The Lycan Prince’s Huntress by Sky Angel Chapter 2


Ruby stood shocked at the scene before her, halting in her steps for a minute before rushing over. Her cousin laid in the snow with her blood dripping to it, her face looking pale and fragile as her eyes are closed. Ruby could feel her heart skipping a beat every once a while as dread washed over her.

Kneeling beside Bella, Rubby drops her dagger beside her while also shrugging off her jacket. She immediately spotted the gashes on Bella’s stomach when she looked down.

Brushing away Bella’s bloody hand from the wound, Ruby covered it with her jacket to lessen the bleeding. Then she went to check for her pulse and waited with her breath hitched in her chest before breathing out a sigh of relief when she felt the light throb underneath her finger.

“Okay. She’s alive.” But not for long. The thought invaded her mind when she notices how fast her jacket is getting soaked by her cousin’s blood. She wasn’t sure if Bella was bleeding fast, or if it was old blood that she had bled before Ruby arrived.

She shouldnt have left her

Ruby thought as she looked around for help. And just a few

feet from her, she could see Ethan Nightshade, her cousin also, and Bella’s brother, rushing

over to them with his eyes wide open in horror.

“S**t! What the hell happened?” He demanded with his eyes frantically checking out his

sister’s wound.

“…I don’t know.” Ruby stutters out with tears pooling in her eyes. “I just meant her…them…like this.” She fixes her words, gesturing also to the dead rogue beside Bella. Without being told, she knew he was the cause of this. Good thing her cousin had ended his

worthless life.

“Take her things and follow me.” Ethan orders before lifting his sister into his arms. Without staring back, he rushed with her in his arms towards their camp that wasn’t too far


Ruby grabbed Bella’s bow that she had dropped earlier on and also pulled out her dagger from the rogue’s chest without flinching. The others will come by later to take his body hopefully before he’s spotted by naive humans or eaten by a bear. She thought as she turns to


But as the two hunters left the scene, they failed to see the silhouette of a man watching them not too far away from behind a tree. His face is set in a deep scowl as he watches the girl being carried away. He wasn’t too happy being separated from her, but he didn’t have a choice


Ruby dashed after her cousin, who was much quicker than her. She had always admired Ethan’s strength and will power. He was one of the best fighters in their group of werewolf hunters and admired by many. Even his sister was also the best in archery and pretty fast when running also. In fact, all Nightshades had unique qualities that distinguished them from


Ruby wasn’t a Nightshade as her aunt was the one who married into their family. Such a

shame she was murdered by their very enemies.

Shaking her head to get rid of her dark thoughts, she continued to run after Ethan, who doesn’t seem to have any trouble even though he had Bella in his hand. Their camp wasn’t too far away, but Ruby could only hope that Bella would make it. She had seen the wounds the

rogue gave Bella, and they weren’t minor injuries.

Ruby’s throat was getting clogged up from both the cold and her tears. She really loved

her cousin, and seeing the state Bella was in, she feared what might happen to her.

The sound of murmuring could be heard as they dashed into the camp, gathering

everyone’s attention.

Two tents had been set up for medical purposes and an extra one for the head hunter. The

bodies of three rogues could be seen on the floor with a small crowd of five gathered around them beside an extinguished fire.

One of them was the head hunter, Brian Nightshade, and also Bella’s father. He was a man in his mid-forties, having pepper and salt hair with his chin having stubbles. But apart from his

white hair, he looked too young for his age and could even pass off as Ethan’s older brother.

He, however, still had this aura of authority emanating from him that made everyone respect


His face was set in an unreadable expression, but that mask fell off when he sees his daughter’s slump figure in his son’s arms. For the first time, his group members saw the expression, fear, cross his face as he took in the bloody figure of his daughter. She looked dead with her pale skin and closed eyes. And in one tiny fragile moment, he wasn’t seeing his

daughter but his wife’s dead body the day she was found and brought to him. He could feel the panic grip his chest and he remained frozen on the spot in shock.

He heard voices around him, but he couldn’t comprehend what they were saying until his son got closer. Ethan also looked ready to break down as he carried his sister’s slumped form.

He wasn’t even sure she was still breathing.

scamper about and bring the necessary medical supplies over to the tent. Ethan doesn’t even

waste a second before entering into his father’s tent and laying down his sister on a mat that

had already been set.

A young man adorning a lab coat emerged into the tent with a first aid kit in hand. His name was Dylan, and he was the official doctor for the werewolf hunters.

