The Exiled Dragon By Veronica Fox Chapter 29


Creed . 

“Dinner will be brought up,” Lura spoke as she waved us towards the edge of the meadow-like area. The vined trees that wove intricately around themselves to create large bases and even more intricate homes up above were more impressive than I imagined. I’ve flown over these trees for many years but never dared to come close, for fear of the Elves wanting to wage war with my tribe because they see me as a

We walked closer. Even with the translucent leaves above us, you could see the patter of rain. How they kept the grass green with no direct sunlight and having the heat of the fire escape around them was beyond my understanding. It was as if they were bees inside of a hive the way they were protected from the outside elements with the help of their trees.

Odessa grabbed my hand, pulling me to go faster. Her smile expanded, showing off her pearly white teeth as she tugged m e along. “I’m glad you are alright, you need to tell me what happened,” her smile faltered, now taking noticed of bits of blood still on my shoulder. My forehead went to hers. I didn’t want to bother her with such trivial things. I wanted her happy. The touch of our foreheads erased her unease.

Now the skip in her step of excitement had me lifting one side of my face. “Mr. Dragon!” A child’s voice came from behind me, running into the base of my leg. He had a full head of red hair that needed a good grooming. He rubbed his rear and held up my satchel. “You forgot dis!” His smile, which was missing a few teeth, glanced up at me. Not once have I had a child look up at me with a smile. My face softened, making sure my appearance didn’t scare him. My knees cracked, kneeling down to greet him. With wide eyes, he stared back at me.

“What’s your name, little man?” Odessa bent over, her hands o n her thighs.

“Leaf,” he replied, to which Odessa giggled.

“It fits you, because you are an elf and all,” she waved her hand around his face playfully.

“Yeah, the tribe named me. It isn’t a cool name like Lore. Lore i s the coolest!” he squealed. Odessa squinted her eyes at Leaf, playfully pouting her mouth.

“He’s the one that shot me with a dart and threw me over his shoulder, and Creed picked up off the ground with his dragon,” she joked.

“Yeah, that’s why he’s so cool. He got to hold a pretty girl, then get picked up by a dragon and didn’t get eaten!” I growled playfully as Odessa blushed. Leaf squeaked and ran to a nearby vine and climbed to the small treehouse for the children. Several elves watched the scene unfold and laughed a t the poor boy’s expense, not at the worry that I would hurt an elven child.

This Lore fellow better stay away. I did not like the idea of them using a dart either on my future mate. I would get answers from Odessa about what happened to her? I’ll have to grab my writing utensils.

Lura led us to one of the intertwined cabins at the top of the trees that connected to a swinging bridge we would cross. Odessa held onto my waist. Her heart scrambled in her chest while trying to walk across the bridge. “Nope, can’t do it.” Her face buried in my chest. “Pick me up. I can’t do it. Please!” She rode my dragon just fine. Why is she being so fearful?

“She couldn’t do it earlier, either. Daine had to carry her across as well.” A deep growl went through my chest, hearing someone else touching what was mine, carrying her and trying to console her. Rubbing my scent, temporarily marking her, would be wise. It would ward off any males that dare touch my Fawn.

“He has a mate, trust me.” Lura tried to calm me. “He’s into males, so I think you would have to worry about yourself rather than Odessa. Daine’s mate used to be a bit of a player, s o he is making them wait to mark each other to show he is serious about being mates.” My eyes widened in realization. Lura laughed as we continued across the bridge. Even in Odessa’s dress, she did not become shy as she wrapped her legs around my torso. I took this time to rub her back, feel the softness of her skin, even under where her dress barely hid her thighs. My dragon vibrated in happiness. She found me such a comfort.

The heat of her arousal filled my nostrils. My heartbeat sped u p, holding her impossibly closer. I rubbed my hand down her back, feeling the shiver of her skin. “Creed?” her voice was small, but I knew that voice. It was the same one the night she let me touch her teats. Once we get to the house in the trees…

Lura cleared her throat. “You both can stay here,” she opened the decorated door adorned with flowers. It was a modest tree home. A large room with a king bed, furs spread across them. Chairs and a table that already had food spread out for the evening. “We thought with all the extra attention today you both would like some time away from the prying eyes. Even Odessa doesn’t act like she gets out much.” Lura tried to peek a t Odessa as her eyes looked up from my shoulder. Odessa shook her head.

