The Exiled Dragon By Veronica Fox Chapter 24

Two Fawns and a Doe 


The memories that infiltrate my dreams, the memories that make sure I am reminded that I was alone in this land, did not haunt me the night before. The echoing of the of loneliness did not startle my dragon, nor did wake him to find the fury of red bleeding from his eyes. This time, our eyes only opened slowly and felt the one person who had changed my loneliness, my well-being.

Her now favorite spot was right on top of my chest. Her whole body used mine as its own nest, her torso curled up around mine and her hand tickling the back of my neck. Fingers

gently stroked the bits of loose hair while she slept. Not one bit was uncomfortable, it soothed me until it would lull me back into my own sleep. It’s like she knows when I awake in the night, disturbed by one thing or another. This goes on for the entire night. If she stirs, my dragon vibrates, whispering t o her body to take rest. An endless cycle that we have grown accustomed to in our few short days with each other.

We were each other’s, and I didn’t know what I could do to tell her. Writing on a discarded leathering would be ridiculous. Such a declaration as this I need to tell her with my own words. I wanted her to be my mate, chosen mate. If I was blessed given a mate, it would have been her. My heart knows i t to be so. I just had more time to come to know her, to love the small things about her.

The only person I ever truly loved was my mother. She protected me, sheltered me, and gave me refuge when I needed it. Now Odessa holds the title of the only person I would ever love in this world. She was my own shelter and the aide to my loneliness and provider of my heart. My Fawn looked at me differently, the light she held for me, the caring nature of her heart had me falling to my knees every day, thanking the gods she was brought to me.

What I did to deserve this, I did not know.

“Creed! What’s this!?” Odessa’s head popped up out of the foliage. We had traveled a few miles from the cave, gathering more wood for the fire. I needed to be prepared as the winter months approached. We had strayed from the cave. I had wrapped her in my cloak again, making sure my smell would ward off any unmated males. She kept her head covered, but her gleaming eyes took in every detail of the wooded mountain.

Odessa’s hand was held out while a few flakes of snow fell quietly into her hand. “It’s a light blue pastel blue? There are purple too and look now an eradicant looking one!” Her voice became louder. I came by her side to calm her so she would not grab attention from anyone that may lurk by. I couldn’t be too careful when an entire nation was looking for her, even my kind.

Luckily, few ventured near my cave or the surrounding area near the Elves.

Pulling out the worn leather, I wrote a quick word, ‘snow.‘ Her adorable nose scrunched into a scowl. “No, snow is white. These are all pretty little colors.” Her finger touched a flake, melting into her hand. “Huh, weird. This place gets weirder and weirder. Back home it’s white. My dad and I used to make snow cream. We put tons of sugar and milk in it, it was so good!” She rubbed her stomach, pretending to eat. “This stuff looks like it would taste like cotton candy.” Her tongue licked her hand and gagged.

“I think I had dirt on it,” I leaned my head back and my dragon scoffed a laugh.


Continuing to pick up sticks, because Creed won’t let me pick u p the logs he was splitting, I took the branches and dumped them into a pile for Creed to grab. The entire area was now clean of the fallen sticks. I was stuck doing nothing. Creed only liked certain trees for his wood to chop down. Most of them, I noticed, were older and turning sickly. As I watched, I saw how Creed was very in tune with nature, inspecting each tree for imperfections and using those as our firewood.

I was happy for more wood because that meant a warm cave. Creed didn’t enjoy having the fire on in the night, though. I think it was because he wanted me to lie on his chest all night. He’s a pretty sneaky dragon, I giggled to myself. I didn’t mind, so I let him get away with it.

His personality has considerably brightened this morning. There was a new light in his eyes. Creed was well rested, a skip in his step. Maybe he needed a release because heckers I really enjoyed mine.

Creed’s eyes glanced towards me, wondering what I was laughing at, but I stuck my foot on the purple crazy moss and watched the lights fly towards my face. He chuckled, taking his ax and hammering it down on the log landing with a thud.

Creed has his vest off, his muscles flexed at each hit of the log. His leather pants tightened as he bends over to put his newly gained log into the ever-growing pile. Every movement he made was fluid, graceful, like the dragon he was. His arm flexed, showing his triceps as he tossed another log into his pile. Suddenly, the air didn’t seem so cold. My body heated while my cheeks flushed. I’ve never been so attracted to any man or supernatural in my life as that of my dragon.

The thought of him being in just his loincloth above me in the bed flashed through my mind. The pearls of sweat as he rubbed his thing right on my lady parts had me squirming in m y cloak. Sure, I’ve seen him naked by the heated spring in the cave, but things were so much bigger up close, and I didn’t even look at it. I felt it.

My breasts felt heavy, the way he would touch them, kiss them and put his mouth right on my skin. The tingles flew up my skin to not only between my legs but the beating of my heart. His heat in his eyes as he released his orgasm on me had me shiver with pleasure straight down… there. Creed was arousing. He sparked a new flame inside me and it wasn’t some dragon hiding down there in side my bod. It was my desire to have more of him.

Creed’s head poked up, looking straight into the bushes in front of him, his dragon’s tongue tasting the air. Surely, he couldn’t. Could he? Not this far? His nose flared as I saw his head turn, giving me his perfect side profile. He was searching for a smell and the worry in my gut had me thinking it was me. Dragons have an amazing sense of smell. This I knew well. I saw it in his eyes, his face, his nose as he stared at my naked body, glancing at my lady parts like he wanted to…

He knows I’ve got the hots for him right now. I grasped the cloak tighter, eyebrows. Creed has been so obsessed with kissing and now that we did that, last night, he wouldn’t surely do it outside, would he? Oh gosh.

