The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 14

The Millennium Wolves Series Book One Chapter: 14


I wore my brand-new red and black tartan mini skirt with high-heeled black leather boots, black tights, and a crop top with a black leather jacket on top.

I painted my nails to match the red color of my skirt and blew out my hair into messy layers that fell down my back and shoulders like a copper waterfall.

I winged my eyeliner and applied volumizing mascara and burgundy lipstick. To finish, I put in my favorite ear cuff and silver studs along with matching rings.

I looked punk and hot, and I loved it.

When the girls picked me up, they showered me with compliments.

Michelle even said that I was sexy enough to bite, which to werewolves was the best compliment you could receive.

Like Michelle said at Winston’s, Lupine had only been open a few weeks, but all the hype surrounding it meant that every night of the week there were long lines of people waiting to get in

Erica, however, had snagged us VIP passes

one of her brothers had connections with every bouncer downtown, including Lupine’s —and we got inside without having to wait.

I always felt a little guilty skipping the line like that, especially when the people waiting scowled at you with envy, but tonight I didn’t care.

I was there to let loose and forget about the stupid werewolf that had put this mark on my neck

The entrance of the club had a low ceiling that made it feel like you were entering a cave.

To the left was the bar, backlit with LEDs that strobed with the music in soothing patterns.

To the right was the coat check, where we left our jackets, and a staircase leading to the mezzanine that overlooked the dance floor.

It was circular in shape and opened up into an atrium, where large cages hung from the beams housing beautiful dancers who writhed beams, housing beautiful dancers who writhed sensually to the music Humans and werewolves mingled at the massive bar as everyone jostled to order their drinks

I eyed the dance floor, which was packed with grinding bodies and twisting arms.

The DJ mixed house tracks from his perch overlooking the crowd, occasionally inciting the patrons to make more noise.

Michelle pushed her way to the bar and ordered a round of vodka shots.

“Do you think we should get more since we’re here?” she shouted over the music

We had already started drinking in the cab, but Michelle was never one to pace herself.

“Two rounds at least,” replied Mia. “I am off the market now! You hear that, boys? You have no shot with this jelly,” she said, shaking her booty

We took the shots at the bar before finding.

We took the shots at the bar before finding a standing table to huddle around with our fishbowl full of blue curacao, gin, tequila, rum, and vodka.


Counting down together, we each took a straw and sucked for as long as we could manage.

Michelle and I lasted the longest, but I beat her. She considered herself the party girl of our group, so it was quite the hit to her ego.

“Tomorrow is going to suck.” Erica giggled. “I’m such a lightweight.”

“Then let’s get on the dance floor while you can still stand,” I yelled, which was out of character for me because I was, by no means, a good dancer.

The only thing I was good at in life was painting but I had enough rhythm to move my feet and hips to the beat.

We pushed our way to the middle of the floor and started to flaunt our stuff.

Men began approaching us and flirting with Erica, which was okay, since she wasn’t morbod or moted but in mu currica man

Erica, which was okay, since she wasn t marked or mated, but to my surprise, menu were hitting on me too.

They either didn’t recognize me or they didn’t care that I had the Alpha’s mark on the base of my neck

Considering recent events with Aiden, I concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that men were pigs and willing to risk anything, including their lives, if it meant getting laid,

“I don’t understand,” I shouted over the music at Mia after I shooed another man away. “I’m marked just like you are, so why are guys still hitting on me?”

Mia shouted back, “Because my mark is a mating mark, and yours isn’t.”

Again, my inexperience with having a lover during the Season meant I’d missed out on some common knowledge

“The mating mark is a soft red around the edges while yours is more bruised and purple. Male werewolves can also sense which one is which, to avoid any serious issues,” she explained Whether I had a mating mark or not, any of these guys would have serious issues if Aiden found out they were trying to take me home. And I loved it.


After an hour, Michelle took Erica to the bathroom because she felt sick.

I stayed on the dance floor with Mia, throwing my body around like I was at home in my room with no one watching

The drinks had hit us hard by now.

Mia and I were constantly hanging on to each other for balance, and I was glad I hadn’t decided to wear heels. Otherwise, I certainly would have rolled my ankle.

The DJ put on a sensual reggaeton song that had everyone pairing up. Some guy came over to me with a suggestive grin and held out his hand.

