The Exiled Dragon By Veronica Fox Chapter 31



Soft tender pressure creeped up my shoulder, the touches eventually swept across my slightly sore shoulder. Hot breath rolled down between my breasts, causing me to sigh contentedly. The light behind my eyes made me groan. I felt like had just fallen asleep, and it was already time to start the day. I was too used to the dark cave, where I could sleep as late as wanted, not knowing when the day started or began

As long as Creed was with me, it didnt really matter. Hands engulfed my waist, the soft pressure on my neck trailed up my jaw and now placed on my lips. Creeds warmth hovered over m y body, his lips now pressing, urging against mine. If anyone else had tried to wake me, I would have for sure thrown something across the room to let me sleep just five more minutes but with Creed, he could wake me at anytime and I would be elated to see the happiness in his eyes

Morning,my voice was heavy from sleep. His mouth continued to press to my lips, slowly massaging them, waking me not only from my unconsciousness but from my body as well. I moaned into his mouth, his naked body pressed up against me. He was already stiff, pressing it against my leg. My arms wrapped around his neck as he pressed into me deeper, our bodies automatically melting into each other

How could it be possible to feel so close to someone that may not be your mate? My heart stuttered to think that I was supposed to be mated to someone else. It couldnt be true. It all had to be a lie. Never in my life have I been selfish, listening to my father doing my schoolwork, learning about writing and even volunteering at animal shelters here and there. I listened, I never asked for extra things like new clothes or materialistic things

But now, I was going to be selfish. I wanted to be with Creed. M y body, my heart and soul demanded that I be his. With the revelation that the rumors and gossip said to be untrue straight from Creed, I intended to ask him if the rumors of him to be mateless was true. What if he was supposed to have a mate other than me? Would he want her once he saw her

My heart couldnt take it. If I had another mate I had already decided, I would give them up and apologise profusely, but even if we were to be soul mates, my heart and soul had already latched on to this gentle giant

Creeds lips left mine, his hand touching between my breasts, asking if there was something wrong. Just my heart aching for you. I could feel his questions, thoughts, and worries. There was a connection there, I felt it. Maybe time spent together has made me look for certain facial features or just thinking of what he could possibly mean. We complimented each other already in a short amount of time. I could understand him. That had to mean something

Im alright,my eyes warmed, wanting to produce tears at the thought he had someone else meant for him. By the end of this day, I had to ask him or it would eat me up inside.

A harsh banging at the door broke us from our trance, a shrill o fa scream coming from the other side of the door. Girl, you better wake up or you will miss breakfast!Daines singing voice crushed Creeds poor ears as his head ducked into my shoulder.  

We will be right down!I laughed, rubbing the back of Creeds neck

Ive left you new clothes on the doorstep. You man toy also has some pants to wear. As much as I enjoy the view, others might feel more comfortable getting to know the Black Dragon with his dick secured by several layers.

Oh my gosh,I whispered, snickering over Creeds shoulder. You are so shameless!I spoke in a normal tone. Nudging Creed, his dragon rumbled in his chest. “Are you hungry Prince Charming?Instead of lifting his head, his lips again trailed on my shoulders and back to my lips. He devoured my mouth, massaging my tongue with his. I never wanted this to 


Hands reaching up in his hair, my stomach growled loudly. My fingers stopped, and I giggled. We didnt even eat dinner last night, too busy with other activities. Face flushing, Creed looked into my eyes, pecking my lips at once and helping me from bed

Creed carried me across the bridge and to the platform that landed softly in the thick grasses. His hand intertwined with mine as the dress they had given me to wear swayed in the gentle breeze. Many elves were already eating, some glancing towards us with curiosity. Mainly watching the mostly covered dragon.walk to the table with an enormous amount of food

Flowered salads, fruits and vegetables all cooked different ways outlined the table. Very few meats were presented, and over course, Creed grabbed a large helping of that. It was a lighter meat, resembling chicken that I had hoped he could get enough protein. For a dragon of his size, I‘m sure he needed a lot

Theres the couple of the hour.Lura gave a bow while arm i n arm with a male elf. This is my mate, Matteo. He was extremely excited to meet the Black Dragon.Creeds arm stiffened around me, noticing that Lura said mate. Creed still doesnt know what I know about what a mate is. With the truth you told yesterday of how he rescued you, he came all the way from deep with in the woods to come say hello.Matteo bowed lowly to Creed

Its an honor to meet you. I always had my doubts about the rumors spread about those misfortunes. I hope you always find the Elven Territories at your service.Creed bowed to Matteo while I rubbed his arm

Hes happy you would say that. Hes been alone for a long time and I think it is time for some truth to come out. I am hoping to do that!I beamed. Creeds eyes sparkled, squeezing my hand for another time

“Great gods, above what the hell is wrong with your shoulder!Daine rushed in, coming in between Lura and Matteo. Lura smacked Daine in the head, pushing him away

Do you not have any manners, you twit!?Lura hissed. Daine shrugged his shoulders, not looking sorry at all

Whats wrong with my shoulder?I asked innocently. Rubbing it, it was sore, but a good sore. I remembered last night Creed nipped it, even scratching it a little. It felt insanely good when he did that. My eyes widened. Did it leave a mark? Was the scratch that bad? 

