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The Lycan Prince’s Huntress by Sky Angel Chapter 1

In a Snowy Forest 

Bella ran as she had never before. The snow crunching underneath her feet and her black hood, blowing with the wind around her face. The trees passed by her in a blur as she tries to

get her arrow set in her bow.

The man she was after was much faster than her, leaving her at a disadvantage. He ran with inhumane speed and didn’t even seem tired from all the exercise, unlike her, who was already huffing and puffing for air. Seeing this, she quickly aims at her prey with her elbow pushed backward, the shaft of the arrow between her fingers, and her eyes set on the man. He was still in his human form and wasn’t at his full strength because of this

Coming to a halt, she squints her eyes and made sure her aim was accurate before letting

go of the arrow. It swooshes through the air rapidly before it’s silver head lodges itself into the

man’s shoulder. A loud grunt is heard from him as he falls to the ground, crashing into the 

snowcovered ground.

And that was why she was the best Archer in her group. She could shoot at something 

from a far distance away and still hit her the bullseye.

With her heart beating rapidly and her chest heaving, she rushes over to the slumped body. Her breathing came out in short pants as she takes off her hood. She looks around for any sign of life but found no one in sight. They werent too deep in the forest as civilization wasn’t too far from here, and she could even hear the horns of cars from the street. But humans rarely ever ventured into this woods, especially now that its very cold

She looked back at the rogue on the ground, slowly taking cautious steps towards him while also setting another arrow into her bow for precautionary measures. The guy on the floor was a werewolf rogue who murdered humans when they venture into the woods at night for their sick pleasure. He also had a group of friends who all partook in this game with him. And Bella, along with her group of werewolf hunters, has been trying to track them for a long time

They had found the rogues hideout and had ambushed them, taking them by surprise. But the rogues had been fast, and all fled before they could be caught. Bella had run after this one, which she had successfully shot an arrow at while the others went after the remaining rogues. Luckily for the hunters, the rogues couldnt shift in such short notice to their werewolf form. They wouldnt be able to concentrate and at the same time run from the hunters

Bella was only a few feet from the rogue, still lying unmoving on the ground. His face was turned to the other side. But Bella couldn’t see as his eyes snapped open and glowed a bright 



her bow for precautionary measures as one couldn’t be too careful. Her father had taught her to always be ready for the unexpected, even if everything seems alright

Her free hand slowly reaches for the mans pulse while the other grips her knife tightly. But in a hearts beat, she finds she cant breathe as a hand clamps around her neck tightly, blocking her airway. Her round eyes go wide in horro as she sees the man, who was unconscious a second ago, now gripping her neck with veins popping out of his forehead. His brown eyes glow his wolfs color, and his fingernails had turned to sharp claws presently pricking her neck and drawing blood

She gasps for air, staring into the cold eyes of rogue, who didnt look so human anymore. Her free hand claws at his arm, gripping her neck, but it doesn’t affect him, and his grip only tightens around her neck. Her face was slowly turning purple while he stands up, lifting her up also with his one hand

A sinister smirk appears on his lips when he takes in the struggling hunter gasping for breath in his grasp. His wolf was grinning with satisfaction and reveling in the moment of her 

pain. And it craved for more.

Raising his free hand in the air, he aims for her stomach while also underestimating her because she had discreetly brought her knife up also, aiming for his chest. At the same time, they both achieve their goal, and their loud howl and groan fill the forest, causing the birds on the trees to flutter away in fright. 

Bella had embedded her knife into the werewolfs chest, direct into his beating heart. Blood pools from the area, soaking his clothes while he loosens the grip on her throat. His vacant eyes staring into nothing as he falls to the floor, lifeless

Bella ends up on her knees, gasping for air the second the rogue let go of her. Her dagger had been specially made by her blacksmith with wolfs bane in it just like every other weapon the hunters possess. It was one of the elements known to be able to harm a werewolf.

But Bella couldnt soak in her victory as she also hadn‘t been left unscathed. Even before looking down, she could feel the excruciating pain the werewolf had done to her belly with its sharp claws. Three long gashes can be seen on her cloth with her blood dripping from the 

wound onto the white snow.

She could feel her life slowly slipping away as she falls beside the dead rogue onto the snow, covering the wound with both her hands and hoping to stop the bleeding. But it was a futile attempt as more red liquid soaked her hoodie. She could feel the cold from the snow


She tried to keep awake even though it was hard to in this cold weather and with the

excruciating pain in her belly. But she had to remain strong as there was still hope. Her group 

members will come looking for her soon. So she just had to endure till then and fight the urge

to close her eyes.

