The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 13

The Millennium Wolves Series Book One Chapter: 13



sooo sienna, what were u up 2 last night?

Mia Yeah, anything exciting????


We promise not to tell




Erica If you don’t say something we’ll just come over

Erica Grabbing my keys…

I’ll bring the booze!

Michelle incoming in 5!

Sienna OK! What do you want to know?

Michelle EV RY THING


Sienna He picked me up and bought me a dress

Sienna We went to dinner downtown

Sienna Then I went home



Erica Getting in the car…


Sienna I gave you what you wanted, bitch


Nah, you’re holding out

Mia Something about you getting dirty in a supply closet???


I hadn’t heard that part!

Sienna Look, we may have fooled around a little

but it wasn’t anything special

Michelle mamma wants details!

Michelle does he taste as good as he looks?


Sienna Ew. STOP


Erica How big? ?? ?


I’m serious. Cut it out

Erica Hazed, unpartnered shewolf over here @

Erica I’d gladly take him off your hands


girl, whats wrong?


Sienna Nothing, just don’t like you turning my life into your personal soap


Michelle sorry, we thought you’d be more excited

Mia What are you doing right now

Sienna I’m painting at home

Mia Come meet us at Winstons, bitch!

Sienna I’m not really in the mood


C’mon, Si, we’re planning @

Mia I need your artist’s eye Erica Mia EXACTLY!

Sienna Fine, but please no more questions






…promise 63


Winston’s was packed as usual. Even though no one batted an eye when I walked in, I still felt like everyone was watching me.

At first, I was confused as to how the girls knew about my date, but of course they knew.


You didn’t go downtown with the Alpha and not have anyone take notice. I was so embarrassed, replaying last night’s events in my head

There were definitely a few staff members who’d seen him slide my finger into his mouth, and I knew we weren’t discreet in our

flight to the back room.

I shuddered to think what my mother had heard. Thankfully, she was still at work and wouldn’t be back until later tonight.

The girls were crowded around our usual table with stacks of bridal magazines and Mia’s laptop

Mating Ceremonies were like human weddings, but even more important because wolves mated for life.

Mia’s family was huge, so she had plenty of exposure to mating ceremonies, which I thought would make planning her own an easy affair

From the looks of things, however, she was lost in the abyss of planning.

Ketchup and mustard smudges dotted the magazines, and some pages were torn and fanned out like paint swatches.

Mia and Erica were on their phones looking up arrangements and place settings, flashing their finds at Mia, who only glanced at their phones and nodded.

Her caramel hair was unconditioned and pulled back into a lazy ponytail.


Mia always took great care of her hair, so its disheveled state was a clear indicator of how stressed she was.

“There’s our coy vixen,” squealed Michelle with a devious grin. “Erica, scoot over.”

“I’m so glad you’re here,” said Mia, grabbing her head. “I’m totally overwhelmed. We need someone who knows what they’re doing.”

Mia’s tastes were, how do I put this nicely, a bit on the gaudy side.

I looked at the color schemes she had pulled up on her computer and did my best to point her in the right direction.

She was originally looking at warm colors, which I thought would be out of place for a winter mating ceremony, so, after much cajoling, I got her to settle on lilac, periwinkle, and teal.

Michelle protested because she didn’t think she looked good in those colors, but I reminded her that it wasn’t her decision and that she looked good in whatever color she wore, which Erica and Mia backed up, so El everyone came away happy.


Helping Mia made me think about my own ceremony and how long it would be until I found my mate. Not everyone was as lucky as Mia and Harry

I fantasized that I would find my mate while strolling through some museum or somewhere in a park

I suppose that was where I’d met Aiden, but after his behavior last night, I’d rather just forget him. The thought of him right now made me want to vomit.

“Honestly, Si, I don’t think we would have accomplished anything if you hadn’t shown up,” said Mia, mentally exhausted and stress eating French fries

“Who knew mating ceremonies were so much


“At least you have one to plan,” bemoaned Erica. “Why can’t one of my guy friends suddenly fall in love with me?”