“That’s very observant of you, thank you Lura,” her smile radiated to the motherly elf, who only playfully shoved her arm. “Thank you Lura, for everything,” Odessa’s voice was soft, more like the voice I was so used to in our cave. Odessa had not only gained a voice for herself in front of others, but to also a voice for me. She defended and spoke loudly of my innocence, even if she wasn’t sure of them to be false. My Fawn automatically assumed them to be rumors.

“No worries, and have fun. Don’t worry about your pet, either. He’s sleeping off the muscle relaxants in a cage nearby,” she winked. Causing Odessa to cocked her head in confusion.“ What fun? Aren’t we are going to eat?”

If she means by devouring her lips, then yes, I was going to eat. The door closed, clicking silently as I heard Lura’s footsteps retreat down the swinging bridge. Odessa’s still clung to me, the core of her body leaned right up against mine. My cloth was painfully tight, having to wrap myself securely t o hide my desire for her, had become painful.

My dragon let out a purr of sexual tension. Her legs became tighter around my torso, feeling the vibrations shuttering into my body. “Creed,” her whispered moan pulled into my ears. Pushing her against the entangled wall of hardy vines, I rubbed my member on her core. Her dress has fallen away, exposing her flower. The arousal only stirred me more, the reverberations pushing into her core. “Oh gosh,” her fingers went to my shoulders, digging her nails into my skin, not even breaking the surface. My mouth went straight for her neck as she lulled her head to the side, my dragon’s tongue licking the area, wanting nothing more to bite her pretty little neck.

I must wait, we must wait. I let my dragon know. My lips descended, sucking at the base of her neck, licking and nipping at her future marking spot. One fang accidentally grazed her shoulder, tasting a drop of blood on my tongue. My head fell away, checking if she was alright. “You can do that more.” Her body squirmed, rubbing my cock across her private area. “Uh,” her voice breathless and whiny as I sucked as I continued sucking and kissing her shoulder. This will let the elves and any other creature she was pre-marked by the black dragon himself. I would not let her go, not in my lifetime.

Odessa’s hand trailed down my chest, her fingers now playing with the hem of my cloth. What was this little human going to do to me? Her finger tickled my inner hip bone, causing my member to twitch, becoming impossibly harder. I growled, feeling her warmed fingers. “C-can I?” Her words stumbled, m y lips retreating from her neck. It was completely covered in red and purple markings. No one would be mistaken that she was taken.

My eyes buried into her soul as her curious ones glanced below my waist. My dragon hopes that it would be to her liking, that my body could satisfy her in ways she didn’t understand. Hell, I didn’t even understand, but I would try.

My cloth fell to the floor, her eyes not longer looking, just feeling everywhere but the place where I wanted her. One of m y hands gently took hers. Her heart slowed, beating so loudly even the crickets from the trees could hear. My hand traveled lower, having her palm up, grazing a part of my body that had never been touched by any woman. Sucking in a breath, her hand gripped the middle, her thumb grazing the head. I held i n my own shaky breath as her thumb grazed the slick tip. My body wouldn’t hold on long. I knew that and I didn’t want to show her I was going to be a shortcoming to her. “You can,” her lips grazed my chest, kissing the skulled dragon tattoo.“

Touch me too,” her eyes looked through her thick lashes, desire pooled in her amethyst eyes.

Having her pinned against the wall would be difficult for my hands to roam her lower body. I gracefully lowered her to the bed, her arms pulling the pale yellow dress from her body. Her teats sprung out. Immediately, I kissed each one, pulling her flush to my body. Fingers in my hair, sweet grunts coming from her lips, had me unraveling faster.

Both hands came to my chest, pushing my back down into the mattress. The straddling of her legs just inches from my member had me at her mercy. For the first time, up close, she was looking at what was always going to be hers. Her eyes widened, both hands touching every inch, exploring. Head rolling back, my hands gripped her thighs tightly. Her breasts heaved, rubbing her hand up and down my shaft.

