The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 17

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 03


“Tell me again why this has to happen?” my dad questioned, not even trying to hide the concern in his voice.

“We’ve been over this, Peter.” My mom sighed. “The Alpha can’t be Sienna’s mate if we keep her locked up here. She needs room to breathe.”

“We don’t know he’s my mate,” I corrected her.

My mother’s choice of words was painfully ironic considering I’d be far more stifled and confined at Aiden’s house than here.

My father pulled me into a bear hug. “I know you have to figure out if he’s your mate or not, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be worried sick about my baby girl. I wish you’d


The more I’d thought about it, the more I knew that this was something I had to do whether I wanted to or not. I’d never know if Aiden and I had a real chance at a relationship if I didn’t at least give this a shot, though I had my doubts about his intentions. the door.


Outside, Josh was waiting for me. He had an almost suspicious grin on his face. He picked up both of my suitcases and put them in the trunk while I sat in the passenger seat.

Josh hopped in the car and revved up the engine like a frat boy about to go for a joyride. Although I very much doubted this would be an enjoyable ride.

We drove in an awkward silence for a while before Josh finally turned his head to look at me.

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Sienna Mercer,” he said with that odd grin. “I’m Josh Daniels, the Beta of the East Coast Pack.’

“Yes, I know,” I said, still trying to read him. “It must feel good to be chosen for that position

“It must feel good to be in your position too,” Josh said with an accusatory tone. “So while we’re here, why don’t you tell me how you

did it?”

“Excuse me? I knew there was something off about that phony smile.

“Don’t be modest.” His voice was soaked As of sarcasm now. “You need to tell me your technique. How did you trick the Alpha into marking you?”

I wasn’t going to sit here and take this bullshit. “Trick him? I didn’t even have a choice in any of this. What gives you the right to question my motives?”

“I’m the Beta. It’s kind of my job, and if you’re taking advantage of him when he’s in a vulnerable state, I’ll be the first to know about


“If you’re so curious about me, then why don’t you just ask your best friend why he marked me?” I shot back.

“Well, I would, but Aiden is refusing to answer any of my questions about you.” His scowl deepened. “He’s been so secretive about why he marked you. Everybody’s mystified.”

He glanced at me. “I volunteered to pick you up in hopes that you would clue me in on this little relationship you two have started.’

“If Aiden didn’t tell you anything, then why the hell would I? Maybe you’re just trying to get information to use against him.”

Josh massaged his temple in frustration. “ really should have just let Jocelyn handle this. She’s used to dealing with delusional people.”

“That makes sense considering her dating record,” I retorted.

Josh narrowed his eyes at me. “I’m going to be blunt with you. I don’t think you’re either strong enough or mature enough to handle a dominance as powerful as his, and it doesn’t matter that you think you’re some badass she-wolf or whatever.’

“You’re underestimating me,” I said, challenging him.

“Time will tell. Now get out of my car,” Josh said smugly.

During our argument, I had failed to realize that we had already made it to Aiden’s house.

I got out of Josh’s car, slamming his door behind me. I grabbed my suitcases and made my way across the bridge to my holiday Haze

from hell.

One thing was for sure though. I wouldn’t let Josh or anyone else underestimate me.

When Aiden opened the door, my eyes were immediately drawn to his shirtless, glistening chest. His muscles bulged with every minor movement.

My Haze started to spark up.

Fuck, is this really happening already

He tried to grab me and pull me in, but I managed to duck underneath his massive

frame and enter into the house. He thought he was clever, but he wasn’t going to get me that easily

“You can bring my luggage to the guest room,” I said coyly as I walked through the foyer, making sure I was several steps ahead of him. “Are you going to give me the tour, or do I have to do everything myself?”

“Oh, you’ve been doing it yourself for far too long. It’s time you let someone else help you,” he said, grinning with that annoying, sexy smile.

I just rolled my eyes. “I told you-no sex. That was part of our agreement.”

“We agreed we won’t have sex” he said


“We agreed we won’t have sex,” he said, starting to scowl. “It doesn’t mean we can’t indulge ourselves in other activities.” 

Despite my attempts to suppress it, my Haze continued to grow. I was trying my best, but it was close to impossible with his scent all over the place, and with him shirtless and sweaty, only steps away.

I might as well have just presented my Hazed ass on a silver platter.

It didn’t mean I wasn’t going to fight back, though. “Aiden, I’m serious,” I said. “I’m not going to sleep with you. We’re not mates, and we’re not lovers either. I need my own room, and that’s non-negotiable.”

We locked eyes in a battle of wills, both asserting our dominance. I refused to back down, especially after what Josh had said. To my surprise, Aiden, growling slightly under his breath, picked up my suitcases and led me into the nearest room, throwing them inside.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Had I actually just made Aiden compromise about something? I made the Alpha of the East Coast Pack compromise

Maybe I had a shot at surviving this after all. It turned out my excitement was my ultimate betrayal. However, the Haze hit me full-force in the middle of my giddiness.

Aiden’s senses flared up immediately, and he, too, was Hazed. Fuck, here we go

We met each other in the middle of the room, and his arms were wrapped around me in mere seconds while my hands were grabbing at his disheveled raven locks. He pushed me on the bed and fell on top of me.

He pulled down my dress straps, exposing my bra, and began sucking on my mark, driving me wild. His mouth moved down to my breasts, and I gasped as I felt his tongue and teeth wandering around my nipples.

I arched my back, trying to bring his mouth back to my neck, but instead, he continued to go lower, and I found myself wrapping my legs around his shoulders. I felt his tongue trying to break through the thin layer of my underwear, and it made me moan.

Irritation ripped through me. I wanted skin-to-skin contact.

I wanted him to take my clothes off. I wanted both of us to be naked with our sweaty skin touching. It was a form of torture to have him so close, yet not close enough.

I needed him inside me, and I needed it now.

I couldn’t wait until we found out if we were mates. I had to have him right here, right now, or I would go insane.

Shit, get it under control, Sienna! I’d finally gained the upper hand and made him compromise. I couldn’t just throw that away now.

“Stop!” I yelled. “Get off me! Please. Give me space to think.”

Aiden looked exasperated. “Sienna, you can’t keep doing this. It’s a natural craving to want your sexual desires fulfilled.”

“Get out,” I commanded as tears welled up in my eyes.

“This is my house,” Aiden growled. “You’re just a guest here.”


“Am I your guest?” I asked, choked up. “Or am I just a prisoner to your fucking Alpha will???

Before he could respond, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

I stripped off my clothes and sat in the shower, letting the water run over my face, hiding my tears. I knew I was cursed to always feel this way because of the past.

And maybe I deserved this curse. Alpha or not, no one could take these demons from me.

To make things worse, now I had to be around Aiden every day. I couldn’t go through this again daily. Only a few minutes had passed since I’d arrived. If we couldn’t survive less than an hour together, how could we survive the upcoming weeks?

In ten minutes we’d managed to fight, to inflame our Haze, and to have an anger-filled dry-hump session that I ran away from in an erratic fit.

This wasn’t healthy

As I stood up from the shower floor, I noticed


In ten minutes we’d managed to fight, to inflame our Haze, and to have an anger-filled dry-hump session that I ran away from in an erratic fit.

This wasn’t healthy.

As I stood up from the shower floor, I noticed a thin line of blood circling the drain. I felt a pang of hope in my chest.

My period

I hopped out of the shower and quickly checked my calendar. It was that time of the month. My period meant no sex, and no sex meant keeping my virginity and my sanity

intact for another week without having to face Aiden’s temptations.

Never, in my entire life, had I felt such gratitude to Mama Nature.

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