He was an unmated—and apparently, unpartnered—werewolf, who was clearly dominant, as he held my gaze without issue

He was also pretty hot, with goldish hair, sexy eyes, and a lean, cut physique.


“Hey there, sexy lady,” he said, taking my hand and pressing his lips near my ear.


“Hi,” I replied, glancing at Mia out of the corner of my eye.

She gave me a wink and escaped toward the bar, leaving me alone with this cute werewolf. I didn’t mind the privacy.

Besides, if he tried anything, I could kick his butt. I’d fought off five males alone in the woods. What was one in a club full of people?

“What’s your name?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at me in open invitation.

“No names,” I said. He was simply a nice face to look at and a nice body to dance with. I wanted to keep it that way.

I know I probably should’ve refused. Aiden only needed to take one whiff of my skin to know another male had touched me.

This poor bastard. He clearly wanted to fuck me, but that wasn’t happening.

He spun me around and put his hands on my hips, pulling my waist up against his crotch.


At first it was fun having another man’s hands on me, but the longer the song went on the more uncomfortable it became.

It wasn’t like Aiden’s touch, which set my skin on fire and made me ache. I didn’t say anything but kept dancing. After all, I was there to have fun, not get Hazed.

I felt his grip intensify as he pressed himself into me harder, rocking his lower body with mine.

When his denim-clad erection poked into me, I knew it was time to stop.

I tried to wriggle out of his hold, but he wouldn’t let go. He only pressed me closer and started to pull up my skirt.

“Let go!” I yelled, my cry muffled by the bass.

“What’s the matter, babe?” he asked, trying to play it cool.

“Fuck off, creep!” I shouted.

“Why?” His voice was dark with lust. “We’re having fun.”

“I’m not having fun with you,” I snapped, heart hammering in my chest. “So let me fucking go!”

Suddenly, I realized that while we were dancing he had shuffled us toward the edge of the dance floor and now pulled me into a dark corner by the back exit.

The blood rushed out of my face.

“You should know better than to tease a Hazed male, babe,” he growled, and suddenly I was outside in the frigid November air, my perspiration freezing, which, along with the adrenaline pumping through me, made my body shake uncontrollably.

He pressed me against the brick wall of the empty alleyway, his eyes luminous and lust-filled

Now I couldn’t hide my panic any more. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I shrieked.

Now I couldn’t hide my panic any more. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I shrieked.


“C’mon, babe, loosen up,” he said, his hands like vises, digging into my sides.

“I want to go back inside,” I shot back.

“Don’t worry, we will. Let’s just hang out here for a little bit, enjoy the fresh air…get to know each other.”

He looked at me with devious intent. I knew what he was after, and I needed to get away from him however I could.

“I’m cold. I need to get back to my friends,” I replied, trying to push him off. He leaned in, trying to kiss me. “No, stop!”

He thrust his hand onto my breast and groped it violently. “Relax, babe, I’m not going to hurt you.

“No!” I yelled, struggling against his hold.

I tried to throw punches, elbows, and knees, but he was stronger than I’d thought, and the effects of the alcohol had made me weak and uncoordinated

I felt helpless as his mouth and hands violated me.

He squeezed my breast again, and I yelped G “Stop!”


But he wasn’t stopping now, and he wasn’t talking. He had only one thing on his mind.

He lifted me against the wall and tore open my tights, smothering my mouth with his hand.

The tears burned my eyes as he fumbled with his fly, eyes wild

No one‘s coming to save you, I thought. The words cut into me like the cold wind that whipped through the empty alleyway.

That was exactly what she must have thought. No one‘s coming to save you

And for a second, I could see her. Emily. Struggling, screaming, begging for help.

I closed my eyes and tried to push away the image, ignore his icy fingers pulling on my skin, searing me with visceral pangs of anger, regret, and helplessness.

I felt myself leave my body, and as I looked down, it was Emily’s form instead of mine.

I tried to scream at the bastard to get off of her, but no sound came out. I tried to hit him, but my hands passed through his body.

Emily. No. Not again. Im here this time

I snapped back into my body. Somebody, anybody, help me

I struggled to keep my legs closed and shove my hands over my privates, but he used his thigh to wedge mine apart and ripped my hand away with ease.

Suddenly, a deep, horrifying growl filled the air, and I felt the weight of my attacker’s body disappear with a gut-wrenching scream.

I opened my eyes and gasped in shock. Was it really him?

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