Another set of people scurry behind him to drop a cooler containing bags of blood of different types inside it. An IV stand, another box filled with instruments for the operation, and many other medical supplies.

The doctor, however, first stood rigid on the spot when he noticed Bella’s condition before regaining his senses and dashing over to her. His hand brushes her hair away from her face with his eyes scanning her body.

“Bella?” His voice sounded shaky with worry as the color drains from his face.

“Hurry up and begin your job!” Ethan snaps beside him, agitated because of his sister’s condition. And without being told twice, Dylan began his work on Bella by first tearing off her

hoodie from the wound with a pair of scissors.

Dylan gasped in shock when he saw the severity of Bella’s injury. He was surprised she was even alive with the amount of blood she had lost and how deep the wounds looked. It

seems the bleeding had stopped. But it was strange that she was able to survive this kind of

injury. He knew she was strong, but she still was human.

Dylan resumed his work with Ethan behind him, blocking the entrance to the tent to stop

  • anyone else from coming in. Only Dylan was allowed to work on his sister and another female

nurse who assisted him.

He watched them disinfect the wound before sewing it closed, which took a lot of time. But

they also fixed her up to her blood type since she had lost a lot.

Ethan’s father joined them a while later to also oversee his daughter’s treatment. A

hospital would have been better, but she wouldn’t have made it if they waited that long. That was why they had a medical team with them whenever they went for a hunt and medical supplies also. Anything could go wrong, and Bella’s case was an instance.

“What the hell happened?” Brian hissed the question to his son as he took him aside and let Dylan work on Bella.

With a sigh, Ethan answered, “She went after one of the rogues on her own and he did this

to her. But we also found her dagger lodged in the rogue’s chest when we got there.”

knew his daughter was a fierce fighter, but she just found out herself too late. But even though she started her training late, she quickly progressed and was one of the best in her group of hunters. Brian was so proud of her just as he was of his son. And one day, they would both take his position as the head hunter in Canada and keep those arrogant beasts in line.

“I’m surprised she’s still alive.” Brian and Ethan both whipped their head around to see Dylan done with Bella. She looked so peaceful in her slumber as if she didn’t just escape death. “Her injury had been life-threatening, but she had managed to pull out of it. I don’t know how she did it, but it’s extraordinary! I’ve never seen a miracle like this.”

Dylan commented as he stands up to face the father and son duo. He had been scared to death when he first saw Bella’s condition, and his heart had wrenched painfully in his chest. Seeing the love of his life on the verge of death was enough to leave him petrified.

“Once more, she amazes us.” He admired her with a small smile, but the father and son duo were fidgeting in worry.

“If that’s all for now, then, could you step out, Dylan?” Brian didn’t sound like he was asking, more like ordering, surprising Dylan. This wasn’t the reaction he had expected from them, and the look on Ethan’s face told him he also wanted him to leave the tent.

“Um…yes. She will be fine but still needs to be checked in a hospital when we get back. She won’t be awake for a long time and shouldn’t be disturbed much as she needs the rest.” Dylan explained before reluctantly stepping out as he had been instructed. He wanted to spend more time beside Bella, but her family wasn’t allowing him. Something seems fishy with their attitude. With a sigh, he walked away to check if he was needed in the other tents.

“Do you think anyone will suspect anything after today?” Ethan asked his father as they

walked closer to Bella to see how she was. They curiously stared at her before Brian sighed

and moved back.

“They might, but I’ll take care of it. For now, I’m just worried about her. She gave me a fright” Brian sighs, the worried frown disappearing from his face now that he knows his daughter was alright.

Ethan nods at his father’s word, “She did.” Exhaling in relief, he goes to brush a loose

strand of her hair away from her face when he notices his eyelids begin to flutter.

He pauses with a frown appearing on his face. Didn’t Dylan just say she will be asleep for long?

“Dad?” He called his father, who scrunches his eyebrows in confusion before walking over


“What’s wrong?” Brian asked when he noticed Bella’s eyelids fluttering with her eyeballs moving underneath them. Just then, she lets out a loud gasp while peeling her eyes wide open.

But what really surprised the duo was the color they were – a glowing red with specks of gold

in them.

They both stared in shock before she suddenly slumped back into bed and closed her eyes shut once more. Silence filled the tent as they remained dazed for a few seconds before blinking away the shock.

“Should we call the witch?” Ethan asked without taking his eyes off his sleeping sister.

Heaving out a heavy sigh, his father shook his head. “No. Not yet.”

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