Somewhere not too far away, a man dressed formally in a navy blue suit and tie walks out 

of a restaurant. His short dark hair was jelled sleekly back and his blue eyes shone underneath his thick lashes. Pale skin, a sharp jawline and thin pink lips all defined the handsome male

specimen. His suit was stretched over broad shoulders as he stood tall and intimidating with 

his left hand in his pants pocket

He takes in a deep breath with his head tilted upwards and his eyes closed but froze when he smells the scent of fresh blood in the air. His left ear suddenly picks up a sound from the forest beside him. It was the light shaky breathing of a person, and he could feel something tug at his heart at that sound. Even his beast lifts up his head from his slumber, wanting to find out more about this person

In front of him, another man waits patiently while holding open the door for him of a sleek black car. He c***s an eyebrow at him, however, when he sees his boss, with the speed of lightning, dash into the forest beside them without looking back

He sighs, closing the door and stand by the car. He wouldnt dare go after him since he hadnt been ordered to do so. And he didnt want to get onto the bad side of his boss today

Meanwhile, the man in the navy blue suit follows the scent of blood wafting in the air with his heart beating at a fast rhythm. He wasnt sure why, but he was slightly terrified of what he might see. He could smell the scent of a male rogue werewolf in the air, but apart from that and blood, he couldnt get anything else

He stopped dead in his tracks, however, when he finally gets to his destination. In front of him was a man with a knife lodged into his chest and out cold on the ground. But that wasn’t who he was after. It was the lady beside him, staring up at the heavy clouds in the sky while also letting out a short gasp of breath. Her breath came out like a cold vapor from her mouth, with her blue lips quivering due to the cold

And as he got closer, he realized how beautiful she was even with her skin a deathly pale. Even her green eyes were a pronounced feature on her face.

But he noticed he couldnt smell her scent, and that aggravated him. He wanted to know

what she smelled like and savor the scent on his mind. But it seems she had masked it as she He took in the scene in front of him with his eyebrows furrowed in suspicion and his eyes

slightly narrow. Realization dawns on him when he sees the bow beside the lady on the floor

and the quiver she was crushing behind her. His sharp eyes easily spotted the crest of the

werewolf hunters on the fletching of her arrows behind her, which was a flower of wolf’s bane.

Then theres the rogue werewolf beside the human who was out cold, which means this was a

werewolf hunt gone wrong.

He sighs, crouching beside the beautiful girl whose dark brown hair was pulled in a ponytail behind her. Her hoodie was drenched in blood and cold water, and her dark pants were also wet. She was shivering with her teeth clattering.

He had this urge to touch her, and he reaches out to brush her cold cheeks. Suddenly, a zap of electricity sparks between both of them even through his black leather gloves before shimmering into tingles, shocking him. There was something about this girl that wasnt right

He knew she was still awake but barely even with her eyes slightly open. She was on the verge of death, and the big gashes on her belly confirmed that. She wont make it long, and he couldnt do anything about it. The thought of it makes his beast growl, in fury, with his chest

starting to have this burning feeling

He took a closer look into her emerald green eyes and immediately felt the connection, a possessive urge to claim her and a protective sense to save her. She didn‘t have much time with how the light slowly leaves her eyes, and he knew she would be gone soon if he doesnt do 


Sadly, she was a human. If only she was like him, then she wouldnt be dying but slowly healing with her wounds closing up. His eyes widen open as an idea pops into his head at that same moment.

He looks down to see her droopy eyes were turning heavy and soon fluttering close. He felt the panic grip him then, and he mutters out a curse as he knew he might regret his next step. He could heal her by making her just like him, but there was only one way to do that

He had to mark her as his mate

He could always break the bond later on after she heals. It was a risky game, as broken bonds usually lead to both parties ending up miserable. But he doubted it would affect him much as he was stronger than that. As for the lady, it was her problem to deal with. Hes just trying to help

But why was she still alive? He was taking a lot of time on making a decision, but she was


In a Snowy Forest sustained. Something really was odd about her

His blue eyes turn golden as he tried to unravel the mystery behind her. He dug deep into her soul with the help of his beast to see what lay underneath this fragile girl. And he found something. His beast, although faint, could hear the sad howl of a creature like him. He felt it for a fraction of a second, but there was an invisible barrier stopping him from seeing or hearing more than that. He knew then that she was far from human. 

But wasnt she a werewolf hunter

His eyes turn back to their natural color as hes pulled back to earth. He stares down to see the girl let out one more breath before closing her eyes shut like shes entering a deep slumber. A smile graces his lip as he looks down at her wound to see it had stopped bleeding 

and started healing as her breathing turns even. He couldn’t resist placing a peck on her cold forehead and felt the connection spike between them at the action

Standing up, he knew he had possibly dug his own grave, but that only made his smirk grow. His heart was fluttering in his chest with his beast howling in joy in his head. He may not have marked the girl using his canines, but he had marked something inside her. He just wasn’t sure yet what he had felt and that his beast had marked.

But today wasnt the day to find out as he hears the sound of footsteps in the distance coming closer to their direction. He sniffs the air and could only get the scent of dirt in the air, meaning whoever was coming had marked their scent, just like his pretty damsel sleeping soundly on the floor. It must be her people, he thought before turning to leave. And in a flash, he was gone from the scene.

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