Daine rummaged through his satchel, pulling out a small compacted mirror decorated with leaves and flowers. Looking o n my shoulder, there was a large, long line of purple bruises on my neck, along with a healed scratch. My hand went over my mouth, looking at Creed silently asking how could this have happened

Girl, you got a hickie!Daine roared with laughter. Many elves looked over at the commotion while I hid it with my hand. Before I could hide, Creed pulled my hand away, wrapping his arms around me. I even felt a warm snake like feeling around my leg

It was his tail

His dragon purred loudly, shaking the ground beneath us.Essa, he has claimed you as his,Daine dramatically put the back of his hand on his forehead. Oh, what drama this will 

unfold!Creed growled, sharp claws became exposed while Daine stepped back

Creed faster!Daine squealed again, mocking my voice. My face burst red with embarrassment. He heard everything?! Matteo pushed Daine to the side, whispering into his ear

Did you do this on purpose?I turned and pointed to my neck, squinting my eyes playfully. Creeds lip curled in enjoyment, the light in his eyes glowing. Are you staking a claim?I giggled, still trying to pull my dress over the extensive marks. It was useless. The dress wouldnt allow it

Sorry, Odessa. Daine has always been a loose cannon.Lura snickered. Shaking my head, we all sent to sit and eat at the large picniclike tables. Elves had begun to scatter, doing their daily chores, and children ran into the forest. Daine plopped down beside us, pulling another elf to the table

Im sorry for embarrassing you earlier,Daine said with sincerity this time. I didn’t mean to upset you.Smiling sheepishly, “its alright. I just didnt know it was there. There wasnt a mirror in the tree house.” 

Thats because we hear the Black Dragon hates mirrors...the elf beside him nudged his side, causing Daine to grunt in surprise. Creed still had a grip on my thigh while he ate, now ignoring the loose cannon known as Daine. Anyway, this is m y mate, Tangle.Creed again squeezed my thigh, his head now looking across the meadow and into the forest. He looked lost, tightening his jaw. My suspicions have to be right

Now I’m worried. He reacts negatively every time someone brings up a mate. This means…. I’m probably not his mate.

Nice to meet you, Tangle.The long brown hair was braided down his back. Beads that matched Daines were tangled in the braid. Tangle was definantly more rugged than Daine, sporting calloused hands and a few day old stubble. His muscles were larger, his bow strapped across his chest even while he ate

Hes a warrior for the tribe. I‘m just a tracker that seldom gets to go out. Thats why I was so excited when I met you yesterday. Nothing ever happens around here and you were the perfect surprise for all of us.Tangle chuckled, stabbing his fork in one of the honey coated flowers on his plate

We havent mated yet, as you can see,Daine pulled down his shirt, showing a clean shoulder. I cocked my head to the side, not understanding the meaning. Tangle again elbowed Daine, who squealed. “Its because Tangle was a bit of a horn dog. I want to make sure he was serious that he wanted me because I obviously waited for my mate!Tangles eyes softened. Regret filled him as he heard Daine spill their entire relationship to me

Tangle was older, 120 hundred years old, while Daine was just forty years old and was living in the territory next to this one. Daine understood being that old he would slip a few times, but Tangle actually tangled in the sheets a lot. Worst of all, he kept it a secret from Daine, who almost immediately let him be marked without knowing. Which I still wasnt sure about


Daine, Im sorry, but maybe you could be a little nicer to Tangle. He seems really sorry.Tangle gave an appreciative smile, but Daines sadness poked me harder. He had been extremely happy in the short time Ive known him and now his sorrow was going to make me a weepy mess. I went closer t o give Daine a hug when hissing and growling hit me. Creed pulled me back, holding me close to his body in a crouching position. Daine and Tangle were the same. Daine and I looked o n in confusion as both elf and dragon continued circling. 

Oh, oh, it‘s alright!Annabelle ran up to get between the almost brawl. Everyone has their claimed ones, now lets back up a little Okay?Her sweet voice calmed Tangle, who only put his face into Daines neck. Daine became extremely giddy at the new found affection from his mate, however Creed stood stiff

Twisting my body, I leaned into Creed. Hey,I cupped his face. His eyes finally came to mine. His dragons fired eyes looked back at me. Im here and I‘m only yours, okay?” 

Seriously, only yours

Creeds dark eyes softened, nose going straight into my neck.You may not know this,Annabelle walked up to us, still maintaining her distance. But when two mates have found each other like Daine and Tangle and have not,she cleared her throat, completed their vows to each other, they can become territorial.I wanted to argue that I was a girl and it shouldnt matter, but how was I to know such things

You were lucky Creed was there to save you, again,she laughed. “Odessa, you didnt know, dont worry, alright?The motherly head tilt had me relax. I would have to be more careful then

Can we go somewhere, Creed?I whispered. “Where we can b e alone and talk?” Annabelle heard my words, her eyes looking to the south

There is a swimming hole to the south. No one will be there right now. Why dont you both go relax?Annabell smiled, pushing a hair behind my ear. Maybe talk about some things?” She winked. Glinda stood behind one of the trees behind Annabell and finally disappearing into the forest once again

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