The gods could end me now, and I would be the happiest dragon.

Odessa’s hands grew faster, pushing my body to its limit. I would not expel my seed, not until I made my sweet Odessa fill with pleasure first. Again, we rolled on the bed, having me above her. She had touched me in ways I could have never felt without her hands. Now it was my turn. “But,” she wanted to protest as my lips graced hers, pouring all the love I could into her sweet mouth. My hand cupped her cheek, feeling the blood running to her perfectly tinted lips. Odessa wasn’t scared of m e. Not once had she ever cowered in fear.

As I kissed her, my fingers traveled between the apex of her thighs. Her flower had been trimmed, her legs smooth as silk. My dragon growled in appreciation of her grooming herself just to please me. I did not need it. I would have loved every part of her if she was as wild and free as I.


My fingers parted her flower. They were coated in a wet substance that had my dragon licking his teeth. I wanted to taste her, not just use my fingers to touch her. Would she care i f I lowered my head to her beautiful body and drunk her in like the ambrosia of the gods?

Odessa’s eyes were closed, gripping the furs with her fists. Thick fingers parted her, finding a nub that stood from the rest. My dragon instantly recognized what he wanted to do. I did not deny him any longer. My tongue licked from bottom to top of this special place. Odessa gasped, her legs bending, holding onto my head.

“Creed!” her eyes were wide with curiosity as I stared back at her. I hummed, enjoying the taste of her body. This part was ultimately treat. Her body relaxed, only her legs were still tense. Moving her legs over my shoulders, I had the perfect angle to seep my tongue into her core. Who knew what treasures she had inside that I could taste?

Odessa’s body stiffened as my tongue reached back to her nub full of pleasure. My fingers itched, wanting to insert into her hole. One finger trailed under my mouth, sticking it inside of her wet cavern, giving it a quick curl with my finger. Again, her body convulsed, her eyes never leaving mine. “More,” her body quaked. “Faster.” My shaft absentmindedly rubbing on the nest of furs as I watched Odessa unfold. Her body shook while I thrust my one finger into the dark hole beneath my lips. Odessa’s back arched, her toes curling into my back. Her moans of my name had me release my dragon’s tail, holding onto her leg tightly. A burst of the ambrosia invaded my mouth, covering my beard as she caught her breath.

“That,” she huffed, sitting up, pushing me into the furs. Her eyes were now of a predator, a look I had not seen my sweet Fawn make before. “Felt so good,” she purred. My shaft was painfully erect, seed dripping down her torso as she kissed me from lips to my hip. Restraining myself was becoming difficult. My Fawn had turned into the siren.

“I want to do what you did to me,” she muttered to herself. Her knees planted into the furs, her behind was in the air, kissing both of my hipbones. “I don’t know if I can,” again, she looked at my shaft. Going to sit up, because I didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want, she pushed me back down, licking the tip.

A growl ripped through me, loud enough for the entire treetops to hear. Odessa took this as a good sign and her lips swelled the tip of my shaft. Her mouth descended, my hips bucking in her hot mouth. She hummed as I felt my balls tighten closer to my body. I would not last any longer.

Trying to pull her away from me so she did not experience something so foul, she gripped my member, only to have it explode. My seed emptied into her mouth. She swallowed as I continued to finish. Sweat dripped from our bodies, my hand trying to calm my chest. Never in my dreams would I find having my seed swallowed by such a beautiful woman so bewitching

Odessa slumped beside me, a faint smile playing on her lips.“ Wow,” she breathed. My arms pulled her up beside me, my face burying into her neck. We both still lay naked on top of the furs, our legs entangled with one another as we now looked into each other’s eyes.

“Am I yours Creed?” Her hand tickled the side of my face.“ Because I will be sad if I’m not.” There was a double meaning behind her words. I just wasn’t sure what they were. They held a bit of sadness, but the hint of a hopeful fire ignited in her when my dragon told her, “mine,” once again.


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