The Exiled Dragon By Veronica Fox Chapter 20

Alpha Adam 


Odessa’s lips were so soft. Everything about her was delicate. I didn’t want to hurt her, not my Fawn. My beast couldn’t stomach that. I kept my hands from gripping her too harshly, but her movements, the way her hands tickled my neck, weaved into my hair, had me wanting more. So much more.

Odessa granted me the ultimate gift, by kissing her like mates do. Does this mean she wanted more, too? My hands traced up her back. We were back at the cave, laying in each other’s arms. Every moment I wanted my lips on hers, she was my additional element of life, such as water and air. Odessa had to breathe, so sometimes I would trace my lips on her cheeks, her jaw and down her neck. Her sighs roused my desire for her, but she had not granted me anything more just yet.

Her fingers gripped into my rough shoulders, holding on as m y hand pulled her lower back into my body. One of my arms had completely gone to sleep, but I would suffer to keep her facing me on our sides.

“You are really good at this,” she spoke breathlessly. I hummed, continuing to bury my nose in her neck. The sweet citrus infiltrated my nose, my dragon purring excessively.

“Have… have you kissed someone before?” My head pulled from her neck, my eyes locked on hers. Shaking my head, her

body let out a sigh. I swear on this mountain if she had kissed another, I might have to travel to the Earth realm. I didn’t want anyone alive that could have touched her. My jealousy radiated from my dragon. Hearing him snap his long, jagged teeth in my mind had me focus back on Odessa.

As if reading my mind, “Oh, I haven’t either,” she blushed, her finger trailing the skull of a dragon on my chest. “You are just gentle and passionate. I thought maybe you had a dragon lady friend or something before me.” Her eyes looked away from me. Taking my thumb, I trailed her lips, finally pulling her back to my gaze. I shook my head again, pulling her in for another kiss.

She back away, I grunted in disappointment. “So no one?” Her eyebrows raised in question. “Not even in your younger years when you body is changing and all that stuff?” Odessa’s hand waved around, exerting her point. Shaking my head again, my lips pushed back to hers. Her body instantly relaxed as I pushed her back into the pillow.

I craved this feeling, for so long I wanted a love that all the others dragons had. Now I had it, at least I think I did. It would help so much more if I could speak more freely. One day, one day soon.

As dawn approached, my worry about Odessa’s safety heightened. Razak would be here to protect her, but what if there were more than a small band of dark fairies? What if a

small militia came for her? Odessa stirred. She always seems to know my emotion. When I am uncomfortable, she comes to m y side like Razak comes to my aid in a scuffle with prey.

“Creed? Is it morning?” The back of her hand rubbed her eyes, her heavy eyes lifted slowly. Her mouth was still puffy from the mouth mating we did well into the night. In fact, it had only been a few hours of her sleeping soundly.

My body hovered over hers, not wanting to go, but if my brother finds me late, they would come find me. The last thing I wanted was for him to know my Fawn was here. He would do anything to make sure I suffered.

Odessa’s lips pouted. I didn’t waste time capturing it with my lips, sucking it gently. “Creed,” her name rolled off her lips, making my dragon purr. My forehead rubbed with hers. I didn’t want to leave her. Feeling my tension, her gentle hands cupped my face.

“I’ll be here when you get back,” her lips kissed my forehead. “I’ll stay in the cave and not leave,” she kissed my cheek. Her nose rubbed mine, letting off a giggle as she let go. Groaning i n my chest, I left the bed reluctantly. Gathering supplies from my satchel, comprising a few knives and a spear, along with

extra clothing to enter the tribe, I slung it over my shoulder.

Odessa propped her arm up on the bed, watching me get my things. She smiled at me, pulling the furs closer to her chest.“ I’ll be right here, and we can kiss some more, I promise. And! I will have food ready for dinner. I’ll wait for you.”

Rushing back to the bed, I kissed her again. I kissed her like it would be the last kiss I would give her. Odessa’s lips parted, stunned at my sudden intrusion. It was more intense than our previous, but by Horus, the mighty dragon, I needed it to last me the day.

Pecking her lips once, I clicked for Razak to stay. He has become accustomed to being called Fluffy. I may need to just call him fluffy once my voice is repaired. “Go,” she whispered, “and hurry back.”

I took off down the cave, hearing my supplies rustle in my satchel. My mood already deteriorated, the heat of my dragon exploding from my chest. My body didn’t wait. We transformed immediately inside the cave. Smoke poured from the cave entrance as my wings caught the wind of the cold mountain above.

Being in no mood to deal with Adam, my dragon let out a mighty roar, shaking the trees below me. I had my Odessa, my Fawn, and I didn’t want to leave her. There was more to her to me, even my dragon. For once, I wished I could speak with him, just as the werewolves speak to the animals. Snuffing at the idea, we raced to the worthless tribe that I used to call home.

Landing on just the outskirts of the tribe, I shifted back into m. y human form. Several dragons sitting in the tree line saw me approach and dared not to question my appearance. Many have left me alone. If I came to the tribe more often, I believe

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they would let me. Adam may have tarnished my reputation, but some had noticed my attitude before our parents had died that I wanted to be one with them. Not anymore.

The only time they show hostility or snubs of disapproving gazes was when their Alpha was around, trying to gain his favor. Adam was fierce. He was born of a soul mate bond, something that was absolutely sacred. Me? I’m still the product of an unwanted pairing. The lowest of the low.

