The Lycan Prince’s Huntress by Sky Angel Chapter 10

His Other Side

Logan had left everyone speechless by his words as they all tried to make sense of it. What did he mean by a Princess out of her Palace? Bella wasn’t a Princess, and this certainly

wasn’t her Palace, so what was the connection between his words and actions. He just didn’t

make any sense to them.

But Ethan cared less what he meant. His goal was to get his sister out of there first, then

questions later. The clicky sound of his gun being c****d made all attention divert back to him, including his sister’s.

“I won’t ask again.” He threatened with a hard look to get his message across. He could

make the shot without hitting his sister, that he was very sure of. His sight was sharper than an average human’s, and he never misses.

“Logan, Release the girl. Now!” King Aldrich ordered once more, taking a step closer to Logan. But he was ignored once more.

Logan only arched an eyebrow at Ethan, wondering what kind of j***t he was. Didn’t he know why it was more difficult for hunters to catch or cause harm to a Lycanthrope than a

werewolf? Even though the gun was aimed at his head, he didn’t flinch in fear or release his

Bella, who had surprisingly become quieter. He looked down to see a tired expression on her

face with her eyes slowly drooping close.

Bella couldn’t take it anymore. Her bare shoulders and torso was tingling everywhere they made contact with the hard male body behind her. And she could feel every muscle of his as he held her tight, igniting tiny sparks everywhere and causing her senses to go haywire. And not to forget the scorching heat she had been feeling ever since. Her headache had risen once more, and it nagged her nonstop. It felt like a hammer was being pounded on her skull enough to make her hiss in pain as tiny dots appeared in her line of vision. She felt so dizzy with her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

She could barely focus on her surroundings and what was happening as she gets dragged deep into a dark abyss. Her body slumped, and Logan was quick to catch her before she fell. He released both her wrists and quickly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his arms. His eyebrows furrowed in worry, with his lips pulling down in a frown as he stared down at her closed eyelids. He wasn’t sure what had happened to make his feisty huntress pass out. But whatever it was, he didn’t like it one bit. She seemed so vulnerable in this state – he preferred her when she was struggling against him.

“King Aldrich, talk to your son to let my daughter go this instant.” Head Hunter Brian spoke arms one bit, and it gave him a bit of a fright.

Queen Alissa stepped forward towards her son, hoping to put an end to the situation. “Logan…” She didn’t even get three feet near when her son looked up from the huntress only to

glare at her. His cold eyes were enough to make her gasp and stumble back in shock, but her mate was quick to catch her. She had never seen her son look at her the way he did right now. She was used to him giving her respect even more than he did his father.

Logan’s possessive grip on Bella tightened, “I said she’s mine!” He roared this time at everyone, and this was enough to make Ethan pull the trigger.

Everything felt like it happened in slow motion after Ethan fired the gun. Queen Alissa gasped in fear, but it only took a small shift of his head for the bullet to miss Logan and instead punch through the wall behind him. For a few seconds, Ethan was stunned as he hadn’t meant

to pull the trigger but did so out of reflexes when Logan roared at them. And he was lucky it

missed the Prince. Otherwise, he would have been in big trouble for murdering the next King of these damned beasts. He quickly regained his footing, though, and aimed the gun once more at

Logan, who was looking at the hole Ethan had made in the wall behind him with his bullet.

“I won’t miss again,” Ethan promised through gritted teeth for Logan to look back at him.

Logan shook his head, amused by the human’s ignorance. He knew Ethan hadn’t intentionally missed. In fact, a bullet would have been lodged in his skull right now had he not moved aside. But since he was a Lycan, it was easy to dodge the bullet due to his beast’s speed. Werewolves weren’t as fast as them, and if one had been in his position, he or she would have been out cold by now. And that was why it was difficult to kill a Lycan. Humans just couldn’t keep up with their speed, fast healing, and not to forget the fact that wolf’s bane

barely affected them. Most hunters know this, but they usually don’t hunt Lycanthropes. Lycans tend to keep a low profile and barely caused trouble. And even if they did, the councils and royal family always kept it a secret and handled it themselves instead of involving the


Head Hunter Brian had been rooted to his spot with the color drained from his face since

Reagan’s earlier words. He knew there was only one reason a werewolf…a Lycan would hold onto someone in such a possessive gesture. And he was terrified of the possibility that his daughter would have anything to do with the Lycan Prince. And it wouldn’t take long for the other hunters present to understand the meaning behind Logan’s words. Even the Lycan councils that had been watching the scene already had their eyes widen in realization. And it The trouble it would cause for Bella would be too much for her to handle. And he wasn’t

planning on letting the enemy anywhere close to his daughter.

