The Exiled Dragon By Veronica Fox Chapter 22

You Can Touch 


I stirred the pot a few more times. The meat was breaking up perfectly. Savory smells from the spices infiltrated the cave that I had hoped no one from the outside could smell it. The large tunic I wore, I had tied with a strap of leather, making a shortened dress that laid half way down my thigh. The bulkiness of the shirt had caught too many times on the floor and random objects of the room while I cleaned.

A warm presence was felt behind me, then a tender, calloused hand grazed my arm. The sparks that flew across my arm that I had felt only with one person had me giggle in excitement.

“You’re back!” I threw my arms around his neck. The surprise caught him off guard, tumbling backwards. His dragon inside rumbled with what I assumed was laughter. Strong arms picked me up off the floor, holding me above his head. My arms laid on his shoulders, smiling down at him. He picks me u p like I weighed nothing, making me feel like one of those not fairy people. Creed gracefully pulled my body lower so our lips lined perfectly together. His kiss was soft while he held me close to his body. “I missed you,” I whispered into his lips. This only made half of his mouth smile, large enough to see the fangs in his mouth.

“I made you dinner.” He sat my feet down gently to the floor while I jumped at his much larger chair and pulled it out for him. Creed looked at me confused, but I continued to point for him to sit down. He traveled all day, and I wanted to pamper him like he has done for me all this time.

Pouring a large helping of the rabbit-like stew, his nostrils took a large breath, smelling the aroma. I didn’t want to brag, but when I had tasted it earlier, it was good for my pallet. Creed didn’t hesitate. His large spoon dipped into the thick cream-like sauce, tasting the first chunk of meat. His eyebrows widened and looked at me for an answer.

“It’s rabbit,” his brows furrowed more. “I cooked it all day, heating it slowly and letting it sit in juices to break down the toughness of the meat.” Creed took another bite groaning until it was completely gone from his bowl. I took it back to fill his bowl more, but his muscular arms pulled me to his lap.

“You’re still hungry. Let me feed you some more.” With me in his lap, he leaned over the pot and poured another large helping. This time he didn’t feed himself, but put it to my lips. Blowing on it, I accepted, even if it felt childish. If there was anything I knew for sure about Creed, it was his desire to take care of me. Fighting him would only upset him and I have to admit, I liked his attention to me.

He fed me the entire bowl. I rubbed my stomach, shaking my head when he tried to offer more. Shaking his head, he poured another bowl for himself and begin to eat. Creed did not let me leave his lap, that I was straddling, mind you. I had no underwear on and the make-shift dress had ridden up high on my thighs. Creed had also taken off his leather pants, only

donned in his leather loin cloth he liked to wear around the cave.

My cheeks reddened, looking at his muscular thighs. I could barely straddle him properly because of how much muscle he had. I sat on him like a doll, unable to move anywhere because my own muscles were too weak to do so.

If he was this large everywhere, his arms, legs, torso, was he big elsewhere? I bit my slightly chapped lips, my mind wandering to places they should not go. How good would his hands feel on my body, all the places he hasn’t dared to touch? My inner thighs, my breasts and heavens have mercy, the pounding between my legs when his kisses become harder, needy and passionate.

Creed’s spoon stopped halfway to his mouth, his nose took in a large breath and his eyes closed. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Creed finished the last bite of his meal, setting the bowl down with a thud. His hands rubbed the outer part of my thighs, his breath slow and steady. His eyes flicked from his dragon to his own beautiful eyes. Leaning closer, I met him halfway for those kisses I craved for the entirety of the day.

Slow and steady, one hand gripped my thigh while the other trailed up my back and to the nape of my neck. The slow squeezing of his hand as he massaged my neck pushed me over, more so than any other kiss. My body leaned in, my breasts pushing towards his taunt chest. It wasn’t enough. I was craving things I never thought I would and things I never knew about. I broke the kiss, making sure I didn’t sway too far


from his face. Creed wouldn’t do anything unless I gave him permission and that made me having to be the bold one.

“You can touch me,” I whispered in his mouth. My heart spoke for me before my mind. Creed’s warm, heavy breath heaved as I untied the make-shift belt around my torso.“ Here,” I grabbed his enormous hand in mine, taking two of my hands to lift his heavy arm. His hand cupped the outside of my tunic, giving him the first breast he has ever touched.

He groaned, watching his hand massage the breast beneath his hand. His thumb strummed over my now hardening nipple, watching it intently. Wanting more of his heat, I took the other and had it slide up the tunic, not caring if I was exposed beneath him. I couldn’t take it, I marveled while his hand, on its own, reached up to cup my bare breast.


What is she doing to me?

The siren before me. My fawn has taken both of my hands, giving me permission to touch her in ways I had only dreamed about. Her breasts barely encompassed my hand, but they were glorious none-the less. They were warm, heaving with every rising breath she had taken. My dragon growled in pleasure, feeling her soft body against my hard one. The noises escaping her mouth were foreign to me. She moaned, not in pain but in pleasure of me holding on to them.

Little did she know, my growing desire for her had the fire of m y dragon begging to be released. My hand massaged them,

thumbs rubbing over her teat. What would they taste like? Would she dare let me place my lips to her?

Her braided hair that she had meticulously could have spent hours on was falling around her face. Eyes heavy with pleasure as I continued to touch them. My lips descended to her shoulder, her mewls of pleasure filling the cave. More of these noises I wanted. I was becoming greedy, and she was not faltering in each step I was taking.

Lifting her tunic, watching her expression, she kept her eyes pinned to mine. Was she daring me to become this bold? Smoke left my nostrils, my dragon begging me to bite into her pretty neck, to pull on the muscle and make her mine for all to see.