I pulled on my leathers, my vest, and my cloak. I didn’t need the younger fledglings seeing my scars, asking questions, only to hear the whispers coming back to my ears. My attitude shows that I don’t care, but in reality, I cared a lot. The tattoos could only cover so much. The one on my neck, the ink did not take as well, leaving nothing but blurry pictures. No one could even see what the picture was supposed to be.

It was my mother’s dragon. She was ivory, a rare dragon that stood out above the rest. She had the grace of a swan in a reptilian body. I can practically see her standing by the enormous bonfire that burned brightly every evening. Her long dresses danced in the dirt as her mate would twirl her around the fire, listening to the drums of our ancient people. S o many children would jump and find a dance partner until everyone in the crowd participated. I sat alone on the log, watching everyone else until I would leave for my quarters. I longed to be a part of the tribe, but even as a child, I was shunned away.

Adam only made it worse once my mother was no longer there to save me.

“Meeting in the Great Hall,” one dragon shouted from afar. Several men, only in their loin cloths gathered. I gruffed, holding my old cloak, covering my head as I went to the hall. It was an extensive structure, able to hold most of the tribe, a stage at the far end and many rows of wooden benches lined in rows. Since I was still my mother’s child, I had to approach the first row closest to Adam while the elders sat on the opposing side.

Many of them looked at me disapprovingly from my peripheral, but I kept my eyes dead straight at the stage floor. They would not deter me. I was here for a meeting and leaving promptly after, back to my fawn. My dragon felt the waves of ease flow through me, thinking of her. My anger ceased.


“Psst,” I heard faintly. Moving my eyes to the sound, so that n o one would notice my movements, I see Amora on the far left of the stage. “Meet me afterwards,” she mouthed, gesturing with her thumb behind the stage. Blinking several times, she understood and took her seat on stage where she would be behind Adam.

The room grew quiet, feeling the Alpha aura imposing into the room. Adam was one for theatrics, wanting to radiate his power through the tribe. No one dared to get on his bad side. M y aura could outmatch his anyday but I made a promise to mother, to get along with my half-brother.

“Greetings,” he boomed, holding out his arms. His body


sauntered to the desk on the stage. Many bowed their heads, crossing both arms across their chest as a sign of respect. I denied this gesture. There was a line in the sand that I dared not cross and respecting my brother after what he has done to me was too far.

Adam scowled, looking in my direction. My eyes barely looked over the hood of my cloak. Adam snickered, his mouth turned upwards to smirk. “I have gathered you all here today,” he began, “because there is some new information that has been brought to me concerning Vamparia.” The room muttered to the other dragons around them. There was an uprising in Vamparia. Every supernatural in Bergarian knew that. The question is, what new information was brought to Adam? He liked to stay away from issues of other nations.

“About a week ago, King Orion sent in an army, destroying the first wave of rogues. These were mostly witches and sorcerers, but there were many vampires present. Duke Mortus sent his own men into the field. The vampires survived, the magical beings did not. However, during the scuffle, he lost something precious to him. His dark fairies have asked us to help. In return, he will make sure that the witches and sorcerers would stay away from our tribe, putting us under his protection.”

Many voices rose, arguing that dealing with a vampire was insanity. It would only invite the vampires on our territory and could attack at any given moment. Duke Mortus was in charge of the rebellion against the crown. Why would he give aid to a tribe of dragons? The whispers turned to yelling until Adam

could no longer take it. His fist banged on the desk, ceasing the increasing volume.

“Enough,” he growled. “Mortus is looking for his mate, or beloved, as they call them down there…” Adam continued to stare into the crowd. “I am not saying we trust him. I’m just telling you, if you see any human girl running around the mountain, it will be reported to me. We will swiftly turn her in and wash our hands of it. It will keep him out of our scales and not cause him to search under every tree and shrub on the mountain. I have promised to keep an eye out and if we see her, we will let him know. The dark fairies have returned to Vamparia to let him know of the arrangements. He is, however, under no circumstances to have any vampire or witch grace this land.”

The elders nodded their heads in agreement. “It is for the best,” Elder Naho spoke. “If she is his mate, she should be returned.” My fist tightened. They had no idea. No idea what she was to him for the longest time. He is choosing her. It isn’t a true soul mate, I know of this. She would have felt something for him, right? All mates are supposed to feel something at least. She ran.

Amora’s once stoiç face turned to concern. “Adam,” she gently stood up, putting her hand on his shoulder. “Why would his beloved run away from him? It doesn’t…” Adam interrupted.

“She’s human. Of course she would be frightened. She may not have known,” Adam dismissed her. “Trust me, my love, it is for the best. We don’t need vampires running around our

territory, let alone in it,” he whispered. Amora shook her head.

“Something is wrong about it, I feel it,” her hands grabbed his. “We should report this to both Moon and Light Kingdoms.” Adam sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“And what of it? They will get involved and start a spat with them again. Then we would have to send our own into battle. I don’t like our dragons fighting for someone else.”

“We have treaties with both kingdoms!” she silently hissed. The crowd was now intently listening, watching the lover’s quarrel. I wanted to laugh, but kept it silent. Amora wasn’t one to sit around and watch. She was that way when we were children. Adam tried to be the big tough Alpha, but he would melt to her. To some things anyway.

“Alright, calm down,” the back of his hand caressed her face.“ We will speak more about this in private.” Adam turned to the crowd, who was now silent. “If anyone finds the human girl, report to me. We will speak with her and find out what she wants to do and why she ran. Just to question, not return her.” Adam smiled back at Amora, now looking pleased.

“Thank you,” she whispered, kissing his lips. Adam hummed, waving his hand for dismissal of the meeting.

“Except for you, half-brother,” he sternly spoke in my general direction.


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