Four royal guards burst in then after hearing the gunshot sound and took only a few

seconds to access the situation.

“Hold him back and escort the hunters out!” King Aldrich ordered the guards while pointing at Logan, and they didn’t think twice before obeying. They rushed towards the Lycan Prince, who growled threateningly at them. But a King’s order was firmer than a Prince.

At the same time, Head Hunter Brian rushed to fetch his out cold daughter while the guards held Logan. Ethan was not far behind and snatched Bella from his father so he could carry her up in his arms. They didn’t have to be told twice and quickly left the hall so they could leave this blasted Palace. And the remaining hunters followed suit.

Logan, however, kept snarling at those trying to hold him down. And even though there

were four Lycans, he was able to overpower them and hurry after his Bella.

“No!” He growled as he tried to dash after the hunters. They were taking his most prized possession, and he was hardly in the right state of mind to think straight. He was only acting on pure animal instinct, which was to snatch whatever you wish for.

He was, however, tackled to the floor by a mightier force before he could even reach the door. His body shook beneath his father’s, who held him down with all his strength. King

Aldrich might be stronger, but Logan wasn’t far behind. He was his offspring, after all.

“Control yourself!” His father roared at Logan beneath him, only to receive a snart in

return. Logan was almost in the phase of shifting with his canines protruding from his gums and dark hairs growing on his once smooth-shaven chin. Even his claws were out and digging into his father’s arms, and his eyes were glowing an ominous gold color.

King Aldrich’s eyes suddenly began to glow that of his beast too, which was a dark golden color, forcing Logan to submit. His aura came out in waves, trying to subdue his son and get him to calm down. But everyone else in the room also felt the King’s aura, and couldn’t resist baring their neck open in a sign of submission. And since Queen Alissa wasn’t his fated mate by the moon but one he had picked out of choice, she also was weak to his aura and bowed to


The father and son duo on the floor had their eyes locked in a staring contest as they tried to prove their dominance. But soon, Logan gave in and looked away. His head hung in defeat of vision and probably had made it to the Palace entrance.

“Get off of me.” Logan gritted out after his beast calmed a bit, and he had gotten a bit of control over himself. His canines and claws had retracted with his eyes back to their original blue color. After King Aldrich was sure he was back to his senses, he slowly moved off him. But Logan shrugged him off quickly and stood to his feet. This had never happened before – the King and Crown Prince. So the council members were in a bit of shock, trying to comprehend all that happened.

Queen Alissa rushed to her mate’s side to help him up while Logan brushed his suit. He

hated getting any piece of dirt on it or seeing it wrinkled.

He looked up then at his father with a cold glare. “Don’t ever get in my way again.” He warned before storming out of the room, ignoring his father, bellowing his name behind. It was a shock for everyone to see the once cool and collected Prince suddenly acting rebellious.

– Logan rushed through the Palace and finally emerged on a large balcony overseeing the garden, only to see the hunters’ cars rolling out of the Palace gates. He let out a bawl of frustration whole knocking one of the flower pots on the floor. He heard gasps of fright behind him, and only then did he notice the two dolled up ladies present on the balcony. They both had

terrified looks on their faces when he turned towards them, but he ignored them as his eyes

remained fixated on the moving vehicles.

How could they? How could they take the most precious person away from him like that? He had wanted to hold her in his arms as he had earlier in the conference hall for so long. Her soft body was made for him and molded perfectly with his. He only wished he could caress every inch of hers slowly. Letting out another frustrated groan, he stormed out of the balcony.

A guy holding two disposable cups containing cappuccinos with a scarf around his neck

was headed in the same direction of the balcony when the door burst open with two ladies scampering out without sparing him a glance. His smile fell off, and he quickly moved to the side before they could bump into him. He wanted to protest when he saw another figure emerging from the balcony with a cold icy look on his face enough to scare anyone off.

Logan reached for a cup of cappuccino in the guy’s hand without a single word and went on his way.

“Dude!” Danny yelled after Logan. Not only had he scared off the two gorgeous ladies he brought over, but he had also taken the beverages he had prepared for them. He got no response from his cousin, who only sipped from his cup as he strode off with his left hand in him.

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