aiden and tell him to have a good day at work, maybe even flirt a little, but after a few messages, they stopped going through and he didnt reply. He was probably swamped with work and had to shut off his phone

What if I surprised him at the Pack House for lunch? That seemed like a good idea, considering how he wouldnt have a spare moment otherwise, today

I was practically beaming, and I wanted to smack my own silly smile off my face, but maybe this feeling wasn‘t so bad


When I reached the gate, I saw the guard whod been there the last time I tore through the Pack House. He took one look at me and turned white as a ghost. Without even a hello,he opened the gate and ushered me through, trying to avoid eye contact

Sorry about last time,I said sheepishly, making him jump. I might have some anger management issues

Eyes wide, he smiled nervously, nodding like a broken bobblehead. I might need to pay for his therapy

When I got inside, I caught Aidens scent, but it was somewhat obscured by several other masculine scents. I wondered if he could 

scent me or if mine was masked too? As I was sniffing the air, I nearly ran right into Jocelyn

Hey, Sienna,she said as she smiled. What are you doing here

Damn, I kept forgetting how beautiful she was. Hey, Jocelyn,I said, smiling tentatively in return

I still wasn‘t sure if I could trust her or not. Michelle constantly told me she was shady, but Jocelyn was always kind and helpful to me. Usually I trusted Michelles judgment, but this time I wasnt so sure

Especially since the timing of Michelles distrust in Jocelyn aligned with her dating Josh, who Im pretty sure Michelle had a crush on, despite never having officially met him

Are you here for Aiden?she asked slyly


Is he busy? I could always come back later.” 

No, hes just in his Pack Lunch. Men only,she said, rolling her eyes. Josh is there too.” 

That sounds important,I said, starting to lose my nerve. Maybe I shouldnt interrupt.” 

Jocelyn grabbed my arm, giggling. I think thats exactly what you should do. Hold on try this.” 


She leaned in and pulled my hair down from its ponytail, tussling and messing with it till it had a sexy bedhead look to it. Damn, her beautiful appearance was one thing, but she also had a scent that could kill. It was absolutely intoxicating. She pulled down the shoulder of my shirt, exposing my mark

Are you sure about this?I asked

Sienna, Aiden is crazy about you. And if what Josh has been telling me is true, then he might be literally going insane because of you. Youre probably the most dominant shewolf Ive ever met, and you look sexy as hell right now. Embrace it! Go into that lunch and show him youre a force to be reckoned with.‘ 


She gave me a mischievous smile and placed her hand above my heart

Trust me...and good luck.” 


As she walked away, I felt I really could trust her implicitly

A fiery dominance had begun burning inside me as soon as she touched me. It was as if 

shed activated some buried power deep within me

Chin up and dominance radiating from my every pore, I burst through the heavy oak doors of the meeting room, striding toward Aiden and the other men with complete confidence

They all raised their heads, dumbfounded, jaws dropping and eyes filling with lust, except Josh, who just scowled

Aidens Haze flared when he caught my scent, but there was a ravenous look of pride and possession in his eyes that had nothing to do with the Haze

Arousing Aiden in front of his pack was one  of the riskiest things Id ever done, but I could tell it was working by the way he was sweating and digging his claws into the table 

It was a bold move, but Jocelyn was the right target. Not just anyone could pull this off

Aiden tried to fight his Haze, but for once, I didn‘t want him to fight it. I wanted it to completely engulf him. It wasnt exactly revengeI wanted him toobut I was enjoying every sweet second of his discomfort

I leaned over the table and licked my lips

I missed you when I woke up this morning. I started touching myself, but it just wasnt as much fun without you. Your fingers are so much more satisfying.” 

That was all he needed. Before I even knew what was happening, he picked me up and slammed me down on the table, causing the rest of his pack to jolt

He crawled over me, growling in anticipation, while I lay sprawled out across the table in clear view of everyone else

Get out,” he snarled at his pack without breaking eye contact with me. Everyone get out NOW.” 

The Pack hastily got up from the table and made for the exit, but Aiden was all over me before they had even left


He grabbed my breasts through my shirt, squeezing almost painfully. I kissed him back, but unlike him, I had control over my Haze now. I managed to tease his mouth until

growl burst out of his throat, making his chest rumble

I shuddered from the feeling of the vibration and laughed quietly. Oh, someones angry,I said seductively

You have no idea,he growled and kissed me again. This time I let him kiss me as possessively as he wanted while I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my legs around his waist. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled it as hard as I could until he bared his fangs

Fucking bite me,I commanded

What?he replied, bewildered. Since when do you“ 


What?he replied, bewildered. Since when do you“ 

Do what I tell you. Sink your teeth into me!” 

Aiden picked me up and set me gently on the edge of the table, surveying me with concern. Sienna, whats this about?” 

What are you talking about? Dont you want me?I responded, annoyed

Of course I do,he said. But not like this.” 

What was I even doing? Throwing myself at the Alpha? This was such a stupid fucking idea


Doubt began to sink in, and whatever Jocelyn had done was fading fast. All of my insecurities came rushing to the surface

Do you even find my scent alluring?I spat. What if I werent your prospective mate? Would you even pay any attention to me

Youre an alpha, a different pedigree. Im just a commoner, a girl that was abandoned by her parents. Im nobody.” 


I started tearing up. I cant be with someone whos superior to me. I cant be in a relationship where I constantly feel insignificant and burdened to live up to your expectations. This just cant work.” 

Aiden looked stunned, but he softly placed his hand on my cheek and stared straight into my eyes

Sienna, I dont view you as a commoner that has to bend to my every whim.He smiled. I view you as an equal.” 

Now, I was the one who looked stunned. An equal

Look, I cant explain it, but,Aiden said, furrowing his brow. But lately, I feel connected to you, to what you want. I can sense your desires and your doubts like theyre my own. And I know you dont want it herein my office, on the conference table.” 

Aiden started pacing now, clearly nervous, an emotion I hadnt thought Aiden possessed

This was weird as hell, and I sat back in complete bewilderment, not knowing what would come next in this oneman play

Now, I was the one who looked stunned. A. equal


Look, I cant explain it, but,Aiden said, furrowing his brow. But lately, I feel connected to you, to what you want. I can sense your desires and your doubts like theyre my own. And I know you dont want it herein my office, on the conference table.” 

Aiden started pacing now, clearly nervous, an emotion I hadnt thought Aiden possessed

This was weird as hell, and I sat back in complete bewilderment, not knowing what would come next in this oneman play

What Im trying to say is...He turned to face me with a burst of confidence. I think its time we go on a run.” 

Oh. My.God


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