The Millennium Wolves Series by Sapir Englard Chapter 10

The Millennium Wolves Series Book One Chapter: 10


, I thought you said it was an emergency,

said, shooting daggers at my mother

What and spoil the surprise? I was just showing Mr. Norwood some of your baby photos. Wasnt she adorable?” 


Yes, even then, you could tell shed grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman,” he replied, casting his mesmerizing, goldstreaked green eyes in my direction. This tea is delicious, Mrs. Mercer.” 

Please, call me, Melissa,she replied with a giggle

I wanted to throw up. My own mother was more smitten with my partner than I was

I bet she thought that I would mate with Aiden by the end of the Season, but Id looked into his eyes plenty of times now, and the recognition had never occurred

He was just using me, after all

How was Uptown?he asked, flashing a devilishly handsome grin

Why did he care? Did he know about Jocelyn

It was okay,I replied, trying not to let his looks get the best of me

It didnt help that his shirt gripped every inch of his broad chest and bulging arms or that his jeans fit snugly around his powerful, defined legs

From his roguish smile, I could tell that he knew I was fighting to keep my Haze from flaring up 

I dont think Ive seen you with your hair up before. It suits you, especially with that mark you have.” 

I had completely forgotten that Id pulled my hair into a loose ponytail when I got to the gallery. Frizzy, windswept strands were everywhere. Dried sweat clung to my temples

I looked messy and hideous, and he knew it. And of course the arrogant bastard would admire his own handiwork


What are you doing here?I asked, not caring for formalities. I think that after this afternoon it was pointless to try and act civil


Im a man on a mission,he said, amused. I want to learn more about you and your family. I realized this afternoon that we 

hardly know each other.” 

Of course we dont. You marked me out of nowhere

Still, this change in tact made me think that Jocelyn had relayed my message that hed better shape up. That was fast, I thought

I folded my arms and gave him an annoyed look. And what would that taskbe?” 

With wide eyes, I watched as he rose and took my hand. Sienna, would you care to join me for dinner this evening?” 

The asshole was wooing me, and dammit, it was working 

So polite all of a sudden. Probably on account of my moms presence. She looked like she couldve died right there and gone to heaven

My cheeks flushed, and my heart beat so loudly he probably heard it. I was charmed. Deeply charmed. Maybe Jocelyn was right about him

Maybe Aiden Norwood deserved a chance

“Im not dressed for the occasion,” I said, trying to protest

Neither am I,he said, grinning. Well take care of that. Shall we?” 

Maybe we shall, I thought. But I made him wait for it. I wasnt about to give in that easily. Finally, I nodded my head

Yes,I replied. Then, thinking I better hedge my bets, This time.” 


Aiden laughed and shook his head, amused by my continued restraint. Without another word, he ushered me outside into his car and we were off

I knew I wasnt supposed to let the Alpha catch me. But, so far hed been polite, calm, gentlemanlike even. Why run when no one was chasing you

The drive was quiet and quick. Aiden pulled up to a boutique, and we went inside

I was still on guard, but finding it easier every second to be around him

The saleswoman flashed an infatuated smile. What can I help you with, Mr. Norwood?she chirped. The two of us locked eyes, and her smile immediately shifted to a glower

I guess someone wanted Mr. Norwood to herself

Twenty minutes ago I would have let her have him, but I felt strangely possessive for a second. Before I could stop myself, my lip curled into a snarl

The saleswoman quickly looked away. I blinked. What was wrong with me? The alpha wasnt worth getting worked up over. Get a grip, Sienna

Will you help me find something?I asked her, trying to send a peace offering

She nodded curtly and led me to a row of beautiful silky pieces

I chose a navy dress and went to the changing room. The dress was skintight, highlighting all my assets and complementing my ivory skin

The saleswoman pushed a pair of white pumps under the curtain. They fit perfectly. I let down my hair and ran my fingers through it until everything was tamed

I took one last look at myself in the mirror before stepping out. I looked damn good

Aidens eyes couldnt seem to move away. His heated stare scanned my body from head to toe, lingering on my hips and chest for a second too long 

second too long 

You look...breathtaking,he said, eyes glinting 

My Haze, thank God, was under control for once. Not that I can understand why. Wed never shared such a oneonone moment like this before

It should have been blazing. But instead, I found myself blushing and looking away. It wasnt hot. It was just weirdly...nice. Almost cute

That was when I noticed that Aiden had also changed

He wore fitted blue slacks that left little to the imagination and a collared white shirt tailored to perfection. The man was devastatingly handsome

After he paid for the dress and heels, we were back in the car, driving toward downtown

We parked in front of the hottest restaurant in the city, and after opening my door, he led me inside with one hand on the small of my back

The moment we stepped through the door, everyones eyes snapped to us

Some were shocked, some envious, but I really didn‘t care. I was enjoying the evening so much there was nothing that could have distracted me

The hostess led us to an intimate table in the far corner, away from the prying eyes of the other patrons

We sat across from each other, and my body tensed as Aiden leaned closer

Is this so bad?he asked

That depends,” I said, and he raised an eyebrow, on how good the food is.” 