I couldn’t do that, not yet. Not during this lustful passion we shared now.

Leaning her back, my kisses trailed from her neck down to her chest. Her teat stood upright as I looked at it closer. It was beautiful and my mouth begged for me to slip it on my tongue. A large gasp left her lips, her hands entangling into my hair as I sucked and nipped at it. Her body rocked onto my desire, causing a massive growl leaving my chest.

“Creed,” her husky voice whispered loudly. My mouth returned the favor to the other teat that awaited me. Her grip tightened around my head, massaging the braids in my hair. M y desire grew harder and Odessa’s bare slit rubbed against me i n my cloth.

I needed her skin on mine.

Picking her up, my mouth not leaving her, I took her to our nest. Laying her gently, my lips left her chest to kiss up her neck and back to her mouth. As much as I liked to suck her sweet skin, her mouth was what I enjoyed the most.

Odessa’ legs thighs rubbed together. My cock strained against my cloth, wanting to be near the smell of her arousal.“ Mmm,” she grunted, hands gripping into my shoulders. My fawn had only given me permission to touch her teats and nothing more. I had to restrain myself.

“Creed,” her heavy whine had me listening intently. “I just, I don’t know how to say it,” frustration laced her voice. Reading her body movements,’I had an idea, but it would be bold of me to assume. Taking my knee, I spaced her legs apart, resting my engorged member near hear slit. I would not enter her. I had too many unanswered questions to be answered first.


Rubbing my clothed member on her bare slit, she moaned out my name like a sweet prayer. “Yes, Creed, please,” her amethyst eyes met mine, full of lust and greed. In the little time we had together, my body was screaming at me to take her, at it seems her own body craved the same.

Me, a damaged dragon, ridiculed by my own kind, finds a place in this human’s heart. I was told I would be alone the rest of m y life, no mate to comfort my dragon nor accompaniment to ease my lonely soul.

Then here she is, dropped from the heavens in my own territory, begging for me to save her, keep her, protect her.

My member slid up her wet slit. More of her intoxicating citrus

came from the lower part of her body. Odessa mewled my name again, urging me to continue. I slid up and down her, feeling her wetness coat the outside of my cloth. It seemed through and her arousal was to touching touching mine.

“Odessa,” my dragon growled through my teeth. Heavy, hot breaths escaped me, making her teats perk in excitement. Her legs wrapped around me, urging me to rub her deeper, longer, faster. Her chest bounced at the rhythm I had created, one of her hands in my hair and one on her chest.

“Bite it a little?” she questioned. She could have commanded me to destroy the entire nation of Vamparia and I would do it without hesitation. My mouth descended, biting her softly as she screamed my name. Thick, musky citrus exploded around me, my cock saturated and now gorged to the brim with my seed. Her legs tightened around me, now helping me with my rhythm.

“You can,” Odessa whispered. “Release,” her heavy pants now filled with more violent breathing. My body stiffened as a low growl escaped my chest. Spurts of me now landed inside my cloth, coating the outside of her slit.

The sweat from my brow dripped on my Fawn’s stomach. Her breathing slowed, smiling back at me, pulling me in for another soul shattering kiss. “Wow,” she sighed as my forehead touched hers. Her fingers swept down my face, holding me close.

“Are you alright, Prince Charming?” Her eyes were so innocent, no one could know we had done something so pleasurable if they couldn’t smell the thick scent of our bodies. Her beautifully braided hair was now ruined, strung over the pillow in a beautiful curled heap.

My dragon purred while I kissed up her neck. Odessa’s dainty fingers tickled my shoulder, causing a shiver in one particular spot.

“I really missed you today. I know that sounds so needy.” Her lips kissed my cheek. I returned the favor, wanting her to know that I missed her, too.


“Did everything go alright? Nobody bullied you, did they? Cause I will go up there and kick some dragon butt if I need t 0,” she gave a mean scowl. Chuckling within my body, I shook my head. Adam tries to bully me, but I take it in strides. He won’t ruin my day any longer, not with my Odessa.

My mood was sour when I came back to the cave earlier. I landed as softly as I could, just in case Odessa retired early. Pulling out my bag, finding the hidden pocket, I found the note that Amora had switched with me. It wasn’t a note at all; i t was small bag of ground up Yellow Cress Root. My heart warmed that Amora would give me more, knowing it was hard to get.

I sprinkled it around the cave to hide Odessa’s scent once

more. Once the snow arrived, I wouldn’t be able to use it as much because the snow will wash away the scent hiding properties. Taking the dust of the root, I rounded the cave and the path we took up just the day before.

Upon entering, I saw Odessa standing over the fire. One of my tunics hung straight to her mid-thigh, and she had wrapped a loose leather binding around it, giving it the appearance of a short dress. Odessa’s legs were bare, and I noticed the small bit of hair that had gathered the past few days on her legs was clean. She must have bathed, using one of my razors. I would get her something better than those, one more suitable for her delicate skin. Odessa’s hair was tightly braided into a clean braid. Her smell was potent. I could smell her just outside the cave, she must have bathed for hours while I was gone.”

Her humming attracted me the most. I was light, airy, carefree and dare I say, it was a siren’s call to me. That’s all I wanted for her, to be happy and, most of all, be happy with me in my cave. As I neared her, my dragon continued to hum “mine” inside my head. For a dragon, being able to hear him inside my head took me off guard, so it must be important.

The more the minutes pass, the more I am convinced she must be my mate. Once Amora can confirm or deny these things.. I will have to take my steps more cautiously because this means the Elders have indeed lied to my mother and I if she is my mate. My dragon will not stand treachery against our mother

since she cried so many tears on my behalf.

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