The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 15

The Millennium Wolves Series Book Two Chapter: 01


Id never seen Aiden look so terrifyinghair raised on the nape of his neck, canines protruding from his snarling mouth, hunched over my attacker with a thirst for blood in his eyes

The man fought back, but Aiden easily overpowered him, slamming him up against the wall

He punched that bastard’s ribs over and ovagain in an animalistic rage until 


I gasped in shock as I heard his ribs break. I watched him fall to the ground, just a crumpled, mess of a man nowpathetic

Tears began to roll down my face

Emily. Oh my God. This was what shed gone through four years ago

Completely helpless and afraid, paralyzed and unable to call for help. A feeling of complete darkness. No one was there for her. I wasnt there

As I watched Aiden drag the mans limp body through the alley, I almost felt guilty, guilty that Id survived and she hadnt

I wanted to stand up and run away, but I doubted I could even crawl right now

Emily, her rapist, my attacker, they all kept flashing before my eyes. I wanted to vomit up the twisted feelings inside me

I flinched as Aiden knelt down and wrapped his arms around me. “Im not going to hurt you,he said softly


It went against every fiber of my being, but I let him pick me up and carry me to his car

Id never felt more vulnerable with him, but something about the warmth of his chest and his tight embrace made me feel safe

My Haze wasnt flaring up. This feeling was 

something different

Where are you taking me?I asked, my body still shaking.

My house,he replied quietly. I promise I have no intention of taking advantage of you. I just want to be there for you.” 

My friends were still in the club, clueless to the horrors that had just happened outside, and I wanted to keep it that way. I didnt want to face them tonight. Going home wasnt an option either. My parents would take one look at me and know that something was wrong. I wasnt ready for the questions, the pity, or the judgment 

Going with Aiden was my best option. I still didnt trust him, but what hed just done for me... It made me sick to think what wouldve happened if he wasnt here

Aiden’s demeanor was completely changed from the ferocious man that had mauled my attacker just moments ago. It was caring and kind


As much as I despised him for marking me and forcing me to take on the responsibility of being his mate, I couldnt deny that I wanted him to be there for me. I didnt know how long it would last since this thing between us was unpredictable as hell, but I was willing to 

give him a shot.

He said he wanted to be there for me? Fine, Id let him prove it then

Finally, I gave in, letting my head rest on his shoulder. He placed me gently into the passenger seat, and we drove in silence. As I watched the blurry buildings and trees disappear out the window, I tried to make the memories of tonight disappear as well, but that seemed impossible

If I felt spooked by what had happened, Emily mustve been absolutely haunted by what 

shed gone through

I dug my fingernails into Aidens expensive leather seats. I never wanted to feel helpless that way again. I would never let a man make me feel that way again

I glanced sideways at Aiden, and my chest tightened. I couldnt be in that car anymore. I needed to be somewhere else, somewhere safe

Just as I began to panic, Aiden pulled into his driveway and it felt as though we had just entered into a dream, like I had manifested the safest, most inviting space imaginable

A tiny cobblestone bridge stretched over a trickling stream, leading to a modest manor surrounded by dogwood trees and a perfectly curated garden of flowers. It was like a fairy tale

Maybe I didnt know everything about Aiden after all? He mustve sensed my surprise because he smirked at my entranced expression

Not what you expected?” 

I didnt answer, my voice still trapped in my throat

He could see that I wasnt ready to talk, so he helped me out of the car and placed his hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me through the doorway. I didnt mind it

His closeness actually made me feel safe, which was never a feeling I thought Id elicit from Aiden. This didnt feel like someone trying to control me. It felt like someone was trying to comfort me

The crackling of the brewing coffee was the between us as we sat across from each other not making eye contact

Of course neither of us knew what to say. What should I say to a man I had just watched break another man in half? What did he say to a woman who was almost just raped? Would words really make anything better? No, but at least his presence was comforting

Finally, Aiden broke the silence, but I wished he hadnt

Why were you with that man at the club?” 

What exactly are you asking?I felt my face growing hot

You should never have been alone with another man when youre Hazed. Its the fucking Season. Why would you put yourself in that position? he replied

I stood up suddenly. Are you fucking serious? Are you implying that what happened to me was my fault?” 

Dont snarl at me. I wasnt saying that.” 

How did you even find me? Were you following me?” 

Its my business to know where you are at all times, Sienna. As a marked woman, you shouldnt beAnd whose fault is that?I lobbed back. Youre the one who marked me! Against my will! You forced me into a Haze, Aiden! You took my free will and twisted it to fit your own selfish needs!” 

Don‘t you understand that once the Season hits and youre marked, the Haze wont go away unless you give in and have sex with the one whos marked you?” 

I know that!I snapped, furious now. Thats why I never wanted to be marked to begin with!” 

You wanted me at the Pack House. Dont deny that,he countered

He wasnt coming onto me. He would never dare after what had happened at the club. But I still found myself flailing, unable to keep the past and present straight

You have no idea what I want! Just stay the hell away from me!” 

He moved toward me, not in an aggressive manner, but it still felt like I was running out of space to escape, finding myself pinned against a wall once again

Please, youre too close, youreI cried. Moisture filled my eyes, and I looked away from him, ashamed of myself for feeling so weak

Aiden stopped in his tracks, looking surprised. His hand clasped my chin and turned it to face him again. He wasnt moving toward me to hurt me or to fuck me. He was moving closer to comfort me

Sienna,he said. I‘m not going to take advantage of you. Not now or ever. All I want is to protect you

He pulled me into a hug, and I surrendered to the gesture. You shouldnt have marked me,I said, my voice muffled by his chest

He sighed and suddenly pulled me down until I was sitting on his lap and he was holding me even closer. Theres something between us. Neither of us can deny it. I felt it when I marked you, but I even felt it the first time

saw you, back on the riverbank.” 

You remember that?I asked, a little incredulous


Of course I do,he said quietly, tightening his hold of me. I felt your power even then. Your scent radiated a strength and sensuality that I couldnt resist.” 

I retracted a bit from his grip. I didnt radiate any strength tonight. I was weak.” 

Stop. What I said a minute ago. I was wrong. Let me tell you something. Your scent hit me the moment I walked into that dinner party. Its not something that happens in human form, so you threw me off balance

The Haze hit me, and I had to follow you, to find out more about you, to just be in your presence. Ive never been so overcome by anything more powerful in my life. Thats your strength, the kind of power you have over me. Thats why I marked you.” 

I got up from his lap and looked at him as if I were looking at a stranger

What the hell was he saying? Neither of us was Hazed, yet he was looking at me with unmistakable desire in his eyes, just a different kind of desire, a desire to be close to me

Why are you suddenly telling me all this

Because I think you might be my mate.” 

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