The Lycan Prince’s Huntress by Sky Angel Chapter 9

A Princess In Her Palace 

Another round of mumbling erupted in the room once more after the Prince’s words. He,

after all, did have a point. The mate bond only increased as days pass even without the two

parties doing anything. It would have been better to simply reject a mate bond when you first meet than to wait for months in hope, only to then face rejection. A werewolf could even go

insane with depression as the connection would have started to build in that short time.

The rejection process wasn’t easy. If two beasts didn’t want to mate and mark each other,

then they had to find separate people each to do it with. If only one marked another while the

other remains unmated, the mate pull would still be effective on them. When both souls have completely be bounded to different ones, only then does the mate pull stop. And sometimes, it still doesn’t until they’re far away from each other.

Bella realizes all this without being told, but she wasn’t going to back down so easily and

let this arrogant man stomp all over her. Logan was leisurely sitting relaxed back in his chair

while he attacked her, leaving her gritting her teeth in anger. She wasn’t sure why, but her

emotions were heightened, and Logan’s cocky smirk added fuel to the flames.

Still on her feet, she fisted both her hands beside her and met Logan’s gaze. “Then the werewolf or Lycan will have no choice but to accept the human’s wish.” She had this deep-seated hatred for werewolves and didn’t give a s**t about their feelings. Her mother’s death and training had taught her to have no sign of remorse for their kind. If they would go through heartache, then that was their problem, not hers. And anyone who stepped out of line will be put down. Those were the rules.

Logan snorted, “So easy.” 

Okay, now be was really irking her. Bella’s hand itched to reach the scabbard on her hip and bring out her dagger so she could wipe the smirk off Logan’s face. It almost felt like they were the only ones in the hall even though others argued around them. Her glare was only fixated on him, but he didn’t even seem to care and only smirked harder as if enjoying himself. She wondered what was so funny to him when they were in such a serious meeting.

“That’s enough, Logan.” King Aldrich finally sighs after a while of being silent and observing. He had left his son alone to handle the situation, thinking he would come up with a better solution as he would be king someday. But he had only made matters worse. The hunters were adamant, and the council was furious. This wasn’t how he had envisioned this

meeting to go. He sent a small glare of disappointment at his son, who didn’t even seem to

bother about him as his attention was fully on the female hunter.

member up, and the hunters followed suit when they noticed this. But they didn’t stop sending murderous glares around. Bella took her seat, then, after breaking her stare from Logan. Her father beside her gave a light pat on her knee as a sign of encouragement, and she only returned it with a smile before looking back up.

As for Logan, he had been having a lot of fun pushing Bella’s buttons. And he swore he even saw a flash of red in her eyes when she had been overly annoyed by him.

“It is beyond obvious we have differing opinions on the matter.” King Aldrich leaned

forward to address everyone. There was a pin drop silence as he dies this. “But nonetheless, we have to find a way to meet at the middle. Head Hunter Nightshade, you have drafted this bill

out as a sign of devotion to your people that you will always protect them. But I also have a duty to my people. We aren’t going to dismiss your bill, but we ask that you give my council and me time to go through it and make a few changes that will be suitable for us. Then we can have another meeting and discuss the outcome of ours and see if it is to your liking.”

Everyone’s attention, both the hunters and council members, were fixed on the King as he

spoke. He had an air of authority that demanded respect, and this, even the hunters couldn’t

ignore. His words held wisdom, unlike his son’s, who seemed as if he cared less about the bill.

The hunters hadn’t expected the Lycans to accept their bill right away without any

opposition. They, after all, couldn’t make laws for them. So they only shared a few looks among

each other before head hunter Brian nodded along to King Aldrich’s words.

We can accept that for now and wait for your final conclusion.”

“Alright then. If that’s all…”

The hunters packed their belongings one by one and began heading for the door while the council members remained behind in their seats, including the royal family. Bella, however, was still feeling a bit disoriented and tried to gather herself up. She kept on a cool facade even though she was burning inside and was the last to stand up. Her eyes briefly made contact with the Lycan Prince, who now had a serious expression on as he watched her leave.

Logan could feel his beast begin to wake up once more at the thought of what was his leaving the premises. He had been away from her for far too long, and she had willingly walked into his abode. Lycans were more possessive when it came to the territory. And when something of theirs walks in, they never let it leave.

There was no way Logan would let Bella walk away just like that. And even if he wanted to, his beast wouldn’t let him. He was tired of waiting for her, hoping she would feel the bond and

heart had ached too many times because even though she was near him, she still felt so far


Logan didn’t even know when he stood up from his seat, and with long strides, dashed after Bella. His mother was the first to notice and furrow her eyebrows in confusion.

“Logan?” Queen Alissa called after her son, catching everyone’s attention. And in time, they all turned to see Logan’s hand clamp over Bella’s wrist and halt her from leaving the


Bella was about to step through the door when she felt someone stop her by gripping her wrist. A jolt of electricity zapped through her at the contact, and the heat she felt intensified. The air around her turned heavy with something new, and she whipped around to see who stopped her. Dread washed over her, and she froze immediately when her eyes met that of darker ones. She was, all of a sudden, transported back to one of her dreams, where she looked straight into eyes so similar.

The predatory look in Logan’s eyes awakened Bella’s self-defense reflexes, and she didn’t even know when she reached for her dagger at her hip with her free hand. She pulled it out and aimed for Logan’s neck, but he, with inhumane speed, moved aside and caught hold of her wrist. In one move, he twisted both her arms behind her, making sure not to hurt her in the process. She gasped in surprise, finding herself immobile due to his stronghold.

“What are you doing, son?” King Aldrich’s booming voice fills the room as he’s first to react and stand to his feet, unlike everyone else that was left stunned. What on Earth had gotten 

into his son today?

“Let her go.” Logan hears the sound of a gun c**k beside him as he held on to a struggling

Bella. He twisted his head to see her brother, Ethan, aiming a gun at his head from where he

stood with the other hunters looking in horror behind him. What a scene he had made. But he wasn’t going to back down now. She was his and his only! No one was going to take her away

from him.

“Let me go, asshole.” Bella let out through gritted teeth, stomping her heels into Logan’s foot, but he barely even winced. His hard male body behind her was making shivers run down her spine, and she felt the heat pool below her belly. What was wrong with her

For Logan, her body fitted perfectly with his, and he could only imagine how good they

would fit together in bed. He had to stop the image from popping into his mind as he wasn’t

sure he would be able to refrain himself any longer.

intention of letting his sister go. He was ready to pull the trigger, not caring who Logan was as

his sister was more important to him. His body was tense, with his hands gripping his gun tightly. His father behind him didn’t make any attempt to stop him but also had his hand in his suit jacket, ready to whip out his gun if the Prince refused to release his daughter. All the

hunters, in fact, had taken a protective stance after seeing one of their own in the clutches of

their enemy.

Logan’s lip pulled up in a smirk at the scene he had created. His people were on one side,

staring at him in confusion while the hunters were on another, ready to put bullets in his head.

And his lovely huntress was struggling in his arm with all she got as he held her captive. Her

wiggling about wasn’t even helping one bit to clear his mind.

He flashed a dazzling smile at Ethan as he pulled Bella further into his arms.

“Now, what kind of a man would I be if I let a Princess out of her Palace?

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