Fluffy was gnawing on a bone. I quickly grabbed it and threw it to the other side of the tall bushes. Fluffy darted off, and I followed, pretending to be playing with his pet. Creed’s eyes landed on me. I smiled and jumped to find Fluffy, who was now growling playfully, rolling in the tall bushes. Following Fluffy, I could still see him tasting the air with his dragon tongue, but I couldn’t bear to go near him now. My face was not only pink because of the cold, but pink from sheer embarrassment! His eyes followed exactly where I was while I peeked through the bushes, not returning to his wood splitting.

I couldn’t help it, he was just so muscular, meaty. I was a needy hot mess, and it didn’t help he was the sweetest man I had ever met. Slapping my cheeks a few times to get my head out of the gutter and stop picturing his abdominal muscles flexing as he pushes his large…

Fluffy growled violently, stopping in his tracks. I could see the top of his head inside this overgrown bushes to find his teeth grinding at helpless prey. It was a deer, a doe that was sprawled, withering in pain. She panted, unable to get up from the small nest she had formed herself. “No Fluffy!” I pushed him to the side to leave the poor thing alone. Fluffy snapped until I swat his nose. His eyes met mine, his broken spirit whined at my sudden reprehend. Again, she panted, huffing and small miserable noises left her.

Fluffy cowered behind me, curling up and watching the scene unfold. “Fluffy, no means no,” I shamed him again. Petting his head, letting him know he was forgive i I turned to the doe.

“Are you hurt?” I knelt down, her head laid on the branches beside me. Petting her gently, her tense body softened, only to hear a hurtful moan. “What’s wrong?” Creed’s warm body knelt beside me. The doe, sensing a dragon’s presence, tried to get up only for us to feel a vibration into the soil. It came from Creed’s chest. It was so deep it sunk into the dirt, rattling the bushes of the freshly fallen snow. The doe abruptly relaxed, laid its head back down on the snow that was now covering the ground.

Creed’s vibration calmed the doe, much like it does to me at night when I wake up from a nightmare. His hand petted on the doe’s side stomach. Grasping my hand, he had me touch her stomach as well. Movement, jerky, swift movements slid across her body.

“She’s pregnant,” I whispered. Creed went to the rear of the animal, where two little hooves had become stuck. Creed put one hand on the animal and his other large hand on the hooves. He pulled when the doe made a cry of pain. Her howling filtered through the falling snow. My dragon’s heat amplified around us, his eyes frequently looking at me as I watched in awe. His heat melted the surrounding snow, almost so warm I didn’t need my cloak. –

Creed’s concentration was complete on the animal before him. His eyes were stern, focused as he helped the doe give birth to two tiny baby fawns. Once they lay on the ground next to their mother, I let out a happy sigh of relief. They were both breathing, nudging their mother to feed. The doe continued to lick one clean, while Creed and I tended to the other. “They are so small!” I cooed, wiping some of the afterbirth with a rag. “So fragile,” I petted the mother, who could now sit up.

Unlike the animals of Earth, this one looked at both of us with such gratitude. Her features were soft, tender, and her tiny tongue licked the side of my cheek. I had done nothing but watch her bring life into the snow that was falling around us.

Washing his hands with cloth and his water skin, I stared up at

Creed with admiration. He was a mighty dragon, the ultimate predator in the forest and here he was helping a doe give birth. My nose sniffled, feeling the cold tickling my nose.

Creed reached into his bag, pulling out a clean rag to give to m e to wipe away my little tears and warm my nose. Who in this world decided to make Creed so alone? He deserved to be around every dragon in that stupid tribe, and he deserved the world. If there was a way I could give him everything he ever wanted, I would. But here I was, as helpless as the doe.

Creed was more than any man, dragon, or whatever else that houses all these crazy creatures. He was an angel, my angel. I had only known him for a short time, but I didn’t care. Every girl on Earth would say I’m crazy, that it is too soon, but I wasn’t on Earth and I.didn’t have any girlfriends and I am the protagonist in my own story.

I was completely and utterly in love with Creed, the mighty black dragon.

“Prince Charming,” I whispered. Creed put down his rag, his hands now clean from any afterbirth and dirty work. I cupped my hands to his face, pecked at his lips. “You are amazing. Did you know that?” His eyes softened, wrapping me around his waist as we sat in the falling, colorful snow. The stains reflected the light of the wisps that had been following us all day. They circled us, pushing our bodies together.

My finger trailed his scar, his lip and chin. No scar would ever scare me away from my Creed, no fang so fierce, no claw too

sharp, I would always run back to my dragon. “I think I was meant to be here, to find you. For us to find each other,” I confided. The wisps buzzed quickly, their movements sporadic while Creed, and I touched our aching lips together once more. His hand trailed up my back with one hand, and his other pushed me closer to his body.

Being kidnapped by my mother, sent to live my life as a blood bag, was the worst sentence. There were times I thought of taking my own life to end it all, to end the suffering. To no longer feel the pain of fangs piercing my skin every day. Now, I’ve realized you have to endure a little pain, a little suffering t o understand how precious life is, how wonderful it is when you break through the mold that was holding you back.

There is sun after rain, there will be love after the pain. We both had our scars, we both had our demons, but from now on, we didn’t have to fight it alone.

If I had died, I would never have found my dragon. I would have never experienced true happiness. So, it all was worth it. I got the best prize of them all. My Creed and I and I hope to have him all to myself.

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