The Luckiest Bride chapter 773

Chapter 773
The next day, Brandon woke Janet up earlier.
for the sun to come out.
The driver had been waiting for them at the
gate of the village When he saw the couple leave, he
he opened the door respectfully.
Janet watched the passing scenery outside the
window with great curiosity. “Honey, where
you take me? Have you found Jorge yet?
After all, time was of the essence!
Elizabeth was only able to return to work once
George was caught.
Brandon patted him on the back of the
hand and calmly said, “Don’t worry about it.
yet. Let’s solve the problem once.”
In the Larson Group building. Brandon then the
led to the Security Department of the
company. As soon as she entered the room, Janet
was overwhelmed by the number of screens and
technical staff wearing headphones and typing
Brandon approached one of the members of the group.
personal and said: “Show me the IP address that
you tracked”.
The technical staff quickly opened a
blank window and entered a series of codes
in her. Then a map of the city appeared
on the screen. There was a bright red dot on the
center. He kept coming closer until they could see
that the red dot marked a specific place on the
City: The Turnery Group Building.
“A few days ago, we traced the IP address to the
Turner group and then to the family villa
Turner, and then disappeared. Must have
destroyed the computer to mislead us.” The
technical staff reported the situation to Brandon and
“Are you still trying to locate the hacker?”

Janet asked in surprise. almost had
forgotten about everything
“Of course. Since we found out that your
computer was hacked, we’ve been trying
to find out who the hacker is”
Brandon explained. “Whoever there is
hacked your computer wanted to scare you. Must
have had a plan. Now that we’ve connected
the hacker with the Turner family, I think
whoever is behind this wants
take advantage of Charis’s death to put his
parents against.
He had found out about all this without her telling him?
knew?» Janet was surprised and
deeply moved. It turned out that still
loved very much. “I mean, I always knew that
someone was trying to mess with me, but
I didn’t know you were working so hard for
catch the person. Janet looked at Brandon.
“You are my wife”
Brandon said softly, his
expression softened. “It’s natural that I want
protect you. Also, I can’t wait to give you
a lesson to this hacker for trying to scare you.”
Brandon smiled.
I knew that Janet was afraid of ghosts.
But he wouldn’t sit idly by watching
how someone tries to hurt his wife.
Janet shifted her focus to the red dot on the
screen and asked: “So, have you discovered
Who is behind this?”
Brandon cryptically muttered, “I will.
early. At that moment, his phone began to
Dream. It was Sean calling.
“Boss, we got it. She is being held in the living room
interrogations. We wait for you here.” Sean was
certainly a man of action.
After hanging up, Brandon planned to go alone, but
then Janet grabbed the hem of the jacket
of his suit urgently. “Take me with you. I want
to go.”
As soon as Brandon turned his head, he
He met Janet’s watchful gaze. Did not say
nothing and just looked back at him, asking him in
He silenced Janet for a reason.
“That person took advantage of a person
dead, I want to know why.” said Janet with
clenched teeth. Although he didn’t like Charis or her parents, he was
really despicable to take advantage of a
dead person.
He wanted to see this matter through to the end.

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