The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 98

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 98

Of course, Nicole could see that Wendy was just pretending.

Perhaps Wendy even did this intentionally. That little bit of blood on Wendy’s head in the dim light only magnified others’ fear and worry for her.

Nicole had kicked Ingrid and Wendy out from the venue a long time ago, but they stayed until now just to put on a show like this?

Was Wendy just trying to prove that she was more important in Eric’s heart?

Once Wendy was injured, everyone had to revolve around her. Nicole would then be chucked to the side again.

Unfortunately, Nicole did not follow the script Wendy intended. Nicole did not get upset, nor did she pretend to be strong. Instead, Nicole hit Wendy.

‘This feels great! ‘ Nicole laughed lightly, then went out the door.

Kai hooked his lips in satisfaction and did not blame Nicole at all. Instead, he gave her a thumbs up and praised her. “Great! Well done, Nikki! Now, this is the Nicole I know! “

‘Not that stupid woman who lived like a coward for the past three years…’

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Kai’s handsome face as he glanced at the woman in Eric’s arms. He looked at Keith again, snorted coldly, and said, “Not everyone is worthy enough to get Nicole’s blood. This wretch should just take a good look in the mirror.“

Wendy was in so much pain that her teeth began to chatter. The moment Nicole kicked her, her mind went blank, and she could not even move because of the pain. She thought that she was really going to die. Nicole was ruthless.

She thought that she would show Nicole who among them was more important to Eric so that Nicole would know to back off. However, Wendy did not expect that Nicole even dared to hit her without any hesitation and in front of so many people!

Keith looked at Kai and Nicole’s departing backs in shock, then looked at Eric. “W-What kind of people are they?! “

Julie Nixon’s tone was cold and impatiently urged the doctor to come quickly. She hung up the phone and looked at Eric and Keith. “It’s basic manners not to covet things that don’t belong to you.“

Sensing Julie’s hostility towards them, Keith shrank his neck and felt aggrieved. He did not expect Nicole to overreact to his words.

Eric’s dark eyes sank in the silence. There was a deep wave of complex emotions that were surging in them as he was deep in thought.

Five minutes later, the doctor arrived and moved Wendy Quade to one of the sofas in the venue for a checkup.

Ingrid accompanied Wendy. After seeing what happened, she did not dare to say a word.

Wendy clutched Eric’s arm tightly as she sobbed continuously, looking so miserable and pitiful.

“Doctor, how is she?“

The doctor paused for a moment and got his assistant to dress Wendy’s forehead wound. He spoke calmly, “It’s only a minor abrasion, nothing serious that can’t be solved with a band -aid. As for any internal injuries, I’d suggest going to the

hospital to take a CT scan to check it out, but based on my preliminary judgment, it’s probably just a mild concussion…“

“A band-aid?“ Keith did not believe it. “But she bled a lot earlier. Shouldn’t you check again?“

The doctor skillfully packed up his things, ignored Keith, and walked over to greet Julie. ‘How is this tiny injury worth breaking a few red lights while

rushing back here? I thought it was some kind of life-or-death situation… If I came a little later, the wound would probably heal on its own!’

Julie sent the doctor off politely. The atmosphere was silent for a moment. Julie came back inside and laughed lightly as she looked at Wendy with disdain. She said lightly, “You asked for it.“

It was originally nothing serious, but this woman

had to make a scene. It did not even play out before Nicole turned the gun on her and hurt her instead.

Wendy’s face turned pale. Her tears flowed down as she cried in pain.

Eric’s eyes sank. He let go of Wendy’s hand, passed it to Ingrid, then looked at Julie. “Thanks.“

Julie did not care for his gratitude. “There’s no need for that. If you can’t trust my doctor, feel free to get it checked out yourself. I still have a lot of follow-ups to attend to, so I don’t have time to waste over here.”

She left after leaving this sentence. When she passed by Keith Ludwig, she stopped, threw a sidelong glance at him, and pointed to her temples. Her voice carried a cold mockery.

“Mr. Ludwig, having a brain is a blessing that you, sadly, don’t have…”

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