The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 99

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 99

What Keith said to Nicole earlier was infuriating. Wendy Quade most probably got kicked in the head because of that, so they deserved it.

The corners of Keith’s lips twitched. He looked at Eric and said, “Is she saying that I don’t have a brain?! What did I say that was so wrong?“

Eric raised his eyes, which were deep and dark. His tone was cold. “What do you think?“

‘Well… I admit that I went a little overboard, but that’s only because I was too anxious about Wendy’s life, which was Hendrick’s only dying wish! How would I know that Wendy’s slight bruise looked so serious?’

“But still… That woman shouldn’t have hit someone! “

‘She must be so angry right now! If I really offended that woman, would she post my nudes in a fit of anger?!’

Eric’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. “Take her to the hospital for a checkup. I have to leave first.“

“What?“ Keith was surprised. “No, I have something to do too! “

‘I need to apologize to Nicole before she remembers that she has my nudes! I’m a man that knows when to give in!’

Eric did not care about Keith and left as he held his phone. Keith followed behind him closely.

Ingrid stayed where she was, puzzled. ‘So, I have to accompany Wendy?’

Sitting in Kai’s car, Nicole looked down at her phone reading the dozens of messages in the group chat. It was all about Ian’s regret for not attending the show.

Ian was forced to join his father on a business trip abroad, which would take half a month.

Yvette, who had left earlier, sent a few photos of herself and Nicole to the group chat. Ian’s endless compliments were all directed to Nicole only, so Yvette was vexed and cursed at him.

Nicole could not help but curl her lips. ‘I feel so much better now… This is what matters…’

Julie sent her a message. (Home yet?] (Nicole: On my way. Is she dead yet?]

(Julie: The doctor just slapped a band-aid on it and left. I still need to deal with the doctor’s traffic violations for rushing back here. Gotta go, chat later!

(Nicole: … ]

Nicole could not help but chuckle. Kai glanced at her from the side. “What’s so funny?“

She looked at Kai and reminded him. “Remember to buy Jules a yacht! “

Kai sighed helplessly. “All you know how to do is give me trouble…“

They went back to Nicole’s apartment. Nicole had not seen Tigger in a long time, so she held it up and twirled around. She did not expect that Tigger could even clean up the house. The apartment was very neat and spotless. Tigger hurriedly jumped out of her grasp and pushed over Nicole’s Gucci slippers, urging her to change into them.

Nicole looked at Tigger’s adorable face and happily changed out of her heels with surprise. She walked in and asked, “Tigger, are you bored at home?“

“Not really… I watched TV and learned a few things.“ Tigger laid on Nicole’s slippers and rubbed its head on them.

Nicole was surprised. “What did you watch?“ “Animal Planet! “ Tigger blinked and walked in circles around Nicole to show off his “fierceness“.

“I’m a big mighty tiger! “

Tigger clearly did not achieve the desired effect as Nicole stifled her laughter and nodded her head in agreement.

Kai, who was neglected, was very dissatisfied. ‘Why didn’t I get that first-class treatment?’

“Hey, big tiger, where are my slippers?“

‘This heartless Tigger! Can’t it tell that I like it more? Why is it only close to Nicole?’ Kai thought begrudgingly.

Tigger lifted his chin, looked away, and wagged its tail at Kai, ignoring Kai’s request.

“Mama, I can sing too, so I can sing you a lullaby…“

Nicole’s eyes lit up. She smiled as she picked Tigger up and went back to her room.

Kai, who was still standing at the front door, was completely speechless.

‘Did they just ignore me?!’

Early in the morning, Nicole opened her eyes reluctantly when Tigger gave her a wake-up call. Tigger held Nicole’s phone in its mouth and brought it to her.

“Mama, Pretty Yvette is calling!”

Nicole was stunned, took her phone, and saw Yvette’s name on the caller ID.

She stroked Tigger’s head appreciatively and answered the call. “Hello?”

“Nikki, someone deliberately slandered you online. You’ve gone viral again! “

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