“I never really had guy friends. I wonder why…” Mia thought aloud.

“Because you fucked all of your guy friends,” replied Erica

“I did not,” Mia protested.

“Yes, you did,” we all shot back in unison.

“That fast life is behind me,” said Mia, turning up her nose in mock refinement. “I’m a mated woman now.”

We all laughed because, even before we started to get our Haze, Mia would go to parties with older guys, looking for men with whom she could make lots of “cute babies.”

“Si, come out with us tonight,” begged Michelle. “We’re celebrating Mia’s impending mate-rimony Erica’s brother said he can get us into this hot new club. It’s called Lupine It will be just us girls.”

The lockdown had been called off, sure. But I was still drained from the previous day and didn’t feel like being around people or packed in a dark sweaty room with music so loud I couldn’t hear myself think.


I needed to be alone and paint. I appreciated the gesture and knew that Michelle meant well, but it didn’t feel right.

“Maybe another night,” I said.

“Why don’t you want to come? Do you have another date with Mr. Alpha?”

“No, I’m just tired.”

“Tired from a long night of banging in the back of restaurants?” Michelle shot back.

I could tell by the look she gave me that she wasn’t teasing anymore and was actually starting to get upset.

Michelle, we didn’t have sex. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Then what’s your deal, Sienna? Why don’t you want to come?”


“Can’t you drop it?


“We’re your friends, and we barely see you anymore. You’re dating the hottest wolf in existence and tell us nothing about it. Are you embarrassed by us because we’re not as cool as all of Aiden’s friends from the Pack House?

“It’s not like that at all, Michelle,” I replied, trying to keep her from making a scene, which she knew I hated. “I’m just not feeling up to


The words had barely left my lips when my phone buzzed on the table.

I picked it up and cringed. I didn’t want to prove Michelle right, but at the same time, I wanted to know what the hell was going on.

“Is that him?” asked Michelle.

“Yes, do you mind if I

“Take it,” she said, coldly muddling her milkshake with a spoon

I got up and walked to the counter, where there was an empty stool, then swiped open my phone


Aiden Hey, about last night. I’m sorry Josh interrupted.


Did you get home okay? You just took off.

Sienna Oh, you actually care?

Aiden Do you think I don’t?

Sienna I think you’re just trying to fuck me

Aiden I may have let my haze get out of hand.

Aiden It won’t happen again.

Sienna You’re right. It won’t

Aiden Sienna, I’m sorry

Aiden In my defense, you seemed pretty into it.




It was out of my control

Sienna You weren’t the only one with Haze issues

Aiden I think you knew what you were doing.

Sienna And I thought you were a

gentleman, not a fuckboy


How can I make it up to you?

Sienna Show me that I’m more than just trophy



Whatever you want.


Name it.

Sienna Tell me what’s going on with the border breach

Sienna Why did you suddenly call everyone to the Pack House

Aiden How did you hear about that?


It doesn’t matter. If I’m more than a lay you’ll tell me

Aiden It’s complicated.


Aiden I want to tell you more, really

Sienna Then at least tell me this much

Sienna: Was I in danger last night?

Aiden I’d never let anything hurt you.

Sienna That’s not what I asked

Sienna: Was I in danger?

Aiden I don’t know.

Aiden Honest.

Sienna Bye, Aiden

I couldn’t believe I’d ever found him attractive.

I mean, sure, he had the most delicious body I’d ever laid eyes on, but if it wasn’t for this annoying Haze, I’d be too repulsed by his behavior to ever want him on me again.

I still shuddered to think what would have happened had Josh not shown up. I was probably in more danger with Aiden there then after he left

I definitely wasn’t going to tell him anything about the disappearing woman now either. He was an ass, and I needed to blow off some steam

Even though he’d marked me, I wasn’t his


I definitely wasn’t going to tell him anything about the disappearing woman now either. He was an ass, and I needed to blow off some steam

Even though he’d marked me, I wasn’t his property. Tonight I was going to reclaim everything he had tried to take from me.

Michelle,” I called out, “let’s get filthy.”

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