We both laughed now. And I realized how much I had to learn about the Alpha. Id never thought him capable of such easygoing warmth. He was a leader. A man to be feared. Not... this

Just then, Aiden reached for my hand

I flinched for a second. But then I let him take it 

We both were on autopilot, it seemed like. There were no words, no clear motives or agendas to define what happened next

Aiden brought my hand up to his soft lips and kissed the back of it

I sucked in a breath of shock, as his kiss made the Haze erupt, spreading through my body, making my skin taut with anticipation, swelling my sex, dampening my panties

He looked up through his lashes, eyes swarming with surprise and unhidden hunger, his Haze sparking with my own

Neither of us had meant for this to happen. But it was happening. And now I didnt know if wed be able to stop it

Sienna, youre..” 

I know,” I breathed, licking my lips. You 

are tooMr. Norwood.” 

Aiden,he growled in hunger, call me Aiden

Aiden.I tasted his name in my mouth, closing my eyes and gasping. Oh God, Aiden. I feel so hot.” 

He growled stronger this time. “Keep that up and we wont make it past the first course.” 

That sounded fine to me, but something inside my head kept nagging me, poking

trying to snap me out of my Haze

) This was not a normal haze. No, it was like

barely recognized myself right now

With one kiss to my hand, Aiden has erased everything I thought of as myself. My past. My desires. My fears

They were all gone. I was mesmerized


A part of me knew this was wrong, but I didnt want it to stop. I didnt want to interrupt the tension that was building inside me as I scented this mouthwatering man

We barely acknowledged the waiter who came to take our orders. Aiden ordered something fancy, but the only course I wanted to taste wasnt on their menu

It was seated across from me

Stop! Emilys voice was back again. Stop, Sienna! Save yourself for your mate

Oh, for fucks sake, shut up!I said aloud, not meaning to

Aiden gave me a questioning look. “Are you going crazy?” 

You make me go crazy,I answered seductively, one set of lips parting, the other clenchin

Is that so?he said, eyes blazing. I thought you wanted to be chased.” 

Wait, he thought I wanted to be chased? Is that what hed taken away from our conversation


Before I could protest, his hand curled around my wrist and raised my hand to his face. Everything in my head scattered to the wind

Your skin is so soft,he murmured, kissing my palm. So silky and soft. I want to put my tongue on every inch of your body.‘ 

My face flushed, and I moaned as he slipped one of my fingers into his mouth

Something is wrong! Stop it

How could anything be wrong

Sienna.” The sound of my name made me jump. I cant wait. I want you now.’ 

Looking into his eyes, I wanted him too. I didnt care where or how, but I wanted every inch of him. Take me.” 

In an instant I was yanked from my seat and stumbling into a dimly lit back room

Spreading my legs, he wrapped his strong hands under my thighs and pinned me to the wall. His mouth massaged my mark

I had never been kissed on the lips before in my life. But these past few days, my neck had been getting more than enough action to make up for that

I moaned in pleasure as one of Aidens hands slid between my legs, his fingertips teasing my inner thigh

He inched closer and closer until I was ready to scream. What are you waiting for?I groaned, my legs trembling

His fingers pressed against my wet panties, and a wave of pleasure blurred my vision

Id touched myself there countless times. But it was nothing like feeling a mans hands, Aidens hands, on me

I fell under the strongest Haze I had ever experienced when the voice came back, crying out in my mind

Remember your vow

I snapped from my Haze like someone coming out of a trance. The pleasure I felt was transformed into sheer terror as I pushed Aiden off me and bolted out the door

I flew from the city to the woods, tearing right through the beautiful dress that Aiden bought me, shifting into wolf form

Once I was on four legs, everything became instinctual. And right now my instincts were telling me to run 

I reached the woods and kept going for what felt like miles. I stopped to rest when I reached a clearing in the trees, but my respite was shortlived

A gust of wind brought a familiar scent to my nose

It was Aiden, and he